Informing Science Volume One Concepts and Systems

Informing Science Volume One  Concepts and Systems

... such technologies profitably could, quite conceivably, transform the entire marketing research industry. Innerscope Research, Inc. (ISR) Innerscope Research Inc. was founded in 2006 with the objective of becoming a leader in the ...

Author: T. Grandon Gill

Publisher: Informing Science

ISBN: 9781681100043



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The two volume Informing Science series is the first attempt to survey and synthesize research in the informing science transdiscipline. Part textbook, part collection of readings, the two volumes present both important research findings relating to the field and highlight fertile directions for future research. Volume One: Concepts and Systems focuses on the key building blocks of informing science. It begins with an overview of the transdiscipline, tracing its evolution from Cohen’s original proposal to its present state. Next, it considers a series of concepts that frequently elude attempts at rigorous definition. Among these: theory, research, information, knowledge and complexity. With working definitions established, it goes on to explore basic systems theory, introducing the concept of an informing system. The key elements of such systems—the channel, the sender/informer, and the receiver/client—are then examined individually. The volume concludes with two overview chapters. The first of these looks at the analysis of a basic informing system, in which a single informer interacts directly with a clearly specified client or set of clients. The last chapter extends these ideas to the more complex topologies (e.g., multiple channels, multiple informers, multiple clients, layers of informing) that are more typical in real world informing contexts.

Business Research Methods 12 e SIE

Business Research Methods  12 e  SIE

Innerscope/Time Warner “Study: Young Consumers Switch Media 27 Times per Hour,” Advertising Age, 8 April 2012, accessed 19 April 2012 ( ...

Author: Donald R. Cooper

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9789353161200

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 890

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We are delighted to present the twelfth edition of Business Research Methods. This edition continues to equip the readers with richest and most comprehensive knowledge and skills involved in the basic research process. Real-world examples, decision-making processes and industrial expertise are evident by way of Snapshots, CloseUps, PicProfiles and Cases found throughout the text. Managerial decision-making is the underlying theme which includes discussion of the business contexts, statistical analysis of the data, survey methods, and reporting and presentation of the data. Plethora of web supplements contain Written Cases, Video Cases, Web Exercises, Articles, Samples, Student Sample Projects, Solutions Manual, etc. Salient Features: - NEW! Reader-friendly structure - NEW! More than 15 Cases about hospital services, data mining, new promotions, etc. - Market-leading coverage of questionnaire design and web-based survey techniques - NEW! Indian and Asian examples to illustrate various concepts, framework, and decision-making tools - NEW! Updated pedagogy with additional examples solved using computer-based analytical methods (SPSS), 200+ truefalse and multiple-choice questions
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Statistics Learning from Data

Statistics  Learning from Data

But according to neuromarketing research company Innerscope, men and women don't hate Hayward's halfhearted apologies equally. Innerscope measured the biometric response (skin response, heart rate, body movement, and breathing) of 54 ...

Author: Roxy Peck

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781337672153

Category: Mathematics

Page: 729

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STATISTICS: LEARNING FROM DATA, Second Edition, helps you learn to think like a statistician. It pays particular attention to areas that students often struggle with -- probability, hypothesis testing, and selecting an appropriate method of analysis. Supported by learning objectives, real-data examples and exercises, and technology notes, this book helps you to develop conceptual understanding, mechanical proficiency, and the ability to put knowledge into practice. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Enterprise Systems Integration

Enterprise Systems Integration

Since the actions of the inner scope have already been performed and committed at the point when an exception was raised, those actions need to be compensated by additional actions in order to nullify the effects of the previous ones.

Author: Diogo R. Ferreira

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642407963

Category: Computers

Page: 387

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The field of enterprise systems integration is constantly evolving, as every new technology that is introduced appears to make all previous ones obsolete. Despite this continuous evolution, there is a set of underlying concepts and technologies that have been gaining an increasing importance in this field. Examples are asynchronous messaging through message queues, data and application adapters based on XML and Web services, the principles associated with the service-oriented architecture (SOA), service composition, orchestrations, and advanced mechanisms such as correlations and long-running transactions. Today, these concepts have reached a significant level of maturity and they represent the foundation over which most integration platforms have been built. This book addresses integration with a view towards supporting business processes. From messaging systems to data and application adapters, and then to services, orchestrations, and choreographies, the focus is placed on the connection between systems and business processes, and particularly on how it is possible to develop an integrated application infrastructure in order to implement the desired business processes. For this purpose, the text follows a layered, bottom-up approach, with application-oriented integration at the lowest level, followed by service-oriented integration and finally completed by process-oriented integration at the topmost level. The presentation of concepts is accompanied by a set of instructive examples using state-of-the-art technologies such as Java Message Service (JMS), Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ), Web Services, Microsoft BizTalk Server, and the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). The book is intended as a textbook for advance undergraduate or beginning graduate students in computer science, especially for those in an information systems curriculum. IT professionals with a background in programming, databases and XML will also benefit from the step-by-step description of the various integration levels and the related implementation examples.
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Consumer Neuroscience

Consumer Neuroscience

from Innerscope Research, which partnered with Mimoco, the manufacturer of Mimobots, a personalized USB digital storage device. Mimoco was interested in understanding which of its hundreds of designs—the company's primary marketing ...

