The Formation of Islam

The Formation of Islam

CHAPTER 7 Early Islam in the Near East Muhammad ' s unexpected death in
632 threw his community into confusion , and the difficulty it had in simply
surviving speaks volumes about the absence at this stage of a fully formed
religious ...

Author: Jonathan P. Berkey

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521588138

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Islamic Philosophy from Its Origin to the Present

Islamic Philosophy from Its Origin to the Present

Islam. As already mentioned in the preceding chapter, 'philosophy' is used in so
many different ways in Western languages today that in discussing the meaning
and role of philosophy in Islam we must turn before anything else to the exact ...

Author: Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791481554

Category: Religion

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A comprehensive overview of the Islamic philosophical tradition. AIslamic Philosophy from Its Origin to the Present offers a comprehensive overview of Islamic philosophy from the ninth century to the present day. As Seyyed Hossein Nasr attests, within this tradition, philosophizing is done in a world in which prophecy is the central reality of life—a reality related not only to the realms of action and ethics but also to the realm of knowledge. Comparisons with Jewish and Christian philosophies highlight the relation between reason and revelation, that is, philosophy and religion. Nasr presents Islamic philosophy in relation to the Islamic tradition as a whole, but always treats this philosophy as philosophy, not simply as intellectual history. In addition to chapters dealing with the general historical development of Islamic philosophy, several chapters are devoted to later and mostly unknown philosophers. The work also pays particular attention to the Persian tradition. Nasr stresses that the Islamic tradition is a living tradition with significance for the contemporary Islamic world and its relationship with the West. In providing this seminal introduction to a tradition little-understood in the West, Nasr also shows readers that Islamic philosophy has much to offer the contemporary world as a whole. Seyyed Hossein Nasr is University Professor of Islamic Studies at The George Washington University. He is the author and editor of many books, including Islam: Religion, History, and Civilization.
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Some Religious Aspects of Islam

Some Religious Aspects of Islam

certainly not a central one in Islam . But whilst students of Islam will almost
unanimously agree with this statement , few scholars have made any attempt to ...

Author: Hava Lazarus-Yafeh

Publisher: Brill Archive

ISBN: 9004063293

Category: Religion

Page: 181

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Voices of Islam Voices of life family home and society

Voices of Islam  Voices of life   family  home  and society

Voices of Islam Vincent J. Cornell It has long been a truism to say that Islam is the
most misunderstood religion in the world. However, the situation expressed by
this statement is more than a little ironic because Islam is also one of the most ...

Author: Vincent J. Cornell

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275987353

Category: Islam

Page: 272

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Provides a wide depiction of Islamic doctrines, practices, and worldviews. Some 50 articles by scholars that are also practicing Muslims representing a diverse range of places, traditions, cultures, and beliefs are presented in volumes that individually address the grand traditions and beliefs of the religion; the spiritual experience of Islam; everyday experiences of family, home, and society; Islamic cultures' art, aesthetics, and science; and Muslim progressives, modernists, and other reformers.
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Women Embracing Islam

Women Embracing Islam

signal foundational text of Islamic feminism was written by a woman convert to
Islam. The text is Qur`an and Woman. It was first published in 1992 and was
republished in 1999. The author is Amina Wadud, an African American and a
professor ...

Author: Karin van Nieuwkerk

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292773765

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Many Westerners view Islam as a religion that restricts and subordinates women in both private and public life. Yet a surprising number of women in Western Europe and America are converting to Islam. What attracts these women to a belief system that is markedly different from both Western Christianity and Western secularism? What benefits do they gain by converting, and what are the costs? How do Western women converts live their new Islamic faith, and how does their conversion affect their families and communities? How do women converts transmit Islamic values to their children? These are some of the questions that Women Embracing Islam seeks to answer. In this vanguard study of gender and conversion to Islam, leading historians, sociologists, anthropologists, and theologians investigate why non-Muslim women in the United States, several European countries, and South Africa are converting to Islam. Drawing on extensive interviews with female converts, the authors explore the life experiences that lead Western women to adopt Islam, as well as the appeal that various forms of Islam, as well as the Nation of Islam, have for women. The authors find that while no single set of factors can explain why Western women are embracing Islamic faith traditions, some common motivations emerge. These include an attraction to Islam's high regard for family and community, its strict moral and ethical standards, and the rationality and spirituality of its theology, as well as a disillusionment with Christianity and with the unrestrained sexuality of so much of Western culture.
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Women Islam and the State

Women  Islam  and the State

Women,. Islam. and. the. State. in. Bangladesh. Naila. Kabeer. INTRODUCTION
This chapter examines the complex interactions between religion and culture in
constructing definitions of national identity in Bangladesh and in shaping the ...

