Heart of Darfur

Heart of Darfur

The first book to go behind the headlines, this is a heart-breakingly honest as well as inspiring account of a nurse's struggle to help in the middle of the humanitarian disaster that is Darfur.

Author: Lisa French Blaker


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The first book to go behind the headlines, this is a heart-breakingly honest as well as inspiring account of a nurse's struggle to help in the middle of the humanitarian disaster that is Darfur.
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Documentary Testimonies

Documentary Testimonies

... heart of dark press coverage Despite the paucity of historical information in the Crisis in Darfur inter- face, ... Earth Zooms in on Darfur Carnage”; and Tech News World read, “Google Earth Zooms into Heart of Darfur's Darkness.

Author: Bhaskar Sarkar

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135842680

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Documentary Testimonies examines documentary films that compel us to bear witness, move us to anger or tears, and possibly mobilize us to action. Comprising ten new essays and a substantive introduction, this interdisciplinary volume examines audiovisual testimonial practices, forms, and institutions. Topics include: technologies of capture, storage and circulation; problems of historical veracity/frail memory; generation of video archives--official, renegade, and ephemeral; limits and potentialities of documentary as public record; architectonics of memory; ethics of witnessing and commemoration; human rights and activist publics. The essays provide in-depth analysis of archives of social suffering tied to particular locales: Cambodia, Chiapas, Darfur, India, Indonesia, Korea, New Orleans, Norway, Rwanda, South Africa, and Washington, DC. The contributors focus on the generation and use of testimony by public administrators and institutions, human rights activists, documentary filmmakers, and others with interest in environmental justice, human rights, social advocacy, and the commemoration/prevention of genocide. Thus, this volume aims to investigate, from a critical and translocal perspective, testimony as social practice.
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Alliance Formation in Civil Wars

Alliance Formation in Civil Wars

Darfur: A New History ofa Long War. London: Zed Books. PBS Wide Angle. (2008). “Heart of Darfur: Guide to Factions and Forces.” Available online: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/wideangle/episodes/heart-of—darfur/ ...

Author: Fotini Christia

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139851756

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Some of the most brutal and long-lasting civil wars of our time involve the rapid formation and disintegration of alliances among warring groups, as well as fractionalization within them. It would be natural to suppose that warring groups form alliances based on shared identity considerations - such as Christian groups allying with Christian groups - but this is not what we see. Two groups that identify themselves as bitter foes one day, on the basis of some identity narrative, might be allies the next day and vice versa. Nor is any group, however homogeneous, safe from internal fractionalization. Rather, looking closely at the civil wars in Afghanistan and Bosnia and testing against the broader universe of fifty-three cases of multiparty civil wars, Fotini Christia finds that the relative power distribution between and within various warring groups is the primary driving force behind alliance formation, alliance changes, group splits and internal group takeovers.
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Desert Fire

Desert Fire

We both had good jobs when God called us to Darfur. At first, I didn't want to. But as I asked God to share His heart for Darfur with me, something changed. It's like in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas when the Grinch's heart grew and ...

Author: Shannon Van Roekel

Publisher: Kregel Publications

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A straight-from-the-headlines novel revealing God’s love in the midst of horrific conflict and personal turmoil
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Change Your Heart Change Your Life

Change Your Heart  Change Your Life

It breaks my heart that in Darfur people are being driven from their homes into pathetic refugee camps. I see them and feel some of their pain, and a sense of compassion fills me with the desire to do more for people in such great need.

Author: Gary Smalley

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418567743

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Out of your heart flow your words and actions. Change your heart, and you'll change your life. According to best-selling author Dr. Gary Smalley, nobody has to live by the destructive subtle lies or believe the distortions of truth this world holds out to us. There are steps, strategies, and beliefs people can bring to their lives to either totally transform them or quietly improve them-and it all starts with hiding God's Word in their hearts. Hiding God's Word in his heart radically changed the life of Smalley himself, and he is seeing it revolutionize the lives of people around him as well-from lust, materialism, selfishness, anger, stress, overeating, anxiety, and guilt, just to name a few. No matter a person's age, experiences, or previous patterns, this book will guide readers to the whys and hows of orchestrating their beliefs to forever change their lives and relationships.
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Darfur Allegory

Darfur Allegory

At the heart of the book is Sudanese anthropologist Rogaia Abusharaf’s critique of the pseudoscientific notions of race and ethnicity that posit divisions between “Arab” northerners and “African” Darfuris.

