Mary for Time and Eternity

Mary for Time and Eternity

Lanarkshire on 1 October 1864 , during yet another missionary journey . He believed that if all Christians prayed ... 2 Jozef van den Bussche CP , Ignatius ( George ) Spencer , Passionist ( 17991864 ) . ( Leuven UP , 1991 ) , p . 162 .

Author: William McLoughlin

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Newman s Early Roman Catholic Legacy 1845 1854

Newman s Early Roman Catholic Legacy  1845 1854

Ignatius (George) Spencer, Passionist (17991864): Crusader of Prayer for England and Pioneer of Ecumenical Prayer (Leuven: Leuven University Press, 1991). 30 Dougherty and Welsh, “Wiseman on the Oxford Movement,” 151. See also Rome.

Author: C. Michael Shea

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For decades, scholars have assumed that the genius of John Henry Newman remained underappreciated among his Roman Catholic contemporaries. In order to find the true impact of his work, one must therefore look to the century following his death. Newman's Early Roman Catholic Legacy, 1845-1854 unpicks this claim. Examining a host of overlooked evidence from England and the European continent, C. Michael Shea considers letters, records of conversations, and obscure and unpublished theological exchanges to show how Newman's 1845 Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine influenced a host of Catholic teachers, writers, and Church authorities in nineteenth-century Rome and beyond. Shea explores how these individuals employed Newman's theory of development to argue for the definability of the new dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary during the years preceding the doctrine's definition in 1854. This study traces how the theory of development became a factor in determining the very language that the Roman Catholic Church would use in referring to doctrinal change over time. In this way, Newman's Early Roman Catholic Legacy, 1845-1854 uncovers a key dimension of Newman's significance in modern religious history.
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Victorians and the Virgin Mary

Victorians and the Virgin Mary

Ignatius (George) Spencer, Passionist (17991864), crusader of prayer for England and pioneer of ecumenical prayer. Leuven, Belgium: Leuven University Press, 1991. Vandervelde, George. Original sin: two major trends in contemporary ...

Author: Carol Engelhardt-Herringer

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This interdisciplinary study of competing representations of the Virgin Mary examines how anxieties about religious and gender identities intersected to create public controversies that, whilst ostensibly about theology and liturgy, were also attempts to define the role and nature of women. Drawing on a variety of sources, this book seeks to revise our understanding of the Victorian religious landscape, both retrieving Catholics from the cultural margins to which they are usually relegated, and calling for a reassessment of the Protestant attitude to the feminine ideal. This book will be useful to advanced students and scholars in a variety of disciplines including history, religious studies, Victorian studies, women’s history and gender studies.
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The High Church Revival in the Church of England

The High Church Revival in the Church of England

Custom, Ceremony and Community 1700–1880 (London: Junction Books, 1982) Bussche, J. V., Ignatius (George) Spencer, Passionist (17991864), Crusader of Prayer for England and pioneer of ecumenical prayer (Leuven: University Press, ...

Author: Jeremy Morris

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In The High Church Revival in the Church of England the author reassesses the nature and impact of High Churchmanship, asserting its creativity and complexity as an enduring element of Anglican tradition.
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The Fantasy of Reunion

The Fantasy of Reunion

These included the aristocratic George (Ignatius) Spencer (17991864), youngest son of Earl Spencer, ... England in 1840 and was influential on Spencer, who became a Passionist priest in 1847 and was known from then on as Fr Ignatius.

Author: Mark D. Chapman

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This book discusses the different understandings of 'catholicity' that emerged in the interactions between the Church of England and other churches - particularly the Roman Catholic Church and later the Old Catholic Churches - from the early 1830s to the early 1880s. It presents a pre-history of ecumenism, which isolates some of the most distinctive features of the ecclesiological positions of the different churches as these developed through the turmoil of the nineteenth century. It explores the historical imagination of a range of churchmen and theologians, who sought to reconstruct their churches through an encounter with the past whose relevance for the construction of identity in the present went unquestioned. The past was no foreign country but instead provided solutions to the perceived dangers facing the church of the present. Key protagonists are John Henry Newman and Edward Bouverie Pusey, the leaders of the Oxford Movement, as well as a number of other less well-known figures who made their distinctive mark on the relations between the churches. The key event in reshaping the terms of the debates between the churches was the Vatican Council of 1870, which put an end to serious dialogue for a very long period, but which opened up new avenues for the Church of England and other non-Roman European churches including the Orthodox. In the end, however, ecumenism was halted in the 1880s by an increasingly complex European situation and an energetic expansion of the British Empire, which saw the rise of Pan-Anglicanism at the expense of ecumenism.
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The Oxford Movement

The Oxford Movement

49*74; on Spencer, see V. Bussche, Ignatius (George) Spencer, Passionist (1799*1864), Crusader ofPrayerfor England and Pioneer ofEcumenical Prayer (Leuven, I991). 49 Allen, 'Letters', pp. 53*4. Purcell, Phillipps, vol. I, p.

Author: Stewart J. Brown

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The Oxford Movement transformed the nineteenth-century Church of England with a renewed conception of itself as a spiritual body. Initiated in the early 1830s by members of the University of Oxford, it was a response to threats to the established Church posed by British Dissenters, Irish Catholics, Whig and Radical politicians, and the predominant evangelical ethos - what Newman called 'the religion of the day'. The Tractarians believed they were not simply addressing difficulties within their national Church, but recovering universal principles of the Christian faith. To what extent were their beliefs and ideals communicated globally? Was missionary activity the product of the movement's distinctive principles? Did their understanding of the Church promote, or inhibit, closer relations among the churches of the global Anglican Communion? This volume addresses these questions and more with a series of case studies involving Europe and the English-speaking world during the first century of the Movement.
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Recusant History

Recusant History

163-6 and The Life of Father Ignatius Spencer , 1933 ; Hamer , passim and ' Unity in the Truth : Fr Ignatius Spencer's ... Ignatius ( George ) Spencer , Passionist ( 17991864 ) , Crusader of Prayer for England and Pioneer of Ecumenical ...



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A journal of research in Post-Reformation Catholic history in the British Isles.
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Elizabeth Prout 1820 1864

Elizabeth Prout  1820 1864

... 1962 Tropp , A. , The School Teachers , 1957 Turner , H.A. , Trade Union Growth , Structure and Policy : A Comparative Study of the Cotton Unions , 1962 Vanden Bussche CP , J. , Ignatius ( George ) Spencer , Passionist ( 1799-1864 ) ...

Author: Edna Hamer


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The Letters of Peter Le Page Renouf 1822 1897 Besan on 1846 1854

The Letters of Peter Le Page Renouf  1822 1897   Besan  on  1846 1854

However , by the end of July he had recovered . See U. Young , Life of Father Ignatius Spencer ( London , 1933 ) , pp . 147–8 ; J. van den Bussche , Ignatius ( George ) Spencer : Passionist ( 17991864 ) ( Leuven , 1991 ) , p . 130 .

Author: Peter Le Page Renouf


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