Author: Deniz Kandiyoti

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 0877227861

Category: Religion

Page: 276

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This collection of original essays examines the relationship between Islam, the nature of state projects, and the position of women in the modern nation states of the Middle East and South Asia. Arguing that Islam is not uniform across Muslim societies and that women's roles in these societies cannot be understood simply by looking at texts and laws. the contributors focus, instead, on the effects of the political projects of states on the lives of women.--provided by publisher.
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Islam is the second largest world religion after Christianity. Its followers today
extend from Morocco to the Philippines, and it includes among its adherents
different races and peoples of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and the Americas.
In fact ...

Author: Solomon A. Nigosian

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253110742

Category: Religion

Page: 200

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This compact introduction to Islam describes the essential aspects of Islam as a living religion and social force. The book is organized around seven topics: the life of Muhammad; Islamic political development and territorial expansion; the important groupings of Islamic believers (Sunni, Shi'ite, and Sufi); the Qur'an (the Holy Book of Islam); Sunnah, Hadith (the record of the Prophet's actions and sayings), and Shari'ah (the compilation of Islamic law); the five Articles of Faith and the so-called Five Pillars of Islam that govern faith and action; and other binding religious observances and festivals. The presentation of these seven aspects of Islam strikes a balance between fact, tradition, current interpretation, and commentary. S. A. Nigosian underscores two fundamental points: that to understand Islam properly, it is necessary to see it as a major faith tradition, with Muhammad as the last of a series of messengers sent by God; and that to grasp the spirit of Islam, one must recognize its emphasis on an uncompromising monotheism, with strict adherence to certain social, political, and religious practices, as taught by the Prophet and elaborated by tradition.
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Islam and Social Policy

Islam and Social Policy

Islam and Health Policy : A Study of the Islamic Republic of Iran ' Carol
Underwood ou The Iranian revolution of 1979 , inspired by Islamic precepts and
presided over by Muslim religious figures , brought Islam to the forefront of social
, political ...

Author: Stephen P. Heyneman

Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press

ISBN: 0826514472

Category: Religion

Page: 218

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At a time when more nuanced understandings of Muslim countries and their legal and social practices are urgently needed in the West, the appearance of this collection is especially welcome. In these illuminating and accessible essays, the contributors explain how Islam sees itself in terms of social policy, how it treats women, and how it encourages charity, education, and general social welfare. The essays encompass many regional cultures and draw on court records and legal debates, field work on government ministries, and an extensive reading of Islamic law. In his overview of waqf (similar to the Western idea of a foundation, in which an endowment is set aside in perpetuity for specified purposes), Ahmad Dallal explains how charity, a central organizing principle in Islam, is itself organized and how waqf, traditionally a source of revenue for charitable purposes, can also become a source of tension and conflict. Donna Lee Bowen, in her essay on the position of women in Islamic law, points out the crucial differences between the Islamic principles of family equity and the Western notion of individual equality. In a subsequent essay, Bowen addresses the problems surrounding family planning and the dilemmas that have arisen within the Muslim world over differing ideas about birth control. The two final essays look at specific instances of how the modern state has treated Islamic social policy. Gail Richardson examines zakat, an Islamic tax used to assist the poor, and its administration in Pakistan. Carol Underwood, meanwhile, explores public health policy in Iran, both before and after the Islamic revolution that deposed the Shah. Addressing some of the most profound misunderstandings between Islamic and Western societies, Islam and Social Policy will be of vital interest not only to scholars and policymakers but to anyone concerned with Islam's critical place in the modern world.
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The New Encyclopedia of Islam

The New Encyclopedia of Islam

The world, especially the Western world towards which this encvclopedia is
primarily directed, desperately needs to understand Islam better, and in the face
of this need previous reference works are woefullv inadequate. At the height of
the ...

