Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics

Lecture Notes on Quantum Mechanics

Author: Samuel D. Lindenbaum

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9810238398

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The chapters are not independent, but build on one another. Subjects range from the failures of classical theory to second quantization, including chapters on the Dirac theory and Feynman diagrams."--Pub. desc.
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Paediatrics Lecture Notes

Paediatrics Lecture Notes

0.639” 6.625 x 9.625” PAEDIATRICS Lecture Notes Paediatrics Lecture Notes covers the core aspects of caring for children in clinical practice, offering concise yet detailed information on examination, emergency care, nutrition, ...

Author: Jonathan C. Darling

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119552871

Category: Medical

Page: 400

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Paediatrics Lecture Notes covers the core aspects of caring for children in clinical practice, offering concise yet detailed information on examination, emergency care, nutrition, immunisation, infant and adolescent health, and more. Designed for medical students and junior doctors alike, this compact and easy-to-use textbook guides readers through each essential aspect of paediatric care, from normal and abnormal childhood development, to cardiology, gastroenterology and metabolic disorders. Throughout the text, key points, practice questions, treatment guides, learning logs and self-assessment tests help prepare readers for paediatric rotations and clinical examinations. Now in its tenth edition, this classic textbook features new and updated information that reflects changes in practice and recent advances in child and adolescent health. Providing a clear and accessible overview of paediatrics, this invaluable single-volume resource: Presents an overview of paediatrics, including expanded materials on genetics, differential diagnosis, investigation for common presentations, and treatment and management of various conditions Offers real-life advice and practical ways of gaining experience in paediatrics and career development Includes OSCE stations, examination review tips, extended matching questions and additional online learning resources Features an enhanced Symptom Sorter to quickly determine which conditions should feature in differential diagnoses Paediatrics Lecture Notes, Tenth Edition is a must-have guide for medical students and junior doctors in paediatric placements and preparing for clinical examinations.
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Lecture Notes In Investment Investment Fundamentals

Lecture Notes In Investment  Investment Fundamentals

ISSN: 2424-9955 Series Editor: Professor Itzhak Venezia This series provides high quality lecture note-type texts in all areas of finance, for courses at all levels: undergraduate, MBA and PhD. These accessible and affordable lecture ...

Author: Eliezer Z Prisman

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789811219573

Category: Business & Economics

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This is an introduction to an investment course that focuses on basic models used in the financial industry for investment and decision making. The course begins with an overview of the investment environment in developed markets, followed by a more in-depth analysis of key investment topics. These topics include modern portfolio theory, asset pricing models, term structure of interest rates, stock and bond portfolio management and evaluation of portfolio performance. Modern finance extensively uses the concept of arbitrage, or rather the lack of it in financial markets, and the course highlights such uses in different circumstances.The course takes a hands-on approach with the aid of a software package, Maple™, the details of which will be explained during the first lecture. Consequently, most lectures will be divided between a theoretical lecture and a lab — a practical implementation of the theoretical material of the lecture. The use of the Maple™ software in this course simulates, to a certain extent, a professional environment. It allows visualizations of different concepts, minimizes tedious algebraic calculations and the use of calculus while equipping students with intuitive understanding. This is facilitated by the symbolic power of Maple™ and its excellent graphic and animation capabilities.Institutional material is surveyed very concisely, so the reader gets an appreciation of the investment 'lay of the land'. It is enhanced by an eLearning unit, self-administrated quizzes as well as a stock market game, utilizing StockTrack™. StockTrack™ introduces students to trading in the real world by practicing different types of orders as well as introducing conventions common in the investment community.
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Lecture Notes On Mechanics Intermediate Level

Lecture Notes On Mechanics  Intermediate Level

3.1): rA/O = rA/O + rO /O . (3.1) Again, the notation “O /O” means O relative to O. Note that rO/O -rO/O . This gives us the equation for relative displacement. ... 30 Lecture Notes on Mechanics: Intermediate Level 3.3 Relative Motion.

Author: Lock Yue Chew

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789811213120

Category: Science

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This book is for students who are familiar with an introductory course in mechanics at the freshman level. With an emphasis on perspectives that are more fundamental and techniques more advanced than those given in most introductory mechanics textbooks, the book illuminates on notions where vectors are coordinate free, presents the importance of reference frames (inertial and non-inertial) to mechanics problems, the role of Galilean Relativity on invariance and covariance of physical quantities, a framework to perform calculations — free from the constraint of a fixed axis — in rotational dynamics, and others. Moreover, it provides clear links between concepts in mechanics and other branches of physics, such as thermodynamics and electrodynamics, so that students can possess a more complete view of what they learn within the confines of physics.
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Lecture Notes In Topics In Path Integrals And String Representations

Lecture Notes In Topics In Path Integrals And String Representations

... Path Integrals Representation - Continuous Random Geometry in Quantum Field Theory - Nova Science - (2007) [2] Luiz C.L. Botelho - Lecture Notes in Applied Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics - World Scientific - 2008.

