Light Rolling Slowly Backwards

Light Rolling Slowly Backwards

This book is Ethna McKiernan's fifth and most ambitious collection of poetry. McKiernan, who has a gift for metaphor, gives us 120 poems in her latest volume, a third of which are new.

Author: Ethna McKiernan


ISBN: 1912561956

Category: Poetry

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This book is Ethna McKiernan's fifth and most ambitious collection of poetry. McKiernan, who has a gift for metaphor, gives us 120 poems in her latest volume, a third of which are new.
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Curse of the PTA

Curse of the PTA

She tried to roll forward, but this time I put out my knees to prevent any further incursion on my toes. “Now, girlie, don't be getting all ... “Hey,” she said, her face lighting up. ... Rolling slowly backward, she squinted at me.

Author: Laura Alden

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101599303

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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As the new PTA president, Beth Kennedy wants to make a difference in the lives of the students and faculty at Tarver Elementary. But with a killer on the loose, staying alive is the first order of business… With the book sales from their Story Project, the PTA has come into some money. Now they just have to decide how to spend it. With different factions vying for their own interests, Beth brings in financial consultant Dennis Halpern. But before they can come to a resolve, Dennis comes to his final end—shot to death right in the school. With the doors to the building unlocked, virtually anyone could have done the deed. And they soon discover that Dennis had plenty of secrets. Now locals are whispering that the PTA is cursed, and it’s up to Beth to catch the killer before she gets cashed out.
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Golden Heart Parade

Golden Heart Parade

own legs gave out—one knee simply buckled, and she rolled over herself onto the grass. ... A light mist had begun. ... With the gearbox in neutral, he let the car roll slowly backward. en he shifted into rst and turned back toward the ...

Author: Joseph Holt

Publisher: Santa Fe Writers Project

ISBN: 9781951631086

Category: Fiction

Page: 170

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"Raw, dark, and surprisingly funny...there’s so much precision and verve in these stories; I was captivated the entire way through." - Carmen Maria MachadoThe misfits and mavericks in this award-winning story collection shuffle their feet to a soundtrack of rumble strips and twangy AM radio. Here, the underdog is king and the outsiders are storming the gates. A plucky daughter defends her father by swinging a paint can like a mace, teenage renegades sow terror on the highway by throwing cups of root beer, and an out-of-work lawyer steamrolls his way through a recreational sports league. For these loners and screwballs, the path to redemption is often twisted, heartfelt, and humorous.These stories will take you from the karaoke bar to the natural foods co-op, from a city-league broomball game to a broken-down camper in the woods. In lush and lucid prose, Holt explores emotional landscapes that reflect the vast terrain of America's heartland. Woven throughout is a series of flash-fiction parables, which narrate a journey both exotic and existential. So pull up a seat among this motley crew of barflies, road workers, and art school dropouts, and you might later find yourself retelling their stories as your own.
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Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America Small Animal Practice

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy  An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America  Small Animal Practice

If healing is progressing as expected, active ROM exercises such as light paw-shaking, easy tug-of-war, and rolling slowly forward and backward with the antebrachii resting on a therapy roll may begin 3 weeks after surgery (Fig. 2).

Author: David Levine

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323342063

Category: Medical

Page: 233

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This issue, assemled by Drs. Levine, Marcellin-Little, and Millis focuses on Rehabilitation in small animals. Topics include: Evidence for rehabilitation and physical therapy, Physical Agent Modalities in physical therapy and rehabilitation, Therapeutic Laser in physical therapy and rehabilitation, Principles and application of Stretching and Range of Motion, Principles and application of therapeutic exercises, Nutritional considerations in Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation and physical therapy of the medical and acute care patient, and more!
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The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet

The Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Ballet

The dancers leave the foils on the floor, moving quickly toward the back to run downstage again, pulling a piece ... and slowly walking backward with the black dresses rolling chaotically onstage by themselves and the light fading out.

Author: Kathrina Farrugia-Kriel

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190871499

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 1016

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"Nearly four hundred and fifty years in, ballet still resonates-though the stages have become international, and the dancers, athletes far removed from noble amateurs. While vibrations from the form's beginnings clearly resound, much has transformed. Nowadays ballet dancers aspire to work across disciplines with choreographers who value a myriad of abilities. Dance theorists and historians make known possibilities and polemics in lieu of notating dances verbatim, and critics do the daily work of recording performance histories and interviewing artists. Ideas circulate, questions arise, and discussions about how to resist ballet's outmoded traditions take precedence. In the dance community, calls for innovation have defined palpable shifts in ballet's direction and resultantly we have arrived at a new moment in its history that is unquestionably recognized as a genre onto its own: Contemporary Ballet. An aspect of this recent discipline is that its dancemakers, more often than not, seek to reorient the viewer by celebrating what could be deemed vulnerabilities, re-construing ideals of perfection, problematizing the marginalized/mainstream dichotomy, bringing audiences closer in to observe, and letting the art become an experience rather than a distant object preciously guarded out of reach. Hence, the practice of ballet is moving to become a less-mediated and more active process in many circumstances. Performers and audiences alike are challenged, and while convention is still omnipresent, choices are being made. For some, this approach has been drawn on for decades, and for others it signifies a changing of the guard, yet however we arrive there, the conclusion is the same: Contemporary Ballet is not a style. That is to say, it is not a trend, phase, or fashionable term that will fade, rather it is a clear period in ballet's time deserved of investigation. And it is into this moment that we enter"--
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Fix It Or Pull It

Fix It Or Pull It

We were all sitting at the line of a three-lane highway waiting for a green light. The anonymous driver was sitting between us, setting his radio dials or something. Ducky and I set our trucks in reverse and slowly rolled backwards.

