Dolphin Frequencies Freedom from Energy Vampires

Dolphin Frequencies   Freedom from Energy Vampires

So heart coherence lowers the stress hormone cortisol and increases the anti-ageing hormone DHEA. Therefore I do have a first answer to my question about my life style and longevity. By living with Dolphins, I live in heart coherence, ...

Author: Olivia de Bergerac PhD

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982291198

Category: Self-Help

Page: 122

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In this book Olivia documents twenty-two case studies of her clients going through transformation while experiencing Dolphin Frequencies. Dolphin's Frequencies induce in humans a meditative state based on very slow brain waves called Theta, which open the door to the unconscious. Humans may discover a soul scar a very emotional traumas that get healed. Humans sometimes discover an energy vampire: a parasite or a cord with another person that drains their life forces that can cleared. Through the Dolphins Frequencies and Olivia coaching work, clients are freer, happier, healthier and lean the seven secret of longevity.
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The Dolphin The Sea and Princess Annemarie

The Dolphin  The Sea  and Princess Annemarie

Her heart grieved for the suering dolphins. She met with them. She comforted the sick, gave food to the hungry, and eased the suering of those in pain. She gave them her kindness, compassion, and love, and by doing so, ...

Author: Michael F. Corriere

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460284759

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 36

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All myths contain truth: truth about life, truth about love, truth about self-sacrifice and nobility. In this children's tale, a father attempts to answer a simple question posed to him by his young daughter. "Why do dolphins swim so close to people and the shore?" He answers by telling her a myth. A tale of four kingdoms that exist beneath the surface of the sea. A tale with dolphin knights, great white sharks, and a dangerous journey to find a beautiful princess. But in a deeper sense, he reveals something more: a universal truth; that kindness, compassion, and love, can overcome any disaster, and any sorrow. Her father reveals to her that magical powers exist within the hearts of all who are kind.
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Heart of a Dolphin

Heart of a Dolphin

When Annie spots a dolphin trapped in fishing line in the cove near her house, she rushes to free him.

Author: Catherine Hapka

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780545919418

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

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When Annie spots a dolphin trapped in fishing line in the cove near her house, she rushes to free him. Everyone cheers when she returns to shore, but only Annie knows that she and the dolphin have forged a special bond. He's become her friend -- and keeps returning to the cove to visit and play! Meanwhile, out of the water, nothing is going right. Annie's best friend, Emma, has changed, and keeps ditching her to hang out with snobby Morgan. At home, Annie's busy parents barely seem to have time for her, and she's stuck with her hyper younger brother always tagging along. Then a misunderstanding with Morgan makes things even worse... and ultimately leaves Annie alone and in danger. Can her dolphin friend help her when she needs it most?
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Health and Disease in Free Ranging and Captive Wildlife

Health and Disease in Free Ranging and Captive Wildlife

This study is the first to describe an efficient technique for in-water dolphin cardiac auscultation, and to present evidence that heart murmurs are common in bottlenose dolphins. Keywords: heart murmur, auscultation, dolphin, ...

Author: Robert James Ossiboff

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 9782889664986

Category: Medical

Page: 428

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Categories: Medical

Congenital Heart Malformations in Mammals

Congenital Heart Malformations in Mammals

Figure 11.1 shows a probe-patent arterial duct in a whitenosed dolphin (Lagenorhynchus albirostris) with an estimated age of one year. We studied the hearts of about 600 wild animals representing more than 40 different species.

Author: Magnus Michaëlsson

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9781783262083

Category: Medical

Page: 180

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This invaluable book is a comprehensive review of congenital heart defects in the major mammalian groups. It begins with a comparison of normal cardiac anatomy between these groups. The analysis of cardiac malformations is simplified and presented in a didactic manner. The anatomy of the common malformations is presented with examples. A comment on the common anomalies seen in each group, together with an extensive reference list, helps the reader to access the source of information easily. Contents:Introduction: Normal Hearts — A ComparisonSequential Segmental AnalysisDefinition, Causes, Frequency of Occurrence and Prevalence of Congenital Cardiovascular DefectsHorsesCattlePigsSheep and GoatsDogsCatsMice, Rates and RabbitsOther AnimalsComparative Aspects Readership: Zoologists and veterinary scientists. Keywords:Congenital Heart Defects;Congenital Heart Disease;Veterinary Science;Atrial Septal Effect;Ventricular Septal Effect;Mammalian Heart Disease;Cardiac Malformations;Hole in the Heart;Arrhythmia in Mammals;Review of Cardiac MalformationsReviews:“… the book represents a remarkable achievement and a valuable contribution to the literature on this topic.”The Veterinary Record “… this is a well-written, very readable, interesting text on congenital malformations in mammals … this is a unique and interesting book that will be of great value to many individuals with an interest in cardiac pathology.”Veterinary Pathology “…the book presents congenital malformations in a large number of mammalian species in a thorough and informative manner. It is well researched and extensively referenced. The text is written in the first person and is generally very readable … It will contribute significantly as a research and teaching resource …”Australian Veterinary Journal
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The gift of the golden dolphin

The gift of the golden dolphin

“Step three,” the Dolphin said, “is the glands. ... The dolphin bumped into it playfully making it tilt and rock. ... Next direct the energy further down to just above your heart, a place called the high-heart-center.


