Laughter in the Living Room

Laughter in the Living Room

For more than fifty years some very funny people have been entering American homes through television's big picture window.

Author: Michael Tueth

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 0820468452

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 241

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For more than fifty years some very funny people have been entering American homes through television's big picture window. From Lucy and Uncle Miltie, to Archie Bunker and Marge Simpson, certain comic stars of television history have become not just cultural icons, but friends of the family. This comprehensive study of the most successful television comedies - including domestic sitcoms, workplace comedies, variety shows, late-night comedy, animated comedy, and more - reveals that, unlike the comedy found in film, on stage, in comedy clubs and concert halls, television's presentation of comic characters and stories must negotiate a relationship with the more privatized and value-laden environment of each American home that it enters.
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Freedom in Laughter

Freedom in Laughter

and wait in the living room. Cosby, you go down to Third Street, catch the J bus,
have [the driver] open the doors at Nineteenth Street, [and] I'll fake it to ya. There
was always that one fat kid they'd never throw it to who says, “What about me?

Author: Malcolm Frierson

Publisher: Suny Press

ISBN: 9781438479071

Category: History

Page: 192

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"In this groundbreaking study, author Malcolm Frierson moves comedy from the margins to the center of the American Civil Rights Movements. Freedom in Laughter: Dick Gregory, Bill Cosby, and the Civil Rights Movement reveals how stand-up comedians Dick Gregory and Bill Cosby used their increasing mainstream success to advance political issues, albeit differently. After exploring Gregory's and Cosby's adolescent experiences in St. Louis and Philadelphia, respectively, Frierson juxtaposes the comedians' diverging humor and activism. The fiery Gregory focused on the politics of race, something that won him respectability at the expense of his career in the long term. Cosby focused on the politics of respectability and catapulted to television and film stardom, although militant blacks repeatedly questioned his image. Yet both, Frierson argues, carried the aims of the black struggle for freedom. An epilogue considers the comedians' post-civil rights era trajectories. Accessibly written and peppered with Gregory's and Cosby's original material, Freedom in Laughter may be enjoyed by academics, history buffs, and anyone interested in American popular culture"--
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OUR PRIZE COMPETITIONS . A famous European prima donna who visited the
No. IV . United States not many years ago was exceedingly We offer a Prize of
one guinea ( £ 1 Is . ) for the best quiet in her tastes and her manner of living ,
and ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112037334353

Category: English wit and humor


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Living and Coping with Epilepsy My Way

Living and Coping with Epilepsy  My Way

We all like to have a good laugh, but do we do it enough? Laughter is such a
positive thing; it generates positive energy, opens your heart and elevates your
vibrations. If you're feeling low having a good laugh releases feel good hormones

Author: Cara Coles

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781782797456

Category: Self-Help

Page: 114

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You really can have anything you want out of life, no matter what. Living and Coping with Epilepsy, My Way is about the author's journey living and dealing with epilepsy, finding the law of attraction, and how her life has changed since then.
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Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

Norman Lear has held up has said he gets as much pleasure planning a mirror to
American society and changed a large building as he does designing a spat the
way we look at it . From Archie Bunker's ula . ( Laughter ) living room in Queens ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112047463374

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Living with Love Laughter Lemonade

Living with Love  Laughter   Lemonade

Their names were Steven and Marissa , and for whatever reason , they shared a
bond that no one understood . ... For hours they gathered wood , hammered
Living with Love , Laughter 4 Lemonade No Such Thing As Coincidence by
Chandra ...

Author: Paul S. Bodner

Publisher: Dad's Lemonade Stand Incorporated

ISBN: 0974302511

Category: Self-Help

Page: 177

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As part of a scholarship contest, over 7,000 stories were submitted and judged by an editorial board based upon story and style. 97 entries were selected to be published, with a byline credit awarded to the winning authors. Yuba City, California student Britt Flaherty wrote the winning story. Her story is a moving, emotional tribute to a teacher who made a difference that will last forever. "Everyone has had a teacher who really made a difference in their lives," said Bodner. "This book is unique because we publish the words as they were written, in the voice of the young person. It is a positive, appreciative voice that is honest and emotional, and it carries a message that makes us all appreciate those who are supportive in our lives."
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Laughter Salad

Laughter Salad

She expected me to be very attentive, and I found myself sitting up a little
straighter, pen poised and ready to take down her thoughts. I began to draw as
ideas started coming about changes that could be made to my friend's house. I
didn't ...

