How to Build a Hookers Army

How to Build a Hookers Army

The most comprehensive personal essay collection by sex workers available, demanding change in a world where bodies, sex, and difference are increasingly policed and politicized.

Author: Natalie West

Publisher: Feminist Press

ISBN: 1558612858

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

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The most comprehensive personal essay collection by sex workers available, demanding change in a world where bodies, sex, and difference are increasingly policed and politicized.
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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

He also encouraged a bevy of women of relaxed morals to follow his troops—perhaps an effort to build morale. These women became known as “Hookers”—a dubious ...

Author: George S. McGovern

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429950889

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 208

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America's greatest president, who rose to power in the country's greatest hour of need and whose vision saw the United States through the Civil War Abraham Lincoln towers above the others who have held the office of president—the icon of greatness, the pillar of strength whose words bound up the nation's wounds. His presidency is the hinge on which American history pivots, the time when the young republic collapsed of its own contradictions and a new birth of freedom, sanctified by blood, created the United States we know today. His story has been told many times, but never by a man who himself sought the office of president and contemplated the awesome responsibilities that come with it. George S. McGovern—a Midwesterner, former U.S. senator, presidential candidate, veteran, and historian by training—offers his unique insight into our sixteenth president. He shows how Lincoln sometimes went astray, particularly in his restrictions on civil liberties, but also how he adjusted his sights and transformed the Civil War from a political dispute to a moral crusade. McGovern's account reminds us why we hold Lincoln in such esteem and why he remains the standard by which all of his successors are measured.
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The History of Ancient Windsor

The History of Ancient Windsor

James and Horace Hooker , sons of Nathaniel Hooker , of Hartford , received
their early mercantile training in their father's business house ; and at an early ...
When the war commenced their stores were made a depot for collection of
supplies for the army . ... almost ruined , their funds gone , and the fact forcibly
presented to them that they must commence life over again , and build up their
trade anew .

Author: Henry Reed Stiles


ISBN: IOWA:31858023090412

Category: Bloomfield (Conn.)


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Including East Windsor, South Windsor, Bloomfield, Windsor Locks, and Ellington. By Henry R. Stiles. 1,012 pp. 100+ maps, photos, sketches, signatures of early settlers, indexes. Three centuries of history are brought to vibrant life in this volume, the work of one of the best known and most respected Connecticut historians. The histories of all the usual institutions (schools, churches, local government, military units, etc.) are given in depth, together with lists and biographies of the early physicians, ministers, merchants, lawyers and town officials. Verbatim transcripts of some of the earliest church and tombstone records are included as well, making this volume much, much more than simply the historical volume of Stiles' monumental two-volume wor.
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AIA Guide to the Architecture of Washington D C

AIA Guide to the Architecture of Washington  D C

According to one story, General Joseph Hooker tried to get the ... started taunting him by calling themselves “Hooker's Army,” later shortened to “hookers.

Author: G. Martin Moeller Jr.

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421402703

Category: Architecture

Page: 312

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An updated, lively and informative guide offers tourists, residents and architecture aficionados alike insights into more than 400 of Washington, D.C.'s, most important landmarks, noting each's location, architects, designers and date of completion. Simultaneous. Hardcover available.
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Report of the Chief of Engineers U S Army

Report of the Chief of Engineers  U S  Army

The plans for the city's terminals are not yet fully worked out , but the cost of ... feet long from the main channel to their terminals on Hookers Point .

Author: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers


ISBN: NYPL:33433111686345

Category: Harbors


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Categories: Harbors

Prostitution in Victorian Colchester

Prostitution in Victorian Colchester

The decision to build a new army camp in the small market town of Colchester in 1856 was well received and helped to stimulate the local economy after a prolonged period of economic stagnation.

