Hawaiian Plants and Animals Coloring Book

Hawaiian Plants and Animals Coloring Book

Y. S. Green, Coloring Books. Monroeger حمیر li MEL Mer M - 9 Sugar cane / ko ( Saccharum officinarum ) was brought to Hawaii by early Polynesians as a source of sugar and fiber . Sugar cane was once a leading industry in Hawaii .

Author: Y. S. Green

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486403602

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 54

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Forty-four excellent illustrations of islands' characteristic flora and fauna: mango, breadfruit, prickly poppy, tree fern, pineapple, slipper lobster, damselfly, cone-headed grasshopper, house gecko, much else. Captions.
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The Hawaiian Wildlife Coloring and Activity Book

The Hawaiian Wildlife Coloring and Activity Book

Hidden Dangers Sometimes animals brought to Hawai'i by people threaten native Hawaiian species . Cats , dogs , mongooses , and rats prey on young birds . Goats , sheep , and pigs destroy native Hawaiian plants and animal habitats .

Author: Tammy Yee

Publisher: Bess Press

ISBN: 1573060593

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 38

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Fun and educational coloring books explore many beautiful and unique aspects of Hawai'i, including nature and culture.
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Hawaii Is a Rainbow

Hawaii Is a Rainbow

Sharing this book with children Looking at a book with a special adult can describe variations in color , such as dull , be a wonderful experience for a child . ... deal with the islands , plants and animals , and people of Hawaii .

Author: Stephanie Feeney

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824810074

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 70

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The author uses colors of the rainbow--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple--as a way to organize pictures of some of the people, places, plants, and animals of Hawaii. Hawaii is a Rainbow has been created to help children learn about colors and about Hawaii and to help both children and adults appreciate the rich variety and the special beauty of the Islands.
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Hawaiian Plant Life

Hawaiian Plant Life

The publication of the monumental Manual of the Flowering Plants of Hawai'i (hereafter often referred to simply as the Manual) ... This would be a book that would provide color photographs of a substantial portion of Hawaiian species, ...

Author: Robert J. Gustafson

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824846695

Category: Gardening

Page: 338

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Hawaiian Plant Life has been written with both the layperson and professional interested in Hawai‘i’s natural history and flora in mind. In addition to significant text describing landforms and vegetation, the evolution of Hawaiian flora, and the conservation of native species, the book includes almost 875 color photographs illustrating nearly two-thirds of native Hawaiian plant species as well as a concise description of each genus and species shown. The work can be used either as a stand-alone reference or as a companion to the two-volume Manual of the Flowering Plants of Hawai‘i. Learning more about threatened and endangered plants is essential to conserving them, and there is no more endangered flora in the world today than that of the Hawaiian Islands. Striking species complexes such as the silverswords and the remarkable lobeliads represent unique stories of adaptive radiation that make the Hawai‘i a living laboratory for evolution. Public appreciation for Hawaiian biodiversity requires outreach and education that will determine the future conservation of this rich heritage, and Hawaiian Plant Life has been designed to help fill that need.
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A Guide to Field Guides

A Guide to Field Guides

Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press , 1987. 156p . $ 19.95 . ISBN 0824811046 . 200 plants and animals ; color photos ; half of book consists of background and natural history . 150. Hall , Clarence A. Natural History of the White ...

Author: Diane Schmidt

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 1563087073

Category: Nature

Page: 344

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Focusing on the North American continent, this book, the first of its kind, identifies and describes major field guides in all scientific subject areas (from plants, animals, and insects to astronomy and weather, geology and fossils, and man-made objects). Organized by topic, it offers complete bibliographic information and descriptions of more than 1,300 field guides.
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Hawaii Dye Plants and Dye Recipes

Hawaii Dye Plants and Dye Recipes

NATURAL DYE SOURCES PLANT DYES Until 1856 , when man - made dyes were first invented , only natural sources , plant , animal , and mineral , supplied dyes to color yarn and fabric . Plants are the most common providers of natural dyes .

