A view of the marginal notes of the Popish Testament translated into English by the English fugitive Papists resiant at Rhemes in France B L

A view of the marginal notes of the Popish Testament  translated into English by the English fugitive Papists resiant at Rhemes in France  B L

Your notes as I take it are alreadie answered . The text . But before all these things they will :: laie hands vpon you : and persecute you , & c . The note . Great persecution of catholike men . The answer . These catholikes neuer knew ...

Author: George Wither


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John of Rupescissa s VADE MECUM IN TRIBULACIONE 1356

John of Rupescissa   s VADE MECUM IN TRIBULACIONE  1356

The three marginal notes of this manuscript stem from the same unknown hand.490 scripts piece together their ... each of their intention.491 B the Roman ordinal number in the margin has no marginal notes, of each start of an intention.

Author: Matthias Kaup

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The VADE MECUM IN TRIBULACIONE was meant as an eschatological manual for the thirteen catastrophic years between its composition in December 1356 and the Thousand-Year Reign of Christ expected to begin in 1370. This manual, permeated by passion for clerical reform, was intended to give righteous Christians practical and spiritual advice on how to survive this period of tribulation. Likewise, it aimed to inform them about what to expect from the envoys of Satan, the Western and the Eastern Antichrists, but also from Christ’s warriors, the papal restorer and his secular assistant, the French-Roman Emperor. Moreover, it offered a brief outline of Christ’s Thousand-Year Reign and of Armageddon. The VADE MECUM was written by John of Rupescissa OFM (c. 1310-1366), the most prolific apocalyptic author of the Middle Ages, as the central work of in all three manuals designed to prepare Christendom for the impending crises. As a completely new text type and summary of the late Rupescissa’s doctrines, this eschatological manual fascinated numerous readers in the Late Middle Ages, who copied, reworked and translated it and made it thus a pivotal text of medieval apocalypticism: ten versions of the Latin VADE MECUM in more than forty manuscripts have come down to us. Rupescissa’s eschatological manual is his last known and most widely distributed work; the present study provides an annotated critical edition equipped with an English translation. It inducts in the manual’s contents, places them in the context of Rupescissa’s work and medieval prophetic literature, investigates important aspects of its reception and clarifies the relationships between its different versions. Furthermore, it ends with a critical edition of the VENI MECUM IN TRIBULACIONE, the most influential compendious version of the VADE MECUM. Thus this book offers an indispensable fundamental contribution to the flourishing studies of Rupescissa and medieval apocalypticism.
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Bliss Carman

Bliss Carman

“The Modern Athenian: A Note on Style," the Boston Evening Transcript (Sept. 12, 1896): n.p. . "Marginal Notes: On Criticism II," the Commercial Advertiser (July 16, 1898): n.p. . "The Artist and His Critic," the Boston Evening ...

Author: Gerald Lynch

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The tarnished reputation of this turn-of-the-century poet is persuasively burnished anew by fifteen scholars, editors, and poets. Published in English.
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Wilhelm II

Wilhelm II

8 Kaiser Wilhelm II, marginal notes on Bernstorff's report of 25 April 1903, ibid., XVII, No. 5361. 9 Kaiser Wilhelm II, marginal notes of 24 January 1904 on Eckardstein's memorandum of 17 January 1904, ibid., XIX/1, No. 5945.

Author: John C. G. Röhl

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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This final volume of John Röhl's acclaimed biography of Kaiser Wilhelm II reveals the Kaiser's central role in the origins of the First World War. The book examines the Kaiser's part in the Boer War, the Russo-Japanese War, the naval arms race with Britain and Germany's rivalry with the United States as well as in the crises over Morocco, Bosnia and Agadir. It also sheds new light on the public scandals which accompanied his reign from the allegations of homosexuality made against his intimate friends to the Daily Telegraph Affair. Above all, John Röhl scrutinises the mounting tension between Germany and Britain and the increasing pressure the Kaiser exerted on his Austro-Hungarian ally from 1912 onwards to resolve the Serbian problem. Following Germany's defeat and Wilhelm's enforced abdication, he charts the Kaiser's bitter experience of exile in Holland and his frustrated hopes that Hitler would restore him to the throne.
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Boyle on Atheism

Boyle on Atheism

BP1:86–Hand Bacon, BP1:87 – Hand Greg, with insertions by Boyle, BP 1:89 – Hand Bacon, with insertions by Boyle, BP1:90– Hand Bacon, except marginal note, BP1:91 –Hand Bacon. 2.3.30 1:88 Bacon, except marginal notes, with insertions by ...

