A Savage Presence

A Savage Presence

hae was on her way to her second day of work with one small victory under her belt. She had managed to get Cam to silence the press, but that didn't mean the killer hadn't heard the news the previous morning, and it didn't mean that ...

Author: WL Knightly

Publisher: BrixBaxter Publishing


Category: Fiction


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Now that Connor Cohen is dead, Silas Cohen is free to live the life he wants. But there are still two men in the way. When Enzo Juarez tries to make a new deal with Fiona, her good intentions get the best of her and she unexpectedly puts Silas in danger. Can Alex’s connections save them this time? All bets are off when it’s every man for themselves in this series’ finale.
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The Most Brilliant Little Victory

The Most Brilliant Little Victory

And one company (Capt. Barger's) has only nine men able to perform their duty and all its commissioned officers are in the hospital. General Nelson succeeded in causing more deaths in his own ranks than in those of the enemy in that ...

Author: Marlitta H. Perkins

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365759239

Category: History


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The history of the Civil War in Eastern Kentucky has been mostly overlooked or ignored by the vast majority of historians. Little is commonly known about events in the Eastern part of the state beyond the Battles of Ivy Mountain and Middle Creek. "The Most Brilliant Little Victory" is the first ever comprehensive account of Nelson's Eastern Kentucky Campaign, which eventually led up to the Battle of Ivy Mountain in November 1861. Throughout the book, as it guides readers step by step through Nelson's campaign, the author has permitted the soldiers to tell their own story by utilizing mostly primary source material. The readers will experience events through the soldiers' eyes while they accompany the general and his men on their harrowing journey through the mountains of Eastern Kentucky in the fall of 1861.
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The Best Little Cat House in Maryland

The Best Little Cat House in Maryland

One small victory. Now on to the next kitten, Hissor. Well, I got most of it into him. By now the kittens were on to me, and were getting harder to catch. Goldie was the most interesting. Rather than swallow the medicine as I shot it ...

Author: Bob And Kathy Rude

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449008840

Category: Humor

Page: 256

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It was the pathetic mews of a hungry mother cat, scrounging in a dumpster to feed her kittens that first caught Bob and Kathy Rude's attention. They found the hungry cat and several more hungry felines while helping out at the family restaurant one summer. The chance meeting between the hungry strays and two government computer programmers led to the creation of Rude Ranch Animal Rescue, one of the United States' hardest working No-Kill Animal Sanctuaries. Read on to meet these original Rude Cats and find what can go right and wrong when you try to help a few stray animals and inadvertently start an animal sanctuary.
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Catalogue of the Greek and Roman Coins in the Numismatic Collection of Yale College

Catalogue of the Greek and Roman Coins in the Numismatic Collection of Yale College

Two soldiers in military costume and with spears in their 1. hands , standing facing each other ; the one on r . supporting a small Victory and the one on l . a globe , each in their r . hand . Purchase 3.87 В 19.8 Same obverse as last ...

Author: Yale University


ISBN: HARVARD:32044037759594

Category: Coins, Greek

Page: 236

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The Gavel and Sickle The Supreme Court Cultural Marxism and the Assault on Christianity

The Gavel and Sickle  The Supreme Court  Cultural Marxism  and the Assault on Christianity

One Small Victory: Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. (2014) The Hobby Lobby case to which Hillary Clinton referred to earlier is Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. (2014) which was a small victory for religious dissenters.

Author: Anthony Walsh

Publisher: Vernon Press

ISBN: 9781622733736

Category: Political Science

Page: 258

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This book addresses the benefits of Christianity for all, the degradation of our culture since the 1950s, the pernicious effects that cultural Marxism has had on Western cultures, and the loss of religious freedom as the Founders envisioned it due to a number of Supreme Court rulings. We cannot understand the culture war and cultural debasement until we understand cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism has been "hiding in plain sight" since the 1930s with the immigration to the United States of a cadre of intellectuals from Germany who brought with them the folderol of critical theory, political correctness, gender neutrality, radical feminism, and moral relativism. This intellectual moonshine is designed to weaken family structure and individual morality, and it has worked. The ultimate purpose of cultural Marxism is to destroy Western civilization from within. This goal is clearly and unambiguously stated in their books and articles. In numerous places in these books and articles, cultural Marxists are adamant that if socialism is ever to come to America the two epicenters of Western morality, the family and Christianity, will have to be destroyed by slow, stealthy, and incremental attacks on them. They have been aided in their efforts by anti-Christian rulings by the United States Supreme Court since the 1940s. I do not claim in any sense that the Supreme Court is engaged in a conspiracy with cultural Marxists. Their rulings have been based on a reading of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment that its authors would not recognize, and have used this clause to eviscerate the Free Exercise Clause—America’s “first freedom.” The Court has purged Christianity from the public square, and in doing so it has unwittingly helped the cultural Marxist agenda by spiritually disarming America.
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Connecting the Drops

Connecting the Drops

We see the results one small victory at a time—a neighbor who opposed your cause until you spent time talking about it one on one; a photo contest to raise local awareness; the first person to throw a pebble into the calm pool of ...

