It s Not Only Rock n Roll Iconic Musicians Reveal the Source of their Creativity

It s Not Only Rock  n  Roll   Iconic Musicians Reveal the Source of their Creativity

Psychologist Jenny Boyd has probed the minds and souls of these artists and has delved into the drive to create, the importance of nurturing creativity, the role of unconscious influences and the effects of chemicals and drugs on the ...

Author: Dr Jenny Boyd

Publisher: Kings Road Publishing

ISBN: 9781782197911

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

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'I was amazed at how many people have shared an experience I though was so rare' - Eric ClaptonIn this exciting and inspiring book, 75 of the world's most iconic musicians reveal - many for the first time - their thoughts on creating music. Psychologist Jenny Boyd has probed the minds and souls of these artists and has delved into the drive to create, the importance of nurturing creativity, the role of unconscious influences and the effects of chemicals and drugs on the creative process.Music legends who contributed exclusive interviews include: ERIC CLAPTON - GEORGE HARRISON - JULIAN LENNON - JACKSON BROWNE - DAVID CROSBY - STEPHEN STILLS - GRAHAM NASH - DON HENLEY - HANK MARVIN - KEITH RICHARDS - RAVI SHANKAR - RINGO STARR - STEVE WINWOOD - MICK FLEETWOOD - STEVIE NICKS - JONI MITCHELLWith candid photographs and in-depth analysis of what makes great musicians tick, this is the ultimate book for any music fan.
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It s Not Only Rock n Roll Baby

It s Not Only Rock  n  Roll Baby

Featured artists include: Huang Yong Ping, Shen Yuan, Pascale Marthine Tayou (originally from China and Cameroon), Fiona Tan (Indonesian ChineseAustralian), Maria Thereza Alves (Brasilan), Jimmie Durham (Native American), Adel Abdessemed ...

Author: Jérôme Sans

Publisher: Bom Pub

ISBN: UCSD:31822035564129

Category: Art

Page: 205

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Featured artists include: Huang Yong Ping, Shen Yuan, Pascale Marthine Tayou (originally from China and Cameroon), Fiona Tan (Indonesian ChineseAustralian), Maria Thereza Alves (Brasilan), Jimmie Durham (Native American), Adel Abdessemed (Algerian), Argelia & Allora y Calzadilla (American-Cuban).
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The 33 1 3 B sides

The 33 1 3 B sides

It's Only Rock 'n Roll is an essential B-side because the critics are partially correct
it does not belong in the same category as the Stones' best work—but it is an
outstanding record of signature rock and roll from the genre's best practitioners, ...

Author: Will Stockton

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501342448

Category: Music

Page: 264

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If given another chance to write for the series, which albums would 33 1/3 authors focus on the second time around? This anthology features compact essays from past 33 1/3 authors on albums that consume them, but about which they did not write. It explores often overlooked and underrated albums that may not have inspired their 33 1/3 books, but have played a large part in their own musical cultivation. Questions central to the essays include: How has this album influenced your worldview? How does this album intersect with your other creative and critical pursuits? How does this album index a particular moment in cultural history? In your own personal history? Why is the album perhaps under-the-radar, or a buried treasure? Why can't you stop listening to it? Bringing together 33 1/3's rich array of writers, critics, and scholars, this collection probes our taste in albums, our longing for certain tunes, and our desire to hit repeat--all while creating an expansive "must-listen" list for readers in search of unexplored musical territories.
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The Mammoth Book of the Rolling Stones

The Mammoth Book of the Rolling Stones

Released on 25 October as the album's second US single with “Dance Little
Sister” on the flip – the first Stones coverjob issued on 45 since “Time Is on My
Side”in 1964– it made no.17. “Till theNext Goodbye” follows “It's Only Rock 'n Roll
(But ...

Author: Sean Egan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781780336473

Category: Music

Page: 160

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'The greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world!' This vainglorious introduction given to The Rolling Stones on stage by an excitable roadie was almost immediately accepted as a simple statement of fact. It was already evident that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Co. were, as their first manager Andrew Loog Oldham had claimed, 'a way of life'. The Stones' defiance of convention made them the figureheads of a questioning new generation, and drove the Establishment to imprison them. This enduring rebel aura and the unmistakeable craft evident in classic records such as Satisfaction, Honky Tonk Women and Brown Sugar ensured subsequent generations of diehard fans, establishing the band as the biggest box office attraction the world has ever seen. The Mammoth Book of The Rolling Stones provides a comprehensive collection of reviews, analysis, interviews and exposés - both archive and contemporary, favourable and critical, concise and epic - of these extraordinary cultural icons as they pass the astonishing milestone of 50 years as rock's pre-eminent band.
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Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll

They LOVED “Open the Door Richard.” It's not only Rock but RAP. Much of the
song bounces off the dozens, with groovy ghetto guys scoring off one another,
and slamming the jerk landlord. By this time, the Pre-Rock mood is enhanced by
Carl ...

