King Of Camberwell

King Of Camberwell

Vi quickened, then said casually, 'Well, it's nice to know he remembered where we live.' She unbuttoned her coat. 'What did he want?' 'Nothing special,' said Aunt Victoria, fiddling with her brooch. 'What's nothing special?' asked Vi.

Author: Mary Jane Staples

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446488416

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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The next instalment of a wonderful saga telling the story of a Cockney family in peace and war from multi-million copy seller Mary Jane Staples. Perfect for fans of Kitty Neale, Maggie Ford and Katie Flynn. PRAISE FOR THE ADAMS FAMILY SERIES! "Mary Jane Staples makes you care about her characters, which explains why her books have enjoyed so much popularity" -- Take a Break "Forget Eastenders, this it the London of old, when people knew each other's names and communities really pulled together." -- Woman's Realm "Mary Jane Staples completely capture the feel of the period and the essence of the people...has warmth, humour and charm. An ideal book for you holiday reading." Finesse "I get so engrossed in the stories I feel like one of the family." - ***** Reader review. "These books about the Adam's family are fantastic! These books are the kind you can read, leave a while and read again & again!" - ***** Reader review ********************************* CAN SHE WIN THE HEART OF THE MAN SHE LOVES? Sammy has always had an eye for business and a good deal and is determined to expand the family business. But as his mighty empire grows, his assistant Susie Brown has plans of her own... Susie has always adored Sammy and has decided that he will be the man she marries. But marriage doesn't figure in Sammy's plans. Will he fall into line? Does he stand a chance against a determined woman and the rest of the Adam's family? The King of Camberwell is the third in Mary Jane Staples's Adams Family series. Their story continues in On Mother Brown's Doorstep. Have you read Down Lambeth Way and Our Emily, the first two books in the series?
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Encyclopedia of Creativity

Encyclopedia of Creativity

Nothing-Special Views of Insight V. Special-Process Views of Insight VI. Three-Process View of Insight VII. The Opportunistic-Assimilation View of Insight VIII. Evolutionary Views of Insight IX. Conclusions Associationism The idea that ...

Author: Mark A. Runco

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780122270772

Category: Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)

Page: 810

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This encyclopaedia provides specific information and guidance for everyone who is searching for greater understanding and inspiration. Subjects include theories of creativity, techniques for enhancing creativity, individuals who have made contributions to creativity.
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Life in Violet

Life in Violet

Vi worked, saw clients, ate, slept. Nothing special. Peaceful, ordinary days. No drama. It was good and necessary. She worked with Beth. Nothing seemed to be happening, although Vi noticed a restless irritation that Beth seemed to be ...

Author: Katherine F. Robertson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1440139423

Category: Fiction

Page: 348

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Life in Violet is the story of Violet McKay, a psychotherapist who does not understand the full emotional impact of events of her early childhood and the way they have shaped her life, especially relationships with men. She was orphaned young and went to live with her uncle, a doctor, who treated her like a sexual object. Her uncle’s live-in nurse and housekeeper, Violet’s surrogate mother, abandons Violet when she, too, becomes the object of the doctor’s attentions. It is the 1980s when there are no words to validate either of their experiences. Violet lives alone in a house overlooking the ocean, relying only upon herself. Her relationships are mostly with colleagues and clients. Whenever distressed, Violet either soaks in her bathtub or writes in her journal, seeking “connections and meanings, looking for new light into the mystery of life. Her life. Her clients’ lives.” At a professional conference, Violet meets an Episcopal priest who lives near her own home. He soon becomes her confidante and support, introducing her to puzzling notions about God. Relationships with an actor and a widower reveal Violet’s confused sense about what makes for a healthy relationship with a man. It takes a chance encounter with a predatory psychiatrist, leading to an obsession, to break open her past and reveal her own deep need for healing.
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Race Philosophy and Film

Race  Philosophy  and Film

toward the Na'vi can rationally be accounted for in terms of “superficial features like ethnic character or culture. ... strategy of destruction (the Na'vi are nothing special; they have refused all reasonable offers to civilize them; ...

Author: Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136250446

Category: Philosophy

Page: 236

View: 723

This collection fills a gap in the current literature in philosophy and film by focusing on the question: How would thinking in philosophy and film be transformed if race were formally incorporated moved from its margins to the center? The collection’s contributors anchor their discussions of race through considerations of specific films and television series, which serve as illustrative examples from which the essays’ theorizations are drawn. Inclusive and current in its selection of films and genres, the collection incorporates dramas, comedies, horror, and science fiction films (among other genres) into its discussions, as well as recent and popular titles of interest, such as Twilight, Avatar, Machete, True Blood, and The Matrix and The Help. The essays compel readers to think more deeply about the films they have seen and their experiences of these narratives.
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Big If A Novel

Big If  A Novel

There was nothing special about the Eliases, but Vi liked watching them just the same. What did Sean Elias tell his children? Be good. Help your mother. Help your brother help your mother. Don't take any wooden nickels.