Author: Jane Pearson

Publisher: Univ of Hertfordshire Press

ISBN: 9781912260041

Category: History

Page: 256

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The decision to build a new army camp in the small market town of Colchester in 1856 was well received and helped to stimulate the local economy after a prolonged period of economic stagnation. Before long the Colchester garrison was one of the largest in the country and the town experienced an economic upturn as well as benefiting from the many social events organized by officers. But there was a downside: some of the soldiers' behavior was highly disruptive and, since very few private soldiers were allowed to marry, prostitution flourished. Having compiled a database of nearly 350 of Colchester's nineteenth-century prostitutes, the authors examine how they lived and operated and who their customers were.
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Chambers Biographical Dictionary

Chambers Biographical Dictionary

Author: Camilla Rockwood

Publisher: Chambers Harrap Pub Limited

ISBN: UCSC:32106018835360

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 1707

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Since its first publication in 1897, Chambers Biographical Dictionary has been the most comprehensive, reliable and readable single-volume dictionary available. This eighth edition has been extensively updated and includes more than 18,000 entries, of which over 600 are new. Wide-ranging and international in scope, it gives unrivalled coverage of all areas of human achievement, including sport, the arts, music, film, politics and literature.
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What I ve Learned

What I ve Learned

For example, let's say you get contracted to build a hundred cabins on a ... and there isn't a damn thing anyone in the Armed Forces can do about it.

Author: Christopher T. Heist

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 9781478742487

Category: Humor

Page: 790

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What I’ve Learned - An Encyclopedia of Perpetual Bullshit covers topics that affect us every single day, as seen through the eyes of Chris Heist. Just like you, he’s a nobody that wants to be a somebody. So he set out to write this book; losing two jobs, an apartment, and a marriage along the way. In this book you’ll learn how to properly reject etiquette, how to legally stare into your neighbor’s windows, how to properly support suicide, how to make sense out of idiotic laws, how to insult people’s mothers, how to piss off religious people, how to write a screenplay, how to use taboo words without getting your ass kicked, how to play drinking games, how to handle holidays, how to use the bible to avoid paying child support, how to spot a scumbag boss, how to disgust hotel staff, how to behave online, how to deal with addiction, how to properly be patriotic, how to skip high school, how to say impolite things in German, how to choose heroes, and how to enjoy what you have with the time you have to enjoy it. In his small circle of friends, he is both a legend and an asshole. But now, Christopher T. Heist can invade the lives of complete strangers as he shares his twisted perspective of everything he’s been exposed to. And yes, nothing is sacred. As a self-proclaimed actor, activist, poet, porn star, comedian, screenwriter, atheist, author, body-builder, recovered addict, part-time alcoholic, part-time racist, leader, winner, loser, counselor, ex-soldier, runner, bicyclist, laborer, prisoner, freethinker, singer, rapper, boxer, criminal, pimp, victim, street fighter, dirty fighter, dealer, director, graduate, guardian, sucker puncher, lover, photographer, model, artist, father, inventor, slave to the system, and all around survivalist; you may find yourself nodding in agreement to some of the crazy shit he hammers out in this book.
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May God in his Mercy Spare our Lives

May God in his Mercy Spare our Lives

The army is divided into three grand divisions but General Hooker is in command ... will be to help build pontoon bridges, if there should be any to build.

Author: Sylvia Hasenkopf


ISBN: 9781304516190

Category: United States

Page: 221

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Whispers and Moans

Whispers and Moans

Due to the strict official ban on prostitution, it is necessary to operate ... these girls might join the army of migrant prostitutes, going to Hong Kong, ...

Author: Yeeshan Yang

Publisher: Blacksmith Books

ISBN: 9789628673285

Category: Social Science

Page: 276

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Hong Kong has a bewildering range of sex businesses offering services to suit all imaginable tastes: from the glitzy nightclubs of Tsim Sha Tsui East, through the saunas, karaoke lounges and one-woman brothels of Mong Kok, to the streets and short-time hotels of Sham Shui Po. Chinese-language sex magazines print reviews of individual prostitutes, and promote an ever-widening array of bizarre sexual practices. Even mainstream newspapers engage pimps as columnists. Business appears to be booming - but there are hungry newcomers to this underground economy. How do local prostitutes deal with the ruthless competition posed by an endless supply of girls from mainland China? To find out, Yeeshan Yang spent a year gaining the trust of the city's sex workers, interviewing 50 hookers, hostesses, toy boys, transsexual prostitutes, mama-sans and brothel owners. The result is an eye-opening book which shows the human side of sex for sale. Whispers and Moans contains tales of easy money, financial ruin and hopeless relationships - and rare first-hand insights into Hong Kong's huge but hidden sex industry.
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Report of the Chief of Engineers U S Army

