Our Destiny

Our Destiny

At the end of my visit I was blessed when he said, “No charge, professional courtesy.” He was not obligated to do this, ... We often see evidence that God's plan for our lives, our destiny, is navigated from heaven.

Author: Claude Kerr

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1452052786

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

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Our conviction is that God has a destiny for everyone, not just us. Our hope is that when you read this story about our destiny it will inspire you to search out your own.
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Our Leaders Our Choices Our Destiny

Our Leaders  Our Choices  Our Destiny

Reclaiming Your Destiny in the Midst of Confusing Brawl Farid Arjan. When we lose ourjobs, we feel disgraced, shameful, and less than human. We tend to downplay it by using words like “betweenjobs” and “career hold” when we are asked ...

Author: Farid Arjan

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452555516

Category: Self-Help

Page: 156

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America is hurting, and so is the rest of the world. The agonizing financial events of the last decade—economic meltdown, rising unemployment rates, homes lost to foreclosure—have resulted in broken social systems, exhausted workers, and disconnected families. Environmental calamities, both natural and humancaused, are becoming more frequent and more devastating. Meanwhile, opposing political camps are mired in bickering and finger-pointing. No wonder the ominous predictions about a “2012 doomsday” are a marketable notion in our society! But what is the real source of our economic, environmental, and social agony? Is it fate? Our leaders? Our political system? Or something else? In Our Leaders, Our Choices, Our Destiny, author Farid Arjan examines the root causes behind the traumatic events of the last decade. He shows that these crises, from economic to environmental, are not separate, but interrelated. They are not random accidents or ordained by fate, but spring from seeds that we have sown and nurtured for decades. And they are within our power to change. Our Leaders, Our Choices, Our Destiny offers a viable path to solving our society’s serious challenges and achieving what we all want and deserve—the “pursuit of happiness” as individuals and as a society.
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A Pen Named Man Our Destiny

A Pen Named Man  Our Destiny

Sharon L. Newton A Pen Named Man: Our Destiny is dedicated to my wife, Sharon. She is an exceptional human being who has made my life complete. Sharon has given unconditional love, respect, and commitment in raising our three children, ...

Author: John W. Newton

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781625640062

Category: Philosophy

Page: 190

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Important goals of mankind, such as eliminating injustice and attaining a higher quality of life, are achievable. To achieve them, however, requires a will and a way. God provides the will. The focus of A Pen Named Man: Our Destiny is to illustrate the way. The route to social fulfillment is through the establishment of universal institutions designed to enable man to serve as God's representative on Earth and automatically satisfy his purpose in life. Family is the most important institution of mankind. It forms the nucleus of social living and fosters a deep sense of love and commitment among biologically related people who live together in an emotionally secure environment. Religion ties human behavior to morality and serves as the pathway between an individual and his God. Government establishes a standardized code of equality and fairness. Where the goal of the institution of religion is a moral world, the role of government is a just world. Employment is the institution that opens the door to attaining one's purpose in life. A restructured universal institution of employment provides every individual with the opportunity to contribute his time and resources toward the betterment of mankind. By working in an occupation that makes a product or provides a service useful to society, a person is able to earn the necessities of life for himself, attain psychological fulfillment, and provide support to those who are physically or mentally unable to take care of themselves.
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Our Destiny Lies Within Orb Truth

Our Destiny Lies Within Orb Truth

My Journey to Discovery Over the last few years, Orbs & their ability to appear in digital camera shots have fascinated ... my up-hill iourney to a new pathway of finding proof for what I believe is the truth of where our destiny lies.

Author: Merlina M. Marcan

Publisher: Palmer Higgs Pty Ltd

ISBN: 9781922219640

Category: Religion

Page: 155

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Astrology Do the Heavens Rule Our Destiny

Astrology     Do the Heavens Rule Our Destiny

TheBible teaches that God is the one whoshapes our characterand destiny,notthe stars. Ifa Christianconfusesor replacesthework of God withthe workof His creation,he confuses matters and provides justification for other Christians to seek ...

Author: John Ankerberg

Publisher: ATRI Publishing

ISBN: 9781937136529

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 255

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A thorough analysis of this important subject is badly needed. That is why this book addresses the vital issues of astrology authoritatively & in some depth. It explains the power & influence of astrology; how astrology claims to work; the world view about astrology; the truth about chart interpretation; the alleged evidence for astrology; why astrology works; astrology & the occult. It answers the questions: What exactly is astrology? Do the heavens really influence life on earth? What does the Bible say about astrology? Are astrology & Christian doctrine compatible? Many examples & experiences are shared in this extensive study on astrology.
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How Stars Influence Our Destiny

How Stars Influence Our Destiny

Your hypothesis has made it clear to me how elements of stars and planets of the brahmaand reach man. But it has not answered my question: how stars and planets, innumerable kilometers away from us, influenceourdestiny ?