Author: Maury Dean

Publisher: Algora Publishing

ISBN: 9780875862279

Category: Electronic books

Page: 728

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An appreciation of Rock-n-Roll, song by song, from its roots and its inspriations to its divergent recent trends. A work of rough genius; DeanOCOs attempt to make connections though time and across genres is laudable."
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Rock n Roll

Rock  n  Roll

But that play is not Rock 'n' Roll. If it were, if the playwright didn't ... That's why I
named him Ferdinand. In the first draft, ... Not only that, I had met two of the other
three (as well as Havel) when I first went to Prague in 1977. Pavel Landovsky, an

Author: Tom Stoppard

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571301355

Category: Drama

Page: 144

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Tom Stoppard's provocative new play spans the recent history of Czechoslovakia between the Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution - but from the double perspective of Prague, where a rock 'n' roll band came to symbolise resistance to the regime, and the British left, represented by a Communist philosopher at Cambridge. Rock 'n' Roll premieres at The Royal Court Theatre, London, in June 2006 and is part of the 50th anniversary programme.
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A retrospective of twenty years of rock-and-roll history as recorded by the popular genre magazine features more than 25,000 iconoclastic photographs, articles, and graphic artist illustrations, including contributions from Lester Bangs, ...

Author: Robert Matheu

Publisher: Collins Living

ISBN: UOM:39015071321262

Category: Art

Page: 271

View: 586

A retrospective of twenty years of rock-and-roll history as recorded by the popular genre magazine features more than 25,000 iconoclastic photographs, articles, and graphic artist illustrations, including contributions from Lester Bangs, Dave Marsh, Greil Marcus, Robert Crumb, Robert Christgau, and Cameron Crowe. 40,000 first printing.
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How the Beatles Destroyed Rock n Roll

How the Beatles Destroyed Rock  n  Roll

... and the title song did not have the faintest touch of rock'n'roll: Set to a melody
from the mid-nineteenth century, it was ... But it helps explain why he had not only
sixteen number one singles in six years but also seven number one LPs, would ...

Author: Elijah Wald

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199712137

Category: Music

Page: 336

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"There are no definitive histories," writes Elijah Wald, in this provocative reassessment of American popular music, "because the past keeps looking different as the present changes." Earlier musical styles sound different to us today because we hear them through the musical filter of other styles that came after them, all the way through funk and hip hop. As its blasphemous title suggests, How the Beatles Destroyed Rock 'n' Roll rejects the conventional pieties of mainstream jazz and rock history. Rather than concentrating on those traditionally favored styles, the book traces the evolution of popular music through developing tastes, trends and technologies--including the role of records, radio, jukeboxes and television --to give a fuller, more balanced account of the broad variety of music that captivated listeners over the course of the twentieth century. Wald revisits original sources--recordings, period articles, memoirs, and interviews--to highlight how music was actually heard and experienced over the years. And in a refreshing departure from more typical histories, he focuses on the world of working musicians and ordinary listeners rather than stars and specialists. He looks for example at the evolution of jazz as dance music, and rock 'n' roll through the eyes of the screaming, twisting teenage girls who made up the bulk of its early audience. Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and the Beatles are all here, but Wald also discusses less familiar names like Paul Whiteman, Guy Lombardo, Mitch Miller, Jo Stafford, Frankie Avalon, and the Shirelles, who in some cases were far more popular than those bright stars we all know today, and who more accurately represent the mainstream of their times. Written with verve and style, How the Beatles Destroyed Rock 'n' Roll shakes up our staid notions of music history and helps us hear American popular music with new ears.
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The Rolling Stones and Philosophy

The Rolling Stones and Philosophy

Keith clearly meant to keep rock'n'roll's primal and visceral appeal from being
contaminated by—or even co-opted by—headier, brainier sensibilities. After all,
it's only rock'n'roll. No matter how much we like it, it's not going to come to our ...