Author: Kimberly Ann Borin, Edd

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475937534

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 204

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Stories define our experiences and connect us to our global community. In "Laughter Salad," author Dr. Kimberly Ann Borin narrates the moments that have defined her life as an athlete, teacher, counselor, and traveler a mixture of laughter and nourishment. In this collection of inspirational true stories and playful art, Borin shares vignettes and times of synchronicity, serendipity, and miracles that bring us closer to our heart s desires reminders that we are exactly where we need to be. Including tales of her travels around the world, "Laughter Salad" tells of Borin riding her bicycle across the United States, running a fifty-mile race, healing from a concussion, and learning how to be a performance artist. Funny, sincere, humbling, and comforting, Borin s experiences remind us that we are precious and that we each have a gift to bring to the world. Through the stories told, "Laughter Salad" communicates that our journeys matter, and that along the way we offer gifts to make the world a better, brighter place."
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Storm Mountain

Storm Mountain

Eventually, Mom and Aunt Lizzy would be drawn into the room and join the
bedlam. Soon all six of the Taylors would be rolling and wrestling and laughing
on the living room floor, one big happy family. Hot tears welled up in Cat's eyes.

Author: Tom Birdseye

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781497645936

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 137

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Cat Taylor is furious when her cousin steals her father’s ashes to scatter on the mountain—but when they get caught in a blizzard, can the two work together to survive? Cat Taylor’s father and uncle, a famous search-and-rescue team, died on Storm Mountain two years ago, and Cat and her mother still can’t seem to move on. When her mom goes away on business for the weekend, Cat thinks she has the house to herself—until her cousin Ty suddenly shows up at her door, claiming his dad visited him in a dream and told him to scatter the two brothers’ ashes at the mountain’s summit. Cat refuses; how can Ty ask her to let go of her dad? But when she wakes up the next morning, Cat discovers that Ty has gone to Storm Mountain—and he took her father’s ashes with him. Determined to stop Ty before he does something crazy, Cat races up the mountain after him. But when a huge snowstorm rolls in and traps them, Cat and Ty realize they could be in more danger than they ever imagined.
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Looking for a Rain God and Other Short Stories from Africa

Looking for a Rain God and Other Short Stories from Africa

ukani was doing homework in his bedroom when voices in the livingroom slowly
filtered into his mind . He lifted his head to look ... There was another peal of
laughter from the living - room , and Vukani wondered again who the visitors
were .

Author: Ian Gordon


ISBN: IND:30000055890119

Category: Africa

Page: 192

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A collection of short stories from Africa covering a range of subjects, from the conflict between traditional and new ways of life and values, to the role of women in society. The main introduction provides a background for discussion, as well as ideas for students to use in their own writing.
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A Random Interruption Surviving Breast Cancer with Laughter Vodka Smoothies and an Attitude

A Random Interruption  Surviving Breast Cancer with Laughter  Vodka  Smoothies and an Attitude

Surviving Breast Cancer with Laughter, Vodka, Smoothies and an Attitude
Suzanne Zaccone. should experience ... to remain in the relative safety of the
living room, splayed out on the couch, waiting for the big reveal. Shere and I
enjoyed a ...

Author: Suzanne Zaccone

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465330635

Category: Medical

Page: 499

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Suzanne Zaccone, one of Americas most influential entrepreneurs, strips naked with a feisty and clear-eyed story of how she loses her breast and fights to get it back. Zaccone writes with an iron grip on the details, and reveals the secrets of cancer patients that are taboo and lost in translation. A Random Interruption is equipped with a dictionary of the language of breast cancer and a list of provocative questions to ask the doctors. World-renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Song adds a medical perspective to the book with a Doctors Corner. Raw and unflinching, Zaccones story is the stuff of other womens livesof mothers and daughters and sisters, and of the sisterhood that forms when women are united in battle against a common enemy. Dense, atmospheric and written with spectacular wit and style, A Random Interruption is a literary tour de force. All proceeds from this book will go to the Breast Cancer Center at the University of Chicago.
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The Yelverton Marriage Case Thelwall V Yelverton Comprising an Authentic Account of the Most Extraordinary Trial of Modern Times Etc Unabridged Copyright Edition

The Yelverton Marriage Case  Thelwall V  Yelverton  Comprising an Authentic     Account of the Most Extraordinary Trial of Modern Times  Etc   Unabridged Copyright Edition

I was in the sitting - room during their stay in the house Did they live there as man
and wife .. Mr. Whiteside - I object to that question . How can he tell ? Ask him did
he bring in the dinner ( laughter ) Court - There should be some other course to ...

