On the Nose

On the Nose

Number of times Hans has climbed the Nose: 101 Number of people Hans has climbed the Nose with: 87 Number of days Hans has been on the Nose: 189 Number of times Hans has bailed off the Nose: 11 Number of pitches climbed on the Nose by ...

Author: Hans Florine

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493024995

Category: Nature

Page: 240

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Hans Florine embodies the genius of "and"—collaborative and competitive, fast and safe, audacious and disciplined, visionary and quantitative. The themes that run through Florine's 101 ascents of Yosemite's most iconic route can benefit people who will never climb a rock, indeed anyone inspired by the idea of a passionate, lifelong quest of any type. —Jim Collins, author of Good to Great Hans Florine is a big-wall climbing legend in his own time. He holds the speed record on the Nose route of El Capitan, a 3,000-foot granite cliff in Yosemite Valley that’s considered the Everest of the rock-climbing world. Ascending the Nose takes most climbers anywhere from 12 to 96 hours. Florine, along with climbing partner Alex Honnold, does it in an astounding 2.5 hours. But Florine’s story is not one of super-human athletic prowess; it’s one of persistence and dogged determination. In 30 years of climbing, he's ascended the Nose a mind-blowing, death-defying 100 times, more than anyone else ever has, and most likely ever will. In On the Nose, Florine describes the most dangerous, pivotal, and inspirational of those climbs, providing a rare look inside the adrenaline-charged world of competitive climbing in Yosemite Valley. He tells of his very first attempt on the Nose, which ended in failure after 14 hours, his friendships (and rivalries) with climbing’s most colorful personalities, and his battle with Dean Potter to secure the definitive speed record on the Nose—an endeavor that’s been called the wildest competition known to man. Perhaps most interestingly, Florine attempts to answer the question why. Why would anyone undertake one of the greatest adventure epics on earth 100 times? His answers provide unique insights on how to live a satisfying life, how to achieve big goals, and how an otherwise ordinary guy can become a rock star.
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The Nose

The Nose

And the police officer dipped into his pocket and pulled out the nose wrapped up ina pieceofpaper. 'That's it!' cried Kovalyov, 'no mistake! You must stay and have a cup ofteawith me.' 'That would give me great pleasure,butI just ...

Author: Nikolay Gogol

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141397535

Category: Fiction

Page: 64

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'Strangely enough, I mistook it for a gentleman at first. Fortunately I had my spectacles with me so I could see it was really a nose.'
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The Nose

The Nose

Seized by a fear he could not explain, he rushed to the table and balanced the mirror, to make sure he did not attach the nose at a wrong angle. His hands were trembling. Cautiously, deliberately, he applied itto its erstwhilehome on ...

Author: Nikolai Gogol

Publisher: Melville House

ISBN: 9781612193199

Category: Fiction

Page: 64

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A masterpiece of satire and a key work of the Russian "fantastic" movement. One of the most celebrated tales in Russian literature. Collegiate Assessor Kovalyov awakens to discover that his nose is missing, leaving a smooth, flat patch of skin in its place. He finds and confronts his nose in the Kazan Cathedral, but from its clothing it is apparent that the nose has acquired a higher rank in the civil service than he and refuses to return to his face. THE ART OF THE NOVELLA Too short to be a novel, too long to be a short story, the novella is generally unrecognized by academics and publishers but beloved and practiced by literature's greatest writers. The Art of the Novella Series celebrates this renegade art form and its practitioners. The series has been recognized for its "excellence in design" by AIGA.
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The Nose From Jupiter Novel Study

The Nose From Jupiter  Novel Study

Nose. from. Jupiter. Answer. Key. Page 38: Chapters 13&14 Language & Vocabulary: C. boys, girls, cities, countries, mice, moose, potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, apples, calves, wolves, boxes, foxes, wives, husbands, men, women, teeth, ...

Author: Ron Leduc

Publisher: Rainbow Horizons Publishing

ISBN: 9781553192992

Category: Education

Page: 58

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The Nose From Jupiter is about Alan Dingwall, a thirteen year old boy with lots of worries. He isn’t brave or strong, he worries about bullies, his parents are divorced, and he doesn’t know how to express his feelings to a girl he likes. One day, Alan comes to believe that an alien from Jupiter has taken up residence in his nose. Norbert the alien offers advice to Alan and comments on various situations. Norbert leaves when Alan asserts himself against the bullies. This Novel Study provides a teacher and student section with a variety of activities, chapter questions, and answer key to create a well-rounded lesson plan.
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Logan Turner s Diseases of the Nose Throat and Ear

Logan Turner s Diseases of the Nose  Throat and Ear

Not only is the pack uncomfortable but the added anxiety of a nosebleed and a blocked nose may elevate the blood pressure. Care must be taken, however, as packing the nose embarrasses respiration and the arterial PO2 drops and the ...

