Crimmigration in Australia

Crimmigration in Australia

The Government introduced the Deterring People Smuggling Bill 2011 'to make it clear that [...] a non-citizen has, at a particular time, no lawful right to come to Australia if at that time the person does not meet requirements for ...

Author: Peter Billings

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811390937

Category: Law

Page: 404

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This multidisciplinary book introduces readers to original perspectives on crimmigration that foster holistic, contextual, and critical appreciation of the concept in Australia and its individual consequences and broader effects. This collection draws together contributions from nationally and internationally respected legal scholars and social scientists united by common and overlapping interests, who identify, critique, and reimagine crimmigration law and practice in Australia, and thereby advance understanding of this important field of inquiry. Specifically, crimmigration is addressed and analysed from a variety of standpoints, including: criminal law/justice; administrative law/justice; immigration law; international law; sociology of law; legal history feminist theory, settler colonialism, and political sociology. The book aims to: explore the historical antecedents of contemporary crimmigration and continuities with the past in Australia reveal the forces driving crimmigration and explain its relationship to border securitisation in Australia identify and examine the different facets of crimmigration, comprising: the substantive overlaps between criminal and immigration law; crimmigration processes; investigative techniques, surveillance strategies, and law enforcement agents, institutions and practices uncover the impacts of crimmigration law and practice upon the human rights and interests of non-citizens and their families. analyse crimmigration from assorted critical standpoints; including settler colonialism, race and feminist perspectives By focusing upon these issues, the book provides an interconnected collection of chapters with a cohesive narrative, notwithstanding that contributors approach the themes and specific issues from different theoretical and critical standpoints, and employ a range of research methods.
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Kozier Erb s Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Edition

Kozier   Erb s Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Edition

The final phase of the nursing process, in which the nurse determines the person's progress towards goal achievement and the effectiveness of the ... The goal was met; that is, the person's response is the same as the desired outcome.

Author: Audry Berman

Publisher: Pearson Higher Education AU

ISBN: 9781486011452

Category: Medical

Page: 1745

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Kozier and Erb’s Fundamentals of Nursing prepares students for practice in a range of diverse clinical settings and help them understand what it means to be a competent professional nurse in the twenty-first century. This third Australian edition has once again undergone a rigorous review and writing process. Contemporary changes in the regulation of nursing are reflected in the chapters and the third edition continues to focus on the three core philosophies: Person-centred care, critical thinking and clinical reasoning and cultural safety. Students will develop the knowledge, critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills to deliver care for their patients in ways that signify respect, acceptance, empathy, connectedness, cultural sensitivity and genuine concern.
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Helping Familiar Strangers

Helping Familiar Strangers

These were individuals who had developed networks with people in positions of power in Australia and internationally, who met with foreign ministers, and who were invited to and spoke at UN meetings. As one man, Raj, described: “It is ...

Author: Louise Olliff

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253063588

Category: Social Science

Page: 243

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Who helps in situations of forced displacement? How and why do they get involved? In Helping Familiar Strangers, Louise Olliff focuses on one type of humanitarian group, refugee diaspora organizations (RDOs), to explore the complicated impulses, practices, and relationships between these activists and the "familiar strangers" they try to help. By documenting findings from ethnographic research and interviews with resettled and displaced persons, RDO representatives, and humanitarian professionals in Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, and Indonesia, Olliff reveals that former refugees are actively involved in helping people in situations of forced displacement and that individuals with lived experience of forced displacement have valuable knowledge, skills, and networks that can be drawn on in times of humanitarian crisis. We live in a world where humanitarians have varying motivations, capacities, and ways of helping those in need, and Helping Familiar Strangers confirms that RDOs and similar groups are an important part of the tapestry of care that people turn to when seeking protection far from home.
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Of all the people Lawrence met in Australia , Siebenhaar is the most likely to have read his ' Democracy ' essays published in a Dutch journal The Word in 1919 , a knowledge attributed to the character Kangaroo in the novel .

Author: D. H. Lawrence

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521007119

Category: Fiction

Page: 556

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A critical edition of Kangaroo, D. H. Lawrence's eighth novel, set in Australia.
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Walk Across Australia

Walk Across Australia

I reasoned that someof theonly other peoplewhothought this way werethe early European explorers of Australia. ... While few of theirstoriesof thelandhad been written down, I wanted to meet Aboriginal Australians generous enough to share ...

Author: David Mason

Publisher: Rosenberg Publishing

ISBN: 9781925078244

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 286

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David Mason walked across Australia because no-one else had done it. He did it on is own with no support crew. After his experiences in the French Foreign Legion it was at once a challenge and a way to reconnect with life, people and Australia. In taking on the challenge he sought to raise funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation. David sought to demonstrate that in taking on challenges we live, rather than taking the easy way out and instead, live lives of quiet desperation. David was the first person to walk across Australia at its widest point. In the course of that expedition he also was the first recorded person to walk solo east-west across the Simpson Desert and its 1100 dunes. For this achievement he was named Australia’s Adventurer of the Year and awarded the Gold Medal of the Australian Geographic Society.
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Impressions of Australia

Impressions of Australia

A hundred thousand people witness the great contest - one - tenth of the whole population of the colony . It is as if more than three millions of people met to see the Derby . The behaviour of the great crowd is , I am told ...

