Just One More Thing Doc Further Farmyard Adventures of a Maine Veterinarian

Just One More Thing  Doc  Further Farmyard Adventures of a Maine Veterinarian

Brad Brown is back with a second set of stories just as entertaining and fascinating as his first book.

Author: Bradford B. Brown

Publisher: Tilbury House Publishers and Cadent Publishing

ISBN: 9780884483489

Category: Nature

Page: 160

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Brad Brown is back with a second set of stories just as entertaining and fascinating as his first book. Whether he's escaping the personal vendetta of a bull named Killer (I was a matador without a cape), entangled with a rabid cow, chasing a stallion (well, not quite, anymore...) through downtown Bangor, performing heart surgery in an arena, or having a close encounter?while airborne?with a B-52 bomber, this vet regards it all as part of a (long) working day.
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More Things In Heaven and Earth

More Things In Heaven and Earth

The alcohol had taken the edge off his anger, making him modestly jovial,
randomly philosophic. “Ah. You just need some stouter medicine. Knox was a
good man. But it was time. Doesn't mean you're a bad doc.” John took another
large ...

Author: Jeff High

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101618363

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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FIRST IN A NEW SERIES! Tucked away in the rolling Tennessee countryside is the charming community of Watervalley, whose inhabitants are quirky and captivating and more surprising than you might expect… As an ambitious young doctor with a penchant for research, Luke Bradford never wanted to set up practice in a remote rural town. But to pay back his student loans and to fulfill a promise from his past, he heads for Watervalley, Tennessee—and immediately stumbles into one disaster after another. Will he be labeled the town idiot before he’s even introduced as the new doctor? Very quickly he faces some big challenges—from resuscitating a three-hundred-pound farmer who goes into cardiac arrest to not getting shot by a local misanthrope for trespassing. He expects the people of Watervalley to be simple, but finds his relationships with them are complicated, whether he’s interacting with his bossy but devout housekeeper, the attractive schoolteacher he consistently alienates, or the mysterious kid next door who climbs trees while wearing a bike helmet. When a baffling flu epidemic hits Watervalley, Luke faces his ultimate test. Whether the community embraces him or not, it’s his responsibility to save them. And he’ll soon discover that while living in a small town may not be what he wants, it may be just what he needs… READERS GUIDE INCLUDED For stories, recipes, and anecdotes from your favorite Watervalley characters, visit watervalleybooks.com.
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Best Film Plays 1945

Best Film Plays  1945

DOC WHITE . Yes ? TED ( weakly ) . When you said " no TED ( bluntly ) . How
high are you knee , " you weren ' t ... Okay , but have a close view of TED and the
NURSES just one more thing , Doc . as one of them wipes the perspiration from
his ...

Author: John Gassner

Publisher: Dissertations-G

ISBN: UOM:39015047432169

Category: Motion picture plays

Page: 648

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Categories: Motion picture plays

Snow Fury

Snow Fury

More likely a strong alkali -something like quicklime with a strong affinity for
moisture . But that just doesn't seem to make sense in this case . It would have
affected ... Just one more thing , Doc , ” McEwen said . “ You say Bailey had been
dead ...

Author: Richard Holden

Publisher: Permabooks

ISBN: OSU:32435068345446

Category: Science fiction, American

Page: 186

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Categories: Science fiction, American

Heart to Heart an Insider s Guide for Open heart Surgery Patients and Loved Ones

Heart to Heart   an Insider s Guide for Open heart Surgery Patients and Loved Ones

Have a good Christmas . ” As we readied to leave , he invited us to call him
anytime if we had more questions . Irene thanked him . I pulled a Columbo : “ Just
one more thing , doc . ” It was a point my older brother , waiting to have bypass ...

Author: Doug Clark

Publisher: Prentice Hall Canada

ISBN: 0130314730

Category: Heart

Page: 192

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Swan Dive

Swan Dive

Cookie ? Cindy made ' em , and I get whatever doesn ' t fit it my kids lunch box . ”
Just one more thing , Doc , if you could . ” Henry winced . “ Well if someone has
to okay it , that probably means it ' s a public document and you could see it .