Author: Moran Cerf

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262341615

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

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A comprehensive introduction to using the tools and techniques of neuroscience to understand how consumers make decisions about purchasing goods and services. Contrary to the assumptions of economists, consumers are not always rational actors who make decisions in their own best interests. The new field of behavioral economics draws on the insights of psychology to study non-rational decision making. The newer field of consumer neuroscience draws on the findings, tools, and techniques of neuroscience to understand how consumers make judgments and decisions. This book is the first comprehensive treatment of consumer neuroscience, suitable for classroom use or as a reference for business and marketing practitioners. After an overview of the field, the text offers the background on the brain and physiological systems necessary for understanding how they work in the context of decision making and reviews the sensory and perceptual mechanisms that govern our perception and experience. Chapters by experts in the field investigate tools for studying the brain, including fMRI, EEG, eye-tracking, and biometrics, and their possible use in marketing. The book examines the relation of attention, memory, and emotion to consumer behavior; cognitive factors in decision making; and the brain's reward system. It describes how consumers develop implicit associations with a brand, perceptions of pricing, and how consumer neuroscience can encourage healthy behaviors. Finally, the book considers ethical issues raised by the application of neuroscience tools to marketing. Contributors Fabio Babiloni, Davide Baldo, David Brandt, Moran Cerf, Yuping Chen, Patrizia Cherubino, Kimberly Rose Clark, Maria Cordero-Merecuana, William A. Cunningham, Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Ming Hsu, Ana Iorga, Philip Kotler, Carl Marci, Hans Melo, Kai-Markus Müller, Brendan Murray, Ingrid L. C. Nieuwenhuis, Graham Page, Hirak Parikh, Dante M. Pirouz, Martin Reimann, Neal J. Roese, Irit Shapira-Lichter, Daniela Somarriba, Julia Trabulsi, Arianna Trettel, Giovanni Vecchiato, Thalia Vrantsidis, Sarah Walker
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The Little Book on CoffeeScript

The Little Book on CoffeeScript

... true do -> innerScope = true Compiles down to: var outerScope; outerScope = true; (function() { var innerScope; return innerScope = true; })(); Notice how CoffeeScript initializes variables (using var) automatically in the context ...

Author: Alex MacCaw

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781449325541

Category: Computers

Page: 62

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This concise book shows JavaScript developers how to build superb web applications with CoffeeScript, the remarkable language that’s gaining considerable interest. Through example code, this guide demonstrates how CoffeeScript abstracts JavaScript, providing syntactical sugar and preventing many common errors. You’ll learn CoffeeScript’s syntax and idioms step by step, from basic variables and functions to complex comprehensions and classes. Written by Alex MacCaw, author of JavaScript Web Applications (O’Reilly), with contributions from CoffeeScript creator Jeremy Ashkenas, this book quickly teaches you best practices for using this language—not just on the client side, but for server-side applications as well. It’s time to take a ride with the little language that could. Discover how CoffeeScript’s syntax differs from JavaScript Learn about features such as array comprehensions, destructuring assignments, and classes Explore CoffeeScript idioms and compare them to their JavaScript counterparts Compile CoffeeScript files in static sites with the Cake build system Use CommonJS modules to structure and deploy CoffeeScript client-side applications Examine JavaScript’s bad parts—including features CoffeeScript was able to fix
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Emotions as Commodities

Emotions as Commodities

For example, the company Innerscope offers studios the use of neurosciences tools in order to quantify the subconscious emotional engagement of viewers with movie trailers.3 Innerscope claims that with this technique it can accurately ...

Author: Eva Illouz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351810593

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 222

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Capitalism has made rationality into a pervasive feature of human action and yet, far from heralding a loss of emotionality, capitalist culture has been accompanied with an unprecedented intensification of emotional life. This raises the question: how could we have become increasingly rationalized and more intensely emotional? Emotions as Commodities offers a simple hypothesis: that consumer acts and emotional life have become closely and inseparably intertwined with each other, each one defining and enabling the other. Commodities facilitate the experience of emotions, and so emotions are converted into commodities. The contributors of this volume present the co-production of emotions and commodities as a new type of commodity that has gone unseen and unanalyzed by theories of consumption – emodity. Indeed, this innovative book explores how emodity includes atmospherical or mood-producing commodities, relation-marking commodities and mental commodities, all of which the purpose it is to change and improve the self. Analysing a variety of modern day situations such as emotional management through music, creation of urban sexual atmospheres and emotional transformation through psychotherapy, Emotions as Commodities will appeal to scholars, postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers interested in fields such as Sociology, Cultural Studies, Marketing, Anthropology and Consumer Studies.
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Listen First

Listen First

For the Super Bowl in 2010, Innerscope partnered with Wired magazine for an ''ultra geeky Super Bowl party'' that married studying the ads with a party for loyal readers. Listening to this specific audience segment was not going to ...

