The Faith That Does Justice

The Faith That Does Justice

Faith and Justice There are two sets of texts in Paul which group faith and justice. In the first set justice is joined with faith and Jesus Christ (e.g., Rom. 3:22, “the justice of God through faith in Jesus Christ”; cf. Phil.

Author: John C. Haughey

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781597525695

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The essays in this volume address a closely interconnected set of questions: To be true to its mission, what function is the Church meant to perform? What does the faith of Christians contribute to the human perception of justice? What is the theological significance of action undertaken by Christians for political or social transformation? Is justice to be looked on as one of the moral virtues that it is incumbent on Christians to practice or has it a more intrinsic link to the gift of faith which Christians have received? Does the following of Christ call Christians away from social systems into Òthe new creation or is the call extended to them to concern themselves with the social systems which shape human beings? -- from the Foreword Contributors include: -Avery Dulles -William Dych -John Donahue -John Langan -David Hollenbach -Richard Roach -William Walsh
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Faith Hope Love and Justice

Faith  Hope  Love  and Justice

Equally important, faith stimulates hope because if you trust in God (fiducia) it will lead you to believe that God will bring about the best, that there will be justice. Faith, in my opinion, ought also to be a stimulus to love.

Author: Anselm K. Min

Publisher: Lexington Books

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Faith, hope, and love, traditionally called theological virtues, are central to Christianity. This book renews faith, hope, and love in the context of the many contemporary challenges in many unique ways. It is an ecumenical collection of papers, equally divided between Catholic and Protestant positions, that seek to radically renew the classical doctrine of faith, hope, and love, and argues for their essential connection to the praxis of justice. It contains eight different approaches, each represented by a distinguished theologian and addressing different aspects of the issues and followed by insightful and critical responses. It does not merely seek to renew the theological virtues but to also reconstruct them in the demanding context of justice and the contemporary world, nor is it simply a treatise on justice but a theoretical and practical reflection on justice as vital expressions of faith in God, hope in God, and love of God. A non-dogmatic and non-ideological approach, it accommodates both conservative and liberal positions, and avoids the separation of the theological virtues from the demands of the contemporary world as well as the separation of justice talk from the theological context of faith, hope, and love. It seeks above all to renew, not merely repeat, the classical doctrine of faith, hope, and love in the contemporary context of the urgency of justice, and to do so ecumenically, comprehensively, and from a variety of perspectives and aspects.
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Doing Faith Justice

Doing Faith Justice

Other negative reactions to the pastoral on economic justice were fed by a variety of ideological and theological positions that sharply divide the world of socioeconomicpolitical realities from the world of religion and church.


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A highly readable survey of Catholic social justice from Genesis to Solidarity, written against the author's autobiographical background of the changing South from the fifties to the eighties.

Christian Faith Justice and a Politics of Mercy

Christian Faith  Justice  and a Politics of Mercy

prehends the symmetry of justice, faith is required to apprehend the asymmetry of mercy and its deviation from justice's standard model. Justice requires the asymmetrical, unmerited benefits of God's mercy; it requires benevolent faith ...

Author: James E. Gilman

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739186862

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This book assumes that the most profound moral conflict today is between two virtues—justice and mercy—and argues that these two virtues are organically linked through the common experience of compassion. In an unjust world, justice cannot establish itself but requires projects of merciful benevolence to subvert injustice and to establish justice fully, not only as liberal procedural justice but also as egalitarian economic justice.
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Faith Based Health Justice

Faith Based Health Justice

Transforming Agendas of Faith Communities Ville Päivänsalo, Ayesha Ahmad, George Zachariah, Mari Stenlund. Faith-Based Health Justice Transforming Agendas of Faith Communities Ville Päivänsalo, Ayesha Ahmad, George Zachariah, ...

Author: Ville PŠivŠnsalo

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 9781506465432

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In Faith-Based Health Justice, a stellar assembly of scholars mines critical insights into the promotion of health justice across Christian and Islamic faith traditions and beyond. Contributors to the volume consider what health justice might mean today, if developed in accordance with faith traditions whose commandment to care for the poor, ill, and marginalized lies at the core of their theology. And what kind of transformation of both faith traditions and public policies would be needed in the face of the health justice challenges in our turbulent time? Contributors to the volume come from a wide range of backgrounds, and the result will be of interest to scholars and students in social ethics, development studies, global theology, interreligious studies, and global health as well as experts, practitioners, and policy-makers in health and development work.
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Ecology Justice and Christian Faith

Ecology  Justice  and Christian Faith

The question of how to define humanity's position in the cosmic order is , however , a sharply contested one in the ecology - justice - faith literature . Ideas of humans ' unique dignity and status have traditionally undergirded ...

Author: Peter W. Bakken

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313290733

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The first comprehensive and critical overview of Christian perspectives on the relationship between social justice and ecological integrity, this annotated bibliography focuses on works that include ecological issues, social-ethical values and problems, and explicitly theological or religious reflection on ecological and social ethics and their interrelations. This body of moral reflection on the relationship between ecological ethics and social and economic justice (sometimes called eco-justice) will be of interest to those involved in religious education, research, liturgical renewal, public policy recommendations, community action, lay witness, and personal life-style transformation. The work is comprised of an introductory review essay followed by over 500 complete annotations. As a contemporary subject, much has been written in the past 30 years about the Christian approaches to the relationship between ecological integrity and social justice. The literature comes from a variety of disciplines and perspectives: from biblical studies to philosophical theology and cultural criticism; and from evangelical theory to process, feminist, and creation-centered theologies. Although there have been significant movements and developments in this literature, much writing seems unaware of other or earlier discussions of the interrelationships. This volume brings all the works together.
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Peace Through Justice

Peace Through Justice

Author: Louise Marie Prochaska

Publisher: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill School Publishing Company

ISBN: 0026558270

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Social Justice and Social Work

Social Justice and Social Work

SOCIAL JUSTICE AND RELIGION SARAH ACCOMAZZO, MEGAN MOORE, AND SIROJ SIROJUDIN 1 As is the custom, the encyclicals are divided into. ost modern democratic nation-states have Mbeen generally successful in separating religion and the state ...

Author: Michael J. Austin

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483324418

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Social Justice and Social Work: Rediscovering a Core Value of the Profession introduces and connects social justice to the core values of social work across the curriculum. This unique and timely book, edited by Michael J. Austin, presents the history and philosophy that supports social justice and ties it to ethical concepts that will help readers understand social justice as a core social work value. The book further conveys the importance of amplifying client voice; explores organization-based advocacy; and describes how an understanding of social justice can inform practice and outlines implications for education and practice.
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