Living Beyond Distraction

Living Beyond Distraction

They're the reason we believe we have no choice in anything. This book provides information and effective tools that will enable you recognize the distractor implants and become free of them.

Author: Gary M. Douglas

Publisher: Access Consciousness Publishing Company

ISBN: 1634930126

Category: Change (Psychology)

Page: 196

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When you find yourself in a situation that you don't seem to be able to change, you may be stuck in a distractor implant. A distractor implant is designed to be triggered by the events of your life and to create distractions that keep you from being all that you can truly be and having the life you would truly like to have. They're the reason we believe we have no choice in anything. This book provides information and effective tools that will enable you recognize the distractor implants and become free of them.
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Living Beyond Yourself

Living Beyond Yourself

Their failure happened when the woman was distracted by the serpent. From distraction, it led to disobedience. Distraction will lead you astray and will also cause you to fail your assignment. Distraction does not just come to distract ...

Author: Paul Hillman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781664158542

Category: Religion

Page: 76

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The focus of this book, Living Beyond Yourself is a self motivated book, as it relates to Self Esteem, and Self Motivation. It's a book that let the readers discover a new look about themselves, different from how the World sees them. Many people put their pictures on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc: because they are looking for comments, and likes, while some refused to show their pictures, because they think less of themselves. However, it's not about what people think, or the many likes. It's about what the person think of himself, or herself. Imagine someone received one thousand likes, yet the person refused to love himself! What difference would he made? This book was written with the tools, and for you to see yourself for who yo u really are. A book about self confidence, self control, and to take your mind to another level of thinking. It is to remind you that you were fearfully, wonderfully, and perfectly created. This means, there's no mistake about the person you really are. The world's imagination is for you to see yourself different. It's the World desire to label you, and to price you, then change your value. However, Living Beyond Yourself is to live beyond how the World sees you. Because you were perfectly created, no one can have your shape, or your finger print. No one can have your D.N.A. The reason so is, you are different. This also means: you are different to make a difference. You might cause a problem to some people. If they cannot solve you, surely, you will be their problem solver. You were born to be their problem solver. There's a different you in the person that you are. You have the power from within to discover the new you. After reading this book, you will begin to have a new look f rom the inside out. This is my sixth book, and a "Must Read".
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Beyond Distraction

Beyond Distraction

One king described the community of monastics as “smiling and cheerful, sincerely joyful, plainly delighting, their faculties fresh, living at ease, unruffled .. .”13 When Buddhist teachings categorize sensual desire as a defilement, ...

Author: Shaila Catherine

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781614297871

Category: Religion

Page: 243

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Learn how to overcome distraction in meditation practice and develop clarity in your relationships, work, and activities with this new guide from a beloved meditation teacher. The mind can be a potent tool, used to guide extraordinary achievements, inspire good works, and incline your spiritual path toward peace and awakening. But the mind can also produce thoughts that lead to suffering. For many people, thoughts run rampant and seem to oppress or control their lives. Even the Buddha tells us that before his enlightenment, he sometimes found his mind preoccupied by thoughts connected with sensual desire, ill will, and harm. But he figured out how to respond to thoughts skillfully and developed a step-by-step approach to calm the restless mind. Now, Insight Meditation teacher Shaila Catherine offers an accessible approach to training the mind that is guided by the Buddha’s pragmatic instructions on removing distracting thoughts. Drawing on two scriptures in the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha, Shaila shows you how to overcome habitual modes of thinking, develop deeper concentration, and discover the insights into emptiness that are vital for a liberating spiritual path. Following the Buddha’s pragmatic approach, Shaila guides you through five steps for overcoming distraction and focusing the mind: 1. Replace unwholesome thoughts with wholesome thoughts. For example, if you find yourself thinking thoughts of ill will toward a person, try thinking instead of their good qualities as an antidote. 2. Examine the dangers of distracting thoughts. Weigh the costs of allowing thoughts of ill will, lust, greed, and so forth to obsess your mind. The costs of dwelling on distracting thoughts nearly always outweigh any supposed benefits. 3. Avoid it, ignore it, forget it. Develop the skill to turn your attention away from habitual distractions. Remove the fuel and let the fires of distraction die out. 4. Investigate the causes of distraction. By understanding the conditions that perpetuate habitual thoughts, you can learn to free yourself from those patterns. 5. Apply determination and resolve. Supported by wisdom, you can make a firm decision to stop dwelling on patterns of thought that are not supporting your deepest values and goals in life. Each chapter includes exercises and reflections to help you cultivate the five steps to deeper concentration. You’ll learn about your mind and develop your ability to direct your attention more skillfully in meditation and daily activities. And ultimately, you’ll discover for yourself how these five steps boil down to one key realization: In the moment you recognize that a thought is just a thought, you will find yourself on the path to a life of remarkable freedom.
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Living Beyond Fear

Living Beyond Fear

No one chooses to be agitated or distracted: it just seems to happen. To apply the force of our thinking consciously means the capacity to think what we like for as long as we like. It is the power to say: 'No!