Author: Stephen D. Rappaport

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118033744

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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LISTEN FIRST! Shhh... Listen. Hear that? That's the sound of your business. The conversations taking place online and in the marketplace tell you nearly everything you need to know about your company and your customers—what people are saying about you, how they use your products, whether they'll buy or recommend your product, and how they respond to your marketing and advertising. Listening provides unrivaled insight. If you do it right, you'll have a decisive edge over your competition as you adapt faster to customer needs and market changes. Listening is ultimately about gaining business advantage. Based on authoritative research from the Adver-tising Research Foundation, Listen First! delivers a playbook for marketing and advertising success-fully in our conversational era. This book explains what listening is, how to do it, how it's used, and where it's headed. Done well, social media listening uncovers pivotal insights that guide marketing as well as product development, customer service, and just about all business functions that touch customers and other stakeholders. You'll learn the tools, winning plays, and proven tactics for listening so that you can: Understand what customers are thinking, feeling, and doing in their lives that affect demand and interest in your products or services Identify threats to your reputation See how customers position competing brands in their minds, not as advertisers position them Sense market shifts that threaten existing business or present new opportunities Develop new products or refine your current lineup by bringing customer voices into R&D, innovation, and concept testing Make your messages more relevant and sharpen targeting by directing messages to people according to their conversational interests Keep sales humming, even when business conditions might be unfavorable—or better predict short-term sales based on the volume and specifics of conversational activity Determine competitors' strengths and weaknesses Plan and buy advertising based on where conversations are happening Organize your company to maximize listening's value across all its departments Listen First! gives you evidence, research, and expert viewpoints that will enable you to take advantage of listening and build your business over the short term and for the long haul. If you want your company to have a sustainable business advantage in an uncertain world, it is time to start—and act on—listening.
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Sexy Little Numbers

Sexy Little Numbers

Innerscope, a research firm that specializes in this new field, has learned that the old ways we think about advertising are inaccurate, if not completely wrong. We have always thought that people receive a stimulus, such as an ad, ...

Author: Dimitri Maex

Publisher: Currency

ISBN: 9780307888365

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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Imagine if you could identify your business’s most profitable customers, craft a better marketing strategy to communicate with them, and inspire them to buy more? Well now you can. And the best part is that you can do it using the data you already have. Today, everything we do creates data, and the volumes are enormous. Virtually every time someone views something online, enters search on Google, or even surfs the web on a smart phone, another chunk gets added – in real time - to the multibillion gigabyte (and growing) trove of data that can help us better understand and predict consumer behavior. We no longer need expertise in math or statistics or even expensive modeling software to get the most out of all these revealing consumer insights. A revolution in data analysis is underway, and the methods and tools for aggregating and analyzing this “data deluge” are suddenly far simpler, less expensive, and more precise than they were. In this book – the first of its kind – Dimitri Maex, Managing Director of global advertising agency OgilvyOne New York and the engine behind the agency’s global analytics practice, reveals how to turn your data - those sexy little numbers that can mean more profit for your business – into actionable strategies that drive real growth and revenues. And he can show you how to do it at virtually no cost. In his clear, easy-to-understand style, he explains how to: --Identify which customers are most valuable, which have the most potential to be valuable, which are most likely to buy more in the future, and which are not worth targeting. -- Allocate your marketing assets in the best possible way and pinpoint the outlays that will generate the highest possible returns. --Figure out precisely which communication or media brought a customer to your company’s web site and what that customer will do once she arrives. --Predict which products or services customers will want in the future. --Learn which customers are preparing to defect to the competition and how to stop them. -- Determine which customers buy your product because it is perfect for their needs, which ones purchase because they liked your ad, which ones chose you because of an appealing price, and which ones came to you through word-of-mouth…or some combination of all these factors. -- Drill your geographic targeting down to the regional, zip code, and even neighborhood level. --Optimize your web presence to get the maximum return from search. A must read for marketers striving to get the biggest ROI on their advertising dollars, small business owners eager to grow faster, researchers needing a consumer in mind for whom to create new products or services, those in finance responsible for growing the bottom line, and even creatives looking for feedback to help them improve their output, Sexy Little Numbers is THE essential tool not just for math nerds and number crunchers, but for anyone wishing to use the data at their fingertips to grow their business and increase their profits dramatically.
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Reel Black Talk

Reel Black Talk

then there's Innerscope Pictures . We're co - producing two movies , one with Island and one with Innerscope , both of which will be in production the spring or summer of this year ( 1996 ) , so both will be in the marketplace by the ...

Author: Spencer Moon

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313298300

Category: Reference

Page: 396

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The first book by an African American on contemporary African American filmmakers; here directors and producers speak for themselves and pose challenges to current thinking in the field.
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