Martini Straight Up

Martini  Straight Up

To order the earlier cocktail—that is, chilled, in a stemmed glass, whether with gin or with vodka—one used a retronym: “straightup Martini” or Martinistraight up.” The expression was also shortened to “Martini up.

Author: Lowell Edmunds

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421437682

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Page: 200

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Mencken called "the only American invention as perfect as a sonnet."
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The Shaken and the Stirred

The Shaken and the Stirred

Lowell Edmunds, Martini, Straight Up, rev ed. (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press), 1998. 20. Edmunds, Martini, Straight Up, 106–7. 21. Edmunds, Martini, Straight Up, 107. 22. Quoted in Barnaby Conrad III, The Martini (San ...

Author: Stephen Schneider

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253052322

Category: Social Science

Page: 432

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Over the past decade, the popularity of cocktails has returned with gusto. Amateur and professional mixologists alike have set about recovering not just the craft of the cocktail, but also its history, philosophy, and culture. The Shaken and the Stirred features essays written by distillers, bartenders and amateur mixologists, as well as scholars, all examining the so-called 'Cocktail Revival' and cocktail culture. Why has the cocktail returned with such force? Why has the cocktail always acted as a cultural indicator of class, race, sexuality and politics in both the real and the fictional world? Why has the cocktail revival produced a host of professional organizations, blogs, and conferences devoted to examining and reviving both the drinks and habits of these earlier cultures?
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The Martini Cocktail

The Martini Cocktail

... habit picked up by Americans who came of age in the years following World War II. Adam Platt, restaurant critic at New York magazine, told me that, while his grandfather took his Martinis straight up, with a good amount of vermouth, ...

Author: Robert Simonson

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 9780399581229

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The first book in decades to celebrate and explore the history of the most iconic of classic cocktails, the martini, with 50 recipes. JAMES BEARD AWARD FINALIST • WINNER OF THE TALES OF THE COCKTAIL SPIRITED AWARD® • IACP AWARD FINALIST • “Simonson’s a fleet-footed writer, and his thumbnail history is easily satisfying without getting into the weeds. . . . This is a no-brainer for martini enthusiasts.”—Publishers Weekly A classic martini includes gin, vermouth, sometimes bitters, a lemon twist or olive, and lots of opinions—it’s these opinions that New York Times cocktail writer Robert Simonson uncovers in his exploration of the long and tangled history of the classic martini and its subtle variations. The book features examples of age-old recipes, such as the first martini recipe published in 1888, modern versions created by some of the world’s best bartenders, and martinis sought out by enthusiasts around the world, from Dukes Bar at the Dukes Hotel London to Musso and Frank Grill in Los Angeles. In The Martini Cocktail, you’ll discover everything you need to know about what components make a great martini, as well as a collection of 50 recipes to create your own drinks (and form your own opinions) at home.
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The Book of Gin

The Book of Gin

Philip Souza, The Fifth String, 1902, quoted in Edmunds, Martini Straight Up, p 15 “So at twelve o'clock we had a hot lunch . . .”: O. Henry, The Gentle Grafter, 1904, quoted in Edmunds, Martini Straight Up, p 16 “Nobody seemed to ...

Author: Richard Barnett

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 9780802194091

Category: History

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“An absorbing popular history of one of history’s most popular drinks” (Booklist). Gin has been a drink of kings infused with crushed pearls and rose petals, and a drink of the poor flavored with turpentine and sulfuric acid. Born in alchemists’ stills and monastery kitchens, its earliest incarnations were juniper flavored medicines used to prevent plague, ease the pains of childbirth, even to treat a lack of courage. In The Book of Gin, Richard Barnett traces the life of this beguiling spirit, once believed to cause a “new kind of drunkenness.” In the eighteenth century, gin-crazed debauchery (and class conflict) inspired Hogarth’s satirical masterpieces “Gin Lane” and “Beer Street.” In the nineteenth century, gin was drunk by Napoleonic War naval heroes, at lavish gin palaces, and by homesick colonials, who mixed it with their bitter anti-malarial tonics. In the early twentieth century, the illicit cocktail culture of Prohibition made gin—often dangerous bathtub gin—fashionable again. And today, with the growth of small-batch distilling, gin has once-again made a comeback. Wide-ranging, impeccably researched, and packed with illuminating stories, The Book of Gin is lively and fascinating, an indispensable history of a complex and notorious drink. “The Book of Gin is full of history that will make you grin . . . An enchanting read.” —Cooking by the Book
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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

The martini has often been used in literature and film to bring a sense of sophistication to a character. Lowell Edmunds's book Martini, Straight Up, published in 1998, explores this use in depth. Some famous people have used the drink ...

