Moments of Mindfulness the Wisdom of Asia

Moments of Mindfulness  the Wisdom of Asia

"Each book in the ‘Moments of Mindfulness’ series pairs the wise words of a great writer, master, philosopher or poet with Olivier Föllmi’s beautiful and moving photographs.

Author: Danielle Follmi


ISBN: 0500518238


Page: 288

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Each book in the 'Moments of Mindfulness' series pairs the wise words of a great writer, master, philosopher or poet with Olivier Föllmi's beautiful and moving photographs.

Wit and Wisdom from the Zen Masters

Wit and Wisdom from the Zen Masters

On the Essence of Zen On the Present Moment and Mindfulness On True Self and No Self On Direct Experience On Zen in Everyday Life On the True Nature of Things On Non-Striving and the Way On Zen Living On the Present Moment Clouds come ...

Author: Cider Mill Press

Publisher: Cider Mill Press

ISBN: 9781604339949

Category: Self-Help

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“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” –Buddha Reflect on wit and wisdom from the Zen masters with the definitive guide to finding your inner peace. “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” –Buddha Reflect on wit and wisdom from the Zen masters with the definitive guide to finding your inner peace. Find true balance with the wisdom of the Zen masters as your guide. Full of infinite wisdom to help you nurture your inner self and bring balance into your life, this pocket-size guide is the perfect gift book for anyone looking to bring themselves to a higher level of understanding about the world.
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Afrikan Wisdom

Afrikan Wisdom

Let me visit the " Eastern ” world for a moment . The ancient cultures there once romanticized in the Western imagination as " the Orient ” have long ( especially Asia ) been associated with techniques to encourage calmness and peace .

Author: Valerie Mason-John

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781623175634

Category: Social Science

Page: 384

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A spiritual, political, and interdisciplinary anthology of wisdom stories from today's Black liberation thought leaders and teachers. Afrikan Wisdom is a collection of 30 spiritual essays written by an eclectic group of inspirational Black thought leaders and teachers who reflect on the unique experience of being Black in the world today. Author and editor Valerie Mason-John (Vimalasara) has created an anthology whose aim is to instill readers with the knowledge, awareness, validation, and spiritual tools needed to nurture their individual and collective liberation. While centering on the Black Buddhist experience, essays included in this volume also branch out to include other spiritual traditions and views. Topics include: • African and Afro-Diasporan cultures, histories, and spiritualities • Black radical traditions of liberation and consciousness • Anti-colonialism and anti-slavery • Buddhist philosophy • Social and environmental justice • African and Afro-Diasporan art, music and literature • The prison industrial complex and mass incarceration • (Kemetic) yoga, healing and mindfulness • Intersections with Indigenous cultures • Addiction and recovery • Trans-generational trauma Afrikan Wisdom represents an intersectional, cross-pollinated exploration of Black life--past, present, and future.This book will prove both an inspiration and a motivation for Black readers, as well as anyone else interested in reading about emerging spiritual voices.
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Old Wisdom in the New World

Old Wisdom in the New World

“ Transmission of Religious Traditions in Two South Asian Institutions : Mosque and Temple . ... Singapore : Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre . ... Moment to Moment Mindfulness : A Pictorial Manual for Meditators .

Author: Paul David Numrich

Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press

ISBN: 1572330635

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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An interesting examination of two Theravada Buddhist temples in Chicago and Los Angeles highlighting the relationship between historical and traditional practices, and the values of American converts and second generation Asian-American Buddhists. Numrich (religion research associate, U. of Illinois) considers the adaptations and maladaptations of Westerners into temple life, monastic staffs, parallel congregations, and issues of "lay" ordination, and attempts to integrate West and East as the interest in Buddhism in America increases. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
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At other moments , when these toxins do not manifest , mindfulness may arise with its host of associated factors , and this ... And when mindfulness does become steady enough , the conditions ripen for wisdom also to arise and greatly ...