Report of the Chief of Engineers U S  Army

The plans for the city's terminals are not yet fully worked out, but the cost of the
work contemplated, including the purchase of land, ... channel 100 feet wide and
2,600 feet long from the main channel to their terminals on Hookers Point.

Author: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers


ISBN: UOM:39015067111313

Category: Engineering


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Includes the Report of the Mississippi River Commission, 1881-19 .
Categories: Engineering

The Papers of Ulysses S Grant

The Papers of Ulysses S  Grant

“ The President and General - in - Chief have just returned from the Army of the Potomac . The principal operation of General Hooker failed but there has ...

Author: Ulysses Simpson Grant

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809308843

Category: History

Page: 700

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Following the 1862–63 winter of dis­content, Grant suddenly launched a brilliant campaign against Vicksburg which ultimately bisected the Confeder­acy. A long campaign, which had begun in November 1862, with an advance from Tennessee down the Mississippi Central Railroad and a premature assault on Vicksburg in December by troops under Sherman, and which had been fol­lowed by long months of false starts and apparent inactivity in the bayou country north of the city and across the Mis­sissippi River in Louisiana, suddenly reached a quick and dramatic conclu­sion, as the events in this volume show.
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Congressional Record

Congressional Record

It was easier , he in making harangues and emotional meats group as a source of ... ers , two hookers , two lookers , and one fame and now a conservative ...

Author: United States. Congress


ISBN: UCLA:31158004922083

Category: Law


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Mars Colony and

Mars Colony and

Normally she would have them making demands from her. ... paid them double what the normal army would be getting and then there were the hookers.

Author: Joseph Loturco

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595243556

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

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Continue the adventer of Try Again books, in colonizing Mars and travel to the edge of this galaxy. Meet space aliens, old and new enemies. Learn how to fight for the life of the human race.
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The Authorized Ender Companion

The Authorized Ender Companion

It was often used by army commanders. Hookers (ES) In the poverty-stricken streets of Rotterdam, Netherlands, twelve-yearold children had often resorted to ...

Author: Orson Scott Card

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 1429963484

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

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The Authorized Ender Companion is a complete and in-depth encyclopedia of all the persons, places, things and events in Orson Scott Card's Ender Universe. Written by Jake Black under the editorial supervision of Card himself, The Authorized Ender Companion will be an invaluable resource for readers of the series. If you ever wondered where Ender went after he left Earth, before he arrived at Lusitania, you'll find the answer here. If you ever wondered how the battle room worked, you'll find the answer here. If you forgot the names of the people were who discovered the descolada, the answer is here. The history of Gloriously Bright's world? Here. The Authorized Ender Companion contains all that and more. There are character biographies, time-lines, colony histories, and family trees. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
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Building Fortress Europe

Building Fortress Europe

It turned out that “the Ukrainian Insurgent Army was not coming back after ... Kurwy [hookers] started coming because they saw there was money to be made ...

