Mahanirvana Tantra Tantra of the Great Liberation

Mahanirvana Tantra  Tantra of the Great Liberation

Suvrata! as Thou art my most excellent Brahmi Shakti, and art to medearer thanlife itself, know Thou that the Mahanirvana Tantra is likewise (201). As the Himalaya is among the Mountains, as theMoon is among the Stars, ...

Author: Translated by Arthur Avalon

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

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Shakti and shakta

Shakti and shakta

Many of the topics dealt with in the Mahanirvana Tantra will not be fully understood without a thorough perusal of the book. The Principles of the Tantra must be lectured on to the Bengali afresh. If the Mahanirvana Tantra as translated ...

Author: Arthur Avalon

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There is no word of wider content in any language than this Sanskrit term meaning 'Power'. For Shakti in the highest causal sense is God as Mother, and in another sense it is the universe which issues from Her Womb. And what is there which is neither one nor the other? Therefore, the Yoginihridaya Tantra thus salutes Her who conceives, bears, produces and thereafter nourishes all worlds: "Obeisance be to Her who is pure Being-Consciousness-Bliss, as Power, who exists in the form of Time and Space and all that is therein, and who is the radiant Illuminatrix in all beings." It is therefore possible only to outline here in a very general way a few of the more important principles of the Shakti-doctrine, omitting its deeply interesting practice (Sadhana) in its forms as ritual worship and Yoga. Today Western science speaks of Energy as the physical ultimate of all forms of Matter. So has it been for ages to the Shaktas, as the worshippers of Shakti are called. But they add that such Energy is only a limited manifestation (as Mind and Matter) of the almighty infinite Supreme Power (Maha-Shakti) of Becoming in 'That' (Tat), which is unitary Being (Sat) itself.
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Shakti and Shakta

Shakti and Shakta

The author, Arthur Avalon, has treated of these matters (Siddhanta) in his work, the Tantra-tattva. Many of the topics dealt with in the Mahanirvana Tantra will not be fully understood without a thorough perusal of the book.

Author: Arthur Avalon (John Woodroffe)



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The Shakta is so called because he is a worshipper of Shakti (Power), that is, God in Mother-form as the Supreme Power which creates, sustains and withdraws the universe. His rule of life is Shaktadharma, his doctrine of Shakti is Shaktivada or Shakta Darshana. God is worshipped as the Great Mother because, in this aspect, God is active, and produces, nourishes, and maintains all. Theological Godhead is no more female than male or neuter. God is Mother to the Sadhaka who worships Her Lotus Feet, the dust on which are millions of universes. The Power, or active aspect of the immanent God, is thus called Shakti. A set of essays with subjects including; Indian Religion As Bharata Dharma; Tantra Shastra and Veda; The Tantra Shastras in China; The Tantras and the Religion of the Shaktas; Maya-Shakti (The Psycho-Physical Aspect of the Universe); Creation as Explained in the Non-dualist Tantras; The Psychology of Hindu Religious Ritual; Kundalini Shakta (Yoga), and many more.
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of English education , the mind ... of the Bengali has been shaped , the Mahanirvana is a proper Tantra for the time . Raja Ram Mohan Roy endeavored to encourage the Mahanirvana because he understood that ... the English - educated ...

Author: Hugh B. Urban

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishe

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Bhadriraju Krishnamurti (1928) is Professor and Head of the department of Linguistics at Osmania University, Hyderabad. He received a B.A. (Hons.) Degree (1948) in Telugu language and literature at Andhra University Waltair and an M.A. (1955) and Ph.D. (1957) in linguistics from the university of Pennsylvania U.S.A.
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Homo Hierarchicus

Homo Hierarchicus

On the sanyasis, cf. note 30; on transmigration, karman: Mahanirvana Tantra, trad. Avalon, London, 19 13, XIV; p. 10 sq. and Principles, I, pp. 203-4. 29 As regards the left-hand forms, it is considered good taste to speak of extreme, ...

Author: Louis Dumont

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226169637

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The French anthropologist rejects the ethnocentric concepts underlying Western sociology to provide a new analysis of the roots, function, and social organization of India's caste system
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Feasts and Fasts

Feasts and Fasts

A major Tantric text, the Mahanirvana Tantra, describes the Five Ms in more detail.1 Alcohol can be made from sugar, rice, honey or palmtree juice by someone of any caste. The best fish are those without bones, although those with lots ...

Author: Colleen Taylor Sen

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From dal to samosas, paneer to vindaloo, dosa to naan, Indian food is diverse and wide-ranging—unsurprising when you consider India’s incredible range of climates, languages, religions, tribes, and customs. Its cuisine differs from north to south, yet what is it that makes Indian food recognizably Indian, and how did it get that way? To answer those questions, Colleen Taylor Sen examines the diet of the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years, describing the country’s cuisine in the context of its religious, moral, social, and philosophical development. Exploring the ancient indigenous plants such as lentils, eggplants, and peppers that are central to the Indian diet, Sen depicts the country’s agricultural bounty and the fascination it has long held for foreign visitors. She illuminates how India’s place at the center of a vast network of land and sea trade routes led it to become a conduit for plants, dishes, and cooking techniques to and from the rest of the world. She shows the influence of the British and Portuguese during the colonial period, and she addresses India’s dietary prescriptions and proscriptions, the origins of vegetarianism, its culinary borrowings and innovations, and the links between diet, health, and medicine. She also offers a taste of Indian cooking itself—especially its use of spices, from chili pepper, cardamom, and cumin to turmeric, ginger, and coriander—and outlines how the country’s cuisine varies throughout its many regions. Lavishly illustrated with one hundred images, Feasts and Fasts is a mouthwatering tour of Indian food full of fascinating anecdotes and delicious recipes that will have readers devouring its pages.
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The Yoga of Power

The Yoga of Power

Mahanirvana-Tantra 2:14–15. This text explicitly states that the teaching proper to the first age (Satya Yuga) was that of shruti, or the Veda; of the second age (Treta Yuga), smriti; of the third age (Dvapara), Puranas; of the last age ...

Author: Julius Evola

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

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Drawing from original texts on self-mastery, Evola discusses two Hindu movements--Tantrism and Shaktism--which emphasize a path of action to gain power over energies latent within the body.
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Purifying the Earthly Body of God

Purifying the Earthly Body of God

67—68. 35. Kularnava Tantra 9, pp. 90—91. 36. Kuldrnava Tantra 9, pp. 87—89. 37. See Mahanirvana Tantra 11.143. 38. For guidelines on behavior and social conduct, see Mahdnirvana Tantra 1118—152. 39. See Mahanirvana Tantra 6.7. 40.

Author: Lance E. Nelson

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438414386

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An interdisciplinary exploration of the relationship between religion and environment in Hinduism.
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Essays in Classical and Modern Hindu Law

Essays in Classical and Modern Hindu Law

A Juridical Fabrication of Early British India : The Mahanirvana - Tantra This is a story of a well - intentioned fraud which may interest students of the interaction of cultures . The Mahānirvāņa - tantra ( referred to below as MNT ) ...

Author: John Duncan Martin Derrett

Publisher: BRILL

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The Indian Law Reports

The Indian Law Reports

The text no doubt provides a right of pre - emption , but it has long been the subject of interest to eminent Sanskrit scholars , whose final decision is that it is of a recent date , that the Mahanirvana Tantra itself is not a work of ...



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