Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow

The following morning as if by magic thirty eight 4x4 vehicles arrived and transferred us all back to the airport, this time I had a direct flight to Milan and a four hour wait for the flight to take me back to Heathrow.

Author: Ray Matthews

Publisher: Pneuma Springs Publishing

ISBN: 9781907728358

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 111

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What kind of man runs 100 miles at the age of 70 and what makes anyone want to run 100 miles? Throughout a lifetime, everyone has the opportunity to meet truly exceptional people. Ray is one of them. From being a cocky ginger haired, Yorkshire lad who just wanted to have a go at boxing, to his recent 100km Sahara Desert race, Ray’s life is truly inspiring and anyone seeking to take on the impossible should read this book. Ray writes with a passion that reflects his fervour for life. Feel the emotion as a young Ray takes steps that help him discover the most important mentors who lead him to make the hardest choices which made the biggest differences in his life. "…Who decides what the right age is to achieve your dreams? Ray demonstrates that destiny is in your hands, and not in the hands of what society expects of us…" - Patrick De Jong, Desert runner and Friend "If you have the burning desire to live your life on your terms, then Ray’s book is a must read. Ray is living the ideal life; to be content with what he has achieved, and be ambitious for more." - David Greenfield, Gym buddy and Life Coach "You will be intrigued by extraordinary stories of determination and achievement in which adversity is overcome and goals are reached. The author takes you on a journey and leaves you wanting more–always the mark of a great book." - Marina Tune, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist "…The descriptive writing and storytelling paints a picture that almost makes you feel you are right there running with Ray in the desert–like his shadow. Feel the physical and emotional pain Ray experienced and the overwhelming joy of knowing that you have just taken part in something truly amazing." - Helen Woodburn-Moran "There are many words to describe how you may feel after reading Me and My Shadow; intrigued, shocked, emotional, inspired…" - Fiona Burkinshaw, Personal Trainer and fitness coach Book reviews online: PublishedBestsellers website.
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Living in My Shadow

Living in My Shadow

... I am just fading away ~ I am losing memories and my thoughts ~ I am losing my years day by day ~ I am saying good bye to all that's been ~ I 'm becoming a shadow of me ~ I am losing all that's familiar ~ I am losing me ...

Author: Hazel Rae Minnick

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781619046931

Category: Religion

Page: 312

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Bringing a message of Hope for living with Alzheimer's Disease - "The Extreme Makeover" "The Unlikely Dancer" "Just Believe In One More Day" Promoting early diagnosis: Treatment with Meds, Coupled with Ballroom Dancing To rehabilitate the mind and body Diagnosed with Alzheimer's at age 53, Everyday I fight a battle to still be me. A battle wages within - a silent predator - The thief of my mind, memory, and me. I am a voice that needs to be heard - A mind that needs to be understood - A disease that needs explanation - a cure! "Dancing is Life" states Tony Dovolani - "This is a quote that is a direct parallel to life. It rejuvenates us, keeps us sound, keeps us creating, instead of dying." - quote - Tony Dovolani of Dancing with the Stars World Rhythm Champion Traveling through the Valley of the Shadow of Death - When you hear you are dying, you feel yourself disappearing - just fading away - "There is a Time to Dance!" "God Changed My Mourning into Dancing!" Ballroom Dancing - the Missing Link in My Rehabilitation. "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength - they shall mount up with wings as eagles" "When You See a Single Bird Soar in Flight Remember Me!" Living in My Shadow records my personal journals, celebrating my real life with Alzheimer's Disease from 1999 to the present. I want my writings to reflect the Hope I have in my Heavenly Father's plans for me, reflecting His sustaining companionship on this my journey living with Alzheimer's.
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Inside My Shadow Box

Inside My Shadow Box

The day I left him, he was in the drive threatening me. As I pulled out of the driveway, he latched on to the door, but I had locked it. I drove away, leaving him standing in the street threatening to come after me. I went to my mom and ...

Author: Kerrie Bullard

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781499080131

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 171

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Inside My Shadow Box allows the readers to feel as if they are alongside the author as she writes of her many adventures as a child growing up in Sweetwater, Texas, as a bride and mother at seventeen years of age, as a woman who suffered at the hands of family violence and a cheating husband, as a police officer who was the first of her kind in the county where she worked, as a police officer working on homicide cases, and as a state investigator working on child deaths and in the FLDS raids that caused the arrest and imprisonment of Warren Jeffs. The author allows you to feel some of her personal feelings during very sad and precious moments in her life as well as allowing you as the reader to understand her thoughts on unsolved cases. There is no doubt that you as a reader will experience a variety of emotions while reading this book. You will understand the human side of a police officer and state investigator and understand why sometimes, although it seems there is enough to bring one to justice, there just isn't. It is the author's hope that after reading this book, you will come away with a feeling that you know and understand the meaning of the book's title, Inside My Shadow Box. The shadow box reflects what is stored inside, and what the author has written about are many things she has stored inside through the years of her life until the release of this book.
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Chasing My Shadow

Chasing My Shadow

I read in the paper this morning that they are looking for me and want to talk with me. My nurse is driving me there as soon as she's ready.” “I'm sorry, Stone,” said Chelsea, “but Clem and I heard that the police were looking for you, ...

Author: Eleanor Trevithick

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595128099

Category: Fiction

Page: 122

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Stone Langston left on his buying trip as usual with his list of items needed for his Collectibles Store in the town of Colburgh, NY. From then on nothing was as usual. For one thing, he was one of the lucky ones who survived a plane crash ending up in the hospital. He was to wonder later whether his good friend, Jerry Holmes, whom he had left in charge of his store, was a friend after all. Where was he? Why, after less than five weeks, had Stone come home to find that Jrry had disappeared and someone else was using his store? He was shocked and angry as he walked into his store, which was now being used as a cafe. And what he learned in there was to be an even greater shock.
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Perhaps Love

Perhaps Love

Me and my shadow seldom spoke, We exchange rather strange looks, Not to disturb the dwindling brooks, My shadow and I hide on nooks. Me and my shadow always laughed, Murmured with a voice so soft, Echoed through walls and loft, ...