Author: Cyril Glassé

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 0759101906

Category: Religion

Page: 534

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A comprehensive reference work covering the different aspects of Islamic civilization, with maps showing the faith's spread over the centuries, and charts of the different branches of Islam.
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Political Islam

Political Islam

Sami Zubaida How applicable are the classic concepts of "state" and "politics" to
the world of Islam? The current prominence of Islamic politics and the
establishment of an Islamic Republic in Iran poses this question anew. On this
point there is ...

Author: Joel Beinin

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520204484

Category: History

Page: 395

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The essays and case studies collected here—featuring some of the best material from Middle East Report over the past decade as well as much original material—challenge the facile generalizations about what Western media and political establishments usually call "Islamic fundamentalism." The authors demonstrate the complexity of these movements and offer complementary and contrasting interpretations of their origins and significance. The material included covers a broad range of themes—including democracy and civil society, gender relations and popular culture—as they have emerged in countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
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In brief, in addition to the numerous signs recognized and upheld in or by
normative Islam, Muslim societies and cultures have developed and cultivated a
great variety of local religious symbolisms and symbols. They arose in part out of
the ...

Author: Jacques Waardenburg

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110171783

Category: History

Page: 436

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This work presents some 20 essays on different aspects of Islam in history and the present. Throughout the book the author shows the links between the religious and other interpretations and uses made in Islam and the contexts in which they are made.
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Islam in Nineteenth Century Wallo Ethiopia

Islam in Nineteenth Century Wallo  Ethiopia

1800 - 1850 ) Our principal concern in this chapter is to seek the roots of the
dynamic upsurge of reformist Islam that found expression in the expansion and
consolidation of the mystical orders , and in the establishment of centres of
Islamic ...

Author: Hussein Ahmed

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004119094

Category: Social Science

Page: 228

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After a brief overview of the geography, early history of Wallo and the settlement of the Oromo in the region, the book analyzes the introduction and expansion of Islam from both regional and national perspectives, the significance and impact of Islamic revival and reform associated with Sufism, the role of Islam in the rise and consolidation of regional Muslim dynasties, Islam and trade, and the reaction of Muslim scholars to the imposition of Christianity.
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Art of Islam

Art of Islam

Aniconism. The. prohibition of images in Islam applies, strictly speaking, only to
the image of the Divinity; it stands, therefore, in the perspective of the decalogue,
or more exactly of Abrahamic monotheism, which Islam sees itself as renewing.

Author: Titus Burckhardt

Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc

ISBN: 9781933316659

Category: Art

Page: 239

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Modernization Democracy and Islam

Modernization  Democracy  and Islam

Islam. and. Modernity: Are. They. Compatible? Tamara. Sonn. Modernity is an
equivocal term. In the West, where the term developed, "modernity" is often
confused with "modernism," although the two are not synonymous. "Modernity"
generally ...

Author: Shireen Hunter

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0275985113

Category: Political Science

Page: 361

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This book addresses the multifaceted causes of the slow progress in the Muslim world of both modernization and democratization, and suggests remedies grounded in a keen awareness of the challenges facing both Islam and the West.
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The New Voices of Islam

The New Voices of Islam

CHAPTER 9 Women and the Rise of Islam Leila Ahmed Born in Cairo in 1940 ,
Leila Ahmed received a doctorate degree from the University of Cambridge and
was later appointed to professorships first at the University of Massachusetts ...

Author: Mehran Kamrava

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520250990

Category: History

Page: 291

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"Mehran Kamrava has compiled a selection from some of the leading Muslim reformist thinkers whose voices have often been muted and marginalized. These essays introduce the reader to the nuances of the unfolding drama surrounding the issues of religion, politics and the public space across the Muslim World, revealing the richness as well as the limitations of these new attempts to synthesize Islam and modernity. This is a must-read for all those interested in hearing the new voices and seeing the other face of Islam."--Manochehr Dorraj, Professor of Political Science, Texas Christian University "The New Voices of Islam is a fine collection that effectively answers the question: where are the reformist voices in Islam? Mehran Kamrava has done an excellent job of presenting the global diversity of Muslim thinking from North Africa to Southeast Asia, Europe to America."--John L. Esposito, University Professor and Founding Director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University "Western public concern about Islamic extremism is almost wholly uninformed by the views of the reforming intellectuals gathered together in Mehran Kamrava's very important book The New Voices of Islam. These men and women, living both within the Islamic world and in Europe and America, have been struggling for a modern, pluralist, tolerant and democratic transformation of the Muslim world years before the crises of 9/11 and 7/7. Their collective message deserves the widest exposure, particularly within western political circles where it has, sadly, gone unheeded."--David Waines, Emeritus Professor of Islamic Studies, Lancaster University "This volume contains not the voices of Muslim governments and Islamist oppositions but the work of Muslim mavericks--refreshing in their originality, searing in their critiques, reassuring in their rationality. These voices deserve a wider audience in the West, and this book responds to that need. But also, and most especially, they deserve the attention of Muslims everywhere. Government repression and Islamist pressures unfortunately obstruct general access to such unconventional ideas in many Muslim states."--Robert D Lee, Professor of Political Science, Colorado College
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Schooling Islam

