The Mystery Readers Advisory

The Mystery Readers  Advisory

MYSTERIES : WHY READERS LOVE THEM most celebrated example of this occurred when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle attempted to " kill off " Sherlock Holmes , but the public's outrage forced him to bring back the popular detective .

Author: John Charles

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 083890811X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 227

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Three librarians from Scottsdale, Arizona provide library staff with an introduction to the mystery genre and offer tips and techniques for providing advice to mystery readers in the library. They include some of their own bibliographies, but refer readers elsewhere for fuller ones. They also include a brief history of the genre to pass on to readers new to it.
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Augustine and the Mystery of the Church

Augustine and the Mystery of the Church

The sacraments have effects in history precisely as mysteries of Christ's spousal love. According to Augustine, the spousal love of Christ is mediated to the whole church as bride, not simply to the individual soul.70 Although he does ...

Author: James K. Lee

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 9781506420523

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Over the course of the past two centuries, Augustine's ecclesiology has been subject to interpretations that overdraw the distinction between the visible and invisible dimensions of the church, sometimes reducing the church to a purely spiritual, invisible reality, over against the visible church celebrating the sacraments; the empirical community is incidental, at best, and can be discarded. By contrast, this book argues that the church is a mystery that is visible and invisible. Far from discarding the visible, Augustine places greater emphasis on the empirical church as his thought develops. This study traces Augustine’s ecclesiology from early writings to later works in order to demonstrate this thesis. His early thought is heavily influenced by Platonism and tends to focus on the ascent of the individual soul. After his study of Scripture in the 390s, Augustine gives priority to participation in the visible, sacramental community. In his mature thought, the church is one mystery (mysterium, sacramentum) revealed by Scripture, with visible and invisible aspects. This book explores Augustine’s exegesis of biblical images of the church, such as body of Christ, bride of Christ, city of God, and sacrifice, in order to show how the visible community is intrinsic to the mystery of the church.
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The Holy Gospel is the mystical message of redemption, grace, mercy, judgment, hope, sacrifice, salvation, peace, love, atonement, forgiveness, reconciliation, oneness, repentance, justice, deliverance, life, heaven and hell.

Author: Gebre Menfes Kidus

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 145205150X

Category: Religion

Page: 578

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"MYSTERY and MEANING" is a compilation of inspirational quotes, mystical prose, philosophical polemics, and poetic verse from the mind and heart of GEBRE MENFES KIDUS ("Servant of the Holy Spirit"). The author’s words provide a unique and valuable perspective on many of the vital religious, social, and moral issues of our time. Gebre Menfes Kidus balances contemplative reflections with impassioned argument, leaving the reader both challenged and inspired. These essays and aphorisms provide edification for the philosopher, the theologian, the spiritual seeker, and the lay Christian. The author addresses a variety of topics, such as: + Orthodox Theology + Spiritual Warfare + Mysticism + Social Justice + Metaphysics + Christian Pacifism + Biblical Commentary + Human Rights + The Teachings of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church This book was written with the permission and blessing of the author's Priest, Tsebate YemaneBrhane Asrat GebreMariam. All opinions and views contained within are subject to the scrutiny and correction of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.
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The Mystery of Love

The Mystery of Love

Love as a form of imprinting Ducks and many other birds show a striking tendency to follow the first moving object that greets their eyes ... The anthropologist Paul Gebhard gives the example of a man who at puberty 136 Love's Mysteries.

Author: Glenn Daniel Wilson

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: PSU:000028992257

Category: Interpersonal attraction

Page: 166

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Categories: Interpersonal attraction

The Mystery of Faith Opened Up Or Some Sermons Concerning Faith Revised and Much Corrected The Preface Signed Ro Trail Jo Sterling

The Mystery of Faith Opened Up  Or  Some Sermons Concerning Faith     Revised  and Much Corrected   The Preface Signed  Ro  Trail  Jo  Sterling

What a Day shall it be , when Hope shall yield its place to Love , and Love and Sight fhall Eternally fit down , and solace themselves in these blessed Mysteries , there everlaffing Confolations of Heaven , World without end .

Author: Andrew GRAY (Minister of the Gospel in Glasgow.)


ISBN: BL:A0019667495


Page: 171

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The Contributor

The Contributor

THE LOVE OF MYSTERY . III obscure , or rather absent , as the most ex day , when the reflected light of the Gosacting lover of mystery could desire . pel has partially dispelled such clouds of Following is an extract : error , in some ...

Author: Junius F. Wells


ISBN: HARVARD:32044100172378

Category: Mormons


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Categories: Mormons

The Mystery of Spirit

The Mystery of Spirit

In The Gospel of Philip, Jean LeLoup highlights the scriptural saying, “What God harvests is composed of four elements, faith, hope, love and contemplation.” In The Hidden Gospel, Neal Douglas-Klotz says that faith is a sense of ...

