Global Perspectives in Cross cultural and Cross national Consumer Research

Global Perspectives in Cross cultural and Cross national Consumer Research

In this study, we thus investigated whether respondents distinguish between values in “realversusideallife and whether these concepts could be made understandable. If the notion of “ideal” and ...

Author: Lalita A. Manrai

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9781560247371

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 242

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Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Consumer Research deals with several important issues crucial for greater understanding of international and cross-cultural consumer behavior. This understanding in turn can provide international marketers with valuable insights, such as conditions under which globalization may or may not work. The coverage in this book is interdisciplinary in nature, and the chapters discuss several constructs (intermediary variables, processes, and also other environmental influences) related to social, personal, and psychological components or consequences of culture. The book begins with a conceptual model of the effect of culture on consumer behavior, with the components and consequences of the cultural influences clearly identified in terms of social, personal, and psychological factors. The following chapters discuss general issues related to globalization and standardization, present conceptual approaches to propositions relating to multicultural contexts, and address consumer complaining behavior and responses to advertising. There are five chapters on empirical and methodological studies conducted in specific pairs of countries, with data obtained from Canada, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Poland, Romania, and the United States. In presenting readers with new information, Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Consumer Research spans these specific topics: the nature of cultural influence on consumer behavior globalization versus customization of international marketing strategy individualism versus collectivism right versus left symbolism product involvement consumer response to information technology interdependent versus independent cultures The contributors are well-known scholars in the international/cross-cultural marketing field; their chapters present state-of-the-art developments in this area. The coverage of the material is interdisciplinary in nature and is likely to benefit a broad audience, especially academic researchers in international or cross-cultural consumer research and librarians of research-oriented schools, universities, or organizations.
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My Life Is Real Vs Ideal

My Life Is  Real Vs  Ideal

Proven Practices to Create a Fulfilling Life Marvin Robert Wohlhueter Th.D. Golden Boy and plot to kill him as stated in Genesis 37:18 – 20 (CEB), “18They saw Joseph in the distance before he got close to them, and they plotted to kill ...

Author: Marvin Robert Wohlhueter Th.D.

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973669050

Category: Religion

Page: 228

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We all grow up with the mental picture of what our life should turn out like. We added brush strokes to this majestic tapestry as we moved through childhood, adolescence, and young adult life. Yet, as we arrive at our full-blown adult life, our expectations of life and our reality of life looks very different. In fact, there is a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon. What happened to the life I envisioned? If you are honest, you live with the tension of the ideal life you want and the real life you have. You are not alone if your expectations and reality do not match. Many wake up each day wondering what is going on with their daily agenda. Life is not working as they thought. Discover how to grow and even thrive in this “tension gap” life you are living. God meets you in the middle of your frustration. He comforts. He guides. He restores. You win! Your life is about to take a drastic turn upward as you learn how to go from your real to your ideal life.
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Real Life Marriage

Real Life Marriage

Chapter 1 of this book , then , addresses the “ ideal - vs.real ' tension as it occurs in marriage . We look at five " styles ” of long - term marriages and how each evolves — and 10 REAL LIFE MARRIAGE.

Author: Dennis Guernsey

Publisher: Hope Publishing House

ISBN: 1932717099

Category: Religion

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The First Year

The First Year

It's the issue of what happens in real life vs. ideal life. Are there other dichotomies or confusions in this environment? I'm learning that there are a number of “voices” in the clinical picture that are all advocating for their own ...

Author: Kay Zincus, Ph. D.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456892203

