The Carceral Network in Ireland

The Carceral Network in Ireland

There were two reasons behind this: fear and having nowhere to run away to. David explained that he did not rebel because 'I didn't know what outside was either so I had no option. It wasn't like some kids could say I will run away to ...

Author: Fiona McCann

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030421847

Category: Social Science

Page: 285

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This book examines the forms and practices of Irish confinement from the 19th century to present-day to explore the social and political failings of 20th and 21st century postcolonial Ireland. Building on an interdisciplinary conference held in the Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast, the methodological approaches adopted across this book range from the historical and archival to the sociological, political, and literary. This edited collection touches on topics such as industrial schools, Magdalen laundries, struggles and resistance in prisons both North and South, Direct Provision, and the ways in which prison experiences have been represented in literature, cinema, and the arts. It sketches out an uncomfortable picture of the techniques for policing bodies deployed in Ireland for over a century. This innovative study seeks to establish a link between Ireland’s inhumane treatment of women and children, of prisoners, and of asylum seekers today, and to expose and pinpoint modes of resistance to these situations.
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Music and the Road

Music and the Road

The narrator of the song, who in the 1980s was still “ten years burning down the road” with “nowhere to run” and “nowhere to go,” was inspired by Bobby Muller, a veteran and anti-war activist whom Springsteen collaborated with to ...

Author: Gordon E. Slethaug

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501335280

Category: Music

Page: 280

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Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Paul Simon-these familiar figures have written road music for half a century and continue to remain highly-regarded artists. But there is so much more to say about road music. This book fills a glaring hole in scholarship about the road and music. In a collection of 13 essays, Music and the Road explores the origins of road music in the blues, country-western, and rock 'n' roll; the themes of adventure, freedom, mobility, camaraderie, and love, and much more in this music; the mystique and reality of touring as an important part of getting away from home, creating community among performers, and building audiences across the country from the 1930s to the present; and the contribution of music to popular road films such as Bonnie and Clyde, Easy Rider, Thelma and Louise, and On the Road.
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ISIS fighters in pickup trucks raked Iraqi NOWHERE TO RUN Of all the groups ISIS targets, Sunnis are caught in the most vicious of traps. ISIS claims to be fighting for the Sunnis, but many Sunnis reject ISIS's intolerance and violence.

Author: Brendan January

Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books

ISBN: 9781512429985

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 108

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As a terrorism network, ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has attacked Westerners and non-supportive Muslims worldwide, killing and wounding thousands. Explore the roots of ISIS, how it plans attacks and recruits adherents, and global efforts to stop the group.
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How to Avoid Certain Death

How to Avoid Certain Death

We can run! We can hide! We can swordfight! And then Sarah realized the three horrifyingly big problems with that plan: 1. There is nowhere to run when you're surrounded by sharks. 2. There is nowhere to hide when you're stuck in a ...

Author: Tom Clempson

Publisher: Scholastic UK

ISBN: 9781407184456

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

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Charlie and Sarah are BORED. They live in the middle of nowhere with their dull grandparents who refuse to let them do anything exciting. But one day, adventure comes knocking when their grandparents are captured by the most terrifying pirate of all time - Vladimir Death Pirate. Charlie and Sarah launch an immediate rescue mission, setting sail to find their grandparents... in a bathtub. Perfect for fans of MY BROTHER IS A SUPERHERO, this is a quirky, hilariously funny adventure full of warring pirates, terrifying zombie bunnies and a magical wish-granting island.
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A Dog Behaviourist s Diary

A Dog Behaviourist   s Diary

Nowhere. to. Run;. Nowhere. to. Hide. Arnie was never a 'case' dog. This is the story of one of the dumb things I got involved with during my quest for further experience and knowledge of dog training and behaviour.

Author: Denise Mcleod

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781785898679

Category: Pets

Page: 264

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This book will make you laugh, make you cry and make you think in a way you have never done before. It explores both the canine “condition” and the human “condition” too, as many ‘dog problems’ are in fact ‘people problems’ but with more legs. Based on real life personal experiences of dogs that have come through our behaviour clinics or classes, it is a brutally honest and completely open expulsion of experience and knowledge expressed with great humour, insight and raw emotion. With tales of hilarity, happiness and success through to depression, grief, suicide and death, it brings to the reader a sense of perspective and compassion for others. Born of experience based on a lifetime of work with animals and close involvement with over 10.000 puppies and dogs, around 15,000 people, the breadth of experience is plain to see. The primary purpose of the book is entertainment that educates. Written in plain English, with easy to understand analogies, it is simple and enjoyable to follow. No technical knowledge of dogs or humans is required. As a public speaker I have learnt over the years, how people learn and what makes them laugh. Covering some of the most dangerous and worrying of behaviours, like dogs that bite people, dogs that aggress towards others, dogs that chase and kill things, puppy farms and many more. The range of this book provides something for everybody. It also covers the most common behaviour problems of all. One of the chapters about long coated breeds not being able to see properly and the range of behaviours that occur as a result, will help millions of dogs and owners, instantly. The blindingly obvious is obvious, only once the blindness is lifted. What could be better, puppies, dogs, people, laughter, success, heartache, real life quandaries, passion and finally, true love that conquers all. Literally.
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Dragon Emperor

Dragon Emperor

how many demons he killed, in any case, the demons he wanted to kill, had nowhere to run. Since Xu Dong came here to chase down the Demon God of this world, he must be hiding in this place to leave this world. But once Xu Dong came here ...

