KNOCK KNOCK WHO S THERE 5 Detective Hamilton Cleek Riddles in One Premium Edition Mystery Crime Series

KNOCK  KNOCK  WHO S THERE      5 Detective Hamilton Cleek Riddles in One Premium Edition  Mystery   Crime Series

Then I heard your knocking again, and I think I lost my head—I thought it might be the police. I know I was mad, but I just made a dash for the window and was out and through it like a shot!" "H'mn—then there was someone else in the ...

Author: Thomas W. Hanshew

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788026866268

Category: Fiction

Page: 876

View: 174

Categories: Fiction

Knock Knock Knock and Other Stories

Knock  Knock  Knock and Other Stories

"Someone is knocking again!" I could not help laughing. "No, excuse me, Ilya Stepanitch! This time it is your nerves. You see, it is getting light. In ten minutes the sun will be up--it is past three o'clock--and ghosts have no power in ...

Author: Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547177579

Category: Fiction

Page: 175

View: 159

DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "Knock, Knock, Knock and Other Stories" by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.
Categories: Fiction

Knock Knock

Knock Knock

They knock. They wave to SAM, embarrassed. Back at the door, knocking again.) HAZMAT: (Quietly:) Mom. Mommmm...can you buzz me in? (End of scene.) 5. The Robbery (As LOGAN is approaches the next door, someone comes out wearing a ski ...

Author: Jason Pizzarello

Publisher: Stage Partners


Category: Drama


View: 971

When you deliver packages, anyone might be behind your next door, from your elementary school teacher to a burglar on the job. Jaded veteran Logan thinks she's seen it all, while newbie Sam is convinced attitude is everything. The only sure thing in this job? They're both going to be surprised. Knock Knock is a rapid-fire comedy that delivers. Comedy One-act. 30-45 minutes 4-23 actors, gender flexible
Categories: Drama

Knock Knock Jokes For Kids 5 7 Years Old Squeaky Clean Family Fun with Over 500 Funny Silly and Clean Jokes for Smart Children with trick questions brain teasers riddles

Knock Knock Jokes For Kids 5 7 Years Old  Squeaky Clean Family Fun  with Over 500 Funny  Silly and Clean Jokes for Smart Children  with trick questions  brain teasers  riddles

I'm starving! 54: Knock, knock. “Who's there?” Hip. “Hip who?” Hippopotamus is my full name but it's quicker if you just call me Hip. 55: Knock, knock. “Who's there?” Goose! “Goose who?” Goose who's knocking again.


Publisher: Mary Miler


Category: Humor

Page: 109

View: 104

Are you looking for a perfect present to please your little comedian? Welcome to one of the best books about jokes you’ll ever find. Congratulations for having such fantastic taste in books, by the way. The jokes in this book aren’t just any jokes. They are the best kind of jokes and the best kind of jokes are the kind where a door is involved. That’s right! The jokes in this book are knock-knock jokes. Knock Knock Jokes For Kids is perfect for: Children (and adults) who love to have a good laugh Hours of fun for the whole family Keeping kids engaged and entertained when you most need it Making those long car trips more fun, and get a giggle for yourself along the way Any time you want to laugh and have fun with the special kids in your life Interacting with children when you can’t play outside! Early readers to practice word recognition and to encourage them to read Reluctant readers to encourage them to read more Children to improve their memory and creativity Cheering you up with funny and clean jokes after a hard day We have everything: Jokes about food, because what’s funnier than food? Jokes about animals, which isn’t difficult seeing as they’re pretty funny on their own. Even jokes about something as silly as shoes. Shoes are very silly and it’s easy to make jokes about them. Bonus Q&A jokes and riddles included! Let’s go knock on some doors! Get this book and join in the fun with the children in your life! There's nothing like laughter to bring you together and help make memories!
Categories: Humor

Meeting Place of the Dead

Meeting Place of the Dead

Victoria headed tothe cellar alone again. “Can you knock again?” Victoria asked. Therewasan immediate response —a distantknock. [Her digital voicerecorder capturesa woohoo.] Peter heardthe knocking as well. “Didyou hear that?