Author: A. G. D. Maran

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781483183640

Category: Science

Page: 468

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Logan Turner's Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear, Volume 10 is intended to serve as a preparatory volume for senior students, general practitioners, and trainees in otolaryngology preparing for a fellowship examination in otolaryngology. The authors of this volume tried not to confine their presentations to pathology in Northern Europe given differences in the presentation of pathology in developed and the developing countries and the popularity of this book in Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, and South East Asia. This book is organized into four main sections. The first three sections cover the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of the nose, head and neck, and the ear. The final section deals with pediatric otalaryngology. Several changes were made in this tenth volume. These include the presentation of otology, audiology, and otoneurology as an integrated whole; the rewriting of the section of rhinology; addition of a section on pediatric otolaryngology; and modification and expansion of the section on head and neck surgery. This book will be of interest to senior students, general practitioners, and trainees in otolaryngology.
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CoA Report Aero

CoA Report Aero

Nose Fuselage Apart from the crew floor, windscreen and radome, the nose fuselage is constructed entirely of D. T.D. 5070 sheet. Frames placed at a nominal pitch of 12 inches support 20G Zed stringers which are located round the section ...

Author: College of Aeronautics (Cranfield, Bedfordshire)


ISBN: UIUC:30112008569276

Category: Aeronautics


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The Nose from Jupiter

The Nose from Jupiter

Gary was standing at the sink, like that, with a bloody nose. Larry was already helping him. Then you came in. Sir,” she added. A fast thinker, Prudence. I wondered if Mr. Omerod would believe her story. He sniffed the air, ...

Author: Richard Scrimger

Publisher: Tundra Books

ISBN: 9781770490420

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

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How do you shut up when your nose is doing all the talking? Alan is not big or strong. He hates playing soccer and can barely keep up in math class. Moreover he’s fodder for every bully for miles around. But all that changes the day Norbert, an alien from Jupiter, comes to earth on an exploration mission and moves into – Alan’s nose. Soon Alan isn’t acting like himself, but is Norbert really to blame? Loud, pushy and hilarious, Norbert teaches Alan to stand up for himself, even when the odds are stacked against him.
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Up Close Get the Answers to Common Ear Nose and Throat Conditions

Up Close  Get the Answers to Common Ear  Nose  and Throat Conditions

Children usually bleed from the superficial and thin blood vessels at the front portion of the nose on the septum,just behind the nostrils. Such nosebleeds usually decrease after puberty as the nose lining thickens from hormonal changes ...

Author: SingHealth

Publisher: SingHealth


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 60

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ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) related problems are common in the population and comprise up to 20% of adult and 40% of paediatric consults of a general practitioner. This booklet addresses an educational need by providing up-to-date information on common ENT conditions in an easy to comprehend format that lists the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and prevention, as well as the treatment options available.
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Rinology or a Description of the nose and particularly of that part of it call d the bridge The third edition

Rinology  or  a Description of the nose  and particularly  of that part of it  call d  the bridge     The third edition

The Latins , indeed , often use Nares , tho ' it only signifies the Noftrils , for the whole Nóse ; but that is by a Figure of pars pro toto , or because there is no ready Passage on either Side of the Bridge , without taking some Pains ...

Author: Timothy BRIDGEABOUT (pseud.)


ISBN: BL:A0023018003


Page: 29

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A Parametric Study of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Nose cylinder flare Bodies at a Mach Number of 6 0

A Parametric Study of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Nose cylinder flare Bodies at a Mach Number of 6 0

There are several additional observations that can be made fro figures 3 and 4 with respect to boundary - layer separation : First , the conicalnose long - cylinder configuration has a smaller extent of separation on the flar than the ...

Author: George C. Ashby


ISBN: UIUC:30112106744045

Category: Aerodynamics, Hypersonic

Page: 74

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Categories: Aerodynamics, Hypersonic