Neotropical and Caribbean Aquatic Mammals

Neotropical and Caribbean Aquatic Mammals

In this book, the chapters were written by experts in the field of zooarchaeology, environmental archaeology and conservation biology and different lines of evidence and research questions are used to offer an archaeological approach to ...

Author: A. Sebastián Muñoz


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The relationships between humans and aquatic mammals in the Neotropics has been important since archaic times in the American continent, but also varied across time and space, a fact taken on by this publication. In this book, the chapters were written by experts in the field of zooarchaeology, environmental archaeology and conservation biology and different lines of evidence and research questions are used to offer an archaeological approach to these long term relationships. One of the aims of this book is to discuss research questions, methodologies and results pursued and obtained across the different Neotropical regions. The range of variations in the zooarchaeological evidences that result from the aquatic mammal exploitation across time and space still cannot be clearly defined, and the book's chapters show clearly that different archaeological expectations on this matter seem to be linked to the ecological properties and internal subdivisions of the Neotropical region. Thus, the book leads the reader to consider the different ways humans impacted on aquatic mammal populations in both, the prehistoric and historic past. For that reason, we believe that the archeological data can contribute to deepen the knowledge about the natural history of the Neotropical aquatic mammals, eventually even helping to evaluate the ecological status of aquatic mammals in different areas of this region.

Molecular Ecology and Conservation Genetics of Neotropical Mammals

Molecular Ecology and Conservation Genetics of Neotropical Mammals

Siglo XXI, México Santos PM, Bocchiglieri A, Chiarello AG et al (2019) Neotropical xenarthrans: a data set of occurrence of ... In: Muñoz AS, Götz CM, Roca ER (eds) Neotropical and Caribbean aquatic mammals – perspectives from ...

Author: Maximiliano Nardelli

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030656065

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Although all living beings modify their environment, human beings have acquired the ability to do so on a superlative space-time scale. As a result of industrialization and the use of new technologies, the anthropogenic impact has been increasing in the last centuries, causing reductions in the sizes or the extinction of numerous wild populations. In this sense, from the field of conservation genetics, various efforts have been made in recent decades to provide new knowledge that contributes to the conservation of populations, species, and habitats. In this book, we summarize the concrete contributions of researchers to the conservation of the Neotropical mammals using Molecular Ecology techniques. The book is divided into three major sections. The first section provides an up-to-date review of the conservation status of Neotropical mammals, the applications of the molecular markers in its conservation, and the use of non-invasive and forensic genetic techniques. The second and third sections present, respectively, a series of case studies in various species or taxonomic groups of Neotropical mammals.
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Mammals of the Neotropics Volume 3

Mammals of the Neotropics  Volume 3

In South America the Caribbean manatee is confined to riverine areas and coastal zones around the Caribbean and thence ... They provide a list of food plants and emphasize the use of aquatic vegetation near lake edges and of floating ...

Author: John F. Eisenberg

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226195422

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Describes the characteristics, behavior, range, and habitat for more than four hundred species
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Ecology and Conservation of Pinnipeds in Latin America

Ecology and Conservation of Pinnipeds in Latin America

We thank Doris Oliva and René Durán for sharing unpublished information on the present status of sea lion and fur seal populations. ... In: Muñoz SA, Gotz CM, Roca ER (eds) Neotropical and Caribbean aquatic mammals.

Author: Gisela Heckel

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030631772

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Pinnipeds are marine mammals that include eared seals, true seals, and walruses. This book presents detailed reviews on the ecology and conservation of 10 pinniped species along the coasts and islands in Latin America, from Mexico to Chile and Argentina. Topics covered include their population dynamics, trophic ecology, reproduction, and behavior. In addition, the book addresses major conservation issues regarding climate change, interaction with fisheries, ecotourism, and other human activities.
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Ethology and Behavioral Ecology of Otariids and the Odobenid

Ethology and Behavioral Ecology of Otariids and the Odobenid

This, in turn, has led to longer and less overlapping food webs with fur seals and sea lions well below the original carrying capacity. 24.5 Future Scenarios The present chapter ... En Neotropical and Caribbean Aquatic Mammals.