Author: Michael Burke

Publisher: Caravel Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105132224721

Category: Fiction

Page: 171

View: 102

Fiction. SWAN DIVE focuses on "Blue" Heron, a down-and-out detective with a roaming eye who gets much too involved in a complex business deal, a deal which results in embezzlement, swindling, sexual misconduct, and murder. Along the way, Blue discovers a great deal about himself while trying to understand the subterfuge. One of his problems is that he often gets too entranced with whatever woman is nearest to be able to concentrate on the job he's being paid to do. That makes for trouble.
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The Big Wheels

The Big Wheels

Just one more thing , Doc . Don't make the mistake of getting in our way . ” “ It's a
free country , Beaver , ” I said . “ And one thing sure , if you change that slug , it
won't be Rabbit who'll get caught . ” After the door closed , Skeet said , “ Beaver ...

Author: William E. Huntsberry


ISBN: UOM:39015024086582

Category: School stories

Page: 158

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Six high school seniors decide to work together to gain secret control of all the various clubs and elections that are a part of their student life.
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American Book Publishing Record

American Book Publishing Record

54 Junkyard dreams ( Boyer ) FIC A just defense of the natural freedom of slaves
all slaves should be free ( 1682 ) . 306 . 362097 Just generosity . 362 . 580973
Just living wages for Fiji . 331 . 299611 Just one more thing , doc . 636 . 089092 ...



ISBN: UOM:39015066180442

Category: American literature


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Categories: American literature

Doc s Legacy

Doc s Legacy

I ' ve got to ask you one more question . ” “ Shoot . ” “ What did you mean when
you said some people think you ' re weird ? ” “ Not me so much . They think my
grandmother is a little strange . ... Just one more thing , ” Christina said quickly .

Author: Leonard Wise

Publisher: Eagle Publishing Corporation

ISBN: 0931933161

Category: Iowa

Page: 410

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Categories: Iowa

Just One More Thing

Just One More Thing

He has portrayed the beloved Lt. Columbo since the 1970s, winning four Emmys. The series was so successful that ten years after it's demise, 'Columbo' was re-launched, bringing Falk to a new generation of viewers.

Author: Peter Falk

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780091795733

Category: Television actors and actresses

Page: 280

View: 526

In JUST ONE MORE THING, Peter Falk takes us on an acting journey that begins not in Hollywood but in Hartford, where he worked as a management analyst for the Connecticut State Budget Bureau. His time there was no more successful than an earlier attempt to find work with the Central Intelligence Agency. At loose ends, Falk turned to an old college interest: acting. He came to prominence as an actor in 1956 in the highly successful Off-Broadway revival of The Iceman Cometh with Jason Robards. Although he worked continuously for the next three years, bouncing from one Off-Broadway theater to the next, a theatrical agent advised him not to expect much work in motion pictures because of his glass eye. Surgeons had removed his right eye, along with a malignant tumor, when he was three years old. But in 1958, the actor made the jump to Hollywood, where he landed his first movie, Murder Incorporated, and was nominated for an Oscar. Next came Frank Capra's A Pocketful of Miracles starring Bette Davis, which garnered Falk his second Oscar nomination. Falk was a favorite among moviegoers during the 1960s, admired for his roles in classic comedies such as It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and The Great Race. However, it was through his collaboration with filmmaker John Cassavetes that Falk entered into his most creative period in 1970. Motion pictures such as Husbands and A Woman Under the Influence helped launch the independent film movement. Nevertheless, Falk continued to act in light film comedies, including The In-Laws and Neil Simon's The Cheap Detective and Murder by Death, among others. Yet it was through television that Falk reached his widest audience. He has portrayed the beloved Lt. Columbo since the 1970s, winning four Emmys. The series was so successful that ten years after it's demise, Columbo was re-launched, bringing Falk to a new generation of viewers. JUST ONE MORE THING also chronicles the author's more recent work, such as movie appearances in A Shark's Tale and Paul Reiser's The Thing About My Folks, as well stories of growing up in New York, Hollywood and Broadway luminaries, and the author's accomplished passion for drawing and painting.
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At the Hands of Another

At the Hands of Another

I put a hand on my chest, trying to sound shocked. “I'd never imply anything like
that. Why should I?” “Then what are you getting at?” He was barely in control now
. “Not a thing, doc. Just making conversation.” “Well, I'm afraid I'm too busy to ...

Author: Arthur Lyons

Publisher: Henry Holt & Company

ISBN: 0030596165

Category: Fiction

Page: 231

View: 612

Reluctantly accepting a case to investigate the death of the husband of an ex-lover, Jacob Asch discovers a web of deadly complexity involving a man of great wealth with no visible means of support and indications that the deceased died of a rare disease he had no chance of contracting.
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Doc Susie

Doc Susie

Within a few days , when her pride was sufficiently mended , Doc hobbled over to
Hulda Wilson ' s house for afternoon coffee . “ Susie , I know it ' s ... Hulda , I have
to live with a lot of nonsense and this is just one more thing . Ignore it Pride of ...

