The Case of the Green Turtle

The Case of the Green Turtle

Parsons was particularly struck by how the demand for green turtle soup was wiping out turtle rookeries. He found historical sources indicating that the English gentry learned to like turtle soup while stationed in the Caribbean to ...

Author: Alison Rieser

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421406190

Category: Science

Page: 352

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Her study of this early conservation controversy will fascinate anyone who cares about sea turtles or the oceans in which they live.
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Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles

The green turtle's flippers appear a bit small for its body size but are quite efficient for propelling it through ... Yet the green turtle is probably best known for its green fat and muscles, which are delicious in soup or as a steak.

Author: James R. Spotila

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801880070

Category: Nature

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Presents a vivid description of the natural history and life cycle of the seven species of sea tutles, including diets and mating habits, the environmental dangers that threaten their survival, and current conservation efforts.
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The Culinary Herpetologist

The Culinary Herpetologist

... 95 Gordon's Turtle Stew, 328 Gowanloch's Turtle Soup, 310 Granny's Gator Hash, 157 Grant's Grenouilles, 58 Green Alligator Casserole, 165 Green Sea Turtle Soup 2, 313 Green Sea Turtle Soup 3, 314 Green Turtle And Pea Soup, 314 Green ...

Author: Ernest A. Liner

Publisher: Bibliomania

ISBN: 9781932871067

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This long awaited, second edition of Liner's "A Herpetological Cookbook" is greatly expanded with over 950 herpetological recipes. From historical recipes: Goanna (Aborigine style), Blackfeet Indian Jellied Snake, and Roasted poison Dart Frog (Campa Indian Style) to modern recipes: Turtle Croquettes, Zippy Alligator Dip, and Ampiuma a la Poulette this cookbook contains something for everyone. An entertaining, historically important treatise everyone interested in amphibians and reptiles should own.
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Florida Keys Cookbook

Florida Keys Cookbook

once at the docks, the men would push the turtles, still on their backs, down a ramp to the kraal, an Afrikaans word meaning ... The cannery operated under a succession of owners until the 1970s, producing green turtle soup and turtle ...

Author: Victoria Shearer

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780762790845

Category: Cooking

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The Florida Keys Cookbook is a fascinating combination of food history, local lore, and over 175 mouth-watering recipes showcasing the Florida Keys' bounty from Keys restaurant chefs and home cooks. Archival photographs and informative sidebars round out the newly designed full color second edition of this beautiful and treasured book that is a celebration of the paradise that is the Florida Keys.
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The Green Turtle and Man

The Green Turtle and Man

so - called “ mock turtlesoup generally contains no turtle whatever , calf's heads being used to simulate the gelatinous consistency of turtle soup . In the United States and Great Britain mock turtle is usually a thick soup , but on ...

Author: James Jerome Parsons


ISBN: UOM:39015073215207

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Habitats and Biota of the Gulf of Mexico Before the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Habitats and Biota of the Gulf of Mexico  Before the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

The English used green turtle soup as a cure for scurvy in the long transatlantic voyages and as a substitute for, or in addition to, salted beef, since turtles could be kept alive below deck on their backs for weeks. Green sea turtles ...

Author: C. Herb Ward

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781493934560

Category: Technology & Engineering

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This book is open access under a CC BY-NC 2.5 license. The Gulf of Mexico is an open and dynamic marine ecosystem rich in natural resources but heavily impacted by human activities, including agricultural, industrial, commercial and coastal development. The Gulf of Mexico has been continuously exposed to petroleum hydrocarbons for millions of years from natural oil and gas seeps on the sea floor, and more recently from oil drilling and production activities located in the water near and far from shore. Major accidental oil spills in the Gulf are infrequent; two of the most significant include the Ixtoc I blowout in the Bay of Campeche in 1979 and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in 2010. Unfortunately, baseline assessments of the status of habitats and biota in the Gulf of Mexico before these spills either were not available, or the data had not been systematically compiled in a way that would help scientists assess the potential short-term and long-term effects of such events. This 2-volume series compiles and summarizes thousands of data sets showing the status of habitats and biota in the Gulf of Mexico before the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Volume 2 covers historical data on commercial and recreational fisheries, with an analysis of marketing trends and drivers; ecology, populations and risks to birds, sea turtles and marine mammals in the Gulf; and diseases and mortalities of fish and other animals that inhabit the Gulf of Mexico.
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The lunch crowd, such as it was, filled the Mock Turtle Bar. The dive provided little more than soup and sandwiches as fare but it offered a nonpareil array of tasty soups, including clam chowder, lobster bisque, and green turtle soup.

Author: Keith B. Darrell

Publisher: Amber Book Company


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Detective Alice Dodgson follows a summons from Police Chief O'Hare to the futuristic city of Wonderland. O'Hare wants Alice to assume the job of Wonderland's chief detective. She refuses, but he says, "You may find what you're looking for here in Wonderland." Alice agrees, hoping to find her sister who was abducted 15 years earlier. O'Hare's late for a tea party being given by Mademoiselle Milliner, one of Wonderland's patrons and socialites, who made her fortune from designing outrageous hats. He leaves her with Police Captain Jim Hooker, known as Capt. Hook because his left hand has been replaced by a metal hook. Alice encounters Dorothy Gale, a reporter for the Kansas Star who's come to Wonderland following a lead on a local criminal enterprise led by gangster Edmund Tusk, known as The Walrus. Alice learns the Walrus and his partner Carpenter are luring "young oysters -- girls -- into white slavery, their child sex trafficking emanating from Wonderland to Kansas and other locales. She decides to stay in Wonderland, suspecting her missing sister Wendy may have been one of their victims.
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Miss Corson s Practical American Cookery and Household Management

Miss Corson s Practical American Cookery and Household Management

185 Clear Soup with Royale Turtle Bean Soup . 186 Paste . ... 192 Celery Soup 179 How to Boil Green Turtle .. 194 Cream of Fresh Mushrooms . 179 Green Turtle Soup - Stock ... 194 Cream of Cauliflowers 180 Green Turtle Thick Soup .

Author: Juliet Corson


ISBN: WISC:89042049593

Category: Cooking

Page: 591

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The Cambridge World History of Food

The Cambridge World History of Food

Another in Key West , Florida , employing 10 vessels and 60 men for turtle gathering , was reported in 1880 to be turning out 200,000 cases a year . The " green fat , " or calipee , was often tinned separately from the meat and soup .

Author: Kenneth F. Kiple

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052140214X

Category: Food

Page: 2153

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A two-volume set which traces the history of food and nutrition from the beginning of human life on earth through the present.
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