My Doll My Style

My Doll  My Style

My Doll, My Style is authored Anna Allen is the owner and designer of Doll It Up, a popular website dedicated to 18-doll clothes patterns and accessories.

Author: Anna Allen

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440248269

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 128

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Style trends trickle down to girls' clothes, infusing their day-to-day wardrobes with edgy, fashion-forward pieces combined with age-appropriate styling. It’s that line of thinking that inspires this new doll clothes collection, resulting in a must-have project book with up-to-date silhouettes and fabrics that kids gravitate towards (and infused with thumbs-up sensibility from mom.) • 12+ designs with accessories ranging from fancy to out-and-about cool following today's fashion-savvy girl through a busy week! • Great for all skill levels with information on sewing basics and tips on using contemporary fabrics including metallic transfers, sewing with knits, and more. My Doll, My Style is authored Anna Allen is the owner and designer of Doll It Up, a popular website dedicated to 18-doll clothes patterns and accessories. Doll It Up has established its brand, focusing on well-fitting doll clothes, simple designs for beginner/intermediate sewing, styles inspired by current fashion, and beautiful photography.
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Dannii My Style Enhanced Edition

Dannii  My Style  Enhanced Edition

As a little tot it didn't matter what Danielle wore, she always looked cute like a little Kewpie doll (as does Ethan now). --r"“'l i' Her style has come a long way since our childhood escapades fishing for , tadpoles, helping Dad tix or ...

Author: Dannii Minogue

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781849838290

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

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Enhanced eBook featuring TWO exclusive videos: a glamorous short film showing Dannii in the glorious 'looks' she chose for the book, PLUS exciting behind-the-scenes footage from the fashion shoots, revealing the style icon herself hard at work. The definitive style guide for women who want to be fashionable, sexy and confident, by thewoman of the moment. Appearing on numerous 'Best Dressed' lists in 2010 - in Marie Claire, The Guardian, Companyand Heatamong others - style icon Dannii Minogue is a role model to women everywhere. In Dannii: My Styleshe shares her fashion wisdom and personal style secrets, all gloriously illustrated with stunning photos of Dannii as she dresses to impress. This must-have style bible helps you learn to love the way you are, focusing on ways to accentuate the positive, and covers everything from great hair and glowing skin to make-up and healthy eating. Dannii shares her tips on red carpet looks and what to wear for every occasion, and offers advice on dressing for your shape and choosing the right accessories. Dannii: My Styleis an inspirational guide to making the most of what you've got and looking your best.
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Criticism and Compassion The Ethics and Politics of Claudia Card

Criticism and Compassion  The Ethics and Politics of Claudia Card

If all her doll needs is a little sparkle, choose this package for just $14! ... is a very limited selection of matching girl/doll clothing, and the star hoodie outfit I bought myself to match the doll's outfit was clearly not my style.

Author: Robin S. Dillon

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119463139

Category: Philosophy

Page: 376

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Criticism and Compassion: The Ethics and Politics of Claudia Card offers a unique perspective on the range of issues explored by Card during her distinguished career in philosophy. Investigates her work as an early leader in the development of feminist philosophy, challenging many preconceptions about the society’s norms regarding gender, marriage, and motherhood Crossing many disciplinary boundaries, her concept of social death has come to play a significant role in multidisciplinary field of genocide studies This volume combines many of Claudia Card’s important essays with recently commissioned essays by leading philosophers whose work has been influenced by Card The full scope of Card’s philosophy is presented here - both in her own words and those of her critics and interpreters
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Doll Days

Doll Days

They encompass my love of classic styles and times gone by (though you'll find modern touches throughout). Sewing doll clothes marries two distinct traditions: collecting dolls and sewing. Both seem to start out as play.

Author: Erin Hentzel

Publisher: C&T Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781617452680

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 80

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Sew vintage-inspired doll clothes with “great step-by-step photos . . . and lots of tips on how to make your outfit come out looking great” (Generation Q Magazine). Create fashion-forward outfits for today’s 18” dolls! Whether you’re sewing for your own dolls or the little doll lover in your life, these mix-and-match styles offer unlimited possibilities! Sew tiny garments inspired by vintage styles, including a buttoned blouse, party dress, and scallop-hem skirt. Sewing enthusiasts who already know the basics can build a complete wardrobe from nine basic patterns. You’ll also find techniques for hemming sleeves, adding ruffles and trims, and modifying patterns for additional looks.
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From Punkin Ridge Or Belinda Jane and Jonathan

From Punkin Ridge  Or Belinda Jane and Jonathan

I'm the very latest craze ; My clothes are the latest from Doll - land , My style , it always stays ; I want to go to some one's house And stay there all my days ; Some one who appreciates my style , And likes my winning ways .

Author: H. Elliott McBride



Category: American drama

Page: 28

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Categories: American drama

New England Modern

New England Modern

As much as my parents' house means to me, as much as it shaped the paths I've taken in my life, the home I share ... be an antique acquired especially for me: my parents once brought home a wooden cradle just the right size for my doll; ...