Author: Mark Costello

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393088328

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 207

A scary, funny novel—a riff on recent history and the American obsession with assassination. It's winter in New Hampshire, the economy is booming, the vice president is running for president, and his Secret Service people are very, very tense. Meet Vi Asplund, a young Secret Service agent mourning her dead father. She goes home to New Hampshire to see her brother Jens, a computer genius who just might be going mad—and is poised to make a fortune on Big If, a viciously nihilistic computer game aimed at teenagers. Vi's America, as she sees it in the crowds, in her brother, and in her fellow agents, is affluent, anxious, and abuzz with vague fantasies of violence. Through a gallery of vivid characters—heroic, ignoble, or desperate—Mark Costello's hilarious novel limns the strategies, both sound and absurd, that we conjure to survive in daily life.
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Theory of Harmony

Theory of Harmony

整形 0 0 8 8 II v7 VI® II V ? I The pupil will do well to sketch the cadences systematically in order to try out many ... Then everything with II - V - I and VI - V - I . — Concerning minor there is nothing special to say ; the same ...

Author: Arnold Schoenberg

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520034643

Category: Harmony

Page: 440

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This book will come as a joy, a revelation, a warm reassurance. From this one book one might well learn less about harmony than about form, about aesthetics, even about life. Some will accuse Schoenberg of not concentrating on the topic at hand, but such an accusation, though well-founded, would miss the point of Theory of Harmony, because the heart and soul of the book is to be found in his vivid and penetrating digressions. They are the fascinating reflections of a great and humane musician who was a born writer as well. - from the book.
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Liverpool Lamplight

Liverpool Lamplight

Vi had come up with the idea of using a lot of greenery with just a few brightly coloured flowers for contrast. ... forward to Christmas,' Vi said, wistfully. 'These days there's nothing special about Christmas at all,' Josie sighed.

Author: Lyn Andrews

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755376346

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 594

Georgie Deegan will do anything for money. His sister will do anything for love... When Katie's bully of a brother takes over the family business, tough times lie ahead in Liverpool Lamplight - a powerful saga of the years before the Second World War, from bestselling author Lyn Andrews. Perfect for fans of Anne Baker, Cathy Sharp and Katie Flynn. Since they were kids in the backstreets of Liverpool, brother and sister Georgie and Katie Deegan have fought like cat and dog. Now Katie is at Moorehouse's lemonade factory, whilst Georgie has a good job at the B & A - and when he comes home he puts his feet up. Unlike Katie, who does her turn in their mother Molly's fish and game shop. Yet when their father dies suddenly, Georgie assumes the shop is his - and that his chance has come to rule the Deegan roost. Katie has other ideas, as does her strong-minded mother Molly. But, as World War II draws closer and Georgie's illegal money-making schemes gain momentum, neither Katie nor her mother has any idea what troubles lie in store for the women whose lives the ruthless Georgie Deegan is set to control at any cost... What readers are saying about Liverpool Lamplight: 'Fantastic, gripping story, couldn't put it down' 'Don't pick this book up to read unless you have nothing else to do because, believe me, you won't put it down until it's finished' 'One of Lyn Andrews' best'
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Poems and Songs All Equally Well Done

Poems and Songs  All Equally Well Done

One day we went out shopping, my sister Vi and I. There was really nothing special we wanted for to buy. But walking past a window, says Vi just look at that. It's what a've always wanted, a little feathered hat.

Author: Jean Torrens


ISBN: 9781445726120


Page: 100

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Jean Torrens, born in 1923, has been writing poems for most of her life.Since her first poem, written while she was stationed in St. David's in Wales serving for the WRAF, she has continued to write poems that reflect the world as she has experienced it.These poems document her early years in Landmore, Co. Londonderry, where her family lost their loving mother and throughout her adult life where faith has played an increasingly important guiding role.Here you will find poems that reflect the joy, sadness, Love and challenges that we can all experience in our lives.With faith in our Lord, there can be no fear of darkness in our lives, for we are never alone with the light of Jesus guiding the way.



On March 21, 2015, there was nothing worth writing a diary about this morning. But in the afternoon, ... The main thing is because I want to visit Tuong Vi. ... "Why does she care so much about Tuong Vi?" "I don't know.

Author: Vo Anh Tho

Publisher: Arnold L Sweeten


Category: Antiques & Collectibles


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Vo Anh Tho Category: School feelings, humor, pregnancy diaryThis is a diary about the thoughts and things that happen around min min who is only 17 years old and suddenly pregnant with her boyfriend cool boy at the same school. And also began a series of funny things happened when she returned to work as a bride .... Grandparents often say: "Be a flower but should not be fruit, flowers are still fruity when sour." Mistaken love in innocent childhood sometimes kills a person's future happiness. Carrying a child at an early age is difficult and not easy. You're emotional enough to get through everything...? Tears - belated regret for the hearts for a minute. Youth stumbles with their own tragedies. However, sometimes life needs stumbling to be able to: GROW UP.
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Dancing Backwards

Dancing Backwards

'Nothing special. Whiling away the time with an old chum.' Bruno winked at Vi, who got up and went out of the room. She was making the bed when Bruno came in. 'He wants to come and stay next weekend.' 'What did you say?

Author: Salley Vickers

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 1429979887

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 490

Violet Hetherington has taken the rash step of joining a transatlantic cruise to New York to visit Edwin, an old friend. As she makes the six-day crossing, she relives the traumatic events that led to her losing Edwin's friendship and abandoning her career as a poet for the safety of marriage and domesticity. Despite her natural reserve, she meets a rich variety of passengers traveling with her, who affect her understanding of her own past. Most significant, she meets Dino, the dancing host, whose motives in befriending Vi are shady but who teaches her to ballroom dance and inadvertently helps her to recover from her past. Moving between the late sixties and the present day, Dancing Backwards is written with the lightness of touch and psychological insight that characterize Salley Vickers's acclaimed work. This bittersweet novel is subtle, poignant, and wonderfully entertaining.
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