Author: Luke Dick

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 9780812697599

Category: Philosophy

Page: 288

View: 780

From their commanding role in the so-called British Invasion of the early 1960s to their status as the elder statesmen (and British Knight) of rock and roll, the Stones have become more than an evanescent phenomenon in pop culture. They have become a touchstone not only for the history of our times—their performance at the Altamont Raceway marked the "end of the sixties," while their 1990 concert in Prague helped Czechoslovakia and other eastern bloc nations celebrate their newfound freedom (and satisfaction) out from under Moscow’s thumb. Because of their longevity, the music and career of the Stones—much more than The Beatles—stand as touchstones in the personal lives of even casual Stones fans. Everyone of a certain age remembers the Stones on Ed Sullivan, the death of founder Brian Jones, their favorite songs, concerts, or videos, and their stance in the classic “Beatles versus Stones” debates. In the wake of Keith Richards’s bestselling autobiography, Life (2010), many are now reliving these events and decades from the viewpoint of the band’s endearing and seemingly death-defying guitarist. The chapters in The Rolling Stones and Philosophy celebrate the Stones’ place in our lives by digging into the controversies, the symbols, and meanings the band and its songs have for so many. What might you mean (and what did Mick mean) by “sympathy for the Devil”? Did the Stones share any of the blame for the deaths at Altamont, as critic Lester Bangs charged they did in Rolling Stone magazine? What theories of ethics and personality lay behind the good-boy image of the Beatles and the bad-boy reputation the Stones acquired? If Keith Richards really had his blood replaced four separate times, does that make him a zombie? How do the Glimmer Twins help us refine our understanding of friendship? Written by a dozen philosophers and scholars who adore the Rolling Stones not only for their music, this book will become required reading for anyone seeking maximum satisfaction from "the world's greatest rock and roll band."
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Shifting Places

Shifting Places

... the Photographs Alexander Streitberger. Extensions: Peter Downsbrough,
Takahiko Iimura, Michael Snow. Organized by Work in progress, Bourges (F)
2008 Film program curated by Xavier Garcia-Bardon in It's Not only Rock 'n Roll,

Author: Alexander Streitberger

Publisher: Leuven University Press

ISBN: 9789058678720

Category: Photography

Page: 188

View: 968

This book provides, for the first time, a profound insight into Peter Downsbrough's diverse and complex use of photography within his artistic work over the last 40 years.
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It s Only Rock n Roll

It s Only Rock  n  Roll

It was redemptive. It was what Andy Warhol would call Business Art. A form of art
that redeemed Commerce, a form of Commerce that redeemed art. He
collaborated with artists with whom he had a deep affinity. It's not the usual

Author: Lynn McLanahan Herbert


ISBN: UCSD:31822037359445

Category: Photography, Artistic

Page: 15

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Rock n Roll Myths

Rock  n  Roll Myths

The fifty - seven stories in Rock ' n ' Roll Myths cover a wide range of artists and
topics — birth and death , sex and murder , drugs and alcohol . ... They are , for
the most part , not true but have been spread for so long , and so far , that they
continue to pop up and be accepted as fact ... Through research and personal
contact , we've tried to get to the bottom of each story and not only ascertain the
truth but ...

Author: Gary Graff

Publisher: Voyageur Press

ISBN: 9781610585712

Category: Music

Page: 240

View: 920

It's perhaps the relative modernity of rock 'n' roll that makes the genre a minefield of myths and legends accepted as truth. History hasn't had time to dissect the bunk. Until now. Discover the real stories behind rock's biggest crocks, how they came to be but why they have persisted. Did Cass Elliott really asphyxiate herself with a ham sandwich? Did the Beatles spark a spliff in Buckingham? Did Willie Nelson do the same in the White House? Did Keith Richards get a complete "oil change" at a Swiss clinic in 1973 to pass a drug test necessary to embark on an American tour with the Stones? Then there's the freaky (did Michael Jackson own the remains of the Elephant Man?), the quasi-medical (Rod Stewart and that stomach pump?), the culinary (did Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne really do all those things to bats, chickens, etc. onstage?), and the apocryphal (did Robert Johnson sell his soul to the Prince of Darkness in exchange for mastery of the blues?). In all, more than 50 enduring lies are examined, explained, and debunked.
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Baby Boomer Rock n Roll Fans

Baby Boomer Rock  n  Roll Fans

In discussing the important place rock 'n' roll has in the everyday lives of baby
boomers, I have in fact taken the reader on a ... As is commonly the case, the
baby boomer seeks and even achieves peace—not only with him or herself and
the world, but with rock 'n' roll itself. The value of adhering to strict definitions and
styles of rock 'n' roll quickly diminishes as the old timer concludes: it's all good
and it's ...