Author: Andrew Smith


ISBN: 9780199734962

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The second edition of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, originally published in September 2004, covers the significant events, inventions, and social movements that have shaped the way Americans view, prepare, and consume food and drink. Entries range across historical periods and the trends that characterize them. The thoroughly updated new edition captures the shifting American perspective on food and is the most authoritative and the most current reference work on American cuisine.
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Gin How to Drink it

Gin  How to Drink it

It was, as Lowell Edmunds points out in his magisterial study Martini, Straight Up, urban, male, patrician, a businessman's drink. There was no romance about the Martini; it was the liquid equivalent of one of Hitchcock's glacial ...

Author: Dave Broom

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781784727277

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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Written by the Fortnum & Mason Drinks Writer of the Year 2020. Updated with more than 80 new gins. With more gin brands available than ever before, you need to know how to choose and get the most out of the brands you buy, understanding their flavours so you drink them in the most delicious way possible. Award-winning spirits writer Dave Broom has tested thousands of gins from all over the world to choose the 125 selected to appear in this book. As well as the gin selection, he has also tasted and scored each one four ways - in a G&T, a negroni, a martini and with lemonade (a gin that's perfect for a martini may be exactly the opposite in a G&T). So not only do you get to drink the world's best gins, you get to drink them in the best possible way. Praise for the first edition: "You could not write a more sophisticated book or pack more detail onto each is rocket science impressive" - Huffington Post
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Murder She Wrote Martinis and Mayhem

Murder  She Wrote  Martinis and Mayhem

Camille said as we pulled up in front of the St. Francis. “I'm still here,” I said, ... “A very dry martini, straight up,” I told the waitress as I settled at a window table in the Mark Hopkins's Top of the Mark cocktail lounge.

Author: Jessica Fletcher

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440673559

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Jessica Fletcher solves a murder by the bay in this mystery in the USA Today bestselling Murder, She Wrote series... Cabot Cove, Maine's most famous mystery author is excited about promoting her new book in glamorous San Francisco. Jessica can't wait for drinks and dinner on Fisherman's Wharf, a ride on the cable cars, and a romantic rendezvous with Scottish policeman George Sutherland. She doesn't know that solving a murder may be penciled into her agenda. Actually, a visit to a women's prison is already on Jessica's schedule, and afterwards she finds a mysterious diary slipped into her bad. Its poignant contents make her suspect a beautiful inmate has been unjustly convicted of killing her husband. Soon Jessica is questioning witnesses throughout the Bay Area, from a restauranteur in a Sausalito mall to a female impersonator in the Castro district. But death is waiting on the Golden Gate Bridge—and Jessica may find out how risky love can be...
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Cocktail Therapy

Cocktail Therapy

Your coworker just got the promotion that you deserve, so why not meet that headhunter who's been recruiting you for an after-work Vodka Martini, straight up with an olive? A martini shows that you're sophisticated and can handle ...

Author: Leanne Shear

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416948360

Category: Cooking

Page: 240

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A lighthearted drink mixing primer by a pair of Manhattan women bartenders pairs cocktail recommendations with a range of personal dilemmas, from career challenges and broken relationships to weight gain and credit card mishaps, in a guide that is complemented by sidebars on hangover management and bar etiquette. 30,000 first printing.
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The Christmas Strike

The Christmas Strike

People picking up last-minute gifts in the shops. ... thought about what to order but when the bartender came over I immediately asked for a martini, straight up, with two olives. I don't think I'd had a martini since Charlie had died.

Author: Nikki Rivers

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459236028

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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You can't give to others…until you give to yourself! With Christmas only twelve days away, supermom Abby Blake is going on strike. Sure she loves her grown daughters and their families, but do they all have to be so…well, needy? Having made her stand, Abby's not about to let anything—or anyone—stop her. Especially her sworn enemy—alpha male extraordinaire Cole Hudson. Abby convinces him to fly her to Chicago on his private jet for a little R and R. But Cole's got other plans—a surprise detour to Paris. And thanks to a luxury suite, a fabulous shopping spree and enough sparks flying between her and Cole to light up the Eiffel Tower, life is definitely looking up for Abby. Maybe this "strike" should grow into a year-round holiday….
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The Culinary Plagiarist

The Culinary Plagiarist

(What he would think of the so-called “dirty” martini—an abomination unto the Lord worse, maybe, than fornication and evangelical fundamentalism—is not difficult to imagine.) In a lovely little book titled Martini, Straight Up, ...

Author: Jason Peters

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532689802

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 294

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More than a collection of vignettes and stories from garden, grill, and kitchen, The Culinary Plagiarist is a sustained adventure in gustatory delight, an intensely private but candid account of desire and all its objects. Opinionated on the full range of human experience, from fasting to inebriety, from sports to politics, from religion to raunch, it is at once serious, humorous, ironic, reflective, grateful, allusive, and appetitive. Along the way it offers a defense of small-scale, local life, of family, of place, and of “the bread we do not live alone by.” And also the drinks. Don’t forget the drinks. This is a book for people who enjoy being alive, whether in the kitchen, the pasture, the library, the barn, the trout stream, the henhouse (or the doghouse), or the bedroom.
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