Thinking My Way Through Life

Thinking My Way Through Life

I find it hard to reach my sister. Later in life she got mental issues. To the extent that she cannot live independently. I think she is not happy, though she never tells me so. She talks about the superficial stuff.

Author: Cecile Nextdoor

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468946628

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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This book is about thoughts popping up after reading the news, when reflecting about life, when longing for the right partner. It is meant to inspire you, estimated reader, to agree or disagree, to think and rethink about matters in life. For the sake of ever improving it. Your best part is always ahead!
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One Day I was Thinking About

One Day I was Thinking About

AUGUST 8, 1994 MY GREATEST TREASURES I do not love him anymore He's gone out of my life. Our paths don't cross I live alone And he has a new wife. I will not gossip of him To our old friends or my new, I'm busy cutting a new trail, ...

Author: Alice Hartley

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781504979191

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 270

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These poems were inspired by events and family members who came to visit but never stayed. Brief encounters have brief poems. Love and hate are included in the longest writings and so many of you will find yourself in this book. Only one is not included because she preferred not to be included by her absence. Some will leave you guessing and others you will know the ending by your understanding of the type of person within the author. So when your time comes for inspiration and poetry, say to yourself, "One Day I was Thinking About"
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Thinking about Things and Other Frivolities

Thinking about Things and Other Frivolities

But for what it's worth, I will try to recall a few highlights of my early reading that made my subsequent life something different from what it otherwise would have been. My primary influences were surely not books but people, events, ...

Author: Edward Farley

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781620329924

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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This memoir records the story of the author's personal journey toward a life of university teaching and probes that story in reflective essays on a variety of subjects. One group of essays has to do with the characteristic activities and institutional setting of a professor. Other essays explore ways of experiencing the world as mysterious, beautiful, and tragic. One piece offers a rather somber account of current ways in which the American experiment in democracy is in peril. Scraps of what looks like an intellectual autobiography are scattered over the pages of the narrative, recalling the puzzles that gave rise to a number of writing projects. In a way this is a book of paradoxes and antitheses. Janus-like, it faces toward the past and the future. It offers generalized convictions and specific observations, treats both the ordinary themes of life experience and tangled esoterica, and presents both the experiences of an individual and an analysis of educational institutions. As a whole, the book invites readers to join the author in "thinking about things."
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Thinking about the Lifecourse

Thinking about the Lifecourse

here at certain life stages (approximately half of women cease to work when their babies are little, and 38 per cent of women with dependent children work part-time, as opposed to 4 per cent of men (, ...

Author: Elizabeth Frost

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781137400574

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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How we change over time - who we love, what work we do, how we die - is shaped both by internal, and external influences. This book explores the important subject of human growth and development by combining the social context of how people live with their personal ways of thinking and being. The result is a greater understanding of why people are who they are. Taking a psychosocial approach to exploring human growth and development, this book: - Provides an insightful exploration of the human life course by looking at significant life stages and key themes (such as parenting, ill-health and violence) - Draws on both contemporary and classic research in the fields of psychology and sociology, to deliver an in-depth analysis of issues about self and society - Moves beyond traditional, limiting approaches to understanding people's lives toward an interdisciplinary, psychosocial approach Whether you are studying on a Social Work, Nursing or related Health or Social Care degree, or taking a course in the newly emerging field of Psychosocial Studies, this book is a clear and ground-breaking contribution to the understanding of human growth and development.
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Thinking about Feeling

Thinking about Feeling

Suppose that I did not love my mother or consider her a person of great importance; suppose I consider her about as ... ancient Greek eudaimonistic moral theories will help us to start thinking about the geography of the emotional life.

Author: Robert C. Solomon

Publisher: Affective Science

ISBN: 9780195153170

Category: Philosophy

Page: 308

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The author brings together what he regards as some of the best Anglo-American philosophers now writing on the philosophy of emotion. He has solicited chapters from those philosophers who have already distinguished themselves and have interdisciplinary interests, particularly in the social sciences.
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Thinking about Jesus

Thinking about Jesus

Are you thinking about what this life is all about or are you just doing things? Your life is no mistake, and you control your destiny! God gave us our minds to think. Are you using God's gift of thought? If you are not using God's gift ...