Author: George Robbins

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982233792

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 594

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Focusing on techniques of spiritual development and awareness of the presence of spirit in ordinary life, Robbins challenges the reader to move beyond spiritual blockages and obstacles and raise the vibrational frequencies that bring us to greater enlightenment. This reduces negative emotions such as despair, meaninglessness, and unhappiness. Robbins wants to help us increase our pro-social activity thereby contributing to a more open-minded service towards others. In this book he shows how to use effective techniques for practical and spiritual change while following a path of heart.
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The Mystery of Musical Creativity

The Mystery of Musical Creativity

From here we also understand the motif of love in Tristan and Isolde as the motif of magic love, as Novalis meant: `Love is the foundation for the possibility of magic. Love works magically.' And we can link this to Isolde's words in ...

Author: Hermann Beckh

Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing

ISBN: 9781912230389

Category: Music

Page: 172

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‘Beckh ventures into provinces that I have not had the opportunity of investigating myself…’ – Rudolf Steiner Lost for decades, the manuscript of Hermann Beckh’s final lectures on the subject of music present fundamentally new insights into its cosmic origins. Beckh characterises the qualities of musical development, examines select musical works (that represent for him the peak of human ingenuity), and throws new light on the nature and source of human creativity and inspiration. Published here for the first time, the lectures demonstrate a distinctive approach founded on the raw material of musical perception. Beckh discusses the whistling wind, the billowing wave, the song of the birds and particularly the theme of longing. Never losing the ground from under his feet, he penetrates perennial themes: from the yearning for real spontaneity and the ‘Mystery background’ uniting heaven and earth, to spiritual knowledge that can meet the demands of the twenty-first century. Out of the cosmic context, Beckh writes to the individual situation. From there, he seeks again the re-won cosmic context. He does not write as a musical specialist and then turn to universal human concerns; rather, Beckh writes from universal human concerns and reveals music as of special concern to everyone. In addition to the transcripts of fifteen lectures, this book contains a valuable introduction and editorial footnotes. It also features appendices including Beckh’s essay ‘The Mystery of the Night in Wagner and Novalis’; reminiscences of Beckh by August Pauli and Harro Rückner; Donald Francis Tovey’s ‘Wagnerian harmony and the evolution of the Tristan-chord’, and several contemporaneous reviews of Beckh’s published works.
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Ellen Hart Presents Malice Domestic 15 Mystery Most Theatrical

Ellen Hart Presents Malice Domestic 15  Mystery Most Theatrical

MARGARET DUMAS writes books about smart, funny women who are searching for adventure, love, and the occasional murderer in the San Francisco Bay area. Her Movie Palace Mysteries are set in a classic movie theater that she really wishes ...

Author: Anne Louise Bannon

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781479453719

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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The Malice Domestic anthology series returns with a new take on mysteries in the Agatha Christie tradition—original tales with a theatrical bent! Included are: Preface, by Ellen Hart The Rock Star, by Frances Aylor Perfectly Awry, by Anne Louise Bannon The Ghost in Balcony B, by Michele Bazan Reed Drama-Rama Flip Flop, by Cindy Brown It’s Not O.K. Corral, by M. E. Browning Mary-Alice Imagines Her Life as a Movie, by Karen Cantwell The Ghost of Hamnet, by R. M. Chastleton When the Wind is Southerly, by Leone Ciporin Raising Cain, by Carla Coupe Death of Another Hero, by Susan Daly The Stars Are Fire, by Phillip DePoy Death Plays the Palace, by Margaret Dumas The Homicidal Understudy, by Elizabeth Elwood No Final Act, by Daryl Wood Gerber Deus Ex Machina, by B. J. Graf The Nine Deaths in Hamlet?, by A. P. Jamison Heat Wave, by Maureen Jennings Thus With a Kiss, by Margaret Lucke Such Tricks As These, by Jaquelyn Lyman-Thomas Final Curtain, by Sharon Lynn The Mask, by Cheryl Marceau The Ultimate Tie-Breaker, by Deborah Maxey True Crime, by Adam Meyer A Star Goes Dark, by Raquel V. Reyes Not Your Lolita, by Merrilee Robson A Death in Shubert Alley, by Lee Sauer Dance on Fire, by Shawn Reilly Simmons Missed Cue, by Lynn Slaughter You Know How Actresses Are, by C. M. Surrisi Five Words, by Elaine Togneri Ask Fred the Usher, by Arthur Vidro Death Takes a Bow, by Mo Walsh Deal With the Devil, by James Lincoln Warren Method for Murder, by Carol L. Wright
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