Author: Berta Dandler

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 9780854240777

Category: Religion

Page: 200

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How a practical understanding of the non-dual teachings can bring inner peace, fulfilment and fearlessness. The Upanishads, and all the most profound spiritual teachings, shed light on our ultimate nature, which transcends individuality and is not separate from the whole. The supreme discovery of this science of life is that our true Self is one with the ultimate Power of which the world is a phenomenal expression. It is through realizing this non-duality that we can live free from fear. Reason cannot penetrate this mystery. The truth of non-duality is disclosed to the thoroughly serene mind, intent on self-discovery. The practical approach to this enquiry and the methods that lead to fearlessness and fulfilment are the theme of this book by the Warden of Shanti Sadan. Its chapters include several suggestions for meditative practice and goal-directed living that can be taken up by any sincere enquirer.
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Lessons for Living Beyond the Ego

Lessons for Living Beyond the Ego

It is a quiet state when all thought processes have ceased, when the mind is quiet from all distractions, and when mental activity is reduced to an awareness of oneness. This can be done by sitting quietly, relaxing, preferably with ...

Author: David Mutchler

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452544847

Category: Self-Help

Page: 244

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Everyone desires happiness, and countless ways have been proposed to help you achieve it. Whats commonly overlooked is that happiness is our natural state, and therefore must be allowed, rather than achieved. The way to allow happiness in your life is to awaken to the truth that everyone has an ego; that ego blocks our happiness, just as clouds block the sun from shining through. The secret to finding happiness is not something you do; you need only become aware of the presence of ego in your life. This requires learning what ego is, where it comes from, where it hides, how it presents itself, and how to recognize it when you find it. Your awareness of ego causes it to gradually dissipate. The more conscious you become of it, the more the light of happiness shines within you. This light is the light of Spirit. Awakening to the presence of ego inside you is the sure path to grow beyond your ego and to live a spiritual life, the gifts of which are happiness, joy, and peace of mind. Growing beyond ones ego to achieve happiness is a journey, not a one-time event. Lessons for Living Beyond the Ego is a collection of fifty-two lessons to help you stay on the path of your journey into happiness. It can be read either as a follow up to Beyond the Egoa previous book by David Mutchleror as an introduction to it.
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Living Beyond Expectations

Living Beyond Expectations

Stories Patients Have Taught Me about Living Longer and Better Lives Buchholz, William M. Buchholz M. D ... It causes: (1) persistent goal oriented behavior toward an unobtainable goal, (2) distraction from necessary activities, ...

Author: Buchholz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479734078

Category: Medical

Page: 229

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Dr. Bill Buchholz was educated at Harvard and Stanford. He has practiced internal medicine, oncology and hematology in the Bay Area since 1978. He is a consultant to many organizations including the Commonweal Cancer Help Program in Bolinas and the Breast Cancer Connection in Palo Alto. He has published widely in both the scientific and popular press, including articles in JAMA and Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul. His articles on HOPE have been quoted by Norman Cousins and used in medical schools to train new physicians. He has lectured both locally and internationally on topics including Holistic Health, the Successful Cancer Patient and Cancer Survivorship. His first book, LIVE LONGER, LIVE LARGER: A Holistic Approach For Cancer Patients and Families, co-authored by his wife, Dr. Susan W. Buchholz, Ph.D. shows patients how to make decisions that give them live both longer and more enjoyable lives.
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Living beyond Pain

Living beyond Pain

The obstacles to her growth included busyness, distraction from entertainment, and her tendency to be self-centered. If she was honest, there was still too much selfin her life that was not focusing on love and compassion for others.