Author: Steven J. Filippini

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595308002

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 220

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From the first time he strapped on a toolbelt to the last time he required first aid, Steve was involved with every aspect of the alarm industry and lived to tell about it. Throughout his twenty-five years in the field, Steve dealt with angry pets, furious consumers and more than his share of the insect world while providing a much needed but usually under appreciated service to his customers. His insight into human behavior forces us to take a good look at how the working class really deals with you, the customer, and how they maintain their sense of humor throughout most of it. Fix It or Pull It provides answers to questions like, what really goes on in the food preparation area of a restaurant? How far is too far when pulling a practical joke? What happens when rookie meets veteran and who is usually the victor when they do? Whether it's alarm systems, telephone providers or other consumer based product offerings, your service technician is there to save the day. Steve brings you the human side of the business and keeps you laughing along the way.
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What Did Miss Darrington See

What Did Miss Darrington See

dream , Donna gloried in the feeling , the light as airiness of her twelve stones drifting way above her bed . ... she was dreaming She arched her back and did a slow elegant backward roll , skimming the carpet , avoiding the knob on ...

Author: Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY

ISBN: 1558610065

Category: Fiction

Page: 263

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Whether writing about supernatural phenomena or applying the techniques of magic realism, allegory, and surrealism, the diverse talents represented in the 25 stories contained here focus on female characters and treat a variety of traditional themes in inventive and provocative ways.
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The Great Run

The Great Run

I pumped furiously as the car continued rolling slowly backward towards the edge of the jetty. Still nothing happened. I pulled the hand brake, but it wasn't connected and came away in my hand! By that stage it was too late to jump out ...

Author: Braam Malherbe

Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers

ISBN: 9781920289393

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

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Everyone said it couldn't be done; even internationally renowned sports scientists such as Dr. Tim Noakes. Certainly no-one had done it before, though many had tried: to run the Great Wall of China, end to end, non-stop. The journey would start in the Gobi Desert, cross the jagged Taihang Shan range, and end at the Bo Sea. It would involve blood boiling heat and mummifying sandstorms, soul-numbing mountain nights, incidents with bandits and draconian officials, pig's-hean soup and witnessing large-scale environmental devastation. But on-one had counted on teh tenacity of South African nature-lover Braam Malherbe. In runningthe main intact section of the Grat Wall, 4 500 kilometres end to end, Braam and his running partner David Grier set a world first. But Braam would have to call on reserves far deeper - physically and emotionally - than even he realised he had. China was never going to let him off lightly; then again, it would not leave a worthy traveller unmoved or unchanged. What began as a running-away, from long-buried childhood trauma, family suffering and loss, as well as hurt felf for the state of the planet, would eventually become a journey towards inner peace and understanding. The book concludes with the writer running into a new vision of healing the planet, step by small step, one person at a time.
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Spooky Choices

Spooky  Choices

When he released the brake, the car rolled slowly forward. ... “You've also got a backup camera display in the dash when you put it into reverse. ... car rolled backward. A light pole soon appeared in the display and an alarm sounded.

Author: Jim Stramler

Publisher: White Bird Publications, LLC

ISBN: 9781633635401

Category: Young Adult Fiction


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High school students Randy Johnson and Kelli Jones come together under circumstances no one would predict. Randy, a black sophomore from a poor, single-parent family, discovers he has a unique psychic ability. Kelli, a white junior from an upper-middle-class family, has other psychic abilities. Their parents object to their being together. Then a US intelligence agency recruits Randy for his ability. What problems would they face if Kelli ran away to be with him?
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King of Tennessee

King of Tennessee

You Deserve a Break Today, the trailer announced as it rolled directly into a moving van, creating a boom of glass and dust. The collision brought the semitruck to a stop and sent the moving van rolling slowly backward.

Author: David Alan Shorts

Publisher: LifeRich Publishing

ISBN: 9781489727473

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 202

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It was an ordinary day in Tabersville, Tennessee, until nearly everyone in town disappeared. Middle-school trouble maker, Stewart Rainquest, soon turns this nightmare into a dream come true as he sets about living like a king in his small southern town. Things take a turn for the worse as members of the biker gang Stewart idolizes commit murder before his eyes. While doing his best to keep his distance from the killers, Stewart learns how to drive a car and meets Gina, a high school student battling cancer. Their friendship leads them through wild adventures, but only time will tell if Stewart will learn the truth about what happened to everyone in his town.
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