Historians on Hamilton

Historians on Hamilton

Historians on "Hamilton" brings together a diverse collection of top scholars to explain the Hamilton phenomenon and explore what it might mean for our understanding of America's history.

Author: Renee C. Romano


ISBN: 0813590299


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Historians on "Hamilton" brings together a diverse collection of top scholars to explain the Hamilton phenomenon and explore what it might mean for our understanding of America's history. In short, lively essays, these experts assess what the musical got right, what it got wrong, and why it matters.

Historians on Hamilton

Historians on Hamilton

NOTES Title quote is from Lin-Manuel Miranda, “The Election of 1800,” Hamilton: An American Musical, ... “'Hamilton' and History: Are They in Sync?,” New York Times, April 10, 2016; Ken Owen, “Historians and Hamilton: Founders Chic and ...

Author: Renee C. Romano

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813590318

Category: History

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America has gone Hamilton crazy. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning musical has spawned sold-out performances, a triple platinum cast album, and a score so catchy that it is being used to teach U.S. history in classrooms across the country. But just how historically accurate is Hamilton? And how is the show itself making history? Historians on Hamilton brings together a collection of top scholars to explain the Hamilton phenomenon and explore what it might mean for our understanding of America’s history. The contributors examine what the musical got right, what it got wrong, and why it matters. Does Hamilton’s hip-hop take on the Founding Fathers misrepresent our nation’s past, or does it offer a bold positive vision for our nation’s future? Can a musical so unabashedly contemporary and deliberately anachronistic still communicate historical truths about American culture and politics? And is Hamilton as revolutionary as its creators and many commentators claim? Perfect for students, teachers, theatre fans, hip-hop heads, and history buffs alike, these short and lively essays examine why Hamilton became an Obama-era sensation and consider its continued relevance in the age of Trump. Whether you are a fan or a skeptic, you will come away from this collection with a new appreciation for the meaning and importance of the Hamilton phenomenon.
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The Hamilton Phenomenon

The Hamilton Phenomenon

Recent scholarship from historians has certainly explored Hamilton's place in the larger cultural milieu surrounding a renewed public interest in the American Revolution. Andrew M. Schocket, for example, has argued that the musical fits ...

Author: Chloe Northrop

Publisher: Vernon Press

ISBN: 9781648894220

Category: History

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'The Hamilton Phenomenon' brings together a diverse group of scholars including university professors and librarians, educators at community colleges, Ph.D. candidates and independent scholars, in an exploration of the celebrated Broadway hit. When Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical sensation erupted onto Broadway in 2015, scholars were underprepared for the impact the theatrical experience would have. Miranda’s use of rap, hip-hop, jazz, and Broadway show tunes provides the basis for this whirlwind showcase of America’s past through a reinterpretation of eighteenth-century history. Bound together by their shared interest in 'Hamilton: an American Musical', the authors in this volume diverge from a common touchstone to uncover the unique moment presented by this phenomenon. The two parts of this book feature different emerging themes, ranging from the meaning of the musical on stage, to how the musical is impacting pedagogy and teaching in the 21st century. The first part places Hamilton in the history of theatrical performances of the American Revolution, compares it with other musicals, and fleshes out the significance of postcolonial studies within theatrical performances. Esteemed scholars and educators provide the basis for the second part with insights on the efficacy, benefits, and pitfalls of teaching using Hamilton. Although other scholarly works have debated the historical accuracy of Hamilton, 'The Hamilton Phenomenon' benefits from more distance from the release of the musical, as well as the dissemination of the hit through traveling productions and the summer 2020 release on Disney+. Through critically engaging with Hamilton these authors unfold new insights on early American history, pedagogy, costume, race in theatrical performances, and the role of theatre in crafting interest in history.
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Dueling Grounds

Dueling Grounds

Early in Hamilton, Aaron Burr advises Alexander Hamilton to “talk less” and “smile more.”52 Lin- Manuel Miranda might have better served public audiences had he embraced the historian's obligation to agree less, and read more.

