Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft Volume 1

Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft  Volume 1

Of further research into the history of witchcraft proper France has published relatively little . Of witchcraft in England , " from 1558 to 1718 , " there appeared in 1911 , just after Mr. Lea's death , a history by a young American ...

Author: Henry Charles Lea

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9781512817485

Category: History

Page: 480

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Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft Volume 2

Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft  Volume 2

His favorite shape is that of the goat , as most similar to him in qualities and character . - Ib . , c . 23 . The aerial transportation to the Sabbat is wearisome and painful to the highest degree . One witch declared that after ...

Author: Henry Charles Lea

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9781512820577

Category: History

Page: 608

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Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft Volume 3

Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft  Volume 3

In fact man , by magic , makes himself , like the rebel angels , the subject of the devil , his assistant , his instrument in the production of evil , each one within the limits of his personality . - Ib . , liv . vi , c . 1 ( vol .

Author: Henry Charles Lea

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9781512820591

Category: History

Page: 512

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Magic Mystery and Science

Magic  Mystery  and Science

Jeffrey Burton Russell , Witchcraft in the Middle Ages ( Ithaca , N.Y .: Cornell University Press , 1972 ) , pp . 75–76 . 44. An English translation is found in Charles Henry Lea , Materials toward a History of Witchcraft , vol . 1 , pp ...

Author: Dan Burton

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253216567

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 390

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"[P.D. Ouspensky's] yearning for a transcendent, timeless reality—one that cancels out physical disintegration and death—figures into science at some fundamental level. Einstein found solace in his theory of relativity, which suggested to him that events are ever-present in the space-time continuum. When his friend Michele Besso passed on shortly before his own death, he wrote: 'For us believing physicists the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one.'" —from Magic, Mystery, and Science The triumph of science would appear to have routed all other explanations of reality. No longer does astrology or alchemy or magic have the power to explain the world to us. Yet at one time each of these systems of belief, like religion, helped shed light on what was dark to our understanding. Nor have the occult arts disappeared. We humans have a need for mystery and a sense of the infinite. Magic, Mystery, and Science presents the occult as a "third stream" of belief, as important to the shaping of Western civilization as Greek rationalism or Judeo-Christianity. The occult seeks explanations in a world that is living and intelligent—quite unlike the one supposed by science. By taking these beliefs seriously, while keeping an eye on science, this book aims to capture some of the power of the occult. Readers will discover that the occult has a long history that reaches back to Babylonia and ancient Egypt. It proceeds alongside, and frequently mingles with, religion and science. From the Egyptian Book of the Dead to New Age beliefs, from Plato to Adolf Hitler, occult ways of knowing have been used—and hideously abused—to explain a world that still tempts us with the knowledge of its dark secrets.
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Contesting Orthodoxy in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Contesting Orthodoxy in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Heresy, Magic and Witchcraft Louise Nyholm Kallestrup, Raisa Maria Toivo ... Lea, Henry Charles (1957) Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft, 3 vol., vol. 1 (New york: Thomas yoseloff). ... 1 (New york and London: yoseloff).

Author: Louise Nyholm Kallestrup

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319323855

Category: History

Page: 349

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This book breaks with three common scholarly barriers of periodization, discipline and geography in its exploration of the related themes of heresy, magic and witchcraft. It sets aside constructed chronological boundaries, and in doing so aims to achieve a clearer picture of what ‘went before’, as well as what ‘came after’. Thus the volume demonstrates continuity as well as change in the concepts and understandings of magic, heresy and witchcraft. In addition, the geographical pattern of similarities and diversities suggests a comparative approach, transcending confessional as well as national borders. Throughout the medieval and early modern period, the orthodoxy of the Christian Church was continuously contested. The challenge of heterodoxy, especially as expressed in various kinds of heresy, magic and witchcraft, was constantly present during the period 1200-1650. Neither contesters nor followers of orthodoxy were homogeneous groups or fractions. They themselves and their ideas changed from one century to the next, from region to region, even from city to city, but within a common framework of interpretation. This collection of essays focuses on this complex.
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The Colour of Angels

The Colour of Angels

H.C. Lea, Materials Toward a History of Witchcraft, vol. 1, New York, Thomas Yoseloff, 1957, pp. 232–3. At the same time as witches satisfied their own appetites, they took away food from others. Witches were notorious for harming their ...

