The Life Changing Light Of God s Word

The Life Changing Light Of God s Word

In later years, after I had given my life to God and invited Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour, all that changed. The Bible became alive to me; words and verses jumped off the page to me, and I received understanding; the lights went on!

Author: ,Norman

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781685709754

Category: Religion

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At salvation, when we give our lives to Jesus and become Christians, we begin a wonderful eternal life with him, first on this earth and then in heaven. You may be asking, "What is Christianity all about? What is salvation? How exactly do I become a Christian?" Whether you have been a Christian for a few days or many years, you may have many questions but have probably realized from the Bible that God has so much for you. The Bible is God's Word to you and has all the answers to your questions. It is our prayer that as you work through this book of 366 short daily devotions, you will be enlightened and excited by God's Word and desire all he has for you as a Christian. We trust that these devotions will help you to understand the Bible better. In the devotions, we quote scripture verses, give references to many others and, with our words of explanation, try to clearly present an array of topics important to us all as Christians. You will read about God's unconditional love and forgiveness, salvation, and becoming a Christian. We have devotions on how he wishes to walk and talk with you and guide you. God has a truly abundant life for you both now and in heaven. We discuss how the power of God's Word and the Holy Spirit can change and mature you to be more like God each day. We also delve into other areas, such as faith, healing, prayer, sharing Christ with others, and so much more. We put a strong emphasis on how to grow as a Christian, how to walk in all of God's promises, and the role of all Christians in the church.
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The Light of God in Christmas

The Light of God in Christmas

Today the Christmas tree reminds us of God's light in the world. On top is the largest and brightest star, symbolizing the light of God throughout history: in creation, the burning bush, the pillar of fire, the star of Bethlehem, ...

Author: Ken Dun

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973635376

Category: Religion

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The Light of God in Christmas is an easy to read story about how Gods light has influenced history. It has directed people, materialized in Jesus, changed the world, and is symbolized in Christmas. One page chapters, with illustrations, move the story along quickly. See the power and glory of Gods Light, from the beginning of creation to the end of the world, in only 34 pages. Great for Sunday school, home schooling, bible study or group discussion.
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Living in the Light of God S Love

Living in the Light of God   S Love

Living in the Light ofGod's Love is an easy-to-use, power-house ofa study that gets right at the heart of god chapter by chapter, verse by verse. if you're looking for a mindless, stay-as-you-are kind of study, this won›t do. god will ...

Author: Mari Keisling

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490833323

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Abiding may sound passive and inactive, but it is the active process of stayingstaying close to Jesus, focusing on Him, walking with Him, and living in His light. If walking as He did is how our claim to live in Him is realized, then we need to know what He did that we should be doing as well. Jesus experienced fellowship with His disciples, obeyed His heavenly Father, was humble to the point of death, grew in wisdom and the knowledge of Scripture, and prayed always. God calls each of us to different tasks, places, and purposes, but one thing is consistent for all of us: we cant do any of it or go anywhere without Him. Jesus had His unique purpose in this world as do we, and so just like Him we need to remain in the Father. His life was a living sacrifice, and it is our spiritual act of worship to live like Him. As we step into Gods light, it will shine truth on our livestruth that is sometimes hard to recognize, hard to acknowledge, and hard to live out. But as we learn to live in His light, He gives us clarity, understanding and transforms us from the inside out. We learn to walk in His light shining it wherever we go. Why? God loves the whole world, and He loves you. Everything He calls us to do according to His purpose is to show His love to the world and bring glory to Himself. As you work through the disciplines of fellowship, obedience, humility, meditation, prayer, and worship, you will learn how to draw close to the Father, follow the example of Jesus, and shine His light bright for all to see.
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God s Light Bulb

God s Light Bulb

1 One is struck by the fact that God created light first before anything else, even more interesting is that God only ... For it is only after the third day that it is stated, “And God said, 'Let there be lights in the firmament of the ...

Author: Muzella Hayes Ph.D

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781098002374

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Earthly man does not always understand the revelations of the Word; it is therefore sometimes necessary to use metaphors or parables as Jesus did when teaching the Jews about the kingdom of God. In the same vein, this dissertation uses the metaphor of a light bulb that can emanate light""when plugged into an electrical source""to the light that shines from God. Going further with this metaphor, the "light bulb of God" takes its energy from the Lord himself as it shines in the lives of everyone who believes in God. Light is used to show the way, as roads, airport runways, and stations are lit to facilitate easier traveling to humans. Light, as humans know it, was only possible after electricity was discovered. Caldwell stated that in New York, "by the late 1870's electric light was no longer a novelty, though the city didn't get its first consumer power grid until eight-teen eighty-two." The city put electrical lights to good use as the New York Train System lit up the tracks twenty-four hours a day""this provided an indication of the way the train would go. This was considered light that would guide the way for so many people travelling the city. This train line pointing to the way people should go can be seen as a metaphor for The Way in a biblical sense. There are people who do not know or believe that the first light was God's light.
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The Glory of God s Light Connect with God Through His Light Love and Word

The Glory of God s Light  Connect with God Through His Light  Love  and Word

I knew God's Light would outshine the darkness. The beauty of His Light eclipsed all the darkness. I thank God for His faithfulness. He gave me ample grace to heal. I have learned to always love and trust God—no matter the situation.