Publisher: Vesica Piscis

ISBN: 9788493526160


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Species Link

Species Link

A large Sue Hopple Here in gorgeously painted whale From the heart of the Dolphin Mind , Monument , Colorado we felt bus from the Whale the wonderful Dolphin Day Alliance parked on the may we be united and in peace . energy as well .



ISBN: CORNELL:31924108316831

Category: Extrasensory perception in animals


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Dolphin Love from Sea to Land

Dolphin Love     from Sea to Land

Linda wrote this book with the intention that each reader would co-create their own unique spiritual adventure story with the dolphins. Many have reported receiving unexpected healings and energy transmissions while reading this book.

Author: Linda Shay

Publisher: Dolphin Heart World, Incorporated DBA Dancing Seas Media

ISBN: 0984743103

Category: Nature

Page: 342

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Journey with Linda Shay into the pristine tropical waters of Hawaii where she communes, up close and personal, with a pod of wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins. Discover how one moment, with one dolphin, changes her life forever. Return with Linda to her high desert home in Sedona, Arizona, and walk by her side as she discovers she has been initiated into a unique spiritual path, guided by the Dolphin Consciousness. Witness the beginning of Dolphin Energy Healing, an intuitive energy healing modality, as Linda learns she has been activated by the dolphins to serve as a vehicle for their beautiful healing frequencies. Through interdimensional encounters with the dolphins on land, and magical close encounters with the dolphins in the sea, Linda becomes a bridge between the worlds of humans and dolphins. The bond of healing and love that has been forged unites her eternally with her beloved family of the sea. This touching and inspiring glimpse into Linda's journey with the dolphins opens a doorway into the realm of possibility. It offers an expanded view of who these endearing dolphins really are. It serves as a clear demonstration of the dolphins' desire and ability to heal the human heart, helping us achieve higher states of peace, love, and joy. This is a true story that takes place on land, in the sea, and in the realm of spirit ... in other dimensions of reality. Linda wrote this book with the intention that each reader would co-create their own unique spiritual adventure story with the dolphins. Many have reported receiving unexpected healings and energy transmissions while reading this book. "Dolphin Love ... From Sea to Land is a spellbinding adventure of personal growth and transformation. Through a deep and enduring relationship with dolphins, Linda finds her life changed in ways that are unimaginable and delightful. Dolphin Love opened my heart in new and profound ways, rekindling my longing for oneness and expanding my vision and understanding of these amazing beings. This journey into the world of human/dolphin relations demonstrates that dolphins can be a path to spiritual awakening. It's time to dive in!" - Mary J. Getten, Marine Naturalist, Animal Communicator and author of Communicating with Orcas: The Whales' Perspective
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As your Dolphin gently brings you back to the beach, thank your Dolphin for assisting you with freeing and restoring your heart. Know that your Dolphin will always be there for you to expand and heal your heart anytime you want.

Author: Tracy Latz

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781452054803

Category: Self-Help

Page: 210

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Stuck = caught or held in a position from which it is impossible to move; not able to find a solution or way out of a situation Are you feeling stuck? In your circumstance? In your relationship? In your physical condition? In your life? Would you like to remove the obstacles in your path that prevent a more joyful flow in your life? Are you frustrated with an inability to put well-meaning concepts described in popular books and film to positive benefit in your life? This book is for anyone, like us, who has ever felt blocked in their ability to move forward, an inner restlessness, an emptiness, or a sense that there must be more to life than their experience up until this moment. Essentially, this book is for anyone who is interested in overcoming the hurdles which keep us stuck or prevent us from moving forward. The 12 Keys will give you the resources to understand why you are stuck and explain how you can make different choices to begin moving in your life.
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The Soul of Autism

The Soul of Autism

In keeping with the heart-brain entrainment studies conducted by the Institute of HeartMath, Australian researcher, Stephen Birch, author of Dolphin-Human Interaction Effects, showed that entrainment of the human EEG occurred during and ...

Author: William Stillman


ISBN: 9781442954892

Category: Psychology

Page: 266

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