Nothing to See Here

Nothing to See Here

A heartwarming and blisteringly funny tale of family, friendship and fire, now available in a smaller and competitively priced format.

Author: Kevin Wilson

Publisher: Text Publishing

ISBN: 9781925923032

Category: Fiction

Page: 265

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A heartwarming and blisteringly funny tale of family, friendship and fire, now available in a smaller and competitively priced format.
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Hands On Microservices with Kubernetes

Hands On Microservices with Kubernetes

We'll send 30 GET requests to Delinkcious and check the description: $ for i in {1..30} > do > http "${DELINKCIOUS_URL}/v1.0/links" "Access-Token: ${DELINKCIOUS_TOKEN}" | jq .links[0].Description > done "[green] nothing to see here.

Author: Gigi Sayfan

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781789809732

Category: Computers

Page: 502

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Enhance your skills in building scalable infrastructure for your cloud-based applications Key FeaturesLearn to design a scalable architecture by building continuous integration (CI) pipelines with KubernetesGet an in-depth understanding of role-based access control (RBAC), continuous deployment (CD), and observabilityMonitor a Kubernetes cluster with Prometheus and GrafanaBook Description Kubernetes is among the most popular open-source platforms for automating the deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts, providing a container-centric infrastructure. Hands-On Microservices with Kubernetes starts by providing you with in-depth insights into the synergy between Kubernetes and microservices. You will learn how to use Delinkcious, which will serve as a live lab throughout the book to help you understand microservices and Kubernetes concepts in the context of a real-world application. Next, you will get up to speed with setting up a CI/CD pipeline and configuring microservices using Kubernetes ConfigMaps. As you cover later chapters, you will gain hands-on experience in securing microservices, and implementing REST, gRPC APIs, and a Delinkcious data store. In addition to this, you’ll explore the Nuclio project, run a serverless task on Kubernetes, and manage and implement data-intensive tests. Toward the concluding chapters, you’ll deploy microservices on Kubernetes and learn to maintain a well-monitored system. Finally, you’ll discover the importance of service meshes and how to incorporate Istio into the Delinkcious cluster. By the end of this book, you’ll have gained the skills you need to implement microservices on Kubernetes with the help of effective tools and best practices. What you will learnUnderstand the synergy between Kubernetes and microservicesCreate a complete CI/CD pipeline for your microservices on KubernetesDevelop microservices on Kubernetes with the Go kit framework using best practicesManage and monitor your system using Kubernetes and open-source toolsExpose your services through REST and gRPC APIsImplement and deploy serverless functions as a serviceExternalize authentication, authorization and traffic shaping using a service meshRun a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud on Google Kubernetes EngineWho this book is for This book is for developers, DevOps engineers, or anyone who wants to develop large-scale microservice-based systems on top of Kubernetes. If you are looking to use Kubernetes on live production projects or want to migrate existing systems to a modern containerized microservices system, then this book is for you. Coding skills, together with some knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, and cloud concepts will be useful.
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Accounting the Future

Accounting the Future

Jon said in that moment: “nothing to see here”. And we moved along, heading towards the MAX IV facility. What accountability relations are performed through this assertion, and how do these relations make this assertion sensible?

Author: Ivanche Dimitrievski

Publisher: Linköping University Electronic Press

ISBN: 9789176850596


Page: 195

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The thesis investigates the social processes involved in the practices of futuring. It addresses the question of how social practices contribute to the production and maintenance of robust versions of the future. It asks how best we should study futurity, including expectations, imaginations, promises and visions. Existing research tells us rather little about how ordinary practices render the future as a particular, publicly available and accountable presence or absence. In what ways do people achieve situated performances of certainty about the future? The thesis addresses these questions by drawing upon recent theoretical themes in Science and Technology Studies (STS), notably accountability relations and mundane practices in science and technology. The empirical focus of the thesis is an extended ethnographic study of the European Spallation Source (ESS) – a major neutron-based science research facility currently under construction in Lund, Sweden. The methods used are a combination of participant observation, interviews, documentary analysis, and ethnomethodologically inflected textual analysis. The thesis reports findings in relation to each of four aspects of ESS work: 1) the textual practices rendering the future of the ESS in local newspaper coverage; 2) documentary analysis of a 2014/2015 Call for ESS Instrument Proposals; 3) observations from visits to ESS and participation in staged “future walks” and 4) the mundane laboratory practices of measuring thickness in an ESS Detector Coatings Workshop in Linköping. The results of these empirical analyses are used to argue for the importance of generating and sustaining accountability relations in futuring practices, for understanding how the future is imagined and made to come about. The thesis concludes that looking at practices in this way has political implications – among other things, it allows to see how agency and capability-to-affect the future is distributed, built, eroded and attributed.