Author: Robert William Dale

Publisher: London : Hodder and Stoughton

ISBN: NYPL:33433082451596

Category: Australia

Page: 274

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Documents on Australian Foreign Policy Australia and Papua New Guinea 1970 1972 The transition to self governance

Documents on Australian Foreign Policy  Australia and Papua New Guinea  1970 1972  The transition to self governance

In the long run a government can provide and expand these services only if more revenue is collected from the people. In Papua New Guinea much of the cost of development has been met by the Australian Government.

Author: Bruce Hunt

Publisher: NewSouth Publishing

ISBN: 9781742249681

Category: Political Science

Page: 976

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This volume, commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the Documents on Australian Foreign Policy series, is the first comprehensive survey of Australia's approach to the world in the 1920s. DFAT Documents on Australian Foreign Policy, Australia and Papua New Guinea, 1970 - 1972 is the second of three volumes on on Papua New Guinea and its transition to self-government. This era saw monumental change in the relationship between Australia and Papua New Guinea as PNG went from a territory firmly controlled by Canberra to self-government in 1975. Documents outline the role of Australian Prime Minister John Gorton who quickened the pace of change following a visit to PNG by Gough Whitlam at the start of 1970, and the Australian ministers and officials who worked constructively with their PNG counterparts, including Andrew Peacock, at territories minister from early 1972.
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Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

I already knew that something had to change in the delivery of conservation in Australia, and it seemed I had met the right person at exactly the right time. By this point the foundations of AWC's burgeoning growth and success had been ...

Author: Hannah Sheppard Brennand

Publisher: Australian Wildlife Conservancy

ISBN: 9780645256727

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 185

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Australia is home to some of the most unique wildlife in the world, from the improbable Bilby with its enormous ears, to the Purple-crowned Fairywren with its loyal partnerships, to the highly social Great Desert Skink. But this wildlife is in crisis. In just over two centuries, over 100 plant and animal species have become extinct and every year Australia's threatened species list continues to grow. Australian Wildlife Conservancy's (AWC) mission is to halt these extinctions and turn back this decline; to effectively conserve all Australian animal species and the habitats in which they live. The late Martin Copley AM, founder of AWC, purchased the organisation's first sanctuary in 1991. Thirty years on, AWC is a global leader in conservation, working alone or in partnership across a vast 6.5 million hectares of the continent: restoring biodiversity from the Kimberley to Cape York and from the Coral Coast to the Eyre Peninsula and Sunshine Coast.This book provides a window into AWC's history and a look to the future. This insightful and hopeful collection of stories gives evidence of the passion and immense effort invested by all those involved with the organisation. Featuring writing from the AWC family, past and present, including Tim Winton, Tim Flannery, the late Thomas Lovejoy and Sarah Legge, this book traverses the challenges and triumphs that mark the first thirty years of AWC.
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A Restless Faith

A Restless Faith

Patrick Mcclure was a big man, literally, with a big vision for Mission australia. ... of working at Mission australia, i encountered that diversity, in all its colourful variety. one of the very first people i met was chris Jones, ...

Author: Keith Mascord

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725237445

Category: Religion

Page: 270

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This book tells the story of Keith's restless journey of faith, from his early days at Prairie Bible Institute in Canada, through positive encounters with Anglican evangelicalism in Australia, and into a more restful and sustainable faith. The book charts a way forward for people who feel they must choose between fundamentalism and jettisoning their faith altogether.
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The Diasporic Condition

The Diasporic Condition

This was easily transposable to the study of australian multiculturalism, racism, and national and ethnic ... When I started interacting with Lebanese ethnic organizations in australia, I met several people originally from Jalleh.

Author: Ghassan Hage

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226547237

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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Bridging the gap between migration studies and the anthropological tradition, Ghassan Hage illustrates that transnationality and its attendant cultural consequences are not necessarily at odds with classic theory. In The Diasporic Condition, Ghassan Hage engages with the diasporic Lebanese community as a shared lifeworld, defining a common cultural milieu that transcends spatial and temporal distance—a collective mode of being here termed the “diasporic condition.” Encompassing a complicated transnational terrain, Hage’s long-term ethnography takes us from Mehj and Jalleh in Lebanon to Europe, Australia, South America, and North America, analyzing how Lebanese migrants and their families have established themselves in their new homes while remaining socially, economically, and politically related to Lebanon and to each other. At the heart of The Diasporic Condition lies a critical anthropological question: How does the study of a particular sociocultural phenomenon expand our knowledge of modes of existing in the world? As Hage establishes what he terms the “lenticular condition,” he breaks down the boundaries between “us” and “them,” “here” and “there,” showing that this convergent mode of existence increasingly defines everyone’s everyday life.
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