Author: Karen Schneller-McDonald

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501701597

Category: Nature

Page: 288

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The need for improved water resource protection, beginning with grassroots action, is urgent. The water we use depends on networks of wetlands, streams, and watersheds. Land-use activities, however, are changing these natural systems. Often these changes result in ecological damage, flooding, water pollution, and reduced water supply. We need a healthy environment that sustains our personal and community health; we also need vibrant and sustainable economic development that does not destroy the benefits we derive from nature. Our ability to accomplish both depends on how well we can "connect the drops." In this book, Karen Schneller-McDonald presents the basics of water resource protection: ecology and watershed science; techniques for evaluating environmental impacts; obstacles to protection and how to overcome them; and tips for protection strategies that maximize chances for success. Schneller-McDonald makes clear the important connections among natural cycles, watersheds, and ecosystems; the benefits they provide; and how specific development activities affect water quality and supply. The methods described in Connecting the Drops have broad application in diverse geographic locations. The environmental details may differ, but the methods are the same. For water resource managers and concerned citizens alike, Connecting the Drops helps readers interpret scientific information and contextualize news media reports and industry ads—ultimately offering "how to" guidance for developing resource protection strategies.
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Evie s Victory

Evie s Victory

... says my name to Peter, the memory of me being sick again and again is the one that will be foremost in his mind. ... It felt like a small victory for common sense and, Evie hoped deeply, it was an indication that both Evie and Fiona ...

Author: Kitty Danton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781409164883

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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'1942 was going to be a very different type of year to its predecessor, she decided resolutely. Gone would be the feckless Evie, mooning over one faithless man after another, and in would come a bolder and more positive Evie ' As a new year begins and the world is at war, Evie Yeo is turning over a new leaf. Her nearest and dearest in the little Devon village of Lymbridge, the war effort for the boys on the front, and her class of infant pupils will be getting all of her attention this year and nothing will soften her resolve. Though rations are slim, and work is hard with the men away, Evie knows she's lucky to have her friends and family around her - even if they don't always agree on each other's choices in fashion, hobbies or love. They have supported her through a broken heart more than once so she knows they'll stick together even when there are new suitors, new babies or new jobs to contend with. But as the snow falls, Evie realises it might be harder than she thought to put the past behind her and find her happy ending. And when the trauma of war is felt even in the usually peaceful village, will Evie and those she cares about emerge unscathed?
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One Small Victory

One Small Victory

Following a tragic accident in which her son was killed, Jenny Jasick bullies her way onto a task force to bring down a local drug dealer.

Author: Maryann Miller

Publisher: Five Star (ME)

ISBN: 1594146993

Category: Fiction

Page: 293

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Following a tragic accident in which her son was killed, Jenny Jasick bullies her way onto a task force to bring down a local drug dealer. Drugs had been found in her son's car and she discovers that they are rampant in her local community.
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The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal

The Chinese Recorder and Missionary Journal

A short , fierce and bloody contest followed , for Li's army had learned confidence and valour from a long series of triumphs , and Sangwei ... One small victory more and he would be undisputed master of the Flowery Kingdom .



ISBN: CORNELL:31924079413765

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The Big Book of Car Culture

The Big Book of Car Culture

This marked the beginning of White Rock Court is one of the oldest Above : Now a private residence , the the motel's ... piece of roadside history , the preservation example of the unique American society did score one small victory .

Author: James Hinckley

Publisher: Motorbooks International

ISBN: 0760319650

Category: Transportation

Page: 320

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With the powerful, rhythmic sounds of Aboriginal English and Kokatha language woven through the narrative, Mazin Grace is the inspirational story of a feisty girl who refuses to be told who she is, determined to uncover the truth for herself. Growing up on the Mission isn’t easy for clever Grace Oldman. When her classmates tease her for not having a father, she doesn’t know what to say. Pappa Neddy says her dad is the Lord God in Heaven, but that doesn’t help when the Mission kids call her a bastard. As Grace slowly pieces together clues that might lead to answers, she struggles to find a place in a community that rejects her for reasons she doesn’t understand. In this novel, author Dylan Coleman fictionalizes her mother’s childhood at the Koonibba Lutheran Mission in South Australia in the 1940s and 1950s.
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