No Ordinary Woman

No Ordinary Woman

One day Hazel heard Edith talking outside the tent; looking outside she saw the little girl face to face with a rattlesnake, picked up the rifle ... During 1925–6, on a break from state service, George was 6 NO OR DINARY WOMAN.

Author: Angela Penrose

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780198753940

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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A biography of one of the most under-rated economists of the 20th century, whose remarkable and eventful life paralleled key events of her time. Edith Penrose's work is now the cornerstone of current thought on business strategy and entrepreneurship.
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No Ordinary Woman

No Ordinary Woman

He had been too frail to hold a meeting of his constituents before he left and was in no mood to discuss “the recent somersault”. From Cape Town, he wrote to his local Party chairman, hoping that when he returned, the unsettled ...

Author: Thelma Gutsche


ISBN: UOM:39015082081939

Category: Women

Page: 432

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No Ordinary Girl My Testimony

No Ordinary Girl  My Testimony

I like my men, like I like my coffee, strong, dark with lots of cream, Creamy, dreamy, very sweet not too hot so I can sip it right away. I like my men, like I like my ice cream, ... want 93 No Ordinary Girl, My Testimony I Like . . .

Author: Ericka Michelle Mccoy

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456846493

Category: Poetry


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No Ordinary Journey

No Ordinary Journey

became clear to Nathan that the woman's soul was possessed by the demons his mother told him about. Mr. Hunington completed the application and handed it to the woman. Without saying a word, the woman returned to her desk to complete ...

Author: John W. Harris

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781493145041

Category: Fiction

Page: 219

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Americans in the 1960s were affected by many revolutions that would change the course of history in America. There was musical revolution, sexual revolution, social revolution, educational revolution, racial integration, race riots, and the effects of the Vietnam War. For a young black man like Nathan Summerdale, many of these changes had not yet reached the small city of Sarasota. Nathan knew that in order for him to experience these exciting changes, he had to leave his small community of Newtown.
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No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love

No, of course the woman in the ballroom was not Harriet. Harriet had been a servant, a lady's companion. Freddie's wife's companion for a while until she had gone home to her mother in Bath. Six years ago. He had deliberately not asked ...

Author: Mary Balogh

Publisher: Class Ebook Editions Ltd

ISBN: 9781944654085

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NO ORDINARY LOVE The North Tower Daphne Borland has inherited an old castle from her grandfather—provided she marries the earl of Everett, whom she has never met. She has never seen the castle either, yet she feels a deep connection to it as soon as she arrives there. As she awaits the arrival of the earl with trepidation, she gets caught up in the events and passions of long ago and finds herself falling deeply in love with a man who has been dead for a hundred years. The Dark Rider Malvern is an ancient house haunted by ghosts, but only a few people can actually feel and see them. Dinah Riddings, sent there to avoid the measles that have attacked her younger siblings, is one of them. As she feels the pain and longings of the dark rider and his lady, cruelly separated two centuries before, she also feels the pull of attraction to the master of the house, who looks incredibly like the dark rider. The Heirloom In order to celebrate his engagement, John Chandler drives his girlfriend from London to a remotely situated hotel in West Wales, once the home of his ancestors. However, when John produces her ring, an old family heirloom, and fits it on her finger, he finds himself catapulted back in time to become the John Chandler of Regency England, newly arrived at the house with his new wife—and dying of consumption.
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No Ordinary Women

No Ordinary Women

Irish Female Activists in the Revolutionary Years, 1900-1923 Sinéad McCoole. No Ord in a ry Women Women played a major role in the fight for Ireland's freedom, risking loss of life and family for a cause to which they were totally ...

Author: Sinéad McCoole

Publisher: Virago Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105026563549

Category: Ireland

Page: 288

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The story of the Irish revolutionary period in the early twentieth century from the perspective of female activists. This book highlights a time when vast numbers of Irish women were politicised and imprisoned for their beliefs, with a special emphasis on one prison, Kilmainham Gaol. The women portrayed in the book represent all walks of life: shop assistants, doctors, housewives, laundry workers, artists, teachers. There were married women, mothers, single and widowed women and even mere schoolchildren. They played a full role in the revolutions, acting as spies, couriers, snipers, gun-runners, medics, and endured the full rigours of prison life.
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No Ordinary Joe

No Ordinary Joe

But the woman she was arguing with hardly appeared a threat. She was a wisp of a thing, Sue's age or older, ... Reily was still several yards away, but she could see that the woman's hands were trembling. ... Joe said. 118 NO ORDINARY JOE.

