Hippolytus Between East and West

Hippolytus Between East and West

Here we have a Roman bishop who seems certain of the eastern provenance of the composition read and cited by him . ... The term Arabum metropolis is significant for the later supposition of a Hippolytus of Bostra ( see below ) .

Author: J. A. Cerrato

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0199246963

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Who was the Church Father Hippolytus? The answer to this question has eluded scholars for centuries. His true identity was unknown even to Eusebius, the church historian, in the fourth century and to subsequent writers of the ancient Church. Yet his corpus was largely preserved through theearly centuries and influenced numerous theologians and exegetes, including Origen, Ambrose, and Jerome. Using ancient, Byzantine, and modern sources, the present study charts the growth of the Hippolytus question from its inception to the present day. It traces how early speculations led to theformation of various traditions of a prolific and controversial writer.This book is the first thorough analysis of the Hippolytus question in English for over a hundred years. Drawing on leading scholarship of the twentieth century, it untangles millennia of theory and points to the evidence of the Asian roots of the great biblical commentator known as SaintHippolytus. It suggests that this writer, so influential on the rethinking of western liturgical practice in the twentieth century, is best viewed as a scion of the East.
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Die Geschichte der Daniel Auslegung in Judentum Christentum und Islam

Die Geschichte der Daniel Auslegung in Judentum  Christentum und Islam

Quellen Hippolyt , Kommentar zu Daniel , hg . v . G.N. Bonwetsch , 2. vollst ... Communities in tension before the emergence of a monarch - bishop , SVChr 31 , Leiden u.a. 1995 . Cerrato , J.A. , Hippolytus between East and West .

Author: Katharina Bracht

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110193019

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Die Geschichte der Daniel-Auslegung in Judentum, Christentum und Islam ist Gegenstand dieses Bandes, dessen Themenspektrum bei dem biblischen Danielbuch selbst beginnt und dann über die Danielrezeption im hellenistischen Judentum, im Markusevangelium und in der Alten Kirche über Vertreter des Mittelalters und der Reformationszeit bis hin zu Isaac Newton reicht. Texte und Kunstwerke aus allen drei monotheistischen Weltreligionen werden erörtert.
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The Proto Lucianic Problem in 1 Samuel

The Proto Lucianic Problem in 1 Samuel

Theodoret, too, includes Hippolytus under “teachers of the east” (Eranistes 1,77; 88 [florilegia 22–6 are attributed to ... see J. A. Cerrato, Hippolytus between East and West: The Commentaries and the Provenance of the Corpus (Oxford ...

Author: Tuukka Kauhanen

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 9783647534596

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The Lucianic text of the Historical Books is demonstrably a late, recensional text, but it has numerous curious agreements with the earliest witnesses against B and the majority of the manuscripts. Tuukka Kauhanen aims at throwing light on this »proto-Lucianic problem« in 1 Samuel (1 Kingdoms) by taking a comprehensive view of all the relevant witnesses: Josephus, Hippolytus, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Cyprian, Old Latin, and the Qumran Samuel scrolls.Special attention is paid on the use of patristic writers as textual witnesses. Agreement in a reading between a patristic reference and a Biblical manuscript may be only apparent or coincidental, especially if the patristic text is in Latin. Kauhanen also demonstrates how the differences between the Greek and Latin languages affect the text-critical decisions.Kauhanen concludes that there are significantly less of actual proto-Lucianic readings than has often been supposed. The old theory of the "proto-Lucianic recension" – i.e., that the earliest layer of the Lucianic text was revised according to a Hebrew text akin of the Qumran Samuel scrolls – is refuted. Moreover, it is found that the Lucianic text – together with an early witness – has often preserved the original reading that has been lost in most or all of the other witnesses.The study has been carried out in connection with the Göttingen edition project for 1 Samuel and it uses all the available textual material. It aims at advancing the search of the oldest attainable form of the text of the Septuagint, thus advancing the textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible as well. It also provides much background information on the use of the Septuagint among early Christian writers.
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Studia Patristica

Studia Patristica

Jerome claims to have read of the encounter in a text of Hippolytus , now lost , entitled De laude domini salvatoris . He says 1 For an examination of the historical problem see J.A. Cerrato , Hippolytus between East and West .

Author: Frances Margaret Young


ISBN: 9042918845

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Writing the History of Early Christianity

Writing the History of Early Christianity

The distinction between East and West became a feature only in the post-Diocletian era, from the early fourth century onwards. Cerrato's main arguments for placing Hippolytus into the East are the ambiguity of the statue's inscription ...

Author: Markus Vinzent

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108480109

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Brings a new approach to the interpretation of the sources used to study the Early Christian era - reading history backwards. This book will interest teachers and students of New Testament studies from around the world of any denomination, and readers of early Christianity and Patristics.
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The Rites of Christian Initiation

The Rites of Christian Initiation

39 Critical editions are those of B. Botte, La Tradition apostolique de saint Hippolyte (Münster 1963); and J.M. Hanssens, ... 45 J. A. Cerrato, Hippolytus Between East and West: The Commentaries and the Provenance of the Corpus, ...