Author: Mary Jo Lodge

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190938840

Category: Music

Page: 257

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Hamilton opened on Broadway in 2015 and quickly became one of the hottest tickets the industry has ever seen. Lin-Manuel Miranda - who wrote the book, lyrics, and music, and created the title role - adapted the show from Ron Chernow's biography Alexander Hamilton. Although it seems an unlikely source for a Broadway musical, Miranda found a liminal space where the life that Hamilton led and the issues that he confronted came alive more than two centuries later while also commenting on contemporary life in the United States and how we view our nation's history. With a score largely based on rap and drawing on other aspects of hip-hop culture, and staged with actors of color playing the white Founding Fathers, Hamilton has much to say about race in the United States today and in our past, but at the same time it leaves important things insufficiently explained, such as the role of women and people of color in Hamilton's time. Dueling Grounds: Revolution and Revelation in the Musical Hamilton is a volume that combines the work of theater scholars and practitioners, musicologists, and scholars in such fields as ethnomusicology, history, gender studies, and economics in a multi-faceted approach to the show's varied uses of liminality, looking at its creation, casting philosophy, dance and movement, costuming, staging, direction, lyrics, music, marketing, and how aspects of race, gender, and class fit into the show and its production. Demonstrating that there is much to celebrate, as well as challenging issues to confront concerning Hamilton, Dueling Grounds is an uncompromising look at one of the most important musicals of the century.
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American Musicals in Context From the American Revolution to the 21st Century

American Musicals in Context  From the American Revolution to the 21st Century

“Theater Review: Is Hamilton Even Better Than It Was?” Vulture, August 6, 2015. https://www.vulture.com/2015/08/theater-review-hamilton.html. ... In Historians on Hamilton, edited by Renee C. Romano and Claire Bond Potter, 71–93.

Author: Thomas A. Greenfield

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440865411

Category: Social Science

Page: 319

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American Musicals in Context: From the American Revolution to the 21st Century gives students a fresh look at history-based musicals, helping readers to understand the American story through one of the country's most celebrated art forms: the musical. With the hit musical Hamilton (2015) captivating audiences and reshaping the way early U.S. history is taught and written about, this book offers insight into an array of musicals that explore U.S. history. The work provides a synopsis, critical and audience reception, and historical context and analysis for each of 20 musicals selected for the unique and illuminating way they present the American story on the stage. Specifically, this volume explores musicals that have centered their themes, characters, and plots on some aspect of the American complex and ever-changing history. Each in its own way helps us rediscover and discover anew pivotal national crises, key political decisions, defining moral choices, unspeakable and unresolved injustices, important and untold stories, defeats suffered, victories won in the face of monumental adversity, and the sacrifices borne publicly and privately in the process of creating the American narrative, one story at a time. High school and college readers will come away from the volume armed with the critical thinking skills necessary to discern fact from fiction in U.S. history. Capitalizes on historic interest in the musical Hamilton Represents major periods in American history through musicals Unlike other books on the history of musical theatre, explores American history through musical form
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Theatre Symposium Vol 28

Theatre Symposium  Vol  28

15. Joseph M. Adelman, “Who Tells Your Story: Hamilton as a People's History,” in Romano and Potter, Historians on “Hamilton,” 279. 16. Branden Janese, “'Hamilton' Roles Are This Rapper's Delight,” Wall Street Journal, July 7, 2015, ...

Author: Andrew Gibb

Publisher: University Alabama Press

ISBN: 9780817370152

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 126

View: 474

Peer-reviewed journal of theater history and scholarship published annually by the Southeastern Theatre Conference (SETC)
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Embodied Economies

Embodied Economies

Slavery in New York in the Age of Hamilton.” In Romano and Potter, Historians on Hamilton, 71–93. Harvey, Keith. “Camp Talk and Citationality: A Queer Take on 'Authentic' and 'Represented' Utterance.” Journal of Pragmatics 34 (2002): ...

