Performing Orthodox Ritual in Byzantium

Performing Orthodox Ritual in Byzantium

The first full-length, interdisciplinary study of the Greek performing arts - theatre, rhetoric and ritual - between antiquity and the Renaissance.

Author: Andrew Walker White

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107073852

Category: History

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The first full-length, interdisciplinary study of the Greek performing arts - theatre, rhetoric and ritual - between antiquity and the Renaissance.
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Liturgy and the Emotions in Byzantium

Liturgy and the Emotions in Byzantium

Although the relationship between religious practices and ritual is not a new field
of inquiry, research into the link ... 104 Andrew Walker White, Performing
Orthodox Ritual in Byzantium (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015), 5.

Author: Andrew Mellas

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108487597

Category: History

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Emotions in Byzantium came to life through hymnody, which invited the faithful to step into a liturgical world of compunction.
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Satire in the Middle Byzantine Period

Satire in the Middle Byzantine Period

The frivolous imitation of ecclesiastical ritual, roundly condemned by Justinian (
Novel 123.44), had a long history, ... 9 10 11 12 Leyerle, Theatrical Shows, 24–6;
Andrew Walker White, Performing Orthodox Ritual in Byzantium (Cambridge, UK,


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004442566

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This volume explores various forms, functions and meanings of satirical texts written in the Middle Byzantine period.
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Orthodox Cyprus under the Latins 1191 1571

Orthodox Cyprus under the Latins  1191   1571

237–41. ———, Byzantine Cyprus (Nicosia, 1990). Walker White, Andrew,
Performing Orthodox Ritual in Byzantium (Cambridge, 2015). Walter, Christopher
, “The Names of the Council Fathers at Saint Sozomenus, Cyprus,” REB 28 (1970
), pp.

Author: Chrysovalantis Kyriacou

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498551168

Category: History

Page: 354

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This study examines Cypriot society from the crusader conquest of the island in 1191 to the Ottoman conquest of 1571. The author analyzes the ethnic, cultural, and religious landscape of Cyprus and argues that Cypriots adopted a nonviolent, covert form of anti-Latin resistance.
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Ritual Performance and the Senses

Ritual  Performance and the Senses

By contrast, in Byzantium, touch and seeing were to a large extent equivalent and
interchangeable. ... performance tied in with other aspects of the liturgy of the
Byzantine Eastern Orthodox Church, such as the use of incense, to produce a ...

Author: Jon P. Mitchell

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780857854964

Category: Social Science

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Ritual has long been a central concept in anthropological theories of religious transmission. Ritual, Performance and the Senses offers a new understanding of how ritual enables religious representations – ideas, beliefs, values – to be shared among participants. Focusing on the body and the experiential nature of ritual, the book brings together insights from three distinct areas of study: cognitive/neuroanthropology, performance studies and the anthropology of the senses. Eight chapters by scholars from each of these sub-disciplines investigate different aspects of embodied religious practice, ranging from philosophical discussions of belief to explorations of the biological processes taking place in the brain itself. Case studies range from miracles and visionary activity in Catholic Malta to meditative practices in theatrical performance and include three pilgrimage sites: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the festival of Ramlila in Ramnagar, India and the mountain shrine of the Lord of the Shiny Snow in Andean Peru. Understanding ritual allows us to understand processes at the very centre of human social life and humanity itself, making this an invaluable text for students and scholars in anthropology, cognitive science, performance studies and religious studies.
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The Past is Always Present

The Past is Always Present

The Revival of the Byzantine Musical Tradition at Mount Athos Tore Tvarnø Lind
... book represents an ethnographic encounter with Greek Orthodox monks and
their music. ... relegated to the past (ritual and performance practices in the
Byzantine and post-Byzantine eras).3 Through conversations with monks and
living with ...

Author: Tore Tvarnø Lind

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810881471

Category: Music

Page: 241

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In The Past Is Always Present, Tore Tvarno Lind examines the musical revival of Greek Orthodox chant at the monastery of Vatopaidi within the monastic society of Mount Athos, Greece. In particular, Lind focuses on the musical activities at the monastery and the meaning of the past in the monks' efforts at improving their musical performance practice through an emphasis on tradition. Based on a decade of intense fieldwork and extensive interviews with members of Athos' monastic community, Lind covers a vast array of topics. From musical notation and the Greek oral tradition to CD covers and music production, the tension between tradition and modernity in the musical activity of the Athonite community raises a clear challenge to the quest to bring together Orthodox spirituality and quietude with musical production. The Past Is Always Present addresses all of these matters by focusing on the significance and meaning of the local chanting style. As Lind argues, Byzantine chant cannot be fully grasped in musicological terms alone, outside the context of prayer. Yet because chant is fundamentally a way of communicating with God, the sound generated must be exactly right, pushing issues of music notation, theory, and performance practice to the forefront. Byzantine chant, Lind ultimately argues, is a modern phenomenon as the monastic communities of Mount Athos negotiate with the realities of modern Orthodox identity in Greece. By reporting on the musical revival activities of this remarkable community through the topics of notation, musical theory, drone-singing, and spiritual silence, Lind looks at the ways in which Athonite heritage is shaped, touching upon the Byzantine chant's contemporary relationship with practice of pilgrimage and the phenomenon of religious tourism. Offering unique insights into the monastic culture at Mount Athos, The Past Is Always Present is for