Author: Dayanand Verma

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 9789351650041


Page: 76

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Dayanand Verma and Nisha Ghai having a Dialogue on the scientific basis of how stars and planets influence human destiny.

Finding My Destiny Scroll

Finding My Destiny Scroll

A Guidebook to Accessing Destiny Sheri Scott. We have a throne in our being, that we rule from with Jesus. I don't have a technical term or a biblical term for this yet it is the seat of our spirit. The idea that 'out of your belly ...

Author: Sheri Scott

Publisher: SHARE Resources Inc.

ISBN: 9781989269305

Category: Religion


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Have you wondered how to find your destiny scroll recorded in Heaven?

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to walk you through accessing heavenly realms and finding your destiny scroll, then this book is for you.

This guidebook provides a simple progressive set of activations to connect with Jesus and begin accessing heavenly realms and see your scroll.  There are three parts to each activation; an explanation, an encounter experience and a written record. 

There are seven different encounters to assist you along the journey; your garden gate, going to his house, finding your high priest and your scroll, seeing where you are at right now, purifying your desires, taking the throne on your mountain, and aligning to rule.

The explanations will provide a scriptural basis and help frame each activation.  The encounters themselves will be as unique and individual as you are.  The written record of your encounter and understanding will help anchor the pathway and help solidify your understanding.  It also will serve as a reference point for you on your journey.

I wish you great joy in the adventure into your heavenly destiny.

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In Search of My Destiny

In Search of My Destiny

The day had come when we would meet our destiny, knowing that we may never return to our birthplace. We weren't sure when or if we would ever see our grandparents and family again. At dawn, there came a knock at the door.

Author: Irma Reyes Herrera

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462861750

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 278

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Heartwarming and inspiring, In Search of My Destiny tells a story about true family love. A wonderful tale that portrays the strength of the human spirit and proves that there is strength in unity, and highlights the special bond between parents and children. It is the story of a woman who lived her life in two different cultures. She lived her childhood and adolescence in a small Mayan village in Guatemala, Central America, where the customs were drastic and dramatic. When she became a single mother of three small children, she lived in California, where she faced a different culture, where she made a promise to herself that she would survive the struggle for those years ahead and achieve the triumph in the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of her and her children. Though she faced many challenges in life, she persevered in search of love, peace, happiness, and family union. Readers can witness her fascinating story unfold in In Search of My Destiny. A book by: Irma Reyes Herrera. Parents Find very similar facts and renewed inspiration. Grandparents Bring back memories of when you raised your children. Young People You ll have an understanding of the love that is felt for your children and what it takes to raise them. Children Be inspired to embrace your family history and events.
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My Destiny Is Not the Wilderness

My Destiny Is Not the Wilderness

He keeps taking us from wilderness to wilderness because God wants to perform miracles in our lives. He wants us to experience a divine movement on our divine assignment on our way to our divine destiny. Life is a divine movement of God ...

Author: Mamie McCormick Gould

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781606471746

Category: Religion

Page: 130

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Pastor Mamie M.Gould serve as the Senior Pastor of Bethesda House of Mercy Ministries located in Cheraw South Carolina, where her husband Apostle Carlston Gould Sr. is the founder and Overseer. Pastor Gould feels the urgency to teach not only biblical principles but also for life. She feels that God wants his people to know more than just scriptures. But she feels pastors are responsible for teaching the peoples life principles. Pastor Gould was born in Wadesboro North Carolina and she is and will always be grateful for all of her Wilderness experience.. Jesus was concern about more than souls. He was concern about the people having knowledge concern their life. And she feels it is the pastors' responsibility for learning and then distributing to the people even as our Lord blessed the fish and loaves, so must we.
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Fighting for My Destiny How I Learned to Pray to Get What I Need

Fighting for My Destiny How I Learned to Pray to Get What I Need

about him and to learn more about myself and what it would require of me to fulfill my destiny. The question about our destiny is made more complex by our own lack of understanding about the nature of the supernatural that controls our ...

Author: Maurine McFarlane

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781982252472

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 204

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This book is about my personal journey of rediscovering my faith and belief in God, my willingness to let go of all my preconcieved ideas about God that was preventing me from fullfilling my destiny, and my willingness to transform my mind to the mind of Christ.
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