Author: Claudio Campagna

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030591847

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This book is focused on the marine mammalian groups the Otariidae and the Odobenidae, otherwise known as fur seals, sea lions and the walrus. In 30 chapters, more than 60 authors from 30 institutions and 13 nationalities, discuss a broad suite of topics from maternal care and mating behavior, through play, cognition and personality, to adaptation to life in the Anthropocene. The authors explore the behaviors that have allowed these semi-aquatic mammals to thrive in the marine realm. Many populations have recovered following historical decimation, with interesting evolutionary consequences which are explored. Detailed, selected, individual species descriptions are also provided, showcasing the behavioral diversity of this engaging, adaptive and highly successful group of marine mammals.
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Global Change in Atlantic Coastal Patagonian Ecosystems

Global Change in Atlantic Coastal Patagonian Ecosystems

Report of the scientific advisory committee of the marine mammals action plan. UNEP, Rome (Italy). ... In: Muñoz AS, Götz CM, Roca ER (eds) Neotropical and Caribbean aquatic mammals. Perspective from archaeology and conservation biology ...

Author: E. Walter Helbling

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030866761

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This book provides an integrated view of Atlantic coastal Patagonian ecosystems, including the physical environment, biodiversity and the main ecological processes, together with their derived ecosystem services and anthropogenic impacts. It focuses on the key components of the aquatic ecosystem, covering the lower levels (plankton) to the top predators like large mammals and birds, before turning to human beings as consumers and shapers of coastal marine resources. The book then presents an overview of how organisms that constitute the aquatic food webs have changed through time and how they likely will soon change due to global change processes and anthropogenic pressures. In this regard it offers a wealth of information such as long-term patterns in physical / atmospheric processes, biodiversity and the distribution of marine organisms, as well as the results of experimental studies designed to understand their responses under future scenarios shaped by both climate change and anthropogenic pressures. The book also covers various aspects of the past, present and potential future relationship of human beings with Patagonian coastal environments, including the utilization of sea products, tourism, and growth of cities.
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Bones Clones and Biomes

Bones  Clones  and Biomes

The History and Geography of Recent Neotropical Mammals Bruce D. Patterson, Leonora P. Costa ... The 10 others we examined include: (1) the Chocó; (2) the Caribbean coast of northern South America; (3) the Amazonian lowlands; ...

Author: Bruce D. Patterson

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226649191

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"Bones, clones and biomes offers an exploration of the development and relationships of the modern mammal fauna through a series of studies that encompass the last 100 million years and all of Latin America and the Carribean." -- Inside dust jacket.
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General History of the Caribbean UNESCO

General History of the Caribbean   UNESCO

15 16 17 18 19 20 McCullough (1996) Metapopulations and Wildlife Conservation, Island Press: Wash., D. C. Available catalogues of marine mammals include J. F. Eisenberg (1989) Mammals of the Neotropics, Vol. I., The Northern Neotropics, ...

Author: J. Sued-Badillo

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781349737642

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Volume 1 of the General History of the Caribbean relates to the history of the origins of the earliest Caribbean people, and analyses their various political, social, cultural and economic organizations over time. This volume investigates the movement of Paleoindians into the islands, and looks at the agricultural societies which developed. It then explores the indigenous societies at the time of the Spanish Conquest, the hierarchy of the chiefdoms, and the development of slavery.
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A Neotropical Companion

A Neotropical Companion

An Introduction to the Animals, Plants, and Ecosystems of the New World Tropics John C. Kricher. central Paraguay , and southeastern Brazil , almost ... In the Caribbean Sea , the Greater and Lesser Antilles are within the Neotropics .

Author: John C. Kricher

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691009740

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Widely praised, "A Neotropical Companion" is an extraordinarily readable introduction to the American tropics, the lands of Central and South America, their rainforests and other ecosystems, and the creatures that live there. 177 color illustrations.
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The Caribbean Islands and Patagonia are considered parts of the Neotropics, but the biotas of these areas are quite ... The distributions of marine mammals seem to be tied to their food sources; thus, large cetaceans move across ...

Author: George A. Feldhamer

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

ISBN: 9781421436524

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The fifth edition includes• for the first time, stunning color photographs throughout• chapters rearranged and grouped to best reflect phylogenetic relationships, with updated numbers of genera and species for each family• updated mammalian structural and functional adaptations, as well as ordinal fossil histories• recent advances in mammalian phylogeny, biogeography, social behavior, and ecology, with 12 new or revised cladograms reflecting current research findings• new breakout boxes on novel or unique aspects of mammals; new work on female post-copulatory mate choice, cooperative behaviors, group defense, and the role of the vomeronasal system• discussions of the current implications of climate change and other anthropogenic factors for mammalsMaintaining the accessible, readable style for which Feldhamer and his coauthors are well known, this new edition of Mammalogy is the authoritative textbook on this amazingly diverse class of vertebrates.
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