Author: J. Mark G. Williams

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317985143

Category: Psychology

Page: 328

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Mindfulness-based approaches to medicine, psychology, neuroscience, healthcare, education, business leadership, and other major societal institutions have become increasingly common. New paradigms are emerging from a confluence of two powerful and potentially synergistic epistemologies: one arising from the wisdom traditions of Asia and the other arising from post-enlightenment empirical science. This book presents the work of internationally renowned experts in the fields of Buddhist scholarship and scientific research, as well as looking at the implementation of mindfulness in healthcare and education settings. Contributors consider the use of mindfulness throughout history and look at the actual meaning of mindfulness whilst identifying the most salient areas for potential synergy and for potential disjunction. Mindfulness: Diverse Perspectives on its Meanings, Origins and Applications provides a place where wisdom teachings, philosophy, history, science and personal meditation practice meet. It was originally published as a special issue of Contemporary Buddhism.
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Seeking the Heart of Wisdom

Seeking the Heart of Wisdom

The Path of Insight Meditation Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield ... he spoke to an old English monk who had many times gone back and forth between Europe and his monastery in Asia. ... There can be no hurry to be in the moment.

Author: Joseph Goldstein

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834825253

Category: Religion

Page: 216

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In Seeking the Heart of Wisdom Goldstein and Kornfield present the central teachings and practices of insight meditation in a clear and personal language. The path of insight meditation is a journey of understanding our bodies, our minds, and our lives, of seeing clearly the true nature of experience. The authors guide the reader in developing the openness and compassion that are at the heart of this spiritual practice. For those already treading the path, as well as those just starting out, this book will be a welcome companion along the way. Among the topics covered are: • The hindrances to meditation—ranging from doubt and fear to painful knees—and skillful means of overcoming them • How compassion can arise in response to the suffering we see in our own lives and in the world • How to integrate a life of responsible action and service with a meditative life based on nonattachment Useful exercises are presented alongside the teachings to help readers deepen their understanding of the subjects.
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Mindful Communication for Sustainable Development

Mindful Communication for Sustainable Development

Perspectives from Asia Kalinga Seneviratne. environment and ultimately result in global warming. These types of practices have the potential to building a world facilitating more greed and delusions. This type of mindfulness can lead to ...

Author: Kalinga Seneviratne

Publisher: SAGE Publishing India

ISBN: 9789352805549

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 372

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Written by Asian scholars, Mindful Communication for Sustainable Development: Perspectives from Asia analyzes Asian philosophical ideas and communication theories that promote respect for cultural diversity, protection of environment, and ‘sufficiency economic’ models. It discusses how ancient Asian teachings, particularly from the Buddhist, Hindu, and Confucius schools of thought, can enrich modern-day communication needs and help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals espoused by the United Nations. As a mindful communication revolution spreads across the world, especially in the West, this book draws attention to the danger of practicing mindfulness without its spiritual and ethical leanings. The book puts forward innovative ideas on applying traditional practices to modern digital communication. It rethinks development communication methods and how the media reports on economic, environmental, and developmental issues. It promotes a new paradigm of communication, one that is centered on both social harmony and freedom of expression. It is an essential read for development communicators and trainers.
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Teaching Mindfulness

Teaching Mindfulness

So even if mindfulness is a smart career move for some at this point in time, that is still simply a starting off point on an ... with Asian Buddhist teachers, or Asian teachers in other traditions that value the wisdom of mindfulness, ...