Category: Medical

Page: 102

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THE FIRST YEAR: Conversations with a New ICU Nurse follows a newly hired nurse through his first year of practice in a metropolitan hospital. Through nine in-depth interviews, author Kay Zincus has the new nurse describe what he does to care for acutely ill patients, work with families, cultivate effective relationships with physicians and nurses, and grapple with the inevitable ethical issues that are part of the life and death situations in intensive care situations. Frank and reflective, this book offers new and future healthcare workers —and their friends and families — a rare window of insight into the challenging transition from nursing school to real-life nursing practice. It reminds educators of the big leap students must make from nursing school to effective nursing practice. And it offers insights to consumers of healthcare about the shortage of nurses affecting many hospitals. A troubling question emerges—how will we have an adequate supply of well-trained, acute-care nurses when so many leave in their early years of practice? To my knowledge no one has ever documented a new nurse’s first year through a series of interviews from the perspective of citizen-consumer curious about this type of transition! The narratives are very compelling and rich! —University professor, nursing Wow! I have never read anything like this. It is so insightful and rings totally true to this new nurse’s experience. There is an unmet need for this information and a place for it in the nursing and education literature. — Hospital social worker I found these first-year experiences and insights compelling all the way through. It could be an invaluable teaching tool as a case study and reading for the general public interested in occupational socialization. This new nurse demonstrates deep thinking, the ability to consider ethical issues, and is intelligently reflective and articulate in his learning of the role of the nurse in these intensive care situations. — University professor, education and sociology
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Catheterization and Interventional Cardiology in Adult Patients

Catheterization and Interventional Cardiology in Adult Patients

99 Table 9.1 Optimal vs. real-life time delays in primary PCI networks Time intervals Ideally Real life Pain–call 5 min 1–10 h Call–arrival <15 min 10–30 min On-site examination including electrocardiogram (ECG) <15 min 10–20 min ...

Author: Petr Widimsky

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199558872

Category: Medical

Page: 152

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This pocket book is focused on the practical aspects of cardiac catheterization and interventions including indications, periprocedural medications and techniques, interpretation of results, and the prevention and treatment of periprocedural complications.
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Man Real and Ideal

Man  Real and Ideal

( 1 ) Dream Life vs. Real Life . One hundred years ago Bulwer - Lytton wrote a story ( Pilgrims of the Rhine ) of a poor , forlorn , and wretched man who had found surcease of sorrow in his dreams , and whose dream - life gradually ...

Author: Edwin Grant Conklin





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Real life thrills in the seven brains of the heart not in the whims and wobbles of the mind

Real life thrills in the seven brains of the heart  not in the whims and wobbles of the mind

REAL LIFE THRILLS IN THE SEVEN BRAINS OF THE HEART 1 Appendix A. Akasha versus Astral Light. ... Eternal Unconsciousness i.e., Perfect, Divine Consciousness periodically displaying aspects of Itself. to the perception of self-conscious ...