Author: Richard Palmisano

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 9781459728479

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 232

View: 662

Paranormal investigator Richard Palmisano tells of a haunting rooted in century-old crime, and the most terrifying malicious spirits he has ever encountered. Come with us as we investigate a place that has so many spirits it is impossible to even hazard a count. A place that seems warm and inviting, but this is only an illusion — a ghostly trap to lure you in. On this journey we discover hidden secrets, violent ghosts who find enjoyment in attacking the living, and entities that disguise themselves as children. Discover why a paranormal investigation group with more than thirty years of experience had to shut down its investigations and walk away from an incredibly haunted property. Paranormal investigator Richard Palmisano recounts the most sinister case he has ever faced. Join him in discovering the hidden secrets of malicious ghosts who lash out against the living, beings who mask themselves in false innocence, and a house so haunted Palmisano was forced to walk away forever.
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Two Knock Ghost

The Two Knock Ghost

Then knock, knock again like explosive devices and a different terror besieged me. The devil moved only his savage face toward the door. He seemed to be listening for more knocks. I thought if he heard them he would open the bedroom ...

Author: Jeff Lombardo

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781524540500

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 510

The Two-Knock Ghost is the story about a good man, a psychologist, who slowly slips into alcoholism after the death of his parents and his paternal grandparents on their way home from his twenty-fourth birthday party. They are killed by a drunk driver. After thirty years of drinking to anesthetize his emotional pain, his wife, a nurse and a great person, asks him to leave because he is not the man she married. She says shell wait for him, but he needs to get his act together before she accepts him back. He leaves in shock, not having a clue that hes an alcoholic. While living away, he is troubled by dreams of the devil, whom he doesnt believe in in conscious life, and by a pesky ghost that knocks twice in many of his dreams but never comes in and reveals itself. It is the story of his personal search for answers and the truth about himself and what or who the two-knock ghost really is.
Categories: Fiction

Orson Welles on Shakespeare

Orson Welles on Shakespeare

From outside the gates comes a double knock . Stopping . ) I hear a knocking ! ( She listens for a moment , then turns quickly and runs up the battlements and exits into the tower . Wind . The knocking again , louder . ) ...

Author: Orson Welles

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415937264

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 342

View: 875

First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Categories: Performing Arts

The Head of the Serpent

The Head of the Serpent

Knock... Knock,” again came the sound at the door, but this time even louder. Ethylene, dressed in her rose-garden poem attire swung open the door in greetings. “Huh?” she thought. No one was there and the hallway appeared to be empty.