Author: Constance Classen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134678204

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

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The Colour of Angels uncovers the gender politics behind our attitude to the senses. Using a wide variety of examples, ranging from the sensuous religious visions of the middle ages through to nineteenth-century art movements, this book reveals a previously unexplored area of womens history.
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The Witches Ointment

The Witches  Ointment

Vol. 3, Witchcraft Mythologies and Persecution. Budapest, Hungary: Central European University Press, 2008. ... ______. Materials Towards a History of Witchcraft, vol. 1. Whitefish, Mont.: Kessinger Publishing, LLC, 2004.

Author: Thomas Hatsis

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620554746

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

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An exploration of the historical origins of the “witches’ ointment” and medieval hallucinogenic drug practices based on the earliest sources • Details how early modern theologians demonized psychedelic folk magic into “witches’ ointments” • Shares dozens of psychoactive formulas and recipes gleaned from rare manuscripts from university collections all over the world as well as the practices and magical incantations necessary for their preparation • Examines the practices of medieval witches like Matteuccia di Francisco, who used hallucinogenic drugs in her love potions and herbal preparations In the medieval period preparations with hallucinogenic herbs were part of the practice of veneficium, or poison magic. This collection of magical arts used poisons, herbs, and rituals to bewitch, heal, prophesy, infect, and murder. In the form of psyche-magical ointments, poison magic could trigger powerful hallucinations and surrealistic dreams that enabled direct experience of the Divine. Smeared on the skin, these entheogenic ointments were said to enable witches to commune with various local goddesses, bastardized by the Church as trips to the Sabbat--clandestine meetings with Satan to learn magic and participate in demonic orgies. Examining trial records and the pharmacopoeia of witches, alchemists, folk healers, and heretics of the 15th century, Thomas Hatsis details how a range of ideas from folk drugs to ecclesiastical fears over medicine women merged to form the classical “witch” stereotype and what history has called the “witches’ ointment.” He shares dozens of psychoactive formulas and recipes gleaned from rare manuscripts from university collections from all over the world as well as the practices and magical incantations necessary for their preparation. He explores the connections between witches’ ointments and spells for shape shifting, spirit travel, and bewitching magic. He examines the practices of some Renaissance magicians, who inhaled powerful drugs to communicate with spirits, and of Italian folk-witches, such as Matteuccia di Francisco, who used hallucinogenic drugs in her love potions and herbal preparations, and Finicella, who used drug ointments to imagine herself transformed into a cat. Exploring the untold history of the witches’ ointment and medieval hallucinogen use, Hatsis reveals how the Church transformed folk drug practices, specifically entheogenic ones, into satanic experiences.
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She Is Everywhere Volume 3

She Is Everywhere  Volume 3

Lea, Materials Toward a History, 1: 181. Kittredge, Witchcraft in Old, 244-245. Lea, Materials Toward a History, 1: 173. Bologne, Du flambeau au bûcher, 70; Adam of Bremen, History of the Archbishops, Book 2, sec. lxii (60), pp.

Author: Mary Beth Moser

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462064345

Category: Religion

Page: 460

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She Is Everywhere! Volume 3 presents a bold, brave, and beautiful compilation of womanist/feminist essays, poems, and artwork showcasing work from an international community of women and men who honor the Sacred Female. The fifty contributors in this anthologyscholars, creative writers, and visual artistsshare their vision for a world that reclaims the inviolability of the Divine Female in all Her many and varied manifestations. She Is Everywhere! Volume 3 is the latest edition of a leading-edge series which, like its predecessors, offers an invaluable contribution to womens spirituality, religion, philosophy, and womens studies. The contemporary voices contained within its pages echo an ancient clarion call to embrace the values of justice with compassion, equality for all people, and transformation. We have a calling in this worldnamely, to prevent the destruction from continuing. Claudia von Werlhof I am in the presence of a divine Mother, and She is fulfilling a deep longing inside of me. Nicole Margiasso-Tran She was, I am, my daughter is because we are all Her. Etoyle McKee Just as dark matter (mother) in space shapes galaxies and holds them together, we are shaped and held by the African Dark Mother who has given us Her life force, and resides in the very depths of our being, where the macrocosm is literally reflected in the microcosm. Leslene della-Madre
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The Witch

The Witch

Volume Three, London, 2002, 1–65; Kieckhefer, Magic in the Middle Ages, 35–51; and Bailey, Magic and Superstition in Europe, 60–91. Henry Charles Lea, Materials towards a History of Witchcraft, ed. Arthur C. Howland, Philadelphia, PA, ...

Author: Ronald Hutton

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300229042

Category: History

Page: 360

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This book sets the notorious European witch trials in the widest and deepest possible perspective and traces the major historiographical developments of witchcraft
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