Making a Living in the Middle Ages

Making a Living in the Middle Ages

While in modern cities the rich live in the suburbs, leaving the central business district empty at night, with the poor living in other parts of the inner city, in the middle ages everyone, including the rich merchants, wished to live ...

Author: Christopher Dyer

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300090604

Category: History

Page: 415

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The period covered here saw dramatic alterations in the state of the economy; and this account begins with the forming of villages, towns, networks of exchange and the social hierarchy in the ninth and tenth centuries, and ends with the inflation and population rise of the sixteenth century.".
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A Brief History of Life in the Middle Ages

A Brief History of Life in the Middle Ages

36 & Kopke, N. Baten, J., 'The Biological Standardof Living in Europe During theLast Two Millennia', European Review of Economic ... 6 Dyer, Christopher, Standards of Living intheLater Middle Ages, Social Change in England c.1200– 1520, ...

Author: Martyn Whittock

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472107664

Category: History

Page: 336

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Using wide-ranging evidence, Martyn Whittock shines a light on Britain in the Middle Ages, bringing it vividly to life in this fascinating new portrait that brings together the everyday and the extraordinary. Thus we glimpse 11th-century rural society through a conversation between a ploughman and his master. The life of Dick Whittington illuminates the rise of the urban elite. The stories of Roger 'the Raker' who drowned in his own sewage, a 'merman' imprisoned in Orford Castle and the sufferings of the Jews of Bristol reveal the extraordinary diversity of medieval society. Through these characters and events - and using the latest discoveries and research - the dynamic and engaging panorama of medieval England is revealed.
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Life in the Middle

Life in the Middle

Psychological and Social Development in Middle Age Sherry L. Willis, James B. Reid. part-time. The earnings gap between men and women is narrowest among the youngest workers, where women age 20 to 24 earn 95% as much as men in the same ...

Author: Sherry L. Willis

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0080525679

Category: Psychology

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There is a growing body of scientific knowledge regarding development during the middle years which has so far been relegated to discipline-specific texts and journals (e.g., clinical psychology and endocrinology). Life in the Middle consolidates main findings across disciplines, with a life-span perspective regarding mid-life. Coverage includes individual development in middle age from the psychological and biological perspectives as well as the sociocultural context in which middle-aged individuals live and work, including physical health in mid-life, psychological well-being, cognitive development, the impact of work on the individual, and the general development of the "self." This age period is increasingly becoming the focus of scholarly attention as the largest cohort in U.S. history are now moving into the middle years (e.g., the "babyboomers"). From 1990 to 2015 the number of middle-aged people will increase 72 percent from 47 to 80 million. Contributors are outstanding scholars in the field of adult development Addresses critical theoretical issues in midlife Includes important contributions to our understanding of physical health at midlife Presents a thorough review of women's health at midlife Takes a holistic approach to biopsychosocial functioning at midlife
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Married Life in the Middle Ages 900 1300

Married Life in the Middle Ages  900 1300

Conclusion a At the end of my study of married life in the central Middle Ages I will shift my attention away from the tripartite discussion of getting married , the married life ' , and alternative living'and instead will formulate my ...

Author: Elisabeth M. C. Van Houts

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198798897

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 311

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Married Life in the Middle Ages, 900-1300 contains an analysis of the experience of married life by men and women in Christian medieval Europe, c. 900-1300. The study focusses on the social and emotional life of the married couple rather than on the institutional history of marriage, breaking it into three parts: Getting Married - the process of getting married and wedding celebrations; Married Life - the married life of lay couples and clergy, their sexuality, and any remarriage; and Alternative Living - which explores concubinage and polygyny, as well as the single life in contrast to monogamous sexual unions. In this volume, van Houts deals with four central themes. First, the tension between patriarchal family strategies and the individual family member's freedom of choice to marry and, if so, to what partner; second, the role played by the married priesthood in their quest to have individual agency and self-determination accepted in their own lives in the face of the growing imposition of clerical celibacy; third, the role played by women in helping society accept some degree of gender equality and self-determination to marry and in shaping the norms for married life incorporating these principles; fourth, the role played by emotion in the establishment of marriage and in married life at a time when sexual and spiritual love feature prominently in medieval literature.
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English University Life In The Middle Ages

English University Life In The Middle Ages

Eventually, nonresident chancellors came to hold theoffice for life.John Russell,Lord Chancellorand Bishop of Lincoln,was ... 9Although a nonresident chancellor with influence at the centre of political power could beofbenefitto the.