Author: Ge WuWeiYang

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781647578893

Category: Fiction


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He was the eldest young master of a city, but he was persecuted by his own uncle. He had no choice but to roam ManGu and obtain the Dragon Soul by accident!He cultivated a top-notch divine art on the way to escape. He refined his strongest physique and went against the heavens as he embarked on the path of revenge.You didn't look down on me then, but now you will look up to me.Revenge for his parents!The Ancient Elves and Ancient Desolation Goddess had all fallen in love with him, so he wouldn't let them down.
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DemonWars The First King

DemonWars  The First King

When you come forth, so, too, will the western route be blocked. To the south lie Pryd Town and Laird Bannagran. Dame Gwydre has nowhere to run.” Before Yeslnik could respond, Olym blurted from behind, “All glory to King Yeslnik!

Author: R. A. Salvatore

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780765396273

Category: Fiction

Page: 704

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Collected together for the first time, the exciting conclusion to New York Times bestselling author R. A. Salvatore's Saga of the First Kings series, set in the world of the DemonWars In The Dame, Bransen Garibond, the Highwayman, believes that the two warring lairds are two sides of the same coin. But he soon learns that view is simplistic at best. Bransen's road becomes a quest for the truth, of Honce and of himself, a quest to put right over wrong. In The Bear, the war of Honce drags on, and Bransen rejoins his solo quest to extricate himself from the selfish goals of all combatants. But in an odd twist of fate and crossed loyalties, Bransen sees in his old nemesis, Bannagran—the Bear of Honce and the man who slew his adoptive father—a darker image of his own heart. Allies and battle lines become tangled, motives indistinguishable as old friends become enemies, and old enemies become allies. The Highwayman comes full circle to learn the truth of his journey and the responsibilities of his great power. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
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Whose Body

Whose Body

One hare has nowhere to run from, and the other has nowhere to run to. It's a kind of mental D.T., Bunter. When this is over I shall turn pussyfoot, forswear the police news, and take to an emollient diet of the works of the late ...

Author: Dorothy L. Sayers

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486473628

Category: Fiction

Page: 146

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Krimi med Lord Peter Wimsey, der overtrumfer politiet i en sag om en ukendt nøgen mand, der bliver fundet i en nervøs arkitekts badekar
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Kiss My Black Ass

Kiss My Black Ass

They could have kept everything else but changed the lyrics and made it about the boy trying to get away from the dark powers that be, “Nowhere to Run”! But I like this song. I especially like the breakdown where Paul is singing in a ...

Author: Anthony X

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781524649425

Category: Humor

Page: 344

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This book is his journeya Black Kiss-story thats full of funny, entertaining, and in some cases, heartbreaking stories of his years as a die-hard Kiss fan committed to the hottest band in the land. Its the voice for everyone who was there and remembers what it was like being a hardcore Kiss fan back in the day, with all the mystery, excitement, anticipation, and mania, but also the rejection, taunting, and funny looks. So get ready to go back to a time before you had a full-time job, responsibilities, commitments, the stress of daily life, and when Kiss was the most important thing in your life. Get ready to relive your magical Kiss years all over again.
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Hitman s Lies

Hitman s Lies

There was nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run. Just death, looking her right in the eyes. But at the last second the man turned the gun around and pointed it to Alex's head. Alex cried out, suddenly wailing desperately, and Hannah felt her ...

Author: Heather West

Publisher: E-Book Publishing World Inc.


Category: Fiction


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Hitman's Lies is book 2 of A Bound to the Hitman Romance trilogy. Book 3, Hitman's Wife, is available everywhere now! I'LL GIVE HIM MY BODY IF IT WILL PROTECT MY BABY. He had my name on his hit list. But I couldn't leave my baby without a mother. So I made him a deal: Take my body. Leave my baby. And to my horrified surprise… he accepted. I always knew my ex was a crazy S.O.B. But hiring an assassin to murder me in my sleep? That's more than insane. That's downright evil. But there's no stopping it now. And when the hitman kicks down my door, I know I'll do whatever it takes to protect my little angel. The only problem is, I have no bargaining chips. Except for one thing… My body. I can tell by the way the killer looks at me that he wants a taste. I've sworn off men since my ex abused me. But I'll break any promise if it means my baby survives. The sickest thing of all is that part of me WANTS the hitman to take me. Those hands have done dirty things. And I want to see what they can do to me. Submitting to him is the sweetest sin I've ever committed. But Evan's employer doesn't take kindly to a failed job. And just as soon as I fall into the hitman's arms, we have to go running for our lives. It would be cute if it wasn't so terrifying. Like a little family on the road – me, my man, and my baby. But if his employer's men catch up to us… There will be hell to pay.
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