Author: Joseph A. Kotarba

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780810884830

Category: History

Page: 143

View: 951

Based on 18 years of sociological research and 52 years of rock 'n' roll fandom, Baby Boomer Rock 'n' Roll Fans: The Music Never Ends draws on data collected from participant observations and interviews with artists, fans, and producers to explore our aging rock culture through the filter of symbolic interactionist theory.
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Tom Petty Rock n Roll Guardian

Tom Petty  Rock    n    Roll Guardian

For Mike, these sessions were vitally important to his future – not only as a rock
guitarist but also as a songwriter, producer and arranger in his own right. It's at
this point that Tom and Mike began collaborating and writing music together on a

Author: Andrea M. Rotondo

Publisher: Omnibus Press

ISBN: 9780857128683

Category: Music

Page: 384

View: 277

Tom Petty: Rock 'n' Roll Guardian is the first intimate portrait of one of rock’s most enduring figures. Songs like American Girl, The Waiting and I Won’t Back Down have touched people from all walks of life because he sung about what he knew – love won, love lost and hardship overcome. Tom Petty’s predisposition to find trouble was always matched by his steely determination to overcome it. After shaky beginnings with his first band, Tom Petty steered his way through bankruptcy, drama and personal loss – including the deaths of his bandmates Roy Orbison, George Harrison and Heartbreakers bassist Howie Epstein – to forge a lasting impact on the world, selling more than 80 million records worldwide. In the wake of his death, this celebratory Omnibus Enhanced edition now features curated Spotify playlists of his early influences, his collaborations and his greatest songs. Additionally, an interactive Digital Timeline of his life charts his uncertain path with video footage of interviews, live performances and more. Born too late to be in the vanguard of rock ’n’ roll first time round, he has nonetheless proved a truly memorable keeper of the flame. This is his remarkable story...
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History of Rock n Roll in Ten Songs

History of Rock  n  Roll in Ten Songs

The only thing that rock & roll did not get from country and blues was a sense of
consequences,” the writer Bill Flanagan ... hit—a song lost by its composer,
Richard Berry, in the throat-cutting smalllabel competition that ruled rock 'n' roll in
Los ...

Author: Greil Marcus

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300190304

Category: Music

Page: 321

View: 847

The legendary critic and author of Mystery Train “ingeniously retells the tale of rock and roll” (Publishers Weekly, starred review). Unlike previous versions of rock ’n’ roll history, this book omits almost every iconic performer and ignores the storied events and turning points everyone knows. Instead, in a daring stroke, Greil Marcus selects ten songs and dramatizes how each embodies rock ’n’ roll as a thing in itself, in the story it tells, inhabits, and acts out—a new language, something new under the sun. “Transmission” by Joy Division. “All I Could Do Was Cry” by Etta James and then Beyoncé. “To Know Him Is to Love Him,” first by the Teddy Bears and almost half a century later by Amy Winehouse. In Marcus’s hands these and other songs tell the story of the music, which is, at bottom, the story of the desire for freedom in all its unruly and liberating glory. Slipping the constraints of chronology, Marcus braids together past and present, holding up to the light the ways that these striking songs fall through time and circumstance, gaining momentum and meaning, astonishing us by upending our presumptions and prejudices. This book, by a founder of contemporary rock criticism—and its most gifted and incisive practitioner—is destined to become an enduring classic. “One of the epic figures in rock writing.”—The New York Times Book Review “Marcus is our greatest cultural critic, not only because of what he says but also, as with rock-and-roll itself, how he says it.”—The Washington Post Winner of the Deems Taylor Virgil Thomson Award in Music Criticism, given by the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers
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Rancid Aphrodisiac

Rancid Aphrodisiac

Subjectivity, Desire, and Rock 'n' Roll Mickey Vallee ... Recall the surplus of
educational films that not only morally regulated women through a series of
domesticating routines, but ... the irrational fear that eventually found its way into
the jouissance of rock music (Denisoff 1983); it was the identification of Rock 'n'
roll with a ...

