Ingmar Bergman s The Silence

Ingmar Bergman s The Silence

Maaret Koskinen, a professor of cinema studies and film critic for Sweden's largest national daily newspaper, was the first scholar given access to Bergman's private papers during the last years of his life.

Author: Maaret Koskinen

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295801957

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Page: 208

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Ingmar Bergman's 1963 film The Silence was made at a point in his career when his stature as one of the great art-film directors allowed him to push beyond the boundaries of what was acceptable to censorship boards in Sweden and the United States. The film's depiction of sexuality was, as Judith Crist wrote at the time in the New York Herald-Tribune, "not for the prudish." Yet Bergman's notebooks and screenplays reveal his tendency for self-censorship, both to dampen the literary quality of his screenwriting and to alter portions of the script that Bergman ultimately deemed too provocative. Maaret Koskinen, a professor of cinema studies and film critic for Sweden's largest national daily newspaper, was the first scholar given access to Bergman's private papers during the last years of his life. Bergman's notebooks reveal the difficulties he experienced in writing for the medium of moving images and his meditations on the relationship (or its lack) between moving images and the spoken or written word. Koskinen's attention to this intermedial framework is anchored in a close reading of the film, focusing on the many-faceted relationships between images and dialogue, music, sound, and silence. The Silence offers filmgoers an entryway into the cinematic, cultural, and sociopolitical issues of its time, but remains a classic - rich enough for scrutiny from a variety of perspectives and methodologies. Koskinen draws a picture of Bergman that challenges the traditional view of him as an auteur, revealing his attempts to overcome his own image as a creator of serious art films by making his work relevant to a new generation of filmgoers. Her exploration of the film touches on issues of censorship and the cinema of small nations, while shedding new light on the shifting views of Bergman and auteurist film, high art, and popular culture.
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Three Films

Three Films

Author: Ingmar Bergman


ISBN: STANFORD:36105009700498

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Swedish Film

Swedish Film

Her most recent study is of Tystnaden/The Silence: Maaret Koskinen (2010),
Ingmar Bergman's The Silence: Pictures in the Typewriter, Writings on the Screen
, Seattle: University of Washington Press, but in English one can also recommend

Author: Mariah Larsson

Publisher: Nordic Academic Press

ISBN: 9789185509362

Category: History

Page: 367

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A compilation of carefully selected articles written by international film scholars, this record provides an in-depth look into the history of Swedish film. This scholarly account covers various phenomena, including the early screenings at the turn of the century, Swedish censorship, the golden age of silent films, 1930s’ comedies and melodramas, documentaries, pornography, and experimental films. In addition, this volume examines the work of important contributors, such as Ingmar Bergman, Stefan Jarl, and Peter Weiss, and discusses film policies of the new millennium.
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Sonatas Screams and Silence

Sonatas  Screams  and Silence

9 Quoted in Koskinen, Ingmar Bergman's The Silence, 77; Svenska Dagbladet,
July 14, 1960; and Stockholmstidningen, July 16, 1965. In Bergman on Bergman,
the interviewer Torsten Manns suggests that the end of Through a Glass Darkly ...

Author: Alexis Luko

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135022747

Category: Music

Page: 292

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Sonatas, Screams, and Silence: Music and Sound in the Films of Ingmar Bergman is the first musical examination of Bergman’s style as an auteur filmmaker. It provides a comprehensive examination of all three aspects (music, sound effects, and voice) of Bergman’s signature soundtrack-style. Through examinations of Bergman’s biographical links to music, the role of music, sound effects, silence, and voice, and Bergman’s working methods with sound technicians, mixers, and editors, this book argues that Bergman’s soundtracks are as superbly developed as his psychological narratives and breathtaking cinematography. Interdisciplinary in nature, this book bridges the fields of music, sound, and film.
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The Passion of Ingmar Bergman

The Passion of Ingmar Bergman

The Silence would take a step beyond : in that " negative print " form no longer
reflects even the possibility of resolving meaning . And in Persona , Bergman
would pitch art against itself in a nihilistic explosion of reality . The Silence At
some ...

Author: Frank Gado

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822305860

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 547

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Acknowledged as one of the greatest filmmakers of this or any other time, Bergman has with few exceptions written his own screenplays—an uncommon practice in the film industry—and for this practice critics refer to him as a "literary" filmmaker: In this work, Gado examines virtually the entire range of Bergman's literary output. While treating the matter of the visual preentation fo Bergman's films, Gado concentrates on story and narrative and their relationship to Bergman's personal history. Gado concludes that whatever the outward appearance of Bergman's works, they contain an elementary psychic fantasy that links them all, revealing an artist who hoped to be a dramatist, "the new Strindberg," and who saw the camera as an extension of his pen.
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The Silence of God

The Silence of God

In this work, the author faces the religious issues in Bergman's film, fitting it into a theological reflection on faith and freedom and he aims to provide an insight for the reader who is grappling with the intricate and compelling films ...