Author: William Quan Judge

Publisher: Philaletheians UK


Category: Religion

Page: 82

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Do not think too much of me, direct your thoughts to the Eternal Truth. For only he who is free from the heresy of separateness, brought forth by false self-identity and self-importance, can rise above the trappings of personal life and live for others. Never seek knowledge or power for any other purpose than to sacrifice it on the altar of the Great Heart, which is humanity at large. Do not fear nor fail because you feel dark and heavy. After a while, the very rage you feel will break the shrine that covers the mystery. No one can really help you till then. The “moment of choice” between good and evil, between white and black magic, is neither in space nor in time, it is the momentum of all those moments in the battle between unselfish and selfish impulses taking place in those who try to follow the higher purposes of Nature. I am my friends and my enemies, I feel them all. I am the poor, the wicked, the ignorant. Those moments of gloom are the moments when I am influenced by those ignorant ones, who are myself. Duty lies in the act itself. Our duty is to never consider our ability, but to do what needs to be done in whatever way we can, no matter how inadequate the work may appear to others. We are not the only ones to suffer upon the path. Like ourselves Masters have wept, though They do not weep any longer. Sadness comes from an appreciation of the difficulties in our way, and of the unspeakable wickedness of the human heart. The Divine Spirit, which overshadows the soul of every man, is the throne of the Invisible and Unknown God. If you reflect on That, little room will be left for sorrow or delusion. Please don’t be anxious. Insist on Carelessness. Anxiety obscures and deters. Fear and anxiety are a formidable barrier against progress, by perturbation and straining harshly. Anxiety densifies and perturbs our magnetic sphere (aura), thus rendering us less permeable to the efflux of inner life and love. Immediate rebirth is for those who are working with their heart on Master’s work and are free from self interest. Nothing foreign to Master can pollute the pure heart; our faults are not there. The heart reaches Him always, and He replies. He needs not to stoop to see our devotion for devotional love, being of a supernal quality, reaches anywhere. Even in the most menial sorts of labour, the moment a man begins working, his soul enters into a state of harmony and peace. On the plane of social intercourse words are things, but soulless and dead because that convention in which they have their birth has made abortions of them. Let us then choose with care those living messengers called words. When the soul turns its attention to the astral plane, its energy is transferred from the gross material plane to a more subtle plane composed of imponderable matter, and we then have an influx of many confused dreams and strange experiences, whether awake or asleep. Clairvoyants and untrained seers cannot distinguish between psychic and spiritual perceptions. The age is black as hell, hard as iron. Yet noble hearts keep fighting the ancient fight. They seek each other and help each other. We will not fail them. To fail would be nothing, but to stop working for Humanity and the Brotherhood of Man would be awful; we cannot and will not. The student of Occultism must either reach the goal or perish. Those who rush unprepared and before the ripe moment risk insanity. But then that insanity is their safety for the next life, or for their return to sanity. The road to heavens is dark and difficult because we do not live up to our highest ideals. And as we hamstrung by our own weaknesses, it’s no use blaming others for our own shortcomings. Egoism is a sign of shameful cowardice. The egocentric man is insignificant and helpless. All our obstructions are of our own making. All our power is drawn from the storehouse of the past. Let us love and worship humanity, instead of self, and all shall be well. Even selfishness is love, though tainted and misdirected. Let us live for each other, forgetting ourselves in the midst of so many selves who, as formerly and forever, are but our own phantasms of thinking throblets, and all shall be well. Drink the cup of life without a murmur to the last drop, whatever Karma may have in store for you. The lesson in your present life is sweet Patience that nothing can ruffle. Higher Patience is a fine line between pride and humility. Both are extremes and mistakes. How shall we be proud when we are so small? How dare we be humble when we are so great? In both we blaspheme. Regret is productive only of error. Regret is a thought, hence an energy. If we turn its tide upon the past, it plays upon the seeds of that past and vivifies them; it causes them to sprout and grow in the mind and, from thence, expression in action is but a step. Evil is the infernal end of the polarity of spirit-matter. Evil-devil is the dark side of good, yet a mighty motor on the eternal struggle of the two ever-Opposing Forces — Light versus Darkness, Buddhi versus Kama-Manas — dual aspects of the One Manifested Creative Power, which keeps building worlds and thinks through man. Like Ormuzd and Ahriman, good and evil are inseparable and interdependent. We cannot murder Life but we can destroy a vehicle of the divine Principle of Life and impede the course of a soul using that vehicle. We far more injured by this atrocious deed than by any other. It is the man of clay that sins, not the innocent Higher Ego self-imprisoned within us and spectator of our life, who suffers and weeps silently at our cruelty. Condemn the sin not the Sinner. Higher, as within us all, the divine spirit looks down in the secure knowledge that, when the lower nature has subsided into its spiritual source, all this struggle and play of force and will, this waxing and waning of forms, this progression of consciousness that throws up clouds and fumes of illusion before the eye of the soul, will have come to an end. But the real test of a man is his motive, which we neither see, nor do his acts always represent it. If acts of valour are motivated by self-interest, they are still virtuous acts, but they will not elevate the actor and will throw his calculations off-kilter. Nature strives to contain spirit, and spirit strives to be free. Despondency, doubt, fear, vanity, pride, self-satisfaction, are traps used by Nature to detain us on earth. The kind of thoughts that appeal to our senses, and which fascinate and transfix us, is another snare set by Nature lest we discover her inmost secret and rule her. Spirituality is no virtue, it is divine impersonality. Spirituality is the rootless root of all things, unborn, exempt from dissolution, eternal, and beyond the condition of spirit. In essence and substance, It is the Whole of this Universe. Death disappoints the Self for it is neither productive of real knowledge nor of service to the living. Death is the sudden lowering of a stage curtain only to be raised again at the beginning of the next act. The living have a greater part in the dead than the dead have in the living. Rise, then, from this despondency. With the sword of Knowledge and with Love, you can “become one with the great tides of being, and reach the peaceful place of safe self-forgetfulness at last.” In dreams we see the truth and taste the joys of heaven. In waking life we gradually distil that dew into our consciousness. Let thy pulses beat to heaven’s own music. Despise the life that only seeks its own. Listen to the words of the Great Teachers. Good company removes the dullness of intellect, infuses truth into speech, bestows great honour, removes sin, purifies the heart, and spreads fame in all directions. Evil company should be shunned because it gives rise to lust, anger, delusion, memory loss, discrimination loss and, at long last, total loss of one’s “Infinite Potency born from the concealed Potentiality.” Spreading like ripples at first, evil company swells vices to large-scale waves in an ocean of misery. Is there any hope for the aspirant who has no heredity of psychical development to call upon, who is not introspective by nature, and with no access to chelas for guidance reach? There is, if he purifies his motive, and cultivates an ardent and unwavering faith and devotion to the Masters who are Truth personified, though They are not yet known to him. They are generous and honest debtors, and always repay. Beyond the Hall of Learning is the Great White Lodge, the magnificent hierarchy of Masters, Gurus, and Chelas all over the world. Every aspirant to chelaship has a Guru, although he many not be aware of it. Guru is chela’s benefactor. If we have reverenced our teacher, we will now revere our unknown Guru. We must place our hand in his hand with all love, and trust, and confidence, for it is to mighty Karma we have appealed, and the Guru is an agent of Karma. Madame Blavatsky sacrificed all that mankind holds dear to bring the glad tidings of Theosophy to the West through the Theosophical Society, which thereby stands to her as a chela to his Guru. She is our next higher link in the Guruparampara chain, of which no link can be missed or by-passed. Those who try to reach The Masters by other means while disregarding or underrating scornfully her high services, violate an occult rule that cannot be broken with impunity. The limitations of self impede progress. Unless the intention is entirely unalloyed, the spiritual will transform itself into the psychic and, by acting on the astral plane, dire results may be produced by it. The highest aspirations for the welfare of humanity will become sullied with selfishness if, in the mind of the philanthropist, there lurks the shadow of a desire for self-benefit, or a tendency to do injustice, even when these exist unconsciously to himself. The powers of evil revenge themselves upon the ignorant man and his friends, and not upon those who are beyond their reach. As long we hope and desire, we shall remain apart from the Self. We are rich in hope, knowing the prize at the end of time, and are not deterred by the clouds, the storms, the miasmas, and the dreadful beasts of prey that line the road. Let us then, at the very outset, wash out of our souls all desire for reward, all hope that we may attain what we sought. We may perhaps have found one spot we may call our own, and possess no other qualification for the task. That spot is enough, it is our wholly unshaken belief in Self and the Masters. That spot is our Higher Ego, symbolised by Homer as the wild fig tree, which Odysseus took hold of it and clung to it like a bat, in order to escape falling into the whirlpool of passions below. Beware of the dreadful lures, the great causes of misery, inflamed by the malignant fever of scepticism. They keep us ensnared in our earthy prison. Compassion is the Divine Law of Universal Sympathy and Sacrifice. Overseen by Spiritual Intelligences above, Compassion is enacted by the Intelligence of Nature and Her dual forces below. Deity is Unerring Karma or Abstract Nature — the Mind and Soul of the Universe.
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Theory of Cryptography

