Hollyweird Science The Next Generation

Hollyweird Science  The Next Generation

Informative, entertaining and upbeat, this book continues Grazier and Cass's exploration of how technology, science, and scientists are portrayed in Hollywood productions.

Author: Kevin R. Grazier

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319542157

Category: Science

Page: 420

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Informative, entertaining and upbeat, this book continues Grazier and Cass's exploration of how technology, science, and scientists are portrayed in Hollywood productions. Both big and small-screen productions are featured and their science content illuminated—first by the authors and subsequently by a range of experts from science and the film world. Starring roles in this volume are played by, among other things, computers (human and mechanical), artificial intelligences, robots, and spacecraft. Interviews with writers, producers, and directors of acclaimed science-themed films stand side by side with the perspectives of scientists, science fiction authors, and science advisors. The result is a stimulating and informative reading experience for the layperson and professional scientist or engineer alike. The book begins with a foreword by Zack Stentz, who co-wrote X-Men: First Class and Thor, and is currently a writer/producer on CW’s The Flash.
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The Whedonverse Catalog

The Whedonverse Catalog

Hollyweird Science: The Next Generation: From Spaceships to Microchips.
Springer, 201 , pp. 221– 0. ... Sexual Rhetoric in the Works of Joss Whedon:
New Essays, edited by Erin B. Waggoner, McFarland, 2010, pp. 239–4 . Greene,

Author: Don Macnaughtan

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476670591

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 270

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"The author describes all of Whedon's work, covering both the original texts of the Whedonverse, along with secondary materials focusing on Whedon's projects, including 2000 books, essays, articles, documentaries and dissertations"--
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Disorders of Magnitude

Disorders of Magnitude

upon a perfect neologism for his much-adored science fiction, coining the term
sci-fi (to the horror and eternal derision of Harlan ... as in giving people
cognomina and substituting place names; he generally referred to Tinseltown as
Hollyweird, Karloffornia,” for example. ... A new generation of horror/fantasy fans
(the same audience that had been catalyzed by the loss of EC Comics and the
rereleases of ...

Author: Jason V. Brock

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442235250

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 336

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This book illuminates the impact, lasting influence, and personalities involved with the creation and development of dark fantasy works of the 20th and 21st century—classics of literature, cinema, and television. This collection of new and reprinted material will focus on recognized trailblazers—Rod Serling, Ray Bradbury, Hugh Hefner, etc.—as well as those whose contributions have been sadly neglected. Featuring profiles, interviews, and essays, this collection will provide insight into not only what is important, but why, and how these works have made such an impact on popular culture.
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Fantasy Review

Fantasy Review

The film is called Stranded , due this August from New Line Cinema , and it would
ap - pear , after Cocoon , to be the second film ... Clone , Laugh , " " Flesh
Goredome , " and , of course , the amazing Acker mansion , located in Hollyweird
, Karloffornia . ... the magazine of horror and science fiction movies that inspired a
generation of film directors ( like George Lucas ) and writers ( like Stephen King )



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