Painting the Mountain Landscape

Painting the Mountain Landscape

This practical book explains the key elements of portraying their magnificence and also advises how to reproduce the magic of a scene.

Author: Eileen Clark

Publisher: Crowood Press (UK)

ISBN: 1785008447


Page: 176

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Many artists long to paint mountains - to capture their grandeur, their character and perhaps their tranquility. This practical book explains the key elements of portraying their magnificence and also advises how to reproduce the magic of a scene. With step-by-step instructions and clear, detailed advice throughout, it guides the painter through the techniques so you can express your own vision of the mountains and capture one of the greatest scenes of the natural landscape. The author's deep understanding and love of the mountains shines through the text and the paintings. There is advice on choosing mediums, brushes and surfaces, and using a limited color palette both for en plein air and studio painting. Incorporates different features of the mountain scape - crags, slopes, rocks, lakes, woodland, cottages, animals and figures - to add life and interest to a painting. The author captures the transient and often dramatic effects of light on the mountain landscape, including the special magic of sunsets. Injects mood into a painting, from the excitement of a sublime storm to a sense of peace and refuge. Specific advice on painting sky, water and trees, and tips on using them in an effective composition. Finally, step-by-step, illustrated and detailed exercises show how to work down from the sky to the foreground, add detail, enrich hues, and increase contrast between light and shade. It is a handy guide for all artists and an inspiration to everyone who loves mountain scenery.

The Ultimate Oil Painting Solution for Landscape Art Portraiture and Still Life

The Ultimate Oil Painting Solution  for Landscape Art  Portraiture and Still Life

My Mountain Art Resemble Pointed Cones The artist striving for drama may paint mountains as a backdrop to a village or creek that resembles an idealised Alpine scene of pointy cones with cartoonish snowy caps rather than a convincing ...

Author: Rachel Shirley

Publisher: Rachel Shirley

ISBN: 9781492742289

Category: Art

Page: 234

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A bulky, comprehensive book on oil painting various subject matter. Ever had trouble drawing ellipses, mixing skin colours or painting skies? This bumper oil painting book tackles 78 such painting ‘peeves’ with suggested solutions. The Ultimate Oil Painting Solution comprise three full-length art books: Why do my Clouds Look Like Cotton Wool? a problem-solver for landscape painting; Why do my Skin Tones Look Lifeless? a problem-solver for portrait painting, and Why do my Ellipses Look Like Doughnuts? a problem-solver for still life painting. Each book can be purchased singly if interested in just one subject area. However, purchasing the three in this bundle book will work out a little cheaper than buying the three books individually. Each book comprises 26 common ‘peeves’ (in the form of chapters) associated with the oil painting area concerned, and therefore you will find 78 such peeves and suggested solutions collectively within. The book has 73,000 words, 78 chapters and around 400 images. Each book also possesses a step by step painting demonstration associated with the subject area. These are Castlerigg Stone Circle (for landscape art); David’s Oath of the Horatii (for portraiture) and painting strawberries (for still life). The ‘peeves’ selected represent common problem areas that students have experienced in my art classes. Such peeves include the rendering of foreshortenings, darkening skin colours, suggesting ripples in water, painting clouds, mixing greens, suggesting soft hair, painting noses, reflections in eyes, moisture on fruit, portrait photography, measuring tones, darkening snow colours and a myriad of other peeves. As each book are in themselves separate entities, where applicable, similar information is presented in context of landscape art, portraiture and still life painting, although the information is presented differently. Examples of this are the art materials needed for painting and the nature of pigments. However, such occurrences are mostly confined to the introductory chapters of each book and occur seldom elsewhere. Key chapters in this book cover the colour theory, perspectives, drawing ellipses, the golden section, tonal values, underglazing, art techniques, the nature of pigments, essential art materials, monochromatic painting, composing an arrangement, negative shapes, painting en plein air, drawing foreshortenings, creating mood, making a viewfinder, colour temperatures, drawing methods, the rules of reflections, painting on a budget, types of gessoes, skin colours and much, much more. The aim of this book is to find a ‘cure’ for a given issue and enable the developing artist to improve in the future. Most of all, to encourage creativity and growing confidence. Dimensions of print book: 10x8in and 234 pages.
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A Rocky Mountain Sketchbook

A Rocky Mountain Sketchbook

With information on how to begin a sketchbook and what materials to pack, lessons on surrounding trees, flowers, rocks, water and shadows, a glossary and a list of suggested reference books, this new edition of A Rocky Mountain Sketchbook ...

Author: Donna Jo Massie

Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Incorporated

ISBN: 1771601566

Category: Drawing

Page: 112

View: 314

"An illustrated guide and travelogue detailing watercolour painting and drawing techniques specific to stunning natural environments found along the North American Rocky Mountain Range from New Mexico to Alaska. Over the past 15 years, and since the publication of her first book, A Rocky Mountain Sketchbook, well-known art instructor Donna Jo Massie has been developing her creative experiences in outdoor landscapes by travelling and painting in famously stunning locations in American mountain parks, from a monastery in the Chama Wilderness in northern New Mexico to the Alaska Marine Ferry on the Inside Passage. Throughout this fun and practical book, the reader is presented with illustrated pages from Donna Jo's own sketchbooks, featuring step-by-step instructions; notes on watercolour palette selection and important techniques; pages devoted to clouds, rocks, trees, water and colour schemes; a map with locations where the sketches were painted; location information that includes websites should you feel in.
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The Birth of Landscape Painting in China The Sui and T ang dynasties

The Birth of Landscape Painting in China  The Sui and T  ang dynasties

He took a basin , and with rocks and sand fashioned a landscape with villages , to which he added trees and buildings . He put a censer in a chamber covered with ... Miniature mountain landscapes were very popular in the T'ang Dynasty .

