Trade and Thy Neighbor s War

Trade and Thy Neighbor   s War

To construct proxies for neighbors at war with the UCDP dataset, we follow the
same steps as outlined in Section II.C and combine information on conflict types (
ii)-(iv) with the contiguity data of Stinnett et al. (2002) to obtain country-year ...

Author: MissMahvash Qureshi

Publisher: International Monetary Fund

ISBN: 9781451874280

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This paper examines the spatial dispersion effects of regional conflicts, defined as internal or external armed conflicts in contiguous states, on international trade. Our empirical findings-based on different measures of conflict constructed using alternate definitions of contiguity and conflict-reveal a significant collateral damage in terms of foregone trade as a result of spillovers from conflict in neighboring countries. The magnitude of this negative externality is somewhat larger for international conflicts than intrastate warfare, but about one-third of conflict in the host economies. Further, the impact is persistent-on average, it takes bilateral trade three years to recover from the end of intrastate conflicts in neighboring states, and five years from international conflicts. These findings are robust to alternate definitions of conflict, estimation methods, and specifications, and underscore the importance of taking into account spillover effects when estimating the economic costs of warfare.
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The United States at War World War II

The United States at War  World War II

From the mid - 1930 ' s until the mid - 1950 ' s , the United States kept its hands off
its neighbors . However , the relatively long period of nonintervention ended
when Cold War tensions reached the Caribbean . In 1954 , the United States ...

Author: John C. Super

Publisher: Magill's Choice

ISBN: WISC:89082390386

Category: United States

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Presents volume one of a two-volume set that chronicles America's wars from 1775 to World War One, World War Two - 2005, and includes essays that describe major battles and campaigns along with discussions of key issues of each conflict.
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Neighbors at War

Neighbors at War

Author: Charles Douglas Billet

Publisher: Media training corporation

ISBN: 2912460344


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The Farmer Citizen at War

The Farmer Citizen at War

citizen, if he thinks in terms of his neighbors, indeed if he can think of the whole
United States as one vast neighborhood. There is a great role in this war for such
community, county, and state groups of laymen, experts, and program directors, ...

Author: Howard Ross Tolley

Publisher: New York, The Macmillan Company

ISBN: UOM:39015055373677

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Australia s Neighbors

Australia s Neighbors

Without American aid , Formosa to - day American aid at this stage appears to be
courting diswould record a substantial ... At this time , maintained that the grant of
American military aid to the Arab States and Israel were still technically at war ...



ISBN: PSU:000055421591

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Neighbors at War

Neighbors at War

Author: Donald E. Sherblom


ISBN: OCLC:805581943

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Monthly Digest of News from Armenia

Monthly Digest of News from Armenia

for Armenia's independence is impossible without friendly relations with our
closest neighbors . ... whereas the reality is that we have very difficult relations
with one of our neighbors , and though we are not at war with the other neighbor ,
it can ...



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Understanding Our Neighbors

Understanding Our Neighbors

Their greatest service to the Confederacy , however , was the labor of the millions
back at home who produced the food necessary to support the armies in the field
. During the Spanish - American War , four regiments of Negro troops in the ...

Author: Robert Burns Eleazer


ISBN: UCR:31210002137097

Category: African Americans

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Our Neighbors the Chinese

Our Neighbors the Chinese

Hibbert , Eloise Talcott , Jesuit Adventure in China During the Reign of K ' ang
Hsi . ... monthly ) ; China ( Scarboro Bluffs , Ont . , Canada , monthly ) ; China at
War ( Chinese News Service , monthly ) ; Chinese - American Bulletin ( Maryknoll

Author: Sister Mary Just


ISBN: STANFORD:36105120062729

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Thailand and Its Neighbors

Thailand and Its Neighbors

The country had been at war for 30 years . The consequences of the war were
tragically . severe with the loss of 3 . 4 million Vietnamese lives ( Morris , 2003 ) .
In addition , the country faced an economic embargo . What was worse , the
border ...

Author: Gerald Walton Fry


ISBN: UOM:39015063137437

Category: Indochina

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Latvia and Her Baltic Neighbors

Latvia and Her Baltic Neighbors

This tine St . Petersburg acquiesed , because Tussia was at war with Prussia and
wanted to be in the good books of Poland . But Czarina Elisabeth , the deadly
enery of Prussia , died in 1751 , the pro - German party again came into power ...

Author: Alfreds Bilmanis


ISBN: IND:30000088737071

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Tories and Patriots

Tories and Patriots

Describes the American revolution and gives brief biographical sketches of important leaders of the time.