Author: Arthur Gibson

Publisher: New York ; Toronto : Edwin Mellen Press

ISBN: 0889469512


Page: 171

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In this work, the author faces the religious issues in Bergman's film, fitting it into a theological reflection on faith and freedom and he aims to provide an insight for the reader who is grappling with the intricate and compelling films of Ingmar Bergman.

Manifesto for Silence Confronting the Politics and Culture of Noise

Manifesto for Silence  Confronting the Politics and Culture of Noise

In a relatively recent example, Mel Brooks' Silent Movie (1976) deploys the
technique for comic effect. Ingmar Bergman, Four Screenplays of Ingmar
Bergman, trans. Lars Malstrom and David Kushner, New York: Simon & Schuster,
1960, p.

Author: Stuart Sim

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748631261

Category: Social Science

Page: 215

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This book makes an urgent demand for silence. The ability to think, to reflect, and to create are all highly dependent on regular access to silence. Yet in today's noisy, 24/7 society silence and quiet are under threat. And the business world only makes this worse with cynical marketing strategies abusing the power of noise: ever-diminishing oases of calm are hard to find. Stuart Sim argues that we need more, not less, silence. He explains why silence matters, where it matters--in our environment, in religion, philosophy, the arts, literature and science - and why the human race will suffer if we do not make space for it. The confrontation between the politics of noise and the politics of silence affects all of us profoundly: we cannot stay neutral on this issue.
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Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman

392 ; Donald J . Drew , " Ingmar Bergman Through a Glass Darkly , " Christianity
Today , 23 August 1975 , pp . 20 - 21 ; A . Gibson , The Silence of God : Creative
Response to the Films of Ingmar Bergman ( New York : Harper & Row , 1968 ) ...

Author: Birgitta Steene

Publisher: G K Hall

ISBN: UOM:39015013362069

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 342

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The films of Swedish director Ingmar Bergman are renowned for their largely spare and stark aesthetic, an existential framework, and plots driven by a fascination with death and the moral torments of the human soul. Birgitta Steene offers here in "Ingmar Bergman: A Reference Guide" an essential and unparalleled resource on the life and work of Bergman. Plumbing the depths of these trademark Bergman themes, Steene traces as well the indelible mark he left on world cinema through his other cinematographic work and writings. Over the decades, Bergman's stature and image have evolved in fascinating ways-- an iconoclast of the 1950s, a bourgeois traditionalist of the 1960s, and an icon in the 1980s. This exhaustive compendium considers each phase of his career, exploring his deep and vast oeuvre in all its controversy and complexity, and analyzes his intriguing and unique motifs such as his efforts to expose dead conventions and his portrayals of Woman as the archetype of humanity. As well as providing a detailed account of Bergman's life and chronicling his career as a filmmaker and theater director, including his work for television, Steene offers transcripts of some of the numerous interviews and conversations she conducted with Bergman. Writings by and about Bergman and a detailed chronological survey of his film and theatrical work completes this eminently readable and thoroughly researched volume. A wide-ranging and groundbreaking work of film history, "Ingmar Bergman" is the definitive reference for scholars of the Scandinavian master.
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Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman

Stig Björkman, Torsten Manns, and Jonas Sima, “Interview with Ingmar Bergman,
” Movie 16 (Winter 1968–69): 4. 2. D. H. Lawrence, The Rainbow (New York:
Penguin, 1976), 333. 3. Björkman, Manns, and Sima, “Interview with Ingmar ...

Author: Robin Wood

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814338063

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 376

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At a time when few reviewers and critics were taking the study of film seriously, Robin Wood released a careful and thoroughly cinematic commentary on Ingmar Bergman's films that demonstrated the potential of film analysis in a nascent scholarly field. The original Ingmar Bergman influenced a generation of film scholars and cineastes after its publication in 1969 and remains one of the most important volumes on the director. This new edition of Ingmar Bergman, edited by film scholar Barry Keith Grant, contains all of Wood's original text plus four later pieces on the director by Wood that were intended for a new volume that was not completed before Wood's death in 2010. In analyzing a selection of Bergman's films, Wood makes a compelling case for the logic of the filmmaker's development while still respecting and indicating the distinctiveness of his individual films. Wood's emphasis on questions of value (What makes a work important? How does it address our lives?) informed his entire career and serve as the basis for many of these chapters. In the added material for this new edition, Wood considers three important films Bergman made after the book was first published-Cries and Whispers, Fanny and Alexander, and From the Life of the Marionettes-and also includes significant reassessment of Persona. These pieces provocatively suggest the more political directions Wood might have taken had he been able to produce Ingmar Bergman Revisited, as he had planned to do before his death. In its day, Ingmar Bergman was one of the most important volumes on the Swedish director published in English, and it remains compelling today despite the multitude of books to appear on the director since. Film scholars and fans of Bergman's work will enjoy this updated volume.
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Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman

Kohner : “ How would you like to have Ingmar Bergman ' s first film in English ? "
Baum ... But Ingmar Bergman ' s 32 films include the radically innovative Persona
, Wild Strawberries , The Silence , The Seventh Seal , Winter Light , Smiles of a ...