Author: Mickey Vallee

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781623560140

Category: Music

Page: 160

View: 284

It has been sixty years since Rock 'n' Roll exploded into the mainstream, yet we remain limited in our understanding of how its bawdy excesses absorbed into the annals of mass popularity in such a short amount of time. Mickey Vallee asks: what if the Rock 'n' Roll eruption was nothing less than postwar consumer capitalism at its very best, precisely because it was taken as its very worst? Vallee explores the emergence of Rock 'n' Roll's from an entirely new theoretical disposition in order to answer this question, drawing mainly from Lacanian cultural psychoanalysis to reveal that Rock 'n' Roll was far more conformist than we are generally led to believe; namely, that it was conformist with emerging liberal principles of freedom from the tyranny of the state. Vallee supports this proposition with detailed analyses of familiar (and not-so-familiar) characters and texts in Rock 'n' Roll to suggest that the disruption of our symbolic economy was symptomatic of a new cultural logic of economic freedom. While not denying Rock 'n' Roll's role in the pre-civil rights movement, Vallee refuses the possibility to deny that Rock 'n' Roll's symbolic efficacy ultimately coordinated a neoliberal foundation to the ideology of individualism in its rhythm, instrumentation, lyrics, and vocals, where its power was at its most effective and affective.
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The Life of the Cosmos

The Life of the Cosmos

As the universe is supposed to have been only about a million years old at the
time of decoupling, and as nothing can travel ... background radiation was rock 'n'
roll, and not only rock 'n' roll, but the same Cosmic Top Ten: The Beatles,
Madonna, Bruce Springstein, Gianna Nannini, etc. ... This may seem ridiculous,
but it is not much more ridiculous than what is actually seen: many regions which,
if we ...

Author: Lee Smolin

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199839360

Category: Science

Page: 368

View: 728

Lee Smolin offers a new theory of the universe that is at once elegant, comprehensive, and radically different from anything proposed before. Smolin posits that a process of self organization like that of biological evolution shapes the universe, as it develops and eventually reproduces through black holes, each of which may result in a new big bang and a new universe. Natural selection may guide the appearance of the laws of physics, favoring those universes which best reproduce. The result would be a cosmology according to which life is a natural consequence of the fundamental principles on which the universe has been built, and a science that would give us a picture of the universe in which, as the author writes, "the occurrence of novelty, indeed the perpetual birth of novelty, can be understood." Smolin is one of the leading cosmologists at work today, and he writes with an expertise and force of argument that will command attention throughout the world of physics. But it is the humanity and sharp clarity of his prose that offers access for the layperson to the mind bending space at the forefront of today's physics.
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All You Need is Love

All You Need is Love

IT'S ONLY ROCK 'N' ROLL for a few hours or even a few minutes when you hear
a favorite song on the radio. ... It is not salvation as many have believed,
especially as did its first generation of true believers, but it is a force that helped
to ...

Author: Pete Fornatale

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780684845296

Category: Music

Page: 224

View: 750

Offers a collection of rock lyrics as a foundation for more than one hundred healing and uplifting meditations
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Rock n America

Rock n America

The movie “marked the beginning of rock and roll's full breakthrough as a popular
music form among the young . ... and the Penguins' “Earth Angel,” both
mentioned as contenders for the first rock 'n' roll song, belong to doo-wop, the
one genre that was not influenced by country music. ... Its name refers to being a “
cat,” a “hep cat,” or just one who was “hip”—a white person drawn to the music of
blacks. It was ... Both “Sh-Boom” and “Earth Angel” were hits, and not only on the
R&B chart.

Author: Deena Weinstein

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9781442600188

Category: Music

Page: 368

View: 763

What is rock? This book offers a new and systematic approach to understanding rock by applying sociological concepts in a historical context. Deena Weinstein, a rock critic, journalist, and academic, starts by outlining an original approach to understanding rock, explaining how the form has developed through a complex and ever-changing set of relations between artists, fans, and mediators. She then traces the history of rock in America through its distinctive eras, from rock's precursors to rock in the digital age. The book includes suggested listening lists to accompany each chapter, a detailed filmography of movies about rock, and a wide range of visuals and fascinating anecdotes. Never separating rock music from the social, political, economic, and cultural changes in America's history, Rock'n America provides a comprehensive overview of the genre and a new way of appreciating its place in American society.
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Real Punks Don t Wear Black

Real Punks Don t Wear Black

He said , “ I don ' t want any of you — you ' re not my girl . ” ☆ HERO OF FEAR Of
course , back in college I wasn ' t only thinking about Calvinists , I was thinking
about rock ' n ' roll , and not just the music but the term rock ' n ' roll — as in the ...

Author: Frank Kogan

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820327530

Category: Music

Page: 347

View: 967

More than thirty years of the author's commentary on music and culture is sampled in this collection of contentious and perceptive writings that examine such diverse topics as Mariah Carey, Public Enemy, Disco, hip-hop, The New York Dolls, Europop, metal, and more. Simultaneous.
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