Author: John THELWALL (Ironmaster.)


ISBN: BL:A0017685739



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Everygirl s Magazine

Everygirl s Magazine

And now they were all piling out , sign - like Anna Mary is in no need of such su -
" What ' s this ? ... The tentedly to play with her bare toes . ing Cousin Malcolm
stopped to get his laughter in the living room had drowned “ It ' s the Storey Farm

Author: Rowe Wright


ISBN: UOM:39015082315808



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Critical Dictionary of English Literature and British and American Authors Living and Deceased from the Earliest Accounts to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century

Critical Dictionary of English Literature  and British and American Authors  Living and Deceased  from the Earliest Accounts to the Middle of the Nineteenth Century

“Mr. Lowell has shown that he is a wit and humorist, in the o of his Biglow Papers.
He is the only American who as attempted to laugh down the oppressors of the
slave, the propagandists of slavery. Some of the Biglow poems are capital ...

Author: Samuel Austin Allibone


ISBN: BSB:BSB10730459


Page: 1321

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Laughter Love and a Barbershop Song

Laughter  Love  and a Barbershop Song

The living room and dining room had been converted into a single large sitting
room with a baby grand piano at one end , and in the room beyond was a bar .
Behind the bar was an attractive young lady , and as we looked around we saw a

Author: Fred Gielow

Publisher: Fred C Gielow

ISBN: UOM:39015013424315

Category: Music

Page: 294

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Categories: Music

A Treasury of Laughter

A Treasury of Laughter

Other neighbors who passed by our house often stopped in our yard and joined
us in laughter . Laughter was our only wealth . Father was a laughing man . He
would go into the living room and stand in front of the tall mirror , stretching his ...

Author: Stephen Leacock

Publisher: New York : Simon and Schuster

ISBN: UOM:39015001425381

Category: Wit and humor

Page: 712

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Consisting of humorous stories, poems, essays, tall tales, jokes etc.
Categories: Wit and humor

The Weeping and the Laughter

The Weeping and the Laughter

There I found that mother was unexpectedly sleeping in our living - room , so that
there was nowhere to take him except to a sitting - room let to a couple with a
baby . Although he had several hours to wait until his train left for Hull , the room ...

Author: Viva King


ISBN: UOM:39015002996968

Category: England

Page: 348

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Categories: England

Some Laughter Some Tears

Some Laughter  Some Tears

I , too , wanted to hear what Herr Hertzenhertz was talking about . I stole into a
corner of the living room , listened to Hertz Hertzenhertz laughing loudly , and
watched him smoking his thick , black , aromatic cigars . Suddenly Father came
over ...

Author: Sholem Aleichem

Publisher: New York : Paperback Library

ISBN: UCAL:B4929448

Category: Jews

Page: 239

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A collection of stories, sketches, monologues, and satire by the Yiddish humorist, showing adults and children in the act of being themselves in many situations--at school, at work, on holidays, and in railroad cars.
Categories: Jews

The Years of Grief and Laughter

The Years of Grief and Laughter

One could say figuratively that a bit of life has passed over from the dead to the
living and compels him towards its realization . " ! The Willow , who was sitting on
the sofa in the sunny livingroom where she did her writing , once again turned in

Author: Joan Thomas

Publisher: Book Publishing Company (TN)

ISBN: UOM:39015069766833


Page: 342

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Hard Laughter

Hard Laughter

And as for me , I promise you that I ' m not afraid of death , and I ' m not even ng '
that afraid of dying . But right now I ' m alive and living and I want to make one
thing crystal clear about euthanasia . " He ole ! paused and looked at us with
mock ...

Author: Anne Lamott

Publisher: Viking

ISBN: UCSC:32106012179484

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 290

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A sensitive and reflective twenty-four-year-old woman chronicles her family's confrontation with illness when it is discovered that her father suffers from an inoperable brain tumor
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