Historic Hotels of Texas

Historic Hotels of Texas

Reopened in 1941 as the Luther Hotel, it began serving visitors to National Guard units at adjacent Camp Hulen, which trained thousands of troops in antiaircraft maneuvers during World War II. A photograph of a smiling Rita Hayworth ...

Author: Liz Carmack

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781585446087

Category: History

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From rural towns to mid-size cities to urban metropolises and in every region of the state, more than sixty historic hotels welcome overnight lodgers in Texas. After traveling at least 20,000 miles to visit these unique accommodations first-hand, author Liz Carmack has written the essential guide for anyone looking for out-of-the-ordinary lodging or travel destinations. Historic Hotels of Texas includes detailed profiles of sixty-four hotels that are at least fifty years old, have been in operation as places of lodging for the majority of their existence, and are still open today. Ranging from stagecoach inns and railroad hotels to resort and community-built lodging, some facilities have retained the flavor of their origins; others have become sleek commercial establishments or have been transformed into trendy, boutique locations. Anticipating the diverse interests of travelers, Carmack offers advice in her introduction to help readers choose hotels according to taste and occasion. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, booking a fishing trip, planning a ghost hunting excursion, or going on a cycling tour, Historic Hotels of Texas offers the perfect lodging option to complement your interests. In her description for each hotel, Carmack includes fascinating historical nuggets and focuses on special characteristics that create the unique ambience so often found in these living tributes to the past. An “Essentials” sidebar includes contacts for reservations, room rates, payment methods, parking, and pet accommodations as well as details about amenities and facilities. The author notes the hotel’s historic registration status and also offers a tip or two from her experiences. Together, the information summaries and insider tips give readers the details they need to choose the hotels that best suit their tastes and to make the most of their visits. Historic Hotels of Texas is indispensable for travelers interested in both a good night’s sleep and the culture and history of the great state of Texas.
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Historic Hotels of Columbus Ohio

Historic Hotels of Columbus  Ohio

hoTel. Clarence Darrow—the famous lawyer who played a major role in the Leopold-Loeb murder trial and the Scopes “Monkey” ... The Darrow secret is illustrative of the Neil House's legendary role in the world of lawyers, politicians and ...

Author: Tom Betti & Doreen Sauer, For Columbus Landmarks Foundation

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781626198968

Category: History

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Though only a handful remain today, the Capital City once boasted a wealth of illustrious hotels and raucous two-bit establishments. Grande dame hotels like the Neil House, the Great Southern, the Hartman, the Chittenden and the Deshler achieved the height of elegance and refinement. More modest establishments were frequented by fugitive Confederate generals, notorious bootleggers and Fidel Castro's family. Join the Gilded Age bachelors who decked out banquet halls to look like camping sites and the Hungarian revolutionaries who failed to keep a low profile. From devastating hotel fires to ornate outhouse fittings, authors Tom Betti and Doreen Uhas Sauer introduce you to a whole new side of Columbus history.
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Looking Beyond the Highway

Looking Beyond the Highway

Robert B. Ludy , Historic Hotels of the World , Past and Present ( Philadelphia : David McKay , 1927 ) , 304 . 41. Matlack Price , “ Mediterranean ' Architecture in Florida , ” Architectural Forum 44 ...

Author: Claudette Stager

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press

ISBN: 1572334673

Category: History

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Looking beyond the Highway is an examination of road history and roadside attractions specific to the South. Focused in part on numerous aspects of thematerial culture landscape of the Dixie Highway, the essays consider the politics of roadbuilding, roadside entertainment, the buildings and businesses one might encounter along the road, and regional adaptations to the needs and desires of northern tourists. Following the Dixie Highway from southern Illinois to Florida with sidetrips down other southern roads, the essays cover a wide variety of subjects, many of which will resonate with anyone who has ever lived in or vacationed in the South: Harrison Mayes's “Get Right With God” signs; the park-and-pray craze of outdoor drive-in church services; the rise and demise of brick highways; the fierce political battle over the route of the Dixie Highway; beach music and the evolution of motel architecture in Myrtle Beach; Florida's early tourist towers; and the commercial development of Tennessee caves as tourist attractions. Covering a landscape that includes Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Indiana, Virginia, Arkansas, Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, and Illinois, the anthology shows that there was and still is a distinctive southern culture and how roads have influenced that culture. As lively as they are diverse, thearticles provide a solid background for understanding roadside ephemera that have disappeared or are quickly disappearing. Ranging from the serious to the light-hearted and including descriptions of American road and roadside icons to kitsch, the book will appeal to anyone with an interest in road history and roadside architecture.
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Rehabilitating Historic Hotels

Rehabilitating Historic Hotels

Finally , hotels of earlier days are being converted to new uses in response to changed circumstances in the world around them . A registered historic district is a National Register district or a state or local district that has been ...

Author: Floy A. Brown


ISBN: PURD:32754076926264

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The Historic Country Hotels of France

The Historic Country Hotels of France

Wendy Arnold , world traveler and author of the popular Historic Hotels series , has crisscrossed the glorious countryside of France selecting thirty outstanding , distinctive hotels for this guide . Each is unique , and each meets her ...

Author: Wendy Arnold

Publisher: Chronicle Books Llc

ISBN: 0877015457

Category: Travel

Page: 96

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Shows and describes thirty hotels from each region of France, and provides telephone numbers, addresses, and information on facilities, restrictions, and rates
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The Routledge Companion to International Hospitality Management

The Routledge Companion to International Hospitality Management

Table 4.3 Key Hotel Consortia companies (listed alphabetically) Consortia company Headquarters location Amplified Hotels Associated Luxury Hotels International Design Hotels Epoque Hotels Global Hotel Alliance Historic Hotels of America ...

Author: Marco A. Gardini

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429762178

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 432

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The hospitality sector is facing increasing competition and complexity over recent decades in its development towards a global industry. The strategic response to this is still that hospitality companies try to grow outside their traditional territories and domestic markets, while the expansion patterns and M&A activities of international hotel and restaurant chains reflect this phenomenon. Yet, interestingly, the strategies, concepts, and methods of internationalization as well as the managerial and organizational challenges and impacts of globalizing the hospitality business are under-researched in this industry. While the mainstream research on international management offers an abundance of information and knowledge on topics, players, trends, concepts, frameworks, or methodologies, its ability to produce viable insights for the hospitality industry is limited, as the mainstream research is taking place outside of the service sector. Specific research directions and related cases like the international dimensions of strategy, organization, marketing, sales, staffing, control, culture, and others to the hospitality industry are rarely identifiable so far. The core rationale of this book is therefore to present newest insights from research and industry in the field of international hospitality, drawing together recent scientific knowledge and state-of-the-art expertise to suggest directions for future work. It is designed to raise awareness on the international factors influencing the strategy and performance of hospitality organizations, while analyzing and discussing the present and future challenges for hospitality firms going or being international. This book will provide a comprehensive overview and deeper understanding of trends and issues to researchers, practitioners, and students by showing how to master current and future challenges when entering and competing in the global hospitality industry.
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Historic Hotels of the World

Historic Hotels of the World

This is a new release of the original 1927 edition.

Author: Robert B. Ludy


ISBN: 1258872269


Page: 410

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This is a new release of the original 1927 edition.