Author: Ingmar Bergman

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 1578062187

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 205

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The critically acclaimed film director discusses various stages of his career and the many facets of his work in a collection of interviews that begins with a 1957 piece and ends in 2002 as he was preparing to direct his latest film, featuring conversations with James Baldwin, Michiko Kakutani, John Simon, and Vilgot Sjöman, among others. Simultaneous.
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Queer Bergman

Queer Bergman

But I will attempt to chart how Bergman's films could have been read queerly at
the time of their original appearances in American art ... Bergom-Larsson, Ingmar
Bergman and Society, 116. 8. ... Koskinen, Ingmar Bergman'sThe Silence,” 56.

Author: Daniel Humphrey

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292743786

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 234

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One of the twentieth century’s most important filmmakers—indeed one of its most important and influential artists—Ingmar Bergman and his films have been examined from almost every possible perspective, including their remarkable portrayals of women and their searing dramatizations of gender dynamics. Curiously however, especially considering the Swedish filmmaker’s numerous and intriguing comments on the subject, no study has focused on the undeniably queer characteristics present throughout this nominally straight auteur’s body of work; indeed, they have barely been noted. Queer Bergman makes a bold and convincing argument that Ingmar Bergman’s work can best be thought of as profoundly queer in nature. Using persuasive historical evidence, including Bergman’s own on-the-record (though stubbornly ignored) remarks alluding to his own homosexual identifications, as well as the discourse of queer theory, Daniel Humphrey brings into focus the director’s radical denunciation of heteronormative values, his savage and darkly humorous deconstructions of gender roles, and his work’s trenchant, if also deeply conflicted, attacks on homophobically constructed forms of patriarchic authority. Adding an important chapter to the current discourse on GLBT/queer historiography, Humphrey also explores the unaddressed historical connections between post–World War II American queer culture and a concurrently vibrant European art cinema, proving that particular interrelationship to be as profound as the better documented associations between gay men and Hollywood musicals, queer spectators and the horror film, lesbians and gothic fiction, and others.
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Ingmar Bergman s Persona

Ingmar Bergman s Persona

Persona is the twenty - seventh full - length movie that Ingmar Bergman has
made . ... The truth is that it is in many respects a less mysterious picture than Mr .
Bergman ' s The Silence , in which we had to scramble for a coign of vantage in a

Author: Lloyd Michaels

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521656982

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 191

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The essays collected in this volume use a variety of methodologies to explore Bergman's Persona.
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Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman

Introduction : The statue of Thalia A close critical study of the stage productions
and related theatrical theories and methods of Ingmar Bergman has long been
overdue . His richly productive career in the living theater has tended to be
unjustly ...

Author: Lise-Lone Marker

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 0521295017

Category: Drama

Page: 262

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Bespreking van de door de Zweedse film- en toneelregisseur geregisseerde toneelstukken, voorafgegaan door een interview over theater
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Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman

After the somber inner probings of his chamber trilogy, Bergman could not have
chosen anything further afield in mood, ... song “Yes, We Have No Bananas,”
Bergman settles into a Ken Russellish mood as he adds dashes of silent-film
farce, ...

Author: Jerry Vermilye

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786429592

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 192

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"He always is very, very close to the camera, and he is terribly inspiring. I don't know what his magic is, but it is something that makes you want to give everything you have. He has respect for actors and for everybody. A bad director very often doesn't have that respect." Liv Ullman's words about Ingmar Bergman hint at the consummate director he was, one who knew the business, the strengths and weaknesses of actors and crews, the arrangement of the set, the framing of the camera, and all other particulars of the fine art of directing. This work presents Bergman's life and work, beginning with his youth in Uppsala, Sweden, and covering his formative years, his development as an artist, and his career as a world-renowned director. A brief synopsis for each of Bergman's films is provided, with such information as producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, art director, music sound credits, running time, casts, Bergman's own comments, and the reactions of critics.
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Bach and Film in the Later Twentieth Century

Bach and Film in the Later Twentieth Century

This is a pioneering example of New Queer Cinema, and uses Bach, in explicit homage to Bergman, as part of a broader attempt to explore the ambiguity of gender boundaries. Chapter Three focuses on Jim Jarmusch's Int. Trailer.