Author: Virginia Cornell

Publisher: Ivy Books

ISBN: 0804109567

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 235

View: 883

Follows the real-life triumphs of Susan Anderson, a 1907 woman doctor who warded off death and the pain of a broken heart by packing a gun, journeying on horseback to heal Colorado's sick, and fighting exploitative railway management. Reprint.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

The New Yorker

The New Yorker

To be a restaurateur was the perfect business for me . ... There's just one more
thing , over onto his back . ... and Aikins for the Coronation Ball . ” still couldn't find
any pulse . " Hey , Doc ? ” Aikins felt a hand on Aikins saw the 1st Platoon medic

Author: Harold Wallace Ross


ISBN: IND:30000080739612

Category: Electronic journals


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Categories: Electronic journals

My Time in Hell

My Time in Hell

Doc Hogan was there but off to one side . He wasn ' t in on this . The Jap doc
drew a line with something red , from the point of the prisoner ' s hip straight down
to the spine , then went in with a needle and ... Just one more thing to worry about

Author: Andrew D. Carson

Publisher: McFarland Publishing

ISBN: UCSD:31822025553819

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 254

View: 909

When Andrew Carson joined the United States Army in 1941, he was promised good food, travel, a supply of clothing, a place to sleep, and thirty dollars a month. Within seven weeks, Private Carson was shipped to the Philippines--with no boot camp, no training, not one minute of close order drill. Captured by the Japanese less than one year later, the young soldier endured the hardships of the Cabanatuan prison camps, nearly died from dysentery, and then was put aboard a Japanese hellship bound for Japan. There, he worked in the Fukuoa coal mines, a virtual slave laborer until Japan surrendered. This is the harrowing tale of one man's survival, and how he came through the ordeal with dignity and respect for his fellow soldiers.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

Village Chronicle

Village Chronicle

Regarding the deep circles under Joel's eyes and the visible signs of loss of
weight , he said : “ That sounds like a fine idea . You run down there for a month
... There's just one other thing , Doc , ” he said hesitantly . “ Eleanor hasn't said
much ...

Author: James McConnaughey


ISBN: UCAL:$B301224

Category: African American college students

Page: 357

View: 916

"A young professor at the University of North Carolina champions a student with negro blood." Cf. Hanna, A. Mirror for the nation
Categories: African American college students

Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinician

Veterinary Medicine  Small Animal Clinician

INTRAMEDULLARY ... Tukwila Branch Seattle , Washington 98188 ( 206 ) 243-
7173 other is to What enzyme supplement is recommended for inadequate ...
One more thing , Doc .



ISBN: CHI:13449757

Category: Domestic animals


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Categories: Domestic animals

Four sided Triangle

Four sided Triangle

She believed she would have come to love you , and liked the idea of sharing a
home with you . So you see , my ... for a little while . Then he said : “ I ' m sorry I
was so touchy about it , Doc . ... He said only one more thing before he turned in .

Author: William Frederick Temple


ISBN: STANFORD:36105127939085

Category: Science fiction

Page: 239

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Categories: Science fiction



Bureau of the Budget had before it for consideration, and our opinion was asked.
... Just one more thing, Mr. Chairman, I would like to insert in the record, the
communication from the President of the ... (The document is as follows:) [H. Doc.

Author: United States. Congress. House


ISBN: UOM:35112104234226



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False Positive

False Positive

"Well, it's just that Dawn said they gave her one prescription and told her she
might need a surgical procedure after that. It sounded ... Or maybe she just didn't
take the prostaglandin." Bethany ... "Yeah, but just one more thing about what we
were talking about. I'd be the last doc to defend the VIP clinic, but here's my

Author: William Cutrer

Publisher: Waterbrook Press

ISBN: 1578565677

Category: Fiction

Page: 327

View: 873

Second-year medical resident Julien "Red" Richison becomes suspicious about the medical practices of a nearby abortion clinic after a woman is rushed to the emergency room suffering from massive blood loss.
Categories: Fiction

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine

DOC : Oh , we just upgraded that . ... DOC : Oh sure , we have another stall set up
as an enema room . ... One more thing : Not long after I started veterinary school ,
I visited my former employer so I could examine skin scrapings from my dog .



ISBN: UCLA:L0090263476

Category: Domestic animals


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Categories: Domestic animals