The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez

The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez

Richard L. Spivey, María Montoya Martínez. EPILOGUE Maria's legacy is a significant one . In the first part of the twentieth century , Pueblo pottery making was in serious decline and economic conditions at the pueblos were at an all ...

Author: Richard L. Spivey


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Albuquerque Museum History Collection: Only in Albuquerque highlights the museum's rich history collection, drawing examples from thirty-five thousand artifacts, works of art, maps, and photographs.
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Medicine Education and the Arts in Contemporary Native America

Medicine  Education  and the Arts in Contemporary Native America

Maria Martinez, Pueblo Potter. Chicago: C.P. Press, 1992. Ankerberg, John F. and Richard Spivey. The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez. Santa Fe: Museum of New Mexico Press, 1995. Gonzalez, Doreen. Maria Martinez, Tewa Potter.

Author: Clifford E. Trafzer

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781666907032

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This book highlights indigenous American women throughout modern American history, countering past stereotypes by offering twenty original scholarly chapters featuring historical and biographical analyses of Native American women who excelled in education, health, medicine, and the arts.
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A Strange Mixture

A Strange Mixture

For representative examples, see Spivey, The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez; Kreischer, Maria Montoya Martinez, Master Potter; and Hyde, Maria Making Pottery; Peterson, The Living Tradition of María Martínez. 87.

Author: Sascha T. Scott

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806151519

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Attracted to the rich ceremonial life and unique architecture of the New Mexico pueblos, many early-twentieth-century artists depicted Pueblo peoples, places, and culture in paintings. These artists’ encounters with Pueblo Indians fostered their awareness of Native political struggles and led them to join with Pueblo communities to champion Indian rights. In this book, art historian Sascha T. Scott examines the ways in which non-Pueblo and Pueblo artists advocated for American Indian cultures by confronting some of the cultural, legal, and political issues of the day. Scott closely examines the work of five diverse artists, exploring how their art was shaped by and helped to shape Indian politics. She places the art within the context of the interwar period, 1915–30, a time when federal Indian policy shifted away from forced assimilation and toward preservation of Native cultures. Through careful analysis of paintings by Ernest L. Blumenschein, John Sloan, Marsden Hartley, and Awa Tsireh (Alfonso Roybal), Scott shows how their depictions of thriving Pueblo life and rituals promoted cultural preservation and challenged the pervasive romanticizing theme of the “vanishing Indian.” Georgia O’Keeffe’s images of Pueblo dances, which connect abstraction with lived experience, testify to the legacy of these political and aesthetic transformations. Scott makes use of anthropology, history, and indigenous studies in her art historical narrative. She is one of the first scholars to address varied responses to issues of cultural preservation by aesthetically and culturally diverse artists, including Pueblo painters. Beautifully designed, this book features nearly sixty artworks reproduced in full color.
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Global Clay

Global Clay

... The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez (Tokyo: Kodansha International, 1989); Alice Marriott, Maria: The Potter of San Ildefonso (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1987); Richard L. Spivey, The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez ...

Author: John A. Burrison

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253031891

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For over 25,000 years, humans across the globe have shaped, decorated, and fired clay. Despite great differences in location and time, universal themes appear in the world’s ceramic traditions, including religious influences, human and animal representations, and mortuary pottery. In Global Clay: Themes in World Ceramic Traditions, noted pottery scholar John A. Burrison explores the recurring artistic themes that tie humanity together, explaining how and why those themes appear again and again in worldwide ceramic traditions. The book is richly illustrated with over 200 full-color, cross-cultural illustrations of ceramics from prehistory to the present. Providing an introduction to different styles of folk pottery, extensive suggestions for further reading, and reflections on the future of traditional pottery around the world, Global Clay is sure to become a classic for all who love art and pottery and all who are intrigued by the human commonalities revealed through art.
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Proud Raven Panting Wolf

Proud Raven  Panting Wolf

Spivey, Richard L., Maria Montoya Martinez, and Herbert Lotz. The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez. Santa Fe: Museum of New Mexico Press, 2003. Steen, Harold K. The U.S. Forest Service: A History. Seattle: University of Washington Press ...

