Health Benefits of Green Tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Edited by Yukihiko Hard, Chung S. Yong, Mamorusemuro and sco Tomiid Providing evidence to support the health-promoting components of green teafor human health, this book reflects current understanding of the prevention of major chronic ...

Author: Yukihiko Hara

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9781786392398

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 260

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This book provides evidence to support the health-promoting components of green tea for human health. It explores the significance of green tea and its catechins represented by epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), demonstrating their beneficial effects on diseases including cancer, obesity, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, hepatitis, and neurodegenerative diseases. The present status of human studies and avenues for future research are discussed. It is written by a team of experts from across the globe and makes significant Japanese findings available to international researchers. It is an essential resource for researchers interested in the biochemistry and pharmacology of green tea, and functional foods and beverages.
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The Green Tea Book

The Green Tea Book

It would seem that the “aluminum issue” is not a true health concern in the case of tea.5 Green tea contains several common amino acids, as well as an amino acid that is unique to it: theanine. Theanine accounts for about half of the ...

Author: Lester A. Mitscher

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440637148

Category: Health & Fitness

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Discover the ancient Chinese secret to a long, healthy life—with just three cups of green tea per day. The Green Tea Book has been a trusted resource for almost a decade. Now, chemist Lester A. Mitscher and health writer Victoria Dolby Toews update their ground-breaking work with the latest scientific information. The "natural medicine" in green tea is polyphenols. These phytonutrients are powerful antioxidants, and Dr. Mitscher and Toews explore the research on green tea, explaining its many healing properties. You'll learn how drinking as few as three cups of green tea day a day may help: - reduce the risk of certain cancers and mitigate the side effects of cancer treatment; - promote a healthy heart; - boost immunity and detoxify the body; - support the body's natural antiaging processes; - prevent inflammation of teeth and gums, aid digestion, and so much more. The Green Tea Book guides readers to those teas highest in polyphenols, offering suggestions on choosing teas that one will savor and enjoy. This one- stop resource will have readers convinced: taking one's medicine has never tasted so good.
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The Health Professional s Guide to Popular Dietary Supplements

The Health Professional s Guide to Popular Dietary Supplements

Tea (Camellia sinensis) is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Of the total tea manufactured worldwide from Camellia sinensis, 78% is black, 20% is green, and 2% is oolong tea. Green tea is an integral part of Japanese and ...

Author: Allison Sarubin-Fragakis

Publisher: American Dietetic Associati

ISBN: 9780880913638

Category: Health & Fitness

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Twenty-nine new dietary supplements have been added to this edition! This guide comprehensively explores the media claims, drug-supplement interactions, dosage information and relevant research for more than 100 of today's most popular dietary supplements. Completely revised, updated, and indexed information is provided for dietetics professionals and their clients. Written by industry experts, this guide's recommendations are reliable and backed by credible clinical research.
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Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation

Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation

For more than 30 years, Western researchers have known that the occurrence of solid tumor cancers is far less in countries where populations consume large amounts of green tea. Cultures that are endowed wit only to green tea.

Author: Andreas Moritz

Publisher: Ener-Chi Wellness Center

ISBN: 9780976571513

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What actually causes disease? The answer might be surprising. In this new edition of his best-selling book The Key to Health and Rejuvenation, Andreas Moritz reveals the most common but rarely recognized reasons responsible for illness and aging and how to achieve continuous vibrant health. Andreas puts the responsibility of basic health care back into the hands of the individual. He states, "Healing occurs effortlessly and naturally once the conditions that are required for the body to return to its most natural state - balance and efficiency - have been met." The basic theme is the relative ease involved in creating good health. While physicians attempt to combat or subdue illness, they "know very little about employing the mind and body to actually heal a person." The book includes a complete self-help program, part of which is derived from the ancient medical system of Ayurveda. In addition, this book is packed with useful information on all major health issues and effective methods of cleansing the blood, liver and gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, blood vessels, lymphatic system and body tissues. The nearly 500 pages, divided into 15 chapters, explain everything about the mystery of mind and body, the laws of health and illness, the risk factors of common diseases, the diagnostic parameters, the most common causes of disease and how to remove them, the basic misconceptions people and doctors have about health and wellness, and the journey to lifelong health and spiritual happiness. Neither conventional nor alternative forms of medicine provide the population with the basic, practical steps to remove the root causes of illness and use practical measures of health promotion as aprimary approach of treatment. Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation fills this gap by showing you how to employ your body's own healing powers to bring balance and harmony into all aspects of your life. Overall, this book is the bible of good health, happiness and rejuvenation for those who long for a balanced lifestyle.
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Tea in Health and Disease Prevention

