Looking Into the Earth

Looking Into the Earth

As the word suggests , geophysics is the application of the methods of physics to the study of the Earth . ... can truly ' look ' into the Earth's interior , that is , remotely detect the presence of buried bodies and structures .

Author: Alan E. Mussett

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052178574X

Category: Science

Page: 506

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Looking Into the Earth comprehensively describes the principles and applications of both 'global' and 'exploration' geophysics. Mathematical and physical principles are introduced at an elementary level, and then developed as necessary. Student questions and exercises are included at the end of each chapter. The book is aimed primarily at introductory and intermediate university (and college) students taking courses in geology, earth science, environmental science, and engineering. It will also form an excellent introductory textbook in geophysics departments, and will help practising geologists, archaeologists and engineers understand geophysical principles.
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From This Green Earth Essays on Looking Outward

From This Green Earth  Essays on Looking Outward

Only a new kind of biological mobility could prevent the total destruction of a life system imprisoned on one planet and dependent on one star... If the nations of the earth work together to solve the enormous challenge of a workable ...

Author: Sylvia Engdahl

Publisher: Sylvia Engdahl


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Much has been said about the positive effect of the photos of Earth obtained by Apollo 8, which for the first time showed our planet as a globe, a fragile refuge amid barren surroundings, and thereby launched the environmental movement. The negative impact--the subconscious apprehension resulting from realization that space is an actual place containing little that's familiar to us and perhaps much that we'd rather not meet--is not spoken of. But it may be no less significant. Could this be one of the reasons why widespread interest in space died so soon after the first moon landing? For the past fifty years space advocates have been puzzled and frustrated by the slowness of progress in space and the failure of the public to grasp its importance not only to the future of humankind, but to the preservation of Earth's environment. But is it really cause for discouragement? In this book Sylvia Engdahl argues that in the light of history, it's not surprising that acceptance of a new outlook on the universe is slow. All past human advances have been made by visionary minorities without the support of their contemporaries, and our transformation into a spacefaring species will be no exception. This book also includes all of Engdahl's earlier essays about space, such as "Space and Human Survival," which has been popular on the Web for nearly twenty years, plus new ones about the priority of Mars and the question of whether we'll ever meet hostile aliens. In addition, an Epilogue contains the quotations from her Web page "Space Quotes to Ponder" about why a presence in space is vital to humankind. X-Ray is enabled and includes biographical information about all the quotation authors as well as the people mentioned in the essays.
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A sabbath day journey or Earth s tired travellers looking homeward

A sabbath day journey  or  Earth s tired travellers looking homeward

Again I stood by the chaplainagain I heard the words , “ We commit this body to the deep , to be turned into corruption , looking for the resurrection of the body when the sea shall give up her dead . ' The water opened , and the body ...

Author: Sabbath-day


ISBN: OXFORD:600059975

Category: Christian life

Page: 179

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To Look on Earth With More Than Mortal Eyes

To Look on Earth With More Than Mortal Eyes

it changes his baser metals into gold . He becomes what is felt to be a shining presence . All men seek the light instinctively . They love things of light , like gold and jewels and sparkling crystals , translucent water , sun and moon ...

Author: Marjorie Spock

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 091678679X

Category: Anthroposophy

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The author presents a concise introduction to the spiritual path of anthroposophy.
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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Looking into the folds of his face, I could guess at each contour and scar. Still, I longed for details, to know, ... the cool wind rip through the image. My first thought when looking at the photograph was,'No, this is not the Earth'.

Author: Brad Thomas Batten

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460245880

Category: Fiction

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"I was tired of the violence it takes to become a man." In Remembrance Day, Jonathan Savage recounts his memories of growing up under the shadow of wars fought and carried home by his father and grandfather. He struggles against a history long past that punish generations of a family. While his brother finds refuge in the bottle, Jonathan fights a solitary battle against guilt, blame, and betrayal. He shares his memories with his infant son while sitting quietly by a lake. "We tell stories because the soul depends on them," he says. The story is a journey through scattered memories, of misplaced trust and blossoming love. It is about a childhood home. A ravine and a cemetery. And a war whose echoes reverberate still.
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A Complete Concordance to the Revised Version of the New Testament

A Complete Concordance to the Revised Version of the New Testament

55. looked up stedfastly into h . and saw 10. 16. the vessel was received up into h . 11. 10. all were drawn up again into h . Rom . 10. 6. Who shall ascend into h . 1 Cor . 8. 5. whether in h . or on earth Eph . 3.

Author: John Alexander Thoms


ISBN: PRNC:32101063612285

Category: Bible

Page: 532

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The Seventh Plague Vessel

The Seventh Plague Vessel

The Fall of Earth Mitchell Frogge ... One of the cameramen looking into the hole called out, “does that red dot look like it is getting bigger to anyone else? ... The fireball had drilled down into the Earth's crust over sixty miles.

Author: Mitchell Frogge

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469756974

Category: Fiction

Page: 408

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The Seventh Plague Vessel is a narrative, which depicts the future history of the "fall of Earth" during the battle between God and Satan at Armageddon. The narrator is a family man that loses his family and drops out of society. Four years later he arrives at a plasma donation center in Omaha, NE where he observes the lives of several of the workers and patrons there. The stories completely change his point of view of life and destroy all sense of morality he has left. Thus begins the "fall of Earth." It covers the seven years of Armageddon and his part in it, with and against the powers of Satan. The narrator unknowingly carries God's first witness through the tribulation. The job of the first witness is to record the "fall of Earth" from the side of Satan. The narrator witnesses the breaking of the seven seals, the blowing of the seven trumpets, and the spilling of six of the seven plague vessels. As the years go by he becomes a general in the army of Satan, conquering North America as he searches for the Seventh Plague Vessel. Only at the end does he discover the fatal truth about the Seventh Plague Vessel.
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Transactions of the American Philosophical Society

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society

If he should raise his eyes towards the zenith , and fix them upon a point 23 ° 28 ' north of the same , he would be looking towards that part of space which the earth had just left . He would , therefore , look into the substance of ...

Author: American Philosophical Society


ISBN: KBNL:KBNL03000458436

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Held at Philadelphia for promoting useful knowledge.
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A Look at Earth

A Look at Earth

Earth's Atmosphere At all times , Earth is covered by a blanket of air , called the atmosphere . The atmosphere keeps some of the Sun's unsafe rays from reaching Earth . It also keeps Earth safe from some of the meteors flying through ...

Author: Mary R. Dunn

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781435845329

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 25

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The mysteries and wonders of Earth are introduced in this fascinating title. Particular attention is paid to the most recent scientific discoveries.
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The Saint Pauls Magazine

The Saint Pauls Magazine

nomer Royal to enter in a pocket - book , before the end of one year , all phenomena to which attention is to be paid in ... So long as it is on the sheltered half of the earth , to look for meteors is like preparing to count the rain ...



ISBN: NYPL:33433104865518

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