Author: Val Krohn-Ching

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824806980

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 140

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For those who work with FIBER in weaving, spinning, crocheting, knitting, macrame; for those who work with CLOTH in batik, tie-dying, quilting, applique, soft sculpture, sewing. With this book you can come one step closer to making it from "scratch" - increasing your involvement and satisfaction in your craft, while enhancing the beauty and value of your finished product. Rich, soft, subtle colors, not easily copied by synthetic man-made dyes, are commonly obtained from natural dye sources. The end reward is beautiful natural colors, but equally rewarding is the pleasure to be derived from collecting natural materials and from the dyeing process itself. The world around you becomes a treasure house of "hidden" possibilities, with common and readily available plant materials yielding colors that can be as surprising as they are special. Like the ancient Hawaiians who colored their tapa cloth with dyes from kukui, ferns, and other plants of their islands, you become more sensitive to your natural environment. A greater respect for craftspeople of the past and a deeper appreciation for the materials are every natural dyer's gain. Val Frieling Krohn-Ching is a distinguished weaving and textile design artist whose curiosity and desire for experimenting has also made her the authority on dyeing with plant materials in Hawaii using wool fibers. She now shares the results of her years of experimentation - and her enthusiasm - with others. Even beginners can use her basic principles and techniques successfully to achieve new results of their own. Hawaii Dye Plants and Dye Recipes is itself an artistic production, filled with charming, botanically accurate pen-and-ink drawings to aid in plant identification. Instructions are concise and easy to follow. Interesting information about each plant enlivens the text, as do personal comments about the author's experimentation and sources of natural materials. A color chart, photographed from actual wool samples prepared by the author, shows more than 300 beautiful results that the natural dyer can achieve using recipes in this book.
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Plants and Animals of Hawaii

Plants and Animals of Hawaii

Several Hawai`i plant books give detailed explanations about how to tell these two species apart by the length and shape of branches ... ( Craig Thomas ) The smooth bark of the Mindanao , or painted , gum tree is brilliant with color .

Author: Susan Scott

Publisher: Bess Press

ISBN: 0935848932

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 186

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A thorough treatment of the many plant and animal species found in Hawai'i.
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction

Standards Based Comprehension Strategies and Skills Practice Book

Standards Based Comprehension Strategies and Skills Practice Book

One color is for the design and one color is for the background . The snowflake method of cutting the design all at ... The Hawaiian flowers , plants , and animals help to create the beautiful designs and patterns of Hawaiian quilts .

Author: Miriam Myers

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 0743904230


Page: 124

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This series ensures that students learn necessary reading skills by offering a variety of texts combined with targeted lessons to practice and reinforce comprehension and fluency. The fiction and nonfiction passages prepare students for the type of reading found on most standardized tests.

Hawaiian Natural History Ecology and Evolution

Hawaiian Natural History  Ecology  and Evolution

Bellwood , P. S. 1979 Hawaii : The ecotravellers ' wildlife guide . ... The numerous paintings of birds , mammals , reptiles , and amphibians are by H. Douglas Pratt and those of fishes and marine invertebrates by Colin Newman . Color ...

Author: Alan C. Ziegler

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824821904

Category: History

Page: 528

View: 742

Not since Willam A. Bryan's 1915 landmark compendium, Hawaiian Natural History, has there been a single-volume work that offers such extensive coverage of this complex but fascinating subject. Illustrated with more than two dozen color plates and a hundred photographs and line drawings, Hawaiian Natural History, Ecology, and Evolution updates both the earlier publication and subsequent works by compiling and synthesizing in a uniform and accessible fashion the widely scattered information now available. Readers can trace the natural history of the Hawaiian Archipelago through the book's twenty-eight chapters or focus on specific topics such as island formation by plate tectonics, plant and animal evolution, flightless birds and their fossil sites, Polynesian migrational history and ecology, the effects of humans and exotic animals on the environment, current conservation efforts, and the contributions of the many naturalists who visited the islands over the centuries and the stories behind their discoveries. An extensive annotated bibliography and a list of audio-visual materials will help readers locate additional sources of information.
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Cultivating a Child s Imagination Through Gardening

Cultivating a Child s Imagination Through Gardening

Brilliant full-color photographs of Hawaiian people, places, plants, and animals are arranged according to the colors of the ... ll II An Our Town Is a Rainbow Book Using the photographs taken for the Creative Activity described below, ...

Author: Rosanne Blass

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313078972

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 158

View: 571

Lead children to literacy and learning along the garden path with books and activities designed to spark interest and imagination. Each of these 45 lessons focuses on a specific book about gardening and offers related activities-such as reading, writing, poetry, word play, music, dancing, and dramatics-to enhance creativity and build literacy skills. In addition, this resource lists more books to read with each lesson and concludes with an annotated bibliography of focus books. A great companion to Beyond the Bean Seed. Grades K-6.
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