Author: Emily L. Moore

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295743943

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Among Southeast Alaska�s best-known tourist attractions are its totem parks, showcases for monumental wood sculptures by Tlingit and Haida artists. Although the art form is centuries old, the parks date back only to the waning years of the Great Depression, when the US government reversed its policy of suppressing Native practices and began to pay Tlingit and Haida communities to restore older totem poles and move them from ancestral villages into parks designed for tourists. Dramatically altering the patronage and display of historic Tlingit and Haida crests, this New Deal restoration project had two key aims: to provide economic aid to Native people during the Depression and to recast their traditional art as part of America�s heritage. Less evident is why Haida and Tlingit people agreed to lend their crest monuments to tourist attractions at a time when they were battling the US Forest Service for control of their traditional lands and resources. Drawing on interviews and government records, as well as the totem poles themselves, Emily Moore shows how Tlingit and Haida leaders were able to channel the New Deal promotion of Native art as national art into an assertion of their cultural and political rights. Just as they had for centuries, the poles affirmed the ancestral ties of Haida and Tlingit lineages to their lands.
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The Extraordinary Book of Native American Lists

The Extraordinary Book of Native American Lists

The Legacy of a Master Potter: Nampeyo and Her Descendants, by Mary Ellen Blair and Laurence R. Blair (1999). 10. The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez, by Richard L. Spivey (2003). 11. Lucy M. Lewis: American Indian Potter, ...

Author: Arlene B. Hirschfelder

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810877092

Category: History

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This is an extensively researched reference book on Native American accomplishments. Topics covered include Native American contributions to the performing arts, literature, art, history, sports, politics, education, military service, environmental issues, and many other areas. This book also features lists of Native languages, stereotypes, and myths. In addition, the authors provide a range of resources, links, and websites for readers to learn even more about each topic.
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New Mexico

New Mexico

Marilee Jantzer-White, “Tonita Peña (QuahAh), Pueblo Painter: Asserting Identity through Continuity and Change,” American Indian Quarterly 18 (Summer 1994). Richard L. Spivey, The Legacy of María Poveka Martinez (Santa Fe: Museum of New ...

Author: Richard Melzer

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 9781423616337

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In celebration of New Mexico’s statehood centenial, Richard Melzer focuses on the various social and political elements that have made the Land of Enchantment what it is today. Filled with images that document the past hundred years, New Mexico is a photographic delight accompanied by brief insightful essays that leave the reader in no doubt of a history that is both imposing and exciting in its scope. This book is also an official product of the state’s centennial celebration.
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Pottery of the Southwest

Pottery of the Southwest

Spivey, Richard, The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez, Museum of New Mexico, 2003. Stoeppelmann, Janet and Fernald, Mary, Dirt for Making Things, Northland, 1995. Trimble, Stephen, Talking with the Clay, School of American Research, ...

Author: Carol Hayes

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780747811091

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Native American pottery of the U.S. southwest has long been considered collectible and today can fetch many thousands of dollars per piece. Authors, collectors, and dealers Carol and Allen Hayes provide readers with a concise overview of the pottery of the southwest, from its origins in the Bastketmaker period (around 400 AD) to the Spanish entrada (1540 AD-1879 AD) to today's new masters. Readers will find dozens of color images depicting pottery from the Zuni, Hopi, Anasazi, and many other peoples. Maps help readers identify where these master potters and their peoples lived (i.e. the Pueblo a tribal group or area). Pottery of the Southwest will serve as a useful introduction as well as a lovely guide for enthusiasts.
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The Southwest

The Southwest

Reaves , William E. , Jr. Texas Art and a Wildcatter's Dream : Edgar B. Davis and the San Antonio Art League . College Station : Texas A & M University Press , 1998 . Spivey , Richard L. The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez .

Author: Mark Busby

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313328056

Category: History

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Provides alphabetically arranged entries on the architecture, art, ecology, folklore, food, religion, and recreation of each major United States region.
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Recreating First Contact

Recreating First Contact

The Legacy of Maria Poveka Martinez. Albuquerque: Museum ofNew Mexico Press. Stoler, A.L. 2009.Along theArchiveal Grain:Epistemic Anxieties and Colonial Common Sense. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. Wade, Edwin L. 1985.

Author: Joshua A. Bell

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution

ISBN: 9781935623243

Category: Social Science

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Recreating First Contact explores themes related to the proliferation of adventure travel which emerged during the early twentieth century and that were legitimized by their associations with popular views of anthropology. During this period, new transport and recording technologies, particularly the airplane and automobile and small, portable, still and motion-picture cameras, were utilized by a variety of expeditions to document the last untouched places of the globe and bring them home to eager audiences. These expeditions were frequently presented as first contact encounters and enchanted popular imagination. The various narratives encoded in the articles, books, films, exhibitions and lecture tours that these expeditions generated fed into pre-existing stereotypes about racial and technological difference, and helped to create them anew in popular culture. Through an unpacking of expeditions and their popular wakes, the essays (12 chapters, a preface, introduction and afterward) trace the complex but obscured relationships between anthropology, adventure travel and the cinematic imagination that the 1920s and 1930s engendered and how their myths have endured. The book further explores the effects - both positive and negative - of such expeditions on the discipline of anthropology itself. However, in doing so, this volume examines these impacts from a variety of national perspectives and thus through these different vantage points creates a more nuanced perspective on how expeditions were at once a global phenomenon but also culturally ordered.
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