Author: Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226761725

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The Darfur conflict exploded in early 2003 when two rebel groups, the Sudan Liberation Movement and the Justice and Equality Movement, struck national military installations in Darfur to send a hard-hitting message of resentment over the region’s political and economic marginalization. The conflict devastated the region’s economy, shredded its fragile social fabric, and drove millions of people from their homes. Darfur Allegory is a dispatch from the humanitarian crisis that explains the historical and ethnographic background to competing narratives that have informed international responses. At the heart of the book is Sudanese anthropologist Rogaia Abusharaf’s critique of the pseudoscientific notions of race and ethnicity that posit divisions between “Arab” northerners and “African” Darfuris. Elaborated in colonial times and enshrined in policy afterwards, such binary categories have been adopted by the media to explain the civil war in Darfur. The narratives that circulate internationally are thus highly fraught and cover over—to counterproductive effect—forms of Darfurian activism that have emerged in the conflict’s wake. Darfur Allegory marries the analytical precision of a committed anthropologist with an insider’s view of Sudanese politics at home and in the diaspora, laying bare the power of words to heal or perpetuate civil conflict.
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A Poisonous Thorn in Our Hearts

A Poisonous Thorn in Our Hearts

Darfur The lack of state involvement was no less nefarious in Darfur. When the British left in 1956, no new boys' schools had been opened for almost a quarter of a century, there were no provincial agricultural officers (despite this ...

Author: James Copnall

Publisher: Hurst & Company Limited

ISBN: 9781849043304

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What happened after Africa's biggest country split in two? When South Sudan ran up its flag in July 2011, two new nations came into being. In South Sudan a former rebel movement faces colossal challenges in building a new country. At independence it was one of the least developed places on earth, after decades of conflict and neglect. The '"rump state'", Sudan, has been debilitated by devastating civil wars, including in Darfur, and lost a significant part of its territory, and most of its oil wealth, after the divorce from the South. In the years after separation, the two Sudans dealt with crippling economic challenges, struggled with new and old rebellions, and fought each other along their disputed border. Benefiting from unsurpassed access to the politicians, rebels, thinkers and events that are shaping the Sudans, Copnall draws a compelling portrait of two misunderstood countries. A Poisonous Thorn in Our Hearts argues that Sudan and South Sudan remain deeply interdependent, despite their separation. It also diagnoses the political failings that threaten the future of both countries. The author puts the turmoil of the years after separation into a broader context, reflecting the voices, hopes and experiences of Sudanese and South Sudanese from all walks of life.
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Awakening the Universal Heart

Awakening the Universal Heart

As my heart opened to them more and more, I realised that though they were all nearly half a century younger than me and came from a totally different ... He told me that he was outraged by what was going on in Darfur at that time.

Author: Serge Beddington-Behrens

Publisher: Birlinn

ISBN: 9780957364189

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I invite you to come on a journey with me into one of the most important, yet often most neglected dimension of yourself, namely your heart. I want to help you discover, as I have slowly been discovering, that our hearts not only hold the key to our being able to live a fuller and more meaningful life, but also to our being able to play a part in helping heal our planet.' The change needed is a shift out of our primarily head-focus into becoming increasingly heart-centred, where we are connected to our hearts and are potentially capable of moving mountains. We are only going to be good activists if we have plenty of heart in our lives - if we are big hearted with a well-activated Heart. A culture of Heart is vital if we are to heal the many wounds and splits that exist between different classes, religions, tribes and nations. The book has been written from a place of great hope and joy, based on knowledge that our world is changing and that the planetary heart is at last awakening.
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July Highlights Wide Angle : Heart of Darfur Tuesday , July 1 at 9pm With the Darfur Peace Agreement in shambles and fears rising that the region is headed for a new cycle of bloodletting , Heart of Darfur provides an eyewitness account ...



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Empire Cotton Growing Review

Empire Cotton Growing Review

DARFUR , 1956 - SOME IMPRESSIONS A. LOW Empire Cotton Growing Corporation , Sudan A GLANCE at the accompanying ... The object of such a tour from Kadugli into the heart of Darfur was to visit existing areas under the cotton crop and ...



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