Author: Linda S. PhD Mintle

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781493419265

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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Our national attention is firmly focused on the growing opioid crises. We know the problem. But what is the solution for the 100 million Americans living with chronic pain? In Living beyond Pain, a physician and a therapist offer a whole person approach to pain management, addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of pain and providing alternative strategies that don't rely on opioids. Through education, pain triumph stories, daily guided cognitive activity, and as-needed pain rescue techniques, readers will reprogram their neurologic pathways, increase functioning, and experience improvement in their symptoms. For anyone suffering from pain or suffering alongside someone who is, this book offers real, research-based hope that there are better days ahead.
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Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain

Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain

In fact, pain becomes the central part of your thoughts, actions, conversations, and can become a real distraction in your job, relationships, plans, etc. ... I want you to start visualizing living beyond your chronic pain.

Author: Joseph Christiano

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 9780768484304

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

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Pain does not need to rule your life anymore! Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain is your daily “go-to” guide on breaking free from your prison of chronic pain. Chronic pain has become an epidemic, with over 100 million Americans suffering from this debilitating condition on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Joseph Christiano shares out of his personal struggle with chronic pain, turning his years of suffering into a message of hope for you to experience a pain-free life. He shows you… Solutions and answers to many common questions associated with chronic pain The dangerous side effects of managing your pain with medications How to walk though emotional struggles that come with chronic pain, such as fear and doubt Remedies and tips from contributing doctors, with expertise ranging from natural healing practices to pain management therapy to neurosurgical procedures The possibility of living pain-free through practicing blood-type nutrition Your life was never meant to be a prison defined by chronic pain. Experience freedom and healing today!
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Doing Good Great

Doing Good  Great

11 Secrets to Living Beyond Ordinary Scott George. 1. Pit of Distraction There will be many distractions that will try to pull at you and get you off course. Do not be distracted and stray from your true calling and purpose.

Author: Scott George

Publisher: By George Books

ISBN: 9781940243818

Category: Religion

Page: 316

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“In Doing Good, Great, Pastor George has captured the true essence of these Orlando leaders and shares their unique qualities that propel them to the next level. Pastor George himself is truly one of these great leaders. . . . While this book shares the stories of some of Orlando’s most impactful leaders publicly, the fact is, every day they do good, Great while no one is watching. This book will inspire you and encourage you to serve others in a way that will leave a lasting impact.” Buddy Dyer Mayor, Orlando, Florida “Scott George has been an inspiration to me and so many in Central Florida by modeling the living out of the Gospel through “doing good” (The Great Commandment) and sharing the life-changing message of the Gospel­—“good news” (The Great Commission). The Community Food and Outreach Center and Scott are shining lights in our community.” Jack McGill President, Elevate Orlando “If anyone is qualified to give secrets to living beyond ordinary, it is Scott George. On his own personal journey of stewardship in his community, Scott obviously has many uplifting and exciting stories to tell about his successes and the successful people he meets along the way. He humbly quotes others as being “wiser people” than himself, yet the wisdom he provides and the compassion he adds to back it up are life-changing!” Bill Mills Florida Prosperity Partnership “Scott has filled this book with powerful principles and life-changing stories that will inspire a little spark of advocacy for so many in need. They show how one can take the ordinary and do extraordinary work for those who are lost.” Dick Batchelor Advocate, DBMG, Inc. You Were Born for Greatness . . . to Leave a Beyond Ordinary Legacy There are leaders who do good, Great and make a lasting impact on the world while leaving an enduring legacy that will inspire generations to come . . . and there are those who do not. What sets them apart? In Doing Good, Great: 11 Secrets to Living Beyond Ordinary, leadership authority Scott George, author of the powerfully inspiring books Living Beyond Ordinary: Discovering Authentic Significance and Purpose and GPS: Guiding Principles for Success, explores the lives of renowned and respected local and international leaders and reveals eleven key qualities and practices that make them great. You will discover life-changing truths and principles from great leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, and many others who achieved greatness by doing good, Great. Have you believed for years you were meant to live for so much more, but continued to settle for an ordinary life? Or, are you looking for a new level of living a beyond ordinary life? In Doing Good, Great, you will be inspired by the lives of those who refused to be average and encouraged to make an awesome impact on your world, just like them, and to live a life beyond ordinary. [email protected] [email protected] Twitter: @RevJScottGeorge Facebook: J scott george Video:
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Think of an Elephant

Think of an Elephant

... deeply still, motionless, watchful and alert but with no distraction important enough for his attention. ... of a people living consciously in touch with the earth, the surrounding sky and themselves, all as one whole; ...

Author: Paul Bailey

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 9781780283494

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 402

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Combining science and spirituality to reveal the true nature of the universe - this book will change perceptions, inspire mind-shifts and alter the way we see the world, forever.
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