Tea in Health and Disease Prevention

... See Tissue distribution, tea polyphenols Blister blight disease, green tea, 22 Blood pressure, See also Hypertension caffeine effects on fetus, 1278e1279, 1280t Bone black tea effects animal studies, 605e607, 606f, 606t, 607f, 608t, ...

Author: Victor R. Preedy

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780123849373

Category: Cooking

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Examines the benefits of tea and its components, ranging from the anti-microbial to the anti-oxidant. Components such as catechins, theaflavins, polysaccharides, and others have been isolated and may have putative protective effects and modulate the biochemistry of a variety of cell types. 128 chapters explore improvements in the cardiovascular system, the brain, and other organs, and looks at possible applications in other disease areas --
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Protective Effects of Tea on Human Health

Protective Effects of Tea on Human Health

green tea catechins after single-dose administration of Polyphenon E in healthy individuals. Clinical Cancer Research 11 (12), 4627–4635. Erba, D., Riso, P., Bordoni, A., Foti, P., Biagi, P.L. and Testolin, G. (2005) Effectiveness of ...

Author: N. K. Jain

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9781845931131

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 211

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Bringing together the latest research from leading experts, this book provides an indispensable reference on the health benefits of drinking tea. It examines the general health giving properties of tea before moving on to a detailed review of the evidence for the beneficial effects of tea on specific ailments including cancer, the common cold, renal disease, cardiovascular disease, antiviral influenza, arthritis, lung and pulmonary ailments, aging, oral health, and dementia.
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Tea in Health and Disease

Tea in Health and Disease

It is a rich source of pharmacologically active molecules which have been implicated to provide diverse health benefits. The three major forms of tea are green, black and oolong tea based on the degree of fermentation.

Author: Q. Ping Dou

Publisher: MDPI

ISBN: 9783038979869

Category: Medical

Page: 222

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Tea, made from the leaves of the Camellia senenisis plant, is the second most consumed beverage worldwide after water. Accumulating evidence from cellular, animal, epidemiological and clinical studies have linked tea consumption to various health benefits, such as chemoprevention of cancers, chronic inflammation, heart and liver diseases, diabetes, neurodegenerative diseases, etc. Although such health benefits have not been consistently observed in some intervention trials, positive results from clinical trials have provided direct evidence supporting the cancer-protective effect of green tea. In addition, numerous mechanisms of action have been suggested to contribute to tea’s disease-preventive effects. Furthermore, effects of the processing and storage of tea, as well as additives on tea’s properties have been investigated.
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Green Tea Taking a Healthy Sip

Green Tea     Taking a Healthy Sip

Contents include: What is Green Tea?

Author: Noah Daniels

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 9783739648156

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Contents include:What is Green Tea?Green Tea HistoryGreen Tea ProductionOther Teas vs. Green TeaPopular varieties of Green TeaPopular Brands of Green TeaGreen Tea UsesWhat Makes Green Tea So Healthy?Common Health Benefits of Green TeaDaily Recommendations and Possible Side EffectsBrewing Techniques and Recipes... and much more ...
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Environmental Health Perspectives

Environmental Health Perspectives

Joseph Tart 1 KURICIM TOGY GREEN TEA HIME GenmalGha Browner v . Bush In July , EPA Administrator Carol. Reading tea leaves . Scientists studying green tea believe it may help ensure a healthier future . Cut and paste .



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