Author: Patrick Basu

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490732985

Category: Poetry

Page: 116

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Perhaps Love is a compendium of romantic poems composed by the author over many decades, intimately reflective of a serene storgic dying entity of true self sacrificing love. It is written beautifully with a style so sublime, such that the interpretation is left open to the reader, depending on their individual context and frame of mind, which could range from lovers to best of friends. The style is rich and varies from sonnets to horatic and Pindaric odes dedicated to the lover and his beloved. Perhaps Love is an enjoyable read for anyone at any level. People with a passion for literary art can appreciate its full depth. The author is truly an enigmatic individual to many of us who intimately know him. He has a depth that is unfathomable to many and I consider myself truly privileged to know him as my father figure both personally and professionally.
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Father of Two Children Child of One God

Father of Two Children  Child of One God

Me and my shadow are two of a kind Wherever I go my shadow you will find Wherever I go if and when I look back I will see my shadow there as a matter of fact Me and my shadow are a very close pair Wherever I go my shadow is there From ...

Author: Erik Patterson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781450067720

Category: Poetry


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Categories: Poetry

Romantic Insanity

Romantic Insanity

Me and my shadow seldom spoke, We exchange rather strange looks, Not to disturb the dwindlingbrooks, My shadow and ... Me and my shadow always laughed, Murmured with avoice so soft, Echoed through walls and loft, My shadowand I left the ...

Author: Patrick Basu

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477299869

Category: Poetry

Page: 59

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I was touched by T. S. Elliot in my school days, and I was profoundly impressed by William Somerset Maugham, the British writer with pungent social idiosyncrasies and a disenchanted life. Later, in college, I was inspired by poet, singer, and musician Paul Simon. This literary flare transcribed into a more tangible artistic landscape on films. Truly, I was mentored by Satyajit Ray, David Lean, and François Truffaut. It seemed just a capricious dream that came alive in the mode of morbid anatomy of medicine. I was fortunate to peel off the deeper fascia and palpate the sublime passion in the art of medicine with an uncompromising devotion to imbibe the true elixir that heals life and touches millions of souls. The literary acumen came in handy to express and depict the mundane facts and dry statistics in scientific journals. Embraced liver into life and persuaded a sanative intimacy to cure liver disease and transplantation. My smoldering desire for poetry and cinema was rekindled and came alive in screenplays after a few decades of my life drowned in medicine. I sculpted the lost dream into a few film screenwrites with a nascent flicker of poignant passion for poetry. I dedicate the book as a prelude to my widowed mother, who was the primordial driving force in my life in making me a physician, and to my wife, who has submitted an infinite tolerance to forgiving my daily insanities. Patrick Basu, MD
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Ten Fantasy Lectures on the Sun Moon and Stars

Ten Fantasy Lectures on the Sun  Moon  and Stars

Just me and my shadow All alone and feeling blue. These lyrics are nutty. They begin with “the shades of night are falling.” That seems to mean that they are beginning to appear. If so, when the song says: “and when it's twelve o'clock ...

Author: John Gurley

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434985194

Category: Science

Page: 130

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Categories: Science

Grasping Shadows

Grasping Shadows

Me and my shadow strolling down the avenue Me and my shadow not a soul to tell our troubles to And when it's twelve o'clock we climb the stair We never knock for nobody's there Just me and my shadow All alone and feeling blue.55 The ...

Author: William Chapman Sharpe

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190682255

Category: Art

Page: 400

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What's in a shadow? Menace, seduction, or salvation? Immaterial but profound, shadows lurk everywhere in literature and the visual arts, signifying everything from the treachery of appearances to the unfathomable power of God. From Plato to Picasso, from Rembrandt to Welles and Warhol, from Lord of the Rings to the latest video game, shadows act as central players in the drama of Western culture. Yet because they work silently, artistic shadows often slip unnoticed past audiences and critics. Conceived as an accessible introduction to this elusive phenomenon, Grasping Shadows is the first book that offers a general theory of how all shadows function in texts and visual media. Arguing that shadow images take shape within a common cultural field where visual and verbal meanings overlap, William Sharpe ranges widely among classic and modern works, revealing the key motifs that link apparently disparate works such as those by Fra Angelico and James Joyce, Clementina Hawarden and Kara Walker, Charles Dickens and Kumi Yamashita. Showing how real-world shadows have shaped the meanings of shadow imagery, Grasping Shadows guides the reader through the techniques used by writers and artists to represent shadows from the Renaissance onward. The last chapter traces how shadows impact the art of the modern city, from Renoir and Zola to film noir and projection systems that capture the shadows of passers-by on streets around the globe. Extending his analysis to contemporary street art, popular songs, billboards, and shadow-theatre, Sharpe demonstrates a practical way to grasp the "dark side" that looms all around us.
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Pocket Charts for Emergent Readers

Pocket Charts for Emergent Readers

Me and My Shadow PURPOSE To experience poetry , learn rhyming words , and develop an understanding of shadows . MATERIALS O 34 " x 42 " pocket chart O 2 orange , 3 blue , 4 yellow sentence strips O person / shadow templates ( page 53 ) ...

Author: Valerie SchifferDanoff

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 059031470X

Category: Education

Page: 116

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Contains 30 interactive cross-curricular charts that build literacy.
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