Author: Jaci Conry

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 9781423653981

Category: House & Home

Page: 208

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Melding the region’s time-honored architecture with a multi-faceted design sensibility. The past is everywhere in New England, especially in the architecture. Surrounded by all this history, is it challenging to create forward-thinking interior spaces? For a long time that was the case. But not anymore. Residents now want their interiors to exude an innovative, worldly flair. They want their spaces to embody progress and technology, to exude a cosmopolitan spirit. Big sideboards and heavy chairs have been swapped out for elements that resonate with a cleaner décor. Formal rooms have been obviated with open floor plans. Punches of unexpected color, bold patterns, and layers of textural elements abound. While New Englanders previously clung to style selections that were safe and understated, interiors now feature dramatic elements, reflecting a curated mix of furnishings, modern assemblages of leather, glass, and steel, and other statement-making contrasting materials. New England Modern highlights interiors created by ten New England designers that are bold and vibrant, with a modern feel and flow just right for today’s homeowners. Jaci Conry has been covering home design for more than fifteen years. She has written for countless publications including the Boston Globe,Better Homes & Gardens, Domino, Dwell, Design New England, and Boston Home. In late 2017, she became editor-in-chief of a new shelter magazine, Interiors Boston. She and her family live in Falmouth, on Cape Cod. Michael J. Lee is a Boston-based architectural photographer with a combined twenty-eight years of interior design and photography experience. He has shot more than fifty print magazine and book covers, and is a recipient of awards from The Room to Dream Foundation, The Boston Architectural College, and The American Society of Interior Designers.
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The Visitors

The Visitors

Then she shapes my straight finger pointing at the tip of her index. Next I point at the baseof her ... This helps me refine my style andI quickly become adept. ... He sits me down with her andthis time my doll appears in my hands.

Author: Rebecca Mascull

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781444765229

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Imagine if you couldn't see couldn't hear couldn't speak... Then one day somebody took your hand and opened up the world to you. Adeliza Golding is a deafblind girl, born in late Victorian England on her father's hop farm. Unable to interact with her loving family, she exists in a world of darkness and confusion; her only communication is with the ghosts she speaks to in her head, who she has christened the Visitors. One day she runs out into the fields and a young hop-picker, Lottie, grabs her hand and starts drawing shapes in it. Finally Liza can communicate. Her friendship with her teacher and with Lottie's beloved brother Caleb leads her from the hop gardens and oyster beds of Kent to the dusty veldt of South Africa and the Boer War, and ultimately to the truth about the Visitors.
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Million Dollar Nanny

Million Dollar Nanny

Maryam thawed a few degrees. “That definitely describes my style. But as for hiring you...” A little girl trotted in. “Mommy, Sofia took my doll.” “Well, Coretta, ask her to give it back.” Her daughter thought about this for a moment.

Author: Jacqueline Diamond

Publisher: K. Loren Wilson

ISBN: 9781936505678

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 770

She used to be rich and famous. He’s an auto mechanic who thinks she’s a snob. Why should he hire her as a nanny? A naïve heiress who trusted her fortune to a con man, Sherry LaSalle needs a job—fast! And she loves kids. When Rafe Montoya finds himself in urgent need of a caretaker for his orphaned niece and nephew, he takes a big risk. But just as Sherry’s sunny personality and can-do attitude start to win him over her, she has a chance to regain her fortune. Can he trust her not to vanish in a cloud of expensive perfume, taking his heart with her? Romantic Times called this romantic comedy “extremely touching, beautifully written. 4.5 stars!” Welcome to USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond’s Harmony Circle series, set in a small-town neighborhood where love and friendship bloom.
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No Honor Amongst Thieves

No Honor Amongst Thieves

“I want my doll, Mommy. I need my doll,” Lyric said. “Shhh, be quiet now. We can't get your doll ... The doll was almost Lyric's size and height with Afro puffs to match the style she often wore on her head. It was a doll her father had ...

Author: Brick

Publisher: Urban Books

ISBN: 9781601620873

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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“My husband was down on his knees, bloodied, battered, and beaten to the point he could barely hold himself up. He’d always been a warrior, my warrior. They would kill him, I knew that. I felt it with everything within me. My husband was going to die, and it was all my fault. . . .” Meet Marcel and Sabrina, a hitman and a bookkeeper for the Mob. The couple should have never met, let alone fallen in love. When they decide to go against the grain, all hell breaks loose. Somebody wants them dead; they just don't know who. It could be Leo, Marcel’s jealous older brother; Othello, Sabrina’s crooked father; or it could be The Family, a roundtable of the top contenders in the underworld. There is no honor amongst thieves. Marcel and Sabrina will find the old adage to be true the hard way.
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Crimson and the Broken Mind

Crimson and the Broken Mind

I see the lumber on the other side of the trail and the doll looking outside the window. ... While I didn't look in the window I told the doll my story from my time I was in town and what happened. ... and that was my style.

Author: Nathaniel Fauber

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365755606

Category: Fiction


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Due to concussion Mathew suffers memory loss and starts to interact with things that don’t exist. During a dream Mathew meets Crimson who tries to prepare him for the afterlife. Mathew and Crimson will encounter dreams, reality, and alternate realities in order for Mathew to move onto his next life.
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