High Performance Marine Vessels

High Performance Marine Vessels

These have been important enablers to comfort at higher speed and high-speed vessel development. A series of new variations of high-speed craft or high-performance marine vessels (HPMV) have been developed in the last half century, ...

Author: Liang Yun

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High Performance Marine Vessels (HPMVs) range from the Fast Ferries to the latest high speed Navy Craft, including competition power boats and hydroplanes, hydrofoils, hovercraft, catamarans and other multi-hull craft. High Performance Marine Vessels covers the main concepts of HPMVs and discusses historical background, design features, services that have been successful and not so successful, and some sample data of the range of HPMVs to date. Included is a comparison of all HPMVs craft and the differences between them and descriptions of performance (hydrodynamics and aerodynamics). Readers will find a comprehensive overview of the design, development and building of HPMVs.
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Performance Technology and Application of High Performance Marine Vessels Volume One

Performance  Technology and Application of High Performance Marine Vessels Volume One

Marine Vessels Volume One cushion craft (ACC) and wing in ground effect craft (WIG) to develop performance close to the physical limits of speed on a seaway. Over the last 30 years or so, a revolution in electronics has given us the ...

Author: Raju Datla

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527526440

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There has been tremendous growth in the development of advanced marine vehicles over the last few decades and many of these developments have been presented at the International High Performance Marine Vehicles Conference held annually since 1997 in Shanghai, China. This comprehensive first volume covers high speed monohulls, multihulls, hydrofoil craft, air cavity craft and wing-in-ground effect craft. The papers cover a wide variety of hullforms, including deep-V hulls, stepped hulls, axe-bow hullforms, trimarans and pentamarans, foil assisted catamarans and air-lubrication craft. All aspects of design, including resistance, powering, seakeeping and maneuvering performance of these vessels, are covered through theoretical, experimental and numerical investigations.
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High Speed Marine Craft

High Speed Marine Craft

Figure 2.2: Seas Around the World The origins of the improvements in ships (or boats) to make them go faster are lost in ... 2.2 High Speed at Sea Concentrating on just speed for the moment, it is seen from Figure 2.3, that the world ...

Author: Peter J. Mantle

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107090415

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This book details the effort to build a large ship capable of traveling at 100 knots, from historical and technical perspectives.
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Jane s High speed Marine Craft and Air Cushion Vehicles

Jane s High speed Marine Craft and Air Cushion Vehicles

Microprocessor ship control systems and vessel management systems are fitted . Oceangoing ships Lighter - Aboard - Ship ( LASH ) barges will be able to carry the boat on deck . Propulsion power is by twin Caterpillar 3408 DITA marine ...



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Jane s High speed Marine Craft

Jane s High speed Marine Craft

Papers presented at The High - Speed Marine Craft Conference , 4-6 May 1988 , Kristiansand , Norway , arranged by the Norwegian Society of Chartered Engineers . Tools for Predictions of Motions and Seakeeping Qualities of SES and ...



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Application of Fracture Mechanics Analysis Techniques in High Performance Marine Systems

Application of Fracture Mechanics Analysis Techniques in High Performance Marine Systems

A recent design - oriented paper ( Heller and Clark , 1974 ) also summarizes the outlook for lighter structural components in high - performance marine craft . Since the design of high - performance naval vessels involves a complex ...


Publisher: National Academies

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High-performance naval surface ships of the future probably will employ materials with intermediate to high strength-to-weight ratios. Because some of these materials are susceptible to rapid fracture resulting from small flaws, sub-critical crack growth aspects of material behavior, such as stress-corrosion cracking and fatigue, should be reviewed as a part of the design process, preferably as part of an overall fracture control plan. Experience suggests that the development and implemenation of such a plan as part of the design process will result in a more balanced design from the standpoint of safety, reliability, and economics. (Author).
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Ship Boat International

Ship   Boat International




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High speed Surface Craft

High speed Surface Craft

Propulsion developments in high - speed marine craft Those associated with most marine activities involving powered craft soon realise the importance of the propulsion system . Reliability is of paramount importance , breakdowns at best ...



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Maritime Information Review

Maritime Information Review

4/036 ORDERNUMBER : 199916049 Influence of the steady flow in seakeeping of a high - speed vessel Takaki ... T. ; Molland , A.F. International conference on high - performance marine vehicles HIPER ( 071359 ) , 199903 , pg - 112 ...



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Transactions The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Transactions   The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

... a high performance marine structure . Survivability of sandwich composite marine structures is well accepted in other areas . Sweden has committed to building their latest 70 m ( 230 ft ) patrol craft in composite ( Lonno , 1998 ) .

Author: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (U.S.)


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List of members in vols. 1-24, 38-54, 57.
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