Author: Alan Cobban

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135363949

Category: History

Page: 286

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This work presents a composite view of medieval English university life. The author offers detailed insights into the social and economic conditions of the lives of students, their teaching masters and fellows. The experiences of college benefactors, women and university servants are also examined, demonstrating the vibrancy they brought to university life. The second half of the book is concerned with the complex methods of teaching and learning, the regime of studies taught, the relationship between the universities in Oxford and Cambridge, as well as the relationship between "town" and "gown".
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Intellectual Life in the Middle Ages

Intellectual Life in the Middle Ages

He raises too the possibilities of scribes learning to write together in one centre and then returning to their home ... have acquired the skills of writing from living teachers from other centres or used older books as silent teachers.

Author: Lesley Smith

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826419705

Category: History

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The variety of experience available to medieval scholars and the vitality of medieval thought are both reflected in this collection of original essays by distinguished historians. Intellectual Life in the Middle Ages is presented to Margaret Gibson, whose own work has ranged from Boethius to Lanfranc and to the study of the Bible in the middle ages.
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Patterns of Living and Housing of Middle aged and Older People

Patterns of Living and Housing of Middle aged and Older People

Their evaluations of their accomplishment in life were higher than they had been a year earlier . ... Table 5 MORALE Indexes F Chi - Square 6.50 *个个个个个 1 Age identification ( middle - aged ) Feel about accomplishments in life ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112049047720

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Middle Class Life in Victorian Belfast

Middle Class Life in Victorian Belfast

... some evidence that, for Belfast's elite, town centre living could at times feel uncomfortably close to the working classes. ... Still, it is important not to exaggerate the physical distance between the middle and working classes.

Author: Alice Johnson

Publisher: Reappraisals in Irish History

ISBN: 9781789620313

Category: Belfast (Northern Ireland)

Page: 376

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This book vividly reconstructs the social world of upper middle-class Belfast during the time of the city's greatest growth, between the 1830s and the 1880s. Using extensive primary material including personal correspondence, memoirs, diaries and newspapers, the author draws a rich portrait of Belfast society and explores both the public and inner lives of Victorian bourgeois families. Leading business families like the Corrys and the Workmans, alongside their professional counterparts, dominated Victorian Belfast's civic affairs, taking pride in their locale and investing their time and money in improving it. This social group displayed a strong work ethic, a business-oriented attitude and religious commitment, and its female members led active lives in the domains of family, church and philanthropy. While the Belfast bourgeoisie had parallels with other British urban elites, they inhabited a unique place and time: 'Linenopolis' was the only industrial city in Ireland, a city that was neither fully Irish nor fully British, and at the very time that its industry boomed, an unusually violent form of sectarianism emerged. Middle-Class Life in Victorian Belfast provides a fresh examination of familiar themes such as civic activism, working lives, philanthropy, associational culture, evangelicalism, recreation, marriage and family life, and represents a substantial and important contribution to Irish social history.
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Jewish Life in the Middle Ages

Jewish Life in the Middle Ages

INTRODUCTION The expression ' middle ages ' is often employed in a very elastic sense, but as applied to the inner life of the Jews it has little or no relevancy. There was neither more nor less medievalism about Jewish life in the ...

Author: Israel Abrahams

Publisher: Jewish Publication Society

ISBN: 9780827605428

Category: History

Page: 479

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This classic work of scholarship illustrates the richness, complexity, and fullness of medieval Jewish life. Readers will discover how much was hidden from the inquisitive and often hostile gaze of Christian Europe. Israel Abrahams vividly details the customs, manners, and mores, and delves into the social culture of Jewish life at this time.
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English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages XIVth Century

English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages  XIVth Century


Author: Jean Jules Jusserand


ISBN: PSU:000019115993

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Inspite of bad roads and worse vehicles, England was filled with peasants, minstrels, jugglers, merchants, pedlars, outlaws, and peasants out of bond, preachers, friars, pardoners, and pilgrims--all on the move!
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