The Political Life of Sensation

The Political Life of Sensation

There is nothing to see here!' The police says that there is nothing to see on the road, there is nothing to do but move along. It asserts that the space of circulation is nothing other than the space of circulation.

Author: Davide Panagia

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822390817

Category: Political Science

Page: 230

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The taste of chocolate, the noise of a crowd, the visual impressions of filmic images—such sensory perceptions are rarely if ever discussed in relation to democratic theory. In response, Davide Panagia argues that by overlooking sensation political theorists ignore a crucial dimension of political life. Drawing on Gilles Deleuze’s and Jacques Rancière’s readings of Kantian aesthetics, Panagia posits sensation as a radical democratic moment of aesthetic judgment. He contends that sensory experience interrupts our perceptual givens, creating occasions to suspend authority and reconfigure the arrangement of a political order. Panagia claims that the rule of narrative governs our inherited notions of political subjectivity and agency, such that reading and writing are the established modes of political deliberation. Yet the contemporary citizen-subject is a viewing subject, influenced by film, photos, and other perceptual stimuli as much as by text. Challenging the rule of narrative, Panagia analyzes diverse sites of cultural engagement including the visual dynamics portrayed in the film The Ring, the growth of festival culture in late-fifteenth-century Florence, the practices of convivium espoused by the Slow Food movement, and the architectural design of public newsstands. He then ties these occasions for sensation to notable moments in the history of political thought and shows the political potential of a dislocated subjectivity therein. Democratic politics, Panagia concludes, involves a taking part in those everyday practices that interrupt our common modes of sensing and afford us an awareness of what had previously been insensible.
Categories: Political Science

The Certainty of Uncertainty

The Certainty of Uncertainty

Nothing to see here! Please disperse! Nothing to see here!” Sometimes religion acts like a police officer standing in front of a crime scene, waving off would be spectators with a casual, “Nothing to see here!” Religion—bad religion ...

Author: Mark Schaefer

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532653438

Category: Religion

Page: 276

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The world is full of people who are very certain—in politics, in religion, in all manner of things. In addition, political, religious, and social organizations are marketing certainty as a cure all to all life’s problems. But is such certainty possible? Or even good? The Certainty of Uncertainty explores the question of certainty by looking at the reasons human beings crave certainty and the religious responses we frequently fashion to help meet that need. The book takes an in-depth view of religion, language, our senses, our science, and our world to explore the inescapable uncertainties they reveal. We find that the certainty we crave does not exist. As we reflect on the unavoidable uncertainties in our world, we come to understand that letting go of certainty is not only necessary, it’s beneficial. For, in embracing doubt and uncertainty, we find a more meaningful and courageous religious faith, a deeper encounter with mystery, and a way to build strong relationships across religious and philosophical lines. In The Certainty of Uncertainty, we see that embracing our belief systems with humility and uncertainty can be transformative for ourselves and for our world.
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Where There s Food There s Firefighters

Where There s Food  There s Firefighters

INTRODUCTION NOTHING TO SEE HERE , MOVE ALONG ! I said there's nothing to see here , move along ! Excuse me , but this is a norubbernecking zone , so just keep your eyes on the road . We don't need another accident here to clean up ...

Author: Jeff Derraugh

Publisher: TouchWood Editions

ISBN: 189489894X

Category: Cooking

Page: 232

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Hot on the heels of the bestselling Fire Hall Cooking with Jeff the Chef, Jeff serves up a fresh batch of blazing recipes. Here's your chance to bring the secrets of fired-up food from the firehouse to your house. Jeff makes gourmet easy. If you're a novice cook, you'll learn how to combine affordable, easy-to-find ingredients into sizzling meals that will impress your family and friends. And if you're a kitchen vet, Jeff will inspire you to new culinary heights with dishes like Fallin' off the Bone Already Ribs, Psychedelic Salmon, and Curryous George and the Spicy Pasta Dish. Between meals Jeff takes you behind the scenes, serving up bite-sized glimpses into the zany antics and unique camaraderie of fire hall life.
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Connecting the Dots New and Selected Poems

Connecting the Dots  New and Selected Poems

Here. There is nothing to see here, there is nothing to talk about. My rusty sensitive buttons fell down. You don't look smart in your Valentino suit, anxiously looking around trying to figure out how I feel seeing the new you, ...