Author: Robert Boyle

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802090188

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With Boyle on Atheism, J.J. MacIntosh has culled the Boyle manuscripts held at the Royal Society Library in London and transcribed the portions that relate to atheism, arranging them in the order Boyle appears to have intended.
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LaTeX in 24 Hours

LaTeX in 24 Hours

4.6 Marginal Notes∗ LATE X provides the \marginpar{} command for printing an important note in the margin of a document. An application of the command can be seen just outside of this line, which is produced by inserting ...

Author: Dilip Datta

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This book presents direct and concise explanations and examples to many LaTeX syntax and structures, allowing students and researchers to quickly understand the basics that are required for writing and preparing book manuscripts, journal articles, reports, presentation slides and academic theses and dissertations for publication. Unlike much of the literature currently available on LaTeX, which takes a more technical stance, focusing on the details of the software itself, this book presents a user-focused guide that is concerned with its application to everyday tasks and scenarios. It is packed with exercises and looks at topics like formatting text, drawing and inserting tables and figures, bibliographies and indexes, equations, slides, and provides valuable explanations to error and warning messages so you can get work done with the least time and effort needed. This means LaTeX in 24 Hours can be used by students and researchers with little or no previous experience with LaTeX to gain quick and noticeable results, as well as being used as a quick reference guide for those more experienced who want to refresh their knowledge on the subject.
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ICE Conditions of Contract

ICE Conditions of Contract

Singular and plural Headings and marginal notes Clause references ( 1 ) " Provisional Sum " means a sum included and so designated in the Contract as a specific contingency for the execution of work or the supply of goods materials or ...

Author: Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain)

Publisher: Thomas Telford

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This first major review of the industry's standard contract for 18 years has left its basic principles unaltered but extra clarity has been introduced throughout by careful consideration of current practice and judicious rewording.
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Memory and Instruction

Memory and Instruction

Marginal notes . Marginal notes appear in the margin of a page adjacent to corresponding discussion in the text and provide an outline and summary of major points . The value of marginal notes lies in their potential to act either as ...

Author: David Baine

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The Works of John Knox

The Works of John Knox

( Margin , ) The Clergie did pretend to be free from all Jurisdiction , save the Popes . 380 , 1. 1. Norwell - Horwell .- ( Marginal note omitted . ) ... 387 , ( The marginal notes omitted . ) 388 , 1. 4. ( Margin , ) Let this serve for ...

Author: John Knox


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The Works of John Knox Volumes 1 and 2 History of the Reformation in Scotland

The Works of John Knox  Volumes 1 and 2  History of the Reformation in Scotland

( Margin , ) The Clergie did pretend to be free from all Jurisdiction , save the Popes . 380 , 1. 1. Norwell - Horwell .- ( Marginal note omitted . ) ... 387 , ( The marginal notes omitted . ) 388 , 1. 4. ( Margin , ) Let this serve for ...

Author: John Knox

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781592445264

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John Knox (1514-1572) was more a reformer of the Scottish Kirk than he was a systematic theologian, as his collected works will attest. Knox had a profound influence upon theological and ecclesiological developments in Scotland both purely by the force of his personality and by the role he played in shaping the Scots Confession and the Book of Common Order. Knox was an ordained priest and served as a tutor prior to his conversion to Protestantism. Volumes One and Two: Knox's famous 'History of the Reformation in Scotland'. Apologetics as much as history, 'History of the Reformation in Scotland' was immediately seized and suppressed when it initially appeared, yet it has remained available in various editions for over 400 years. Volume Three: 'Earliest Writings', 1548-1554 Volume Four: 'Writings from Frankfurt and Geneva'. These writings in exile include Knox's famous 'First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women', his violent diatribe against Mary of Guise. Volume Five: 'On Predestination' and other writings. 'On Predestination, in Answer to the Cavillations by an Anabaptist' is Knox's longest theological work and presents a position of rigid predestinationism. Volume Six: Letters, Prayer, and other shorter writings with a sketch of his life.
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