Author: John F. Holman, MBA, JD

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781512725797

Category: Religion

Page: 120

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Too many people want to classify Jesus as someone he wasn’t. Jesus was either the Son of God or a madman. There is, however, more evidence that he was the Son of God than there is evidence that anyone or anything exists on earth today. Jesus made it clear to everyone that accepting him as Savior and Lord was the only way to achieve God’s acceptance. He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light. No one comes to the Father except through me.” In his book Thinking about Jesus: God’s Attempt to Save Mankind, author John F. Holman provides evidence that encourages people to think about Jesus and what he did and said while he was on earth. With that knowledge in hand, individuals are in a position to either accept him as Savior and Lord or realize the consequences. God sent Jesus to show us the Way. Thinking about Jesus: God’s Attempt to Save Mankind shows us that path to God.
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Thinking About Crime

Thinking About Crime

I cannot think of another social scientist whose effect on national life comes even close. THINKING ABOUT CRIME accomplished a lot. And, if I may close on a personal note, the book and its author accomplished one more small thing: they ...

Author: James Q. Wilson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780465048847

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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As crime rates inexorably rose during the tumultuous years of the 1970s, disputes over how to handle the violence sweeping the nation quickly escalated. James Q. Wilson redefined the public debate by offering a brilliant and provocative new argument—that criminal activity is largely rational and shaped by the rewards and penalties it offers—and forever changed the way Americans think about crime. Now with a new foreword by the prominent scholar and best-selling author Charles Murray, this revised edition of Thinking About Crime introduces a new generation of readers to the theories and ideas that have been so influential in shaping the American justice system.
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The Student Guide to Historical Thinking

The Student Guide to Historical Thinking

Whatassumptions do I have about who I am, what I am able to do with my life, what I am obligated to do with my life, and what my life means? Am I open to changing these assumptions? Arethere reasons why it might be advantageous to ...

Author: Linda Elder

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538133941

Category: Education

Page: 94

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Thinking about history as only a collection of dates and names prevents us from seeing the true value of the past. This volume of the Thinker’s Guide Library reveals history as a mode of thinking with real current-day implications. Students learn to engage with the past in a way that promotes critical thinking about the present and future.
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Thinking about the Torah

Thinking about the Torah

... reason to think it is divine and should do everything in our power to disobey it. So far from a hero, in Kant's eyes, Abraham is a religious fanatic willing to put more trust in a voice in the air than in the sanctity of human life.

Author: Kenneth Seeskin

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780827612983

Category: Philosophy

Page: 216

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The Bible is an enduring source of inspiration for the human heart and mind, and readers of Thinking about the Torah will be rewarded with an enhanced understanding of this great work's deeper meanings. Drawing on Western philosophy and particularly Jewish philosophy, Kenneth Seeskin delves into ten core biblical verses and the powerful ideas that emerge from them. He speaks to readers on every page and invites conversation about topics central to human existence: how finite beings can relate to the infinite, what love is, the role of ethics in religion, and the meaning of holiness. Seeskin raises questions we all ask and responds to them with curiosity and compassion, weaving into his own perceptive commentary insights from great Jewish thinkers such as Maimonides, Spinoza, Buber, Rosenzweig, and Levinas, as well as Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Luther, Kant, and Kierkegaard. The Bible is concerned with how we think as well as how we follow the commandments, rituals, and customs. Seeskin inspires us to read the Torah with an open mind and think about the lessons it teaches us.
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I FORGIVE MY MIND FOR THINKING – EXAMPLE I forgive my mind for thinking unproductive thoughts about my life. I forgive my mind for thinking my life is ... I forgive my mind for thinking my life is not ... I forgive my mind for thinking ...

Author: Iyanla Vanzant

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781401943806

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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Too many of us feel trapped in stagnant romantic, family, or workplace relationships. Weighed down by toxic thoughts and emotions, we might be quick to judge and slow to pardon, and self-righteous about our feelings as we dwell on memories of what we or others did (or failed to do). In this new book, Iyanla Vanzant challenges us to liberate ourselves from the wounds of the past and to embrace the new power of forgiveness. With Iyanla’s 21-Day Forgiveness Plan, you’ll explore relationship dynamics with your parents, children, friends, partners, co-workers, bosses, yourself, and even God. With journaling work and Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as "tapping"), you’ll learn to live with more love; gain new clarity on your life, lessons, and blessings; and discover a new level of personal freedom, peace, and well-being. Forgiveness doesn’t mean agreeing with, condoning, or even liking what has happened. Forgiveness means letting go and knowing that—regardless of how challenging, frightening, or difficult an experience may seem—everything is just as it needs to be in order for you to grow and learn. When you focus on how things "should" be, you deny the presence and power of love. Accept the events of the past, while being willing to change your perspective on them. As Iyanla says, "Only forgiveness can liberate minds and hearts once held captive by anger, bitterness, resentment, and fear. Forgiveness is a true path to freedom that can renew faith, build trust, and nourish the soul."
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