Author: Maxwell E. Johnson

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814662748

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Originally published in 1999, The Rites of Christian Initiation was haled for its clarity and comprehensiveness. Kalian McDonnell, OSB, called it the best overall treatment of Christian initiation available, and Paul Bradshaw predicted it would be the standard textbook on the subject for very many years to come." The current edition draws on new translations of early texts on baptism as well as recent scholarship on the early traditions in the East and West. It is sure to replace itself as the new standard reference on the rites of Christian initiation. Maxwell E. Johnson's expanded and revised text provides a more complete view of the history and interpretation of the rites in the Eastern Church, including two chapters that explore the pre-Nicene Eastern and Western traditions in detail. Revisiting the theology of baptism, this edition also provides more nuanced positions on the Eastern and Western traditions. Finally, recent liturgical developments in American Protestant churches, particularly Lutheran, as well as the ongoing development of the RCIA and confirmation practices of Catholics, made it necessary to revisit the place and meaning of these rites in the church today. Maxwell E. Johnson, PhD, is professor of liturgy at the University of Notre Dame and an ordained minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He has published in Worship and is the editor of and contributor to Living Water, Sealing Spirit: Readings on Christian Initiation (Liturgical Press, 1995) and the revised and expanded edition of E.C. Whitaker, Documents of the Baptismal Liturgy (Liturgical Press and S.P.C.K., 2003), to which this study serves as a companion volume. "
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The Oneness of God and the Doctrine of the Trinity

The Oneness of God and the Doctrine of the Trinity

J.A. Cerrato, Head of Classics at the Pennington School in New Jersey and a Priest of the Episcopal Church pioneered ground breaking research entitled: ' 'Hippolytus Between East and West' that investigated this very individual that has ...

Author: Kulwant Singh Boora

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449008444

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The teaching that God is one was paramount in Old Testament theology, since the introduction of the New Testament the concept of one God continued and was expanded by and through Jesus in Second Temple Monotheism. With this in mind, the Bible does not teach the concept of the Trinitarian doctrine. The Apostles, including the New Testament Church, were pure monotheistic and oneness believers knowing and understanding that God is one and not one substance and three persons. Therefore, this book has addressed a variety of issues and provided a body of literature and authority supporting the position that God is numerically one and that the Trinitarian doctrine is a human construct and product that is unscriptural and unbiblical, which evolved over the centuries being fueled by man made creeds and ideologies. It is not surprising then that even Trinitarians struggle to define the Trinitarian doctrine suggesting it is a mystical revelation, when in fact, others have argued that it is incomprehensible.
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Fake Prophecy and Polluted Sacraments

Fake Prophecy and Polluted Sacraments

appears also to have been the head of a 'school' which produced a large number of writings expounding its own ... 134 John A. Cerrato, Hippolytus between East and West: The Commentaries and the Provenance of the Corpus (Oxford ...

Author: William Tabbernee

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789047421313

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Fake Prophecy and Polluted Sacraments is an insightful case-study of the opposition to Montanism, an early-Christian prophetic movement, by Church and State both before and after ‘catholic’ Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.
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Monarchianism and Origen s Early Trinitarian Theology

Monarchianism and Origen   s Early Trinitarian Theology

One of the most recent detailed treatments of the Hippolytan question is that of J.A. Cerrato.68 Cerrato notes at the outset of his ... J.A. Cerrato, Hippolytus between East and West: The Commentaries and the Provenance of theCorpus, ...

Author: Stephen Waers

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004516564

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This book presents a cogent account of monarchianism, a core context for the development of trinitarian theology at the beginning of the third century, before situating Origen’s early trinitarian theology as formulated in response to monarchianism.
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Dress in Mediterranean Antiquity

Dress in Mediterranean Antiquity

29 See Cerrato, Hippolytus between East and West, 200. 30 Allie Ernst, Martha from the Margins: The Authority of Martha in Early Christian Tradition (Leiden: Brill, 2009), 139–75. This would mean the pilgrim flasks depicting the two ...

Author: Alicia J. Batten

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780567684684

Category: Religion

Page: 424

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Insights from anthropology, religious studies, biblical studies, sociology, classics, and Jewish studies are here combined to provide a cutting-edge guide to dress and religion in the Greco-Roman World and the Mediterranean basin. Clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, and hairstyles are among the many aspects examined to show the variety of functions of dress in communication and in both establishing and defending identity. The volume begins by reviewing how scholars in the fields of classics, anthropology, religious studies, and sociology examine dress. The second section then looks at materials, including depictions of clothing in sculpture and in Egyptian mummy portraits. The third (and largest) part of the book then examines dress in specific contexts, beginning with Greece and Rome and going on to Jewish and Christian dress, with a specific focus on the intersection between dress, clothing and religion. By combining essays from over twenty scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, the book provides a unique overview of different approaches to and contexts of dress in one volume, leading to a greater understanding of dress both within ancient societies and in the contemporary world.
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