Author: Jeremy Thornton

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 0823962792

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Describes the American revolution and gives brief biographical sketches of important leaders of the time.
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A Selected Socio legal Bibliography on Ethnic Cleansing Wartime Rape and Genocide in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda

A Selected Socio legal Bibliography on Ethnic Cleansing  Wartime Rape  and Genocide in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda

Author: Hilmi Zawati

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press

ISBN: UOM:39015060813535

Category: Law

Page: 587

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The aim of this bibliography, comprising more than 6,000 entries, is to facilitate and promote the research and writing of legal scholars, students and human rights activists in the fields of ethnic cleansing, genocide and sexual violence during national and international armed conflicts. It provides an overview of carefully selected socio-legal materials published in English and other European languages on ethnic cleansing, genocide and sexual violence during armed conflict in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. This timely project, which commemorates the tenth anniversary of the ethnic cleansing and genocide in the Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, has a great deal of interest to academics and those who are active in conflict/dispute settlement efforts in war-torn areas of the world.The entire bibliography is alphabetically organized and sequentially numbered. Entries are arranged by format under 11 main headings, with each heading divided into different sub-headings.
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Pacific Neighbors

Pacific Neighbors

Since his election as first Federal President , Mr. E. K. White has served in With
the beginning of World War II , the Movement took on greater responsithis
capacity on five separate occasions . bilities , taking care of evacuees from At the
end of ...



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At War s End

At War s End

Go home and smash the china , swear at the neighbors , punch the furniture .
Then grow up and do your job . ... Mason , the man he was waiting for , was
possibly the best of all the war correspondents . He had sent dispatches from all
the ...

Author: Anne Perry


ISBN: 0739480413

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Anne Perry is the undisputed queen of historical mysteries--for her Inspector Pitt and William Monk novels, and also her acclaimed WWI series, featuring No Graves As Yet, Shoulder the Sky and Angels in the Gloom. Now Mystery Guild is pleased to present the last two exciting books of the series in an exclusive omnibus edition! At Some Disputed Barricade returns us to July, 1917. Army chaplain Joseph Reavley tries to keep up the men's morale, but rumors of mutiny abound. And when an officer's death results in the arrest of 12 soldiers, Joseph sets out to find the truth. Meanwhile, his brother Matthew learns of a plot to destroy the only men who can bring about lasting peace--and must risk his life to secure the future of millions of others. In We Shall Not Sleep, the guns finally fall silent as the war draws to an end--and the Reavley siblings finally learn who murdered their parents. But they are also about to find, upon returning home, that Britain and the world are forever changed.
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The Neighborhood Association formally voted to disown the Neighborhood
Pornography Task Force , a group originally started as an official committee of
the PPNA . ... It was very difficult ... very difficult to be at war with your neighbors . ”
It was ...



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Japanese Women

Japanese Women

At the time of interview, the two shops were still at war. Neighbors are caught in
the middle, Fukiko told me, often exposed to embarrassing confrontations of the
two rivals in neighborhood association meetings. A lone woman is handicapped

Author: Takie Sugiyama Lebra


ISBN: STANFORD:36105039759837

Category: Social Science

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Japan, a decade behind the United States, is now expressing its awareness of women as a major social issue. This awareness manifests itself in floods of publications, television coverage, the burgeoning of women's studies groups, court rulings interfering with sex discrimination, appointments of women to prominent positions thus far reserved exclusively for men, admission of women to such institutions as the Self Defense Forces, police, athletics, and so on.
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Explaining the Breakdown of Ethnic Relations

Explaining the Breakdown of Ethnic Relations

Why Neighbors Kill Victoria M. Esses, Richard A. Vernon. Muldoon , O. T. ... In
J. M. Halpern & D. A. Kideckel ( Eds . ) , Neighbors at war : Anthropological
perspectives on Yugoslav ethnicity , culture and history ( pp . 103-115 ) .
University Park ...

Author: Victoria M. Esses

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: UOM:39015077107509

Category: Psychology

Page: 272

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Written by an international team of renowned scholars, this volume addresses the multitude of factors that may lead to the deadly breakdown of ethnic relations. The book • Draws on real-world case studies, such as Rwanda, Sudan, and the Second Palestinian Intifada • Brings together original contributions and theoretical perspectives by a team of experts in psychology and related disciplines such as sociology and political science • Identifies events and processes that can break down inhibitions against violence, and lead to mass killings and genocide • Examines explanations that must be considered in making sense of past acts, and offers suggestions for interventions to prevent future repetitions
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