Schooling Islam

Islamic. Education. in. Britain: Approaches. to. Religious. Knowledge. in. a.
Pluralistic. Society. Peter Mandaville As A minority ... A phenomenon,
predominantly, of postcolonial migration, the presence and public perception of
Islam in the UK is ...

Author: Robert W. Hefner

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691129339

Category: Religion

Page: 277

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The contributors provide new insights into Muslim culture and politics in countries as different as Morocco, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.
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Islam in South East Asia

Islam in South East Asia

ISLAM AND LITERATURE IN SOUTH - EAST ASIA Some pre - modern , mainly
Javanese perspectives * A . DAY The title of my essay is meant to indicate at the
very outset and more precisely than titles often do the tentativeness of what I plan

Author: M. B. Hooker

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004089837

Category: Religion

Page: 262

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Interpreting Islam

Interpreting Islam

IDEOLOGICAL DIMENSIONS OF ISLAM A critical paradigm llyas Ba-Yunus
Despite the pioneering leads by Marx (1867), Weber (1904) and Durkheim (1964
[1912]), the sociology of religion has been until recently one of the least
developed ...

Author: Hastings Donnan

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761954228

Category: Social Science

Page: 196

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Islam is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the West. Myths and stereotypes surround it. This clear and penetrating volume helps readers to make sense of Islam. It offers a penetrating guide to the diversity and richness of contemporary knowledge about Islam and Muslim society. Throughout, the emphasis is upon the value of pluralistic approaches to Islam, rather than condensing complexity with unifying concepts such as `Orientalism'. Interdisciplinary in scope and organization, the book cuts through the bewildering and seemingly anarchic diversity of contemporary knowledge about Islam and Muslim society. The methodological difficulties and advantages of Western researchers focusing on Islam are fully documented. The book demonstrates how gender, age, status and `insider' / `outsider' status impacts upon research and inflects research findings.
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Islam Fundamentalism and the Betrayal of Tradition

Islam  Fundamentalism  and the Betrayal of Tradition

In the post-September 11th environment there is an urgent need for a clear
enunciation of the views of traditional Islam in regard to jihåd, so-called “holy war.
” The first matter which needs to be made clear is that jihåd is not simply fighting
or ...

Author: Joseph E. B. Lumbard

Publisher: World Wisdom, Inc

ISBN: 9781933316666

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 338

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How has fundamentalism betrayed the true spirit of Islam?
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Islam in Bangladesh

Islam in Bangladesh

In the present study we have tried to use these incisive methodological weapons
to construct perhaps the first socio - political study of Islam in Bangladesh .
Although Bangladesh is the second largest Muslim state in the world , with
Muslims in ...

Author: U. A. B. Razia Akter Banu

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004094970

Category: Religion

Page: 194

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This study, done within the comprehensive Weberian framework, focuses on religion and social change in Bangladesh through an imaginative use of qualitative as well as quantitative methods of modern social research. It first provides a sociological interpretation of the origin and development of Islam in Bengal using historical and literary works on Bengal. The main contribution is based on two sample surveys conducted by Mrs. Banu in 20 villages of Bangladesh and in three areas in the metropolitan Dhaka city. Using these survey data, she gives a sociological analysis of Islamic religious beliefs and practices in contemporary Bangladesh, and more importantly, she studies the impact of the Islamic religious beliefs on the socio- economic development and political culture in present-day Bangladesh. She also shows how Islam compares with modern education in social 'transforming capacity'. This careful and rigorous work is a notable contribution to sociology of religion and helps to deepen our understanding of the interactions between religious and social changes common to many parts of the Third World.
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