Theory of Cryptography

2.3 Security Definitions for Multiparty Protocols The security of multiparty computation protocols is defined using the real vs. ideal paradigm. In this paradigm, we consider the real-world model, in which protocols are executed.

Author: Martin Hirt

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783662536414

Category: Computers

Page: 692

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The two-volume set LNCS 9985 and LNCS 9986 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Theory of Cryptography, TCC 2016-B, held in Beijing, China, in November 2016. The total of 45 revised full papers presented in the proceedings were carefully reviewed and selected from 113 submissions. The papers were organized in topical sections named: TCC test-of-time award; foundations; unconditional security; foundations of multi-party protocols; round complexity and efficiency of multi-party computation; differential privacy; delegation and IP; public-key encryption; obfuscation and multilinear maps; attribute-based encryption; functional encryption; secret sharing; new models.
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Competitive Marketing RLE Marketing

Competitive Marketing  RLE Marketing

From these assumptions we could deduce the traditional PLC as the ideal type for PLCs. The ideal type is used to compare with real life sales curves to find out why the ideal type assumptions do not hold. In this way, we learn more and ...

Author: John O'Shaughnessy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317646013

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 762

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This volume is a text-book for students of marketing, providing a basic understanding of the concept and techniques of marketing. It shows how basic background information relating to the UK market may be integrated into business planning and how information from other sources should be incorporated and used.
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