Author: W.C. Gorski

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

ISBN: 9781662921728

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 497

View: 457

Prelude Question: Could it be that the future is really our past, one linked to the other in an inseparable bond, traveling endlessly in circular patterns throughout time and space, repeating itself over and over, each time manifesting itself in a familiar but uniquely distinct manner? There is an old adage that says throughout life, you can count your true friends on the fingers of one hand. It’s not about who you pretend to be that forms the bond, a boastful show of wealth or good works, but rather who you really are that matters. In the end, there is only one true friend who willingly gave His life to save yours. Not much was asked in return. It was a gift, given by grace. Past or present, what you do with that gift it is up to you. It just may determine your future… “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana circa 1905 approx. “To everything, there is a Season and a Time to every Purpose Under Heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV Preface An Obelisk unearthed by the Dwarven Army mystically projected a warning, revealed in a drifting vapor from within its solid granite walls. It was a warning originally carved in stone, written by the ancients in Sumerian text long before the time of the Troll Wars. An old Monk received a visit in the form of a heaven sent apparition. A glimmering image of a close friend, a spirit long passed, sent to convey a similar warning. Both carried the same message… Beware the Head of the Serpent! The Sword of Leahanna had become detached, no longer linked to the Pearl or any one person, sent to rest deep within the waters of Lake A’Lithander in the heart of the Elfin forest of I’Thillianne. For the Sword, it would be a time of healing. A new Pearl would be cultivated and nurtured. Its power soon to return. The diabolical plans of the Devil and his army of Demonic Monsters had been foiled and put asunder due to the combined efforts of the Roluk Hordes, Elfin Forces, three Wizards, the Sword of Leahanna and of course, by the very Hand of the Lord Himself. The Evil One had been sealed within the portal of the second heaven. The door had been slammed shut for a Time, Times and Half-a-Time. Only the Head of the Serpent remained. The driving force of Evil was now in chains. All seemed to be good… But Not So Fast! The seed of perdition had already been cast, set in place by a long dead Evil Wizard. Little-by-little it began to grow in power; taking the form of a vile and evil creature that came to be known as the Beast. Slowly this beast tightened its grip upon the inhabitants of the Realm, starting with Westshire and the lesser known provinces. Population control through debt and coercion would entice those unaware to do its bidding. None ensnared by its cruel monetary policies could buy, sell or prosper without its mark or the number of its name. In turn, it would use its ill-gotten gains to finance the ongoing war between good and evil. The Head of the Serpent began to take control. For it was said, Who is likened onto the Beast… Who will worship the number of his name? In Norsada to the North, Thargor was back in power with a new mission, signing a non-aggression pact and combining forces with Gog and the Trolls. Meanwhile, the Muzoule militia had been pouring in the Southern borders near the Hill Country, bankrolled by an evil cabal of a New World Order aligned with power-hungry criminal elements and hidden spies. Their aim was to over-run the territories of the Realm and enslave its inhabitants, setting-up its Throne of Evil near the Temple of I’Thillianne. If successful, the Dark Tower would once again become the new beacon of power. It would be up to the Allied powers to put an end to it. As a unified force, they would employ new weapons and new assault tactics; neither Kholta-Kahn, K’Leander, Jorax nor King Hagar and Queen Czarkov would make it easy for them.
Categories: Young Adult Fiction

A Bird Watcher s Guide to Woodpeckers

A Bird Watcher s Guide to Woodpeckers

I heard someone knocking. I answered the door, but no one was there. I sat down and then heard it again: “Knock-knock-knock!” I ran to the door. Again, no one was there! I thought my neighbor Toni was playing a trick on me when I heard ...

Author: Grace Elora

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP

ISBN: 9781538203484

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 456

"Woodpeckers are usually easier to hear than they are to spot. Their pointed beak hammers into tree bark at a speed of 25 miles (40 km) per hour. They're looking for some tasty bugs to eat in the inner layers of a tree. There's so much more to a woodpecker's interesting life, and readers will find all they need to know in this instructive and entertaining book, a bird-watcher's journal of woodpecker info. Cool facts and amazing photographs are the stars of this must-read."
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction



After taking a slow deep breath, I approach the door to the motel room, knock three times, and wait. Nothing happens. I knock again, louder this time. “Dad, it's me! Open up.” No sounds of movement on the other side. Did he fall asleep?

Author: Carl Hiaasen

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9781529017182

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 429

Squirm is a funny, wildly entertaining adventure about the great outdoors and protecting the environment, from New York Times bestselling author Carl Hiaasen, author of modern classic, Hoot. Some facts about Billy Dickens: * He once saw a biker swerve across the road in order to run over a snake. * Later, that motorcycle somehow ended up at the bottom of a canal. * Billy isn't the type to let things go. Some facts about Billy's family: * They've lived in six different Florida towns because Billy's mum insists on getting a house near a bald eagle nest. * Billy's dad left when he was four and is a total mystery. * Billy has just found his dad's address – in Montana. This summer, Billy will fly across the country, hike a mountain, float a river, dodge a grizzly bear, shoot down a spy drone, save a neighbour's cat, save an endangered panther, and then try to save his own father.
Categories: Juvenile Fiction