Author: Michelle Celmer

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781459230422

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Nothing could stop small-town gal Reily Eckardt from heading to Nashville and living the dream…until her car and cash savings were stolen en route. Now she was high and dry in Paradise, Colorado, population 1,632, relying on the kindness of strangers—in particular, bar and grill owner Joe Miller. But why did the single dad have to be so gruff—and cute—while he was being kind? Her mission: save up and split before getting sidetracked by this sexy enigma. Sure, Joe could offer Reily a job at his bar. Renting her his garage apartment—no problem. But giving her a place in his heart—no way! Poor Joe—it wasn't long before the country crooner had him singing a different tune.
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No Ordinary Stalking

No Ordinary Stalking

The gang was gone, but not really. Some would be in the firs, and some would be driving by, as always. The woman with a bashed-in dog sat on the bathroom floor until the silence she loved revived her enough to consider the horror of ...

Author: June Ti

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460271414

Category: True Crime

Page: 492

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Organized stalking is carried out by an enthusiastic and structured group that has cruel intentions: stalk, harass, injure, financially ruin, and mentally crumple human prey until incapacitation occurs. What sets this crime apart is that innocents are picked off the street. There is no getting away from the stalkers and no getting away from the unusual technology that is used to take over someone’s life. “For the first couple of months,” says June, “I thought it was a sick game. Now that I’ve been tormented for years, well, it’s clear that organized stalking is a sophisticated crime that follows a step-by-step process to leave the victim as bare and isolated as the dead tree on the cover. He or she may still be standing, but that’s about it. “I’ll sum it up this way. Veiled intimidation ensures that targeted individuals are viewed by the public as free people, which they are not. They are playthings to their controllers. Hostages in plain sight. Victims are quite literally owned yet have limited chance of rescue because their desperate circumstances are misunderstood. Some die from the violence. Some die from suicide. And the rest merely exist.” Organized stalking is worldwide and is called gang stalking in some areas. The electronic harassment that accompanies organized stalking is also known as covert harassment.
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No Ordinary School

No Ordinary School

Surely those who knew both women could not avoid remarking upon the similarities between them. Like Miss Wordsworth, Miss Gascoigne was known by some as a quietly controlled woman, of cultivated mind and exquisite taste, ...

Author: Colleen Gray

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773597648

Category: Education

Page: 264

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In 1913, Oxford-educated Margaret Gascoigne left England for Montreal in search of new opportunities. In 1915 she established a small school for six students in the study of her downtown Montreal home - the modest but aspiring beginning of what would become known as The Study. Presenting lively images, oral testimonies, and material gleaned from the school’s archives, No Ordinary School explores the evolution of The Study through world wars, the Great Depression, the Quiet Revolution, and many stages of feminism, from its predominantly English Montreal origins into the bilingual and multicultural community that it is today. Always at the forefront of the most progressive educational developments, The Study has encouraged generations of women to transcend the boundaries of their times. Influential alumni include the physicist and Canadian Department of External Affairs civil servant Dorothy Osborne Xanthaky, avant-garde artist Marian Dale Scott, former chief curator and director of the McCord Museum of Canadian History Isabel Barclay Dobell, world-renowned architect Phyllis Lambert, internationally acclaimed pianist Janina Fialkowska, Olympic rowing medalist Andréanne Morin, and tennis star Eugenie Bouchard. Firmly grounded in a wider historical context, No Ordinary School celebrates an exceptional educational institution while paying tribute to its illustrious past and promising future.
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No Ordinary Work

No Ordinary Work

Hitch is known for having all the right moves and the ability to woo a woman no matter what. Hitch decides to impress on the first date by going jet-skiing to Ellis Island and then locating the actual records of this young woman's ...

Author: Larry Snyder

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781666700350

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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With so many church planters seeking to be successful, many of the ways we measure success can lead to personal disappointment, frustration, comparisons, and even depression. This can result in church planters who quit and churches that close even before they really get started, potentially ruining a witness to an entire community. What if we redefined and clarified the biblical metrics for church planting in a way that replaces frustration with fire, and replaces disappointment with direction? What if we stopped the comparisons to steroid growth and replaced them with a better understanding of kingdom growth? In this lighthearted and encouraging book we will highlight each extraordinary aspect to church planting and detail the biblical metrics that can infuse in each planter a better understanding of success.
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