Author: Botelho Luiz C L

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789813143487

Category: Science

Page: 244

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Functional Integrals is a well-established method in mathematical physics, especially those mathematical methods used in modern non-perturbative quantum field theory and string theory. This book presents a unique, original and modern treatment of strings representations on Bosonic Quantum Chromodynamics and Bosonization theory on 2d Gauge Field Models, besides of rigorous mathematical studies on the analytical regularization scheme on Euclidean quantum field path integrals and stochastic quantum field theory. It follows an analytic approach based on Loop space techniques, functional determinant exact evaluations and exactly solubility of four dimensional QCD loop wave equations through Elfin Botelho fermionic extrinsic self avoiding string path integrals.
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Lecture Notes on Turbulence and Coherent Structures in Fluids Plasmas and Nonlinear Media

Lecture Notes on Turbulence and Coherent Structures in Fluids  Plasmas and Nonlinear Media

Note: A, not X0, to emphasise that this is non-Gaussian perturbation theory. Then equating coefficients of each power of X: ... 2.5. Conclusion In these lectures we have considered the turbulence Renormalization and Statistical Methods 75.

Author: Michael Shats

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789812774071

Category: Science

Page: 396

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This book is based on the lectures delivered at the 19th Canberra International Physics Summer School held at the Australian National University in Canberra (Australia) in January 2006.The problem of turbulence and coherent structures is of key importance in many fields of science and engineering. It is an area which is vigorously researched across a diverse range of disciplines such as theoretical physics, oceanography, atmospheric science, magnetically confined plasma, nonlinear optics, etc. Modern studies in turbulence and coherent structures are based on a variety of theoretical concepts, numerical simulation techniques and experimental methods, which cannot be reviewed effectively by a single expert.The main goal of these lecture notes is to introduce state-of-the-art turbulence research in a variety of approaches (theoretical, numerical simulations and experiments) and applications (fluids, plasmas, geophysics, nonlinear optical media) by several experts. A smooth introduction is presented to readers who are not familiar with the field, while reviewing the most recent advances in the area. This collection of lectures will provide a useful review for both postgraduate students and researchers new to the advancements in this field, as well as specialists seeking to expand their knowledge across different areas of turbulence research.
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Lecture notes in pure and applied mathematics

Lecture notes in pure and applied mathematics

Note that d and 2 used in the appendix do not have the same meaning as in section 1. We apologize for using the same ... G. Cherlin, Model-Theoretic Algebra — Selected Topics, Springer Lecture Notes, No. 521, Heidelberg (1976). 3.



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London Mathematical Society lecture note series

London Mathematical Society lecture note series

LONDON MATH E MATICAL SOCIETY LECTURE NOT E SERIES Edited by Professor M.I.AMEs Mathematical Institute 24-29 S. Giles. ... The lecture notes are an expanded version of lectures given by the author at the University of Edinburgh in 1980 ...



ISBN: UCAL:B5111450



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Strategy Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities Second Edition

Strategy Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities  Second Edition

use existing lecture Notes Guided notes are most effective if created from existing lecture notes (Lazarus, 1996). Creating guided notes from existing lecture notes helps students follow both the lecture and the notes; each provides a ...

Author: Robert Reid

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 9781462511983

Category: Education

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"Practical and accessible, this book provides the first step-by-step guide to cognitive strategy instruction, which has been shown to be one of the most effective instructional techniques for students with learning problems. Presented are proven strategies that students can use to improve their self-regulated learning, study skills, and performance in specific content areas, including written language, reading, and math. Clear directions for teaching the strategies in the elementary or secondary classroom are accompanied by sample lesson plans and many concrete examples. Enhancing the book's hands-on utility are more than 20 reproducible worksheets and forms"--
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Nanoelectronics Circuits and Communication Systems

Nanoelectronics  Circuits and Communication Systems

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, ed. by V. Nath, J. Mandal, vol. 511 (Springer, Singapore, 2019), pp. 397–408 S. Anand, V. Nath, Study and design of smart embedded system for remote health monitoring using Internet of Things, ...

Author: Vijay Nath

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811528545

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 586

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This book features selected papers presented at the Fourth International Conference on Nanoelectronics, Circuits and Communication Systems (NCCS 2018). Covering topics such as MEMS and nanoelectronics, wireless communications, optical communications, instrumentation, signal processing, the Internet of Things, image processing, bioengineering, green energy, hybrid vehicles, environmental science, weather forecasting, cloud computing, renewable energy, RFID, CMOS sensors, actuators, transducers, telemetry systems, embedded systems, and sensor network applications in mines, it offers a valuable resource for young scholars, researchers, and academics alike.
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