Author: Carlo Cenciarelli


ISBN: OCLC:763610969

Category: Motion pictures

Page: 552

View: 925

This dissertation takes the cinematic afterlife of the Goldberg Variations as a case study of how the meaning of Bach's music is negotiated in the later twentieth century. Through close analysis of five moments of listening to Bach in cinema, it shows how each occasion puts the Goldberg Variations to a different use and, in the process, promotes a different conception of the musical object, its cultural status and its aesthetic identity. -- Chapter One focuses on Ingmar Bergman's The Silence (1963), showing how Bach's music becomes a symbol of the existential tensions and narrative ambiguity characteristic of his cinema. I explore this further in Chapter Two, which is devoted to Christopher Munch's The Hours and Times (1991). This is a pioneering example of New Queer Cinema, and uses Bach, in explicit homage to Bergman, as part of a broader attempt to explore the ambiguity of gender boundaries. Chapter Three focuses on Jim Jarmusch's Int. Trailer. Night (2002), and investigates how the strange placement of the Goldberg Variations in a post-industrial American landscape contributes to the minimalist aesthetic and magical realism of the film. Chapter Four continues the study of Bach's intersection with American independent cinema, looking at the romantic comedy Before Sunrise (1995) and arguing that the choice of Bach, which is unconventional for a Generation X film, creates added opportunities for a nuanced attitude to the cultural script of romance. Chapter Five focuses on the Hannibal Lecter saga, a unique example of Bach's association with a Hollywood franchise. Focusing on The Silence of the Lambs (1991) and its sequel Hannibal (2001), I show how the saga's capitalisation on the success of Lecter goes hand-in-hand with the transformation of the Goldberg Aria into his signature tune.
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Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman

The Silence Dawn points , and another day Prepares for heat and silence . . . ( T .
S . Eliot , East Coker ) We should not recoil from the suggestion that Bergman is
theologically rather naive . Even allowing for a lame translation , the descriptive ...

Author: Philip Mosley

Publisher: Marion Boyars

ISBN: UOM:39015020639707

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

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Kritische studie over de films van de Zweedse cineast
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Ingmar Bergman An Artist s Journey

Ingmar Bergman  An Artist s Journey

Suddenly, through the silence of the other woman, she was able to put herself in
her place, understanding her world and her thinking and to express that.
QUESTION: Sven Nykvist has been Bergman's photographer for most of his films.

Author: Roger W. Oliver

Publisher: Skyhorse

ISBN: 9781628720037

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 999

View: 179

At 77, Bergman no longer works in film, the medium that brought him world fame; he gave it up in 1983, when he announced that Fanny and Alexander would be his last film. This ingenious little collection is Oliver's attempt to say something meaningful about Bergman the masterful artist of many mediums--film, theater, television, print--the Renaissance artist. To accomplish the goal, Oliver selected essays that address Bergman's work as a film director (by such noted directors as Woody Allen, Franc{‡}ois Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard); with actors in film and on stage (by such as Liv Ullmann, Max von Sydow, Bibi Andersson); as it relates to his intellect (by such as James Baldwin, Caryn James, John Lahr).
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Ingmar Bergman och den borgerliga ideologin ( Stockholm : Pan / Norstedts ,
1973 ) . Björkman , Stig , Torsten Manns , & Jonas Sima . Bergman om Bergman (
Stockholm : Norstedts , 1970 ) . Brightman , Carol . “ The Silence : Problems of ...

Author: Elias Bredsdorff


ISBN: UOM:39015073524236

Category: Scandinavian literature


View: 139

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The Lutheran Milieu of the Films of Ingmar Bergman

The Lutheran Milieu of the Films of Ingmar Bergman

Ingmar Bergman : La Trilogie . Paris : Etudes Cinématographiques , ios . 46 - 47 ,
1966 . • " Nattvardaesterna ou le silence de Dieu . " Ingmar Bergman : ia tricoie .
Ed . Michel Estève . Paris : Etudes Cinematograpniques , Nos . 46 - 47 , 1966 .

Author: Richard Aloysius Blake

Publisher: New York : Arno Press

ISBN: UCAL:B3188401

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 333

View: 995

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The Films of Ingmar Bergman from Torment to All These Women

The Films of Ingmar Bergman  from Torment to All These Women

The Silence When shooting of The Silence started , B explained that this film
concluded a trilogy which began with Through a Glass Darkly . ' The Silence is
connected with the two previous films , but at the same time one can say that it is
a ...

Author: Jörn Donner


ISBN: UOM:39015004751114

Category: Actresses

Page: 276

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