Author: Karolina S. Follis

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812206609

Category: Political Science

Page: 296

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What happens when a region accustomed to violent shifts in borders is subjected to a new, peaceful partitioning? Has the European Union spent the last decade creating a new Iron Curtain at its fringes? Building Fortress Europe: The Polish-Ukrainian Frontier examines these questions from the perspective of the EU's new eastern external boundary. Since the Schengen Agreement in 1985, European states have worked together to create a territory free of internal borders and with heavily policed external boundaries. In 2004 those boundaries shifted east as the EU expanded to include eight postsocialist countries—including Poland but excluding neighboring Ukraine. Through an analysis of their shared frontier, Building Fortress Europe provides an ethnographic examination of the human, social, and political consequences of developing a specialized, targeted, and legally advanced border regime in the enlarged EU. Based on fieldwork conducted with border guards, officials, and migrants shuttling between Poland and Ukraine as well as extensive archival research, Building Fortress Europe shows how people in the two countries are adjusting to living on opposite sides of a new divide. Anthropologist Karolina S. Follis argues that the policing of economic migrants and asylum seekers is caught between the contradictory imperatives of the European Union's border security, economic needs of member states, and their declared commitment to human rights. The ethnography explores the lives of migrants, and their patterns of mobility, as framed by these contradictions. It suggests that only a political effort to address these tensions will lead to the creation of fairer and more humane border policies.
Categories: Political Science

A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland

A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland

The work- which in 1689 was the flower of King James's army . house of the ... it is a unique building , hookers , of seven tons each , and upwards of 500 ...

Author: Samuel Lewis


ISBN: PSU:000002678979

Category: Ireland


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Joseph Carlile of York Maine York and Lincoln County Descendants and the Antiquity of the Carlyle Name

Joseph Carlile of York  Maine  York and Lincoln County Descendants  and the Antiquity of the Carlyle Name

Up to this time , bo 5110ledi , Hooker in nowise redeci ed ou Sedg . vick's
tardiuess , though aware , through War . ien ... their de le ces an army of over
60,000 , while its com . mander cries for aid to a llentenant who is miles away and
beset by a larger force than ho biinsell commands ! ... Se wron sliortly came upo'i
tte held and endeavored to capture the position ther build talked Hp . but , though
500 men ...

Author: Donald Bradford Macurda


ISBN: WISC:89062878723

Category: Maine

Page: 621

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Joseph Carlile (d.1717/1718), by tradition an immigrant from Scotland, lived in York, Maine during or before 1688, and married (1) Elizabeth Bane (Bean ?) and (2) widow Rachel (Main) Preble. Descendants and relatives listed lived chiefly in Maine, and those indexed lived chiefly in Lincoln and York Counties, Maine. Some descendants and relatives lived in California and elsewhere. Includes history and genealogical data about the Carlyle family and name in Scotland.
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Victory City

Victory City

... morale-building entertainment when on leave. The YMCA, YWCA, Salvation Army, and other groups got together and formed the United Service Organizations, ...

Author: John Strausbaugh

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781455567461

Category: History

Page: 384

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From John Strausbaugh, author of City of Sedition and The Village, comes the definitive history of Gotham during the World War II era. New York City during World War II wasn't just a place of servicemen, politicians, heroes, G.I. Joes and Rosie the Riveters, but also of quislings and saboteurs; of Nazi, Fascist, and Communist sympathizers; of war protesters and conscientious objectors; of gangsters and hookers and profiteers; of latchkey kids and bobby-soxers, poets and painters, atomic scientists and atomic spies. While the war launched and leveled nations, spurred economic growth, and saw the rise and fall of global Fascism, New York City would eventually emerge as the new capital of the world. From the Gilded Age to VJ-Day, an array of fascinating New Yorkers rose to fame, from Mayor Fiorello La Guardia to Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, Langston Hughes to Joe Louis, to Robert Moses and Joe DiMaggio. In Victory City, John Strausbaugh returns to tell the story of New York City's war years with the same richness, depth, and nuance he brought to his previous books, City of Sedition and The Village, providing readers with a groundbreaking new look into the greatest city on earth during the most transformative -- and costliest -- war in human history.
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The Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association

The Proceedings of the South Carolina Historical Association

We need to be out in the field more in one way or another , for this will continue to
build our audience . ... General “ Fighting Joe ” Hooker and his attempts to restore
the morale of the Union army following their disastrous loss at Fredericksburg ...

Author: South Carolina Historical Association


ISBN: UVA:X004627963

Category: South Carolina


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