Author: Donald McCown

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387094847

Category: Medical

Page: 250

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The applications and use of mindfulness-based interventions in medicine, mental health care, and education have been expanding as rapidly as the empirical evidence base that is validating and recommending them. This growth has created a powerful demand for professionals who can effectively deliver these interventions, and for the training of new professionals who can enter the fold. Ironically, while the scientific literature on mindfulness has surged, little attention has been paid to the critical who and how of mindfulness pedagogy. Teaching Mindfulness is the first in-depth treatment of the person and skills of the mindfulness teacher. It is intended as a practical guide to the landscape of teaching, to help those with a new or growing interest in mindfulness-based interventions to develop both the personal authenticity and the practical know-how that can make teaching mindfulness a highly rewarding and effective way of working with others. The detail of theory and praxis it contains can also help seasoned mindfulness practitioners and teachers to articulate and understand more clearly their own pedagogical approaches. Engagingly written and enriched with vignettes from actual classes and individual sessions, this unique volume: Places the current mindfulness-based interventions in their cultural and historical context to help clarify language use, and the integration of Eastern and Western spiritual and secular traditio ns Offers a highly relational understanding of mindfulness practice that supports moment-by-moment work with groups and individuals Provides guidance and materials for a highly experiential exploration of the reader's personal practice, embodiment, and application of mindfulness Describes in detail the four essential skill sets of the mindfulness teacher “p> Proposes a comprehensive, systematic model of the intentions of teaching mindfulness as they are revealed in the mindfulness-based interventions Includes sample scripts for a wide range of mindfulness practices, and an extensive resource section for continued personal and career development Essential for today's practitioners and teachers of mindfulness-based interventions Teaching Mindfulness: A Practical Guide for Clinicians and Educators brings this increasingly important discipline into clearer focus, opening dialogue for physicians, clinical and health psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, pastoral counselors, spiritual directors, life coaches, organizational development professionals, and teachers and professionals in higher education , in short, everyone with an interest in helping others find their way into t he benefits of the present moment.
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Healing the Heart and Mind with Mindfulness

Healing the Heart and Mind with Mindfulness

One way of describing mindfulness is: remembering to be attentive to present moment experience with care and wise ... Attending art school and also travelling throughout Australia and nearby South East Asia I met with people from ...

Author: Malcolm Huxter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317505396

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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Healing the Heart and Mind with Mindfulness is a practical book that provides strategies using mindfulness to manage stress, anxiety and depression, as well as ways to cultivate psychological wellbeing. Uniquely, it combines a traditional Buddhist approach to mindfulness with contemporary psychology and current perspectives. Drawing on the author’s many years of clinical experience as a psychologist as well as his personal experience in Buddhist meditation practices, it outlines how the Buddha’s four applications of mindfulness can provide a pathway to psychological wellbeing, and how this can be used personally or with clinical populations. This accessible, user friendly book provides strategies for healing the heart and mind. Malcolm Huxter introduces mindfulness as it is presented in Buddhist psychology and guides the reader through meditations in a systematic way. The practices are clearly explained and supported by relevant real life stories. Being aware that mindfulness and meditation are simple but not easy, Huxter guides the reader from the basics of mindfulness and meditation through to the more refined aspects. He provides a variety of different exercises and guided meditations so that individuals are able to access what suits them. The guided meditations can be streamed or accessed as free audio downloads. Healing the Heart and Mind with Mindfulness is aimed at anyone who wishes to use mindfulness practices for psychological freedom. This book provides insight and clarity into the clinical and general applications of Buddhist mindfulness and will be of interest to mental health practitioners, students of mindfulness, professional mindfulness coaches and trainers, researchers and academics wishing to understand Buddhist mindfulness and the general public.
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Mindfulness for a More Creative Life

Mindfulness for a More Creative Life

Many millions of people around the world are now being introduced to some of the ancient wisdom traditions of Asia. ... The word mindfulness means 'lucid awareness' – a sense of knowing what you are doing as it is happening, moment by ...

Author: Danny Penman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349408224

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

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Work deadlines, to-do lists, family commitments, pressure to perform... Our frantic lives demand so much from us that we can often feel locked into a cycle of frustration, anxiety and stress, unable to tackle the tasks before us or see a way out of our habitual ways of thinking and doing things. Yet there is a way out. The simple mindfulness techniques at the heart of this book can help us lead a more creative and productive life - one that is isn't governed by the chaotic pace of life. They also dissolve anxiety, stress and depression while enhancing mental resilience. The four week programme takes just 10-20 minutes per day. The easy-to-follow programme works by soothing and clearing your mind, allowing innovative ideas to take form and crystallise. This helps you to spontaneously 'see' the solution to a problem, to conjure up new ideas, or to create works that have true insight and flair. The programme helps build the courage necessary for you to follow your ideas wherever they should lead - and the resilience to cope with any setbacks. It will help your mind work more effectively so that you canlive more intuitively and have the inner confidence to drive your ideas forward. The accompanying download link contains 6 meditations that you can use to build an ongoing practice, mixing and matching meditations to suit your circumstances
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