Author: Michael Sullivan

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520035585

Category: Landscape painting, Chinese

Page: 191

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Vol. 2 has title: Chinese landscape painting.
Categories: Landscape painting, Chinese

Landscape Painting of China and Japan

Landscape Painting of China and Japan

A typical work of his is the hanging scroll of his beloved Fu-ch'un mountains in the collection of Mr. P'ang Lai-ehén in Shanghai (Plate 47). At first, the theme may look similar to that of earlier paintings, but then it becomes clear ...

Author: Hugo Munsterberg

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9781462913121

Category: Art

Page: 278

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The Landscape Painting of China and Japan presents for the first time in English a full and lucid account of the remarkable art form which, as a distinct tradition in Oriental art, has come to be universally recognized as one of the greatest in the world. The author points out how essential it is to an understanding of the Orient when he says: "In China alone, landscape painting has religious as well as philosophical significance…and in consequence is one of the great manifestations of the human spirit, as well as the most remarkable creation of the Chinese artistic genius." And it was this same artistic tradition which, brought to Japan, was transmuted by the intense Japanese love of nature into paintings that "for sheer beauty of color and design have few equals," leading at last to the simplicity and grandeur of the uniquely Japanese woodblock print. Writing for scholar and layman alike, the author carefully traces the evolution of the art throughout its long history, discusses the major artistic personalities against their cultural backgrounds, and systematically describes the development and forms of the landscape. The text is thoroughly illustrated with over a hundred carefully selected plates and a colored frontispiece.
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Landscape Painting of Ancient China

Landscape Painting of Ancient China

As a landscape painter , he enjoyed the greatest fame in the early years of the Northern Song . This hanging scroll , now being kept in the Nelson . Atkins Museum of Art , USA , is a monumental mountain landscape with a temple near its ...

Author: 耿明松

Publisher: 五洲传播出版社

ISBN: 7508511301

Category: Landscape painting, Chinese

Page: 147

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Categories: Landscape painting, Chinese

Summer Mountains

Summer Mountains

The recent acquisition by the Metropolitan Museum, as a gift of the Dillon Fund, of a superb large Northern Sung handscroll, Summer Mountains, provides the opportunity to consider in some detail the landscape art of this period, together ...

Author: Wen Fong

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN: 9780870991356

Category: Hsia-shan-tʻu (Scroll)

Page: 74

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Categories: Hsia-shan-tʻu (Scroll)

The Complete Drawing Painting Course

The Complete Drawing   Painting Course

Landscape painting in oils A Methods and techniques t this stage of our course , with a lot of knowledge and experience under our ... We will be looking at a work by Juan Sabater to see " one " method of painting a mountain landscape .

Author: Parramon

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1402705689

Category: Art

Page: 287

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Overflowing with full-color images that demonstrate techniques and illustrate the correct use of materials, this is an art school in a book. A team of experienced professionals furnishes the budding painter with all the tools to finish a project: invaluable instruction in color theory and composition; the basics of drawing and painting, from strokes to perspective; and meticulous coverage of each medium, from pencil to wax crayon. Detailed exercises cover still lifes, nudes, landscapes, self-portraits, impressionist techniques, and more.
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The Birth of Landscape Painting in China

The Birth of Landscape Painting in China

But it appears again , surprisingly late , to form the basic architectonic structure of the mountain landscape depicted on the seventh - century Tamamushi Shrine ( G. 43 ) . While at first glance this convention seems to originate in ...

Author: Michael Sullivan

Publisher: Univ of California Press


Category: Landscape painting, Chinese

Page: 213

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Categories: Landscape painting, Chinese

Landscape Painting in Pastel

Landscape Painting in Pastel

Landscapes. Understanding Value Demonstration: Paint Mountain Wildflowers The Summer Palette Warm vs. Cool Colors Demonstration: Paint the Greens of Summer Painting Water in Pastel Shallow Water Deep Water Reflections Demonstration: ...

Author: Elizabeth Mowry

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440343186

Category: Art

Page: 160

View: 707

Capture the magic of nature in pastel. From the first ferns unfurling in spring to the flaming red foliage of fall and the snow-blanketed quiet of winter, master pastel artist and teacher Elizabeth Mowry offers both beginners and seasoned artists alike a fresh approach to creating light-filled landscape paintings. Using her decades of experience and gift for observation, Mowry infuses every page with time-tested pastel techniques to convey the distinctive mood, color and majesty of the natural world. You'll learn to translate the magic of what you see into what you paint through palette selection, use of materials, value and composition, blending your emotional response to nature's beauty with an ever-growing mastery of a pastelist's skill. This book is loosely based on previously published title The Pastelist's Year by Elizabeth Mowry with revamped content and 8 ALL-NEW demonstrations. Inside you'll find: • The fundamentals of pastel. Detailed information about selecting materials, plus exercises and explanations of basic techniques for beginners. Additional master tips and secrets will push intermediate to advanced readers in their art. • 20 step-by-step demonstrations. Capture the exciting ways nature changes and achieve the painterly effects that light up spring, summer, fall and winter landscapes. Plus learn how to artfully render difficult subjects like fog, bodies of water, reflections and clouds. • How to keep a nature journal. Track the vivid impact of the seasons to add depth to your work and translate seasonal impressions into personal expressions. Learn how Mowry selects her subjects, color and mood, with additional information on field studies and reference photographs. • The basics of composition. Learn how to establish a focal point, simplify your subject, portray distance and more to create a beautiful, balanced painting. • A five-step method for critiquing your own work. Develop your personal style and achieve successful results with this time-proven exercise.
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