Author: Israel Reyes

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9781978827851

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 253

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Embodied Economies compares works of Latinx Caribbean fiction and theater that explore the pitfalls and successes of economic upward mobility in diasporic communities. Each chapter compares two works in a counterpoint analysis that reveals the contradictions of using Latinx Caribbean culture to get ahead in the competitive fields of education, business, entertainment, and finance.
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Researching Secular Music and Dance in the Early United States

Researching Secular Music and Dance in the Early United States

1 For an overview of some of these issues, see Mark Kennedy, “Historians Irked by Hamilton Escalate their Duel,” Associated Press, February 9, 2019, https://apnews.com/db3c9d7573334b55a651d7ceba4dc66b 2 In addition to Dearest Enemy and ...

Author: Laura Lohman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000388954

Category: Music

Page: 228

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This book provides a practical introduction to researching and performing early Anglo-American secular music and dance with attention to their place in society. Supporting growing interest among scholars and performers spanning numerous disciplines, this book contributes quality new scholarship to spur further research on this overshadowed period of American music and dance. Organized in three parts, the chapters offer methodological and interpretative guidance and model varied approaches to contemporary scholarship. The first part introduces important bibliographic tools and models their use in focused examinations of individual objects of material musical culture. The second part illustrates methods of situating dance and its music in early American society as relevant to scholars working in multiple disciplines. The third part examines contemporary performance of early American music and dance from three distinct perspectives ranging from ethnomusicological fieldwork and phenomenology to the theatrical stage. Dedicated to scholar Kate Van Winkle Keller, this volume builds on her legacy of foundational contributions to the study of early American secular music, dance, and society. It provides an essential resource for all those researching and performing music and dance from the revolutionary era through the early nineteenth century.
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The Great White Way

The Great White Way

In Historians on “Hamilton”: How a Blockbuster Musical Is Restaging America's Past, edited by Renee C. Romano and Claire Bond Potter, 71–93. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2018. Harrison-Kahan, Lori.

Author: Warren Hoffman

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9781978807396

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 186

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Broadway musicals are one of America’s most beloved art forms and play to millions of people each year. But what do these shows, which are often thought to be just frothy entertainment, really have to say about our country and who we are as a nation? Now in a new second edition, The Great White Way is the first book to reveal the racial politics, content, and subtexts that have haunted musicals for almost one hundred years from Show Boat (1927) to Hamilton (2015). This revised edition includes a new introduction and conclusion, updated chapters, as well as a brand-new chapter that looks at the blockbuster musicals The Book of Mormon and Hamilton. Musicals mirror their time periods and reflect the political and social issues of their day. Warren Hoffman investigates the thematic content of the Broadway musical and considers how musicals work on a structural level, allowing them to simultaneously present and hide their racial agendas in plain view of their audiences. While the musical is informed by the cultural contributions of African Americans and Jewish immigrants, Hoffman argues that ultimately the history of the American musical is the history of white identity in the United States. Presented chronologically, The Great White Way shows how perceptions of race altered over time and how musicals dealt with those changes. Hoffman focuses first on shows leading up to and comprising the Golden Age of Broadway (1927–1960s), then turns his attention to the revivals and nostalgic vehicles that defined the final quarter of the twentieth century. He offers entirely new and surprising takes on shows from the American musical canon—Show Boat (1927), Oklahoma! (1943), Annie Get Your Gun (1946), The Music Man (1957), West Side Story (1957), A Chorus Line (1975), and 42nd Street (1980), among others. In addition to a new chapter on Hamilton and The Book of Mormon, this revised edition brings The Great White Way fully into the twenty-first century with an examination of jukebox musicals and the role of off-Broadway and regional theaters in the development of the American musical. New archival research on the creators who produced and wrote these shows, including Leonard Bernstein, Jerome Robbins, Stephen Sondheim, and Edward Kleban, will have theater fans and scholars rethinking forever how they view this popular American entertainment.
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Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing

Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing

... Theodore S. , Reflections on History and Historians , 855 , 914 , 1238 Hamerow , Theodore S. , Social Foundations of German Unification , 1858-71 , 370 Hamilton , C. lain , Anglo - French Naval Rivalry , 1840-1870 , 864 Hamilton ...

Author: Kelly Boyd

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1884964338

Category: Reference

Page: 864

View: 212

The Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing covers all the major historical writers from classical times to the present day. As well as essays on influential historians, it also incorporates topics such as political and military history.
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