Author: Helen Kanevsky

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781483485591

Category: Poetry


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Helen Kanevsky dismantles the separation between fact and fiction in her new poetry collection that enlightens with imagery but also delves into literal truth. Life, the endless reverse from which Helen Kanevsky draws her bitter-sweet poetic brew, is just too weird to grasp and maybe not worth grasping (“Life violates every code of decency”). It is “Rabbis in kimonos munching on gefilte fish sushi.” It is an entity that, when you think you’ve found the particles from which it is constructed, turned into a wave and scatters – its meaning ever elusive, and fading into old recollections. And yet, there is that reality that must be connected with sobriety. As the poet says, “Memories are useless ballast ... until you are brought in for questioning.” Reality in Helen’s poems defies exactitude, best captured not by exciting exposition, but in the Kanevsky-esque disquisition. And, it is FUN! Bruce Neuburger, writer, educator, and peace activist
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The Purging Of Ruen

The Purging Of Ruen

“There is nothing to see here,” he said. “Everything is quite all right.” In response, there were disgruntled communal mutterings, as large bursting bags meant things were not all right. Especially for the bags.

Author: Thomas Corfield

Publisher: Scribl

ISBN: 9781310017421

Category: Fiction

Page: 289

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In which Oscar battles a misguided echelon of authoritative animals to save a beautiful city from certain destruction. When assigned to determine the cause of brewing tensions in the exclusive seaside city of Ruen, Oscar Teabag-Dooven discovers that it’s on the brink of tearing itself apart. Things become complicated when it appears those responsible are in charge of running the place. Drawn into a scandalous plot of insanity and greed, Oscar befriends the Dervy, a young revolutionary, by throwing her off a cliff, and Horace, an elderly doctor with a phobia of worming ointments. Together they battle the ruthless genius of Sedervitz Tappen-Noo and the grievous insanity of the Pyjami, in an attempt to save a beautiful city from certain destruction. But things don’t go according to plan. Principally because they don’t have one. “Good writing can only take you so far. These books take you considerably further, and then leave you behind.” - Daniella Dragosi, Unimpressed. “I recall finding my divorce papers a more compelling read.” - Russell Piorre, Divorced. “These books have plots so thin that I actually broke one.” - David Micheal Milan, Nineteenth Century Industrialist.
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The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics

The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics

do not “hail.” Rather, the police utter two simultaneous commands: a kinetic one, “keep moving, move along, circulate,” and a perceptual one, “there is nothing to be seen here.” As he writes in “Ten Theses on Politics”: The police is ...

Author: Rebekah J. Kowal

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199928194

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 848

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In recent decades, dance has become a vehicle for querying assumptions about what it means to be embodied, in turn illuminating intersections among the political, the social, the aesthetical, and the phenomenological. The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Politics edited by internationally lauded scholars Rebekah Kowal, Gerald Siegmund, and the late Randy Martin presents a compendium of newly-commissioned chapters that address the interdisciplinary and global scope of dance theory - its political philosophy, social movements, and approaches to bodily difference such as disability, postcolonial, and critical race and queer studies. In six sections 30 of the most prestigious dance scholars in the US and Europe track the political economy of dance and analyze the political dimensions of choreography, of writing history, and of embodied phenomena in general. Employing years of intimate knowledge of dance and its cultural phenomenology, scholars urge readers to re-think dominant cultural codes, their usages, and the meaning they produce and theorize ways dance may help to re-signify and to re-negotiate established cultural practices and their inherent power relations. This handbook poses ever-present questions about dance politics-which aspects or effects of a dance can be considered political? What possibilities and understandings of politics are disclosed through dance? How does a particular dance articulate or undermine forces of authority? How might dance relate to emancipation or bondage of the body? Where and how can dance articulate social movements, represent or challenge political institutions, or offer insight into habits of labor and leisure? The handbook opens its critical terms in two directions. First, it offers an elaborated understanding of how dance achieves its politics. Second, it illustrates how notions of the political are themselves expanded when viewed from the perspective of dance, thus addressing both the relationship between the politics in dance and the politics of dance. Using the most sophisticated theoretical frameworks and engaging with the problematics that come from philosophy, social science, history, and the humanities, chapters explore the affinities, affiliations, concepts, and critiques that are inherent in the act of dance, and questions about matters political that dance makes legible.
Categories: Performing Arts

The Flesh Statue

The Flesh Statue

“I just saw that,” Langley said to himself in disbelief, though at a volume the rising crowd could hear. “I just fuckin saw that. ... There's nothing to see here,” pushing most of the crowd towards The Highbrow.

Author: U. Harper

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595361144

Category: Fiction

Page: 364

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"I worry that the patterns in life say I worry that they dictate, that, through the education that should free us, we will all fall in line. So our search for knowledge will eventually turn us all into people willing to be oppressed. We'll even feel good about it. We'll like being oppressed. We have taught this ignorance that is guiding us. We have to smash this." When an acquaintance tells 19 year old Langley Jackson this, Langley is naïve and new to the city of Long Beach. But as time climbs forward Langley learns that it's true: some things need to be smashed. Some things can't be solved, only learned from. And some people-including loved ones-you have to just let them die.
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