Author: Brother Raymond

Publisher: Ambassador International

ISBN: 9781620209387

Category: Religion

Page: 104

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"Darkness represents anything that is inconsistent with God’s nature, character, and manifestation." It appears humanity has lost its connection with God, but finding a relationship with God can bring us into the light of His love. In The Glory of God’s Light, Brother Raymond shows how to have a relationship with God through His Light, His Love, and His Word. Brother Raymond digs deeper into Scripture and takes examples from his own life to show how God's light is present in every circumstance and points those in darkness into the glory of God's light. Could you relish a great relationship with God, our Heavenly Father? Yes, you can!
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The Light of thy Countenance Science and Knowledge of God in the Thirteenth Century

The Light of thy Countenance  Science and Knowledge of God in the Thirteenth Century

What is not clear from all this is exactly how the classic Augustinians envisioned God's intervention . ... Such a contribution would have come in addition to the judgmental assistance God provided as light of truth ; it would have ...

Author: Steven Marrone

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004531444

Category: History

Page: 262

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This book traces the rise of a formal model of science in thirteenth-century Europe and resultant changes in assumptions about Knowledge of God in the world, investigating scholastic antecedents to modern science and reconceptualizing medieval schools of thought. The print edition is available as a set of two volumes (9789004119475).
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The Blessed Works of the Light of God s Holy Spirit Exalted Above the Works of Darkness With Some Information how to Escape Out of Sin and Iniquity Etc

The Blessed Works of the Light of God s Holy     Spirit Exalted Above the Works of Darkness  With Some Information how to Escape Out of Sin and Iniquity  Etc

... and others a Bewildering Light ; and likewise many False Accusations have we raised , with Evil Reports , Scornings and Reproachings of the People callid Quakers , for Confefsing to the Works of the Light of God's Holy - Spirit ...

Author: Stephen SMITH (of Warplesdon.)


ISBN: BL:A0023052902


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God s Revelation Of Sound Light Darkness

God s Revelation Of Sound Light   Darkness

G enesis 1:14-18 And God said, Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be signs and tokens of God's provident care, and to mark seasons, days, and years, And let them be lights ...

Author: Doc Bic

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781591608660

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 258

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DoC BiC's history as a disciple of Christ is long and complex. His life as a physician, surgeon and career military officer (Colonel) was built upon a spiritual foundation dating as far back as he can remember, or as he puts it: "at least since a toddler on my mother's lap in devoted church life." Doubting that he ever did consciously not believe in God, and Christ as his Savior, he does note his public formal declaration as early as around the age of twelve, already well into a Christian life of worship. Growing up in the projects of Bradenton, Florida afforded the early honing of prayer skills and spiritual warfare. And, his subsequent migration through various Protestant denominations and Catholicism helped him develop a mature view of the commonality of true worship as well as an appreciation of the divisiveness of bias within the body of Christ. He credits non-biblical doctrine and tradition as a severe stumbling block until God finally rescued him from it. Now, as he makes his rounds through non-denominational fellowships, his grey-haired perspective advances into senior mentoring and blessing of his brothers and sisters, in his love for the Kingdom of God. Long ago recognizing his calling into the office of Teacher, he has pursued his studies and support intermixed with his secular careers, always devoted to staying attuned to God's next mission for him. He partners with a devoted wife of 36 years who wears a mutually beneficial gifted intercessory prayer calling, as well as being blessed by gifted callings upon his children, equally beneficial and mutually supportive. His only pursuit today is to "Be Still", hear his Father's voice, and then move out: "I was born into death, I died into birth, and now I live in immortality to serve my Father."
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From Obscurity into God s Marvelous Light

From Obscurity into God   s Marvelous Light

For some of us, this means accepting Jesus as our personal savior and for others it means totally trusting God to direct our lives. Then we will emerge from our obscured state and walk in God's marvelous light; in our predestined role.

Author: J. C. Johnson

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 9781480817401

Category: Religion

Page: 202

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We were created for a purpose, but in this constantly changing world, many of us become disillusioned by life and fail to discover our purposes and embrace our destinies. We meander through life, seeking to find ourselves and a meaning for our existence; yet we remain disoriented and unfilled. But there is hope. Our lives do not have to be like this; we can discover our purpose and walk in our predestined roles. The person God created us to be is within us but has become obscured with the trivial issues we allow to define us. Author J. C. Johnson’s From Obscurity into God’s Marvelous Light: Finding the “You” that You Were Predestined to Be, demonstrates how answering God’s call on our lives empowers us to find our purposes and live in our destinies. When we answer God’s call, we embark on a life-changing journey. We are transformed and become the persons God intends us to be. We emerge from obscurity and into His marvelous light. Johnson uses her personal experiences and life lessons to inspire and empower us to travel our journey and to find and embrace the person God predestined us to be. Are you willing to find who you were predestined to be? From Obscurity into God’s Marvelous Light: Finding the “You” that You Were Predestined to Be will help you find that person and leave a legacy that will impact the lives of others for generations.
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God s Lamp Man s Light

God s Lamp  Man s Light

7 Light leads to cognition and action as the spirit gives insight and wisdom and at the same time spurs man to moral volition and accomplishment.5 How sweet is the enlightening knowledge of God's Word. “Truly the light is sweet ...

Author: John D. Garr

Publisher: Golden Key Press

ISBN: 9780979451485

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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God's Lamp, Man's Light is an in-depth analysis of one of the most intriguing images in the entire Bible--the Menorah. This scriptural emblem is the only Jewish or Christain symbol that was designed by God himself, and he gave it to his people as a demonstration of the light of his Word that illuminates the path of those who open their hearts to him. Explore the Mysteries of the Menorah as God's Lamp, Man's Light presents these vivid images of a rich biblically Hebraic tradition: Israel: Gode's Menorah, Man's Soul: God's Torch, The Tree of Light and Life, Dedication Produces Light, Jesus: the Light of the World, Menorah Mystery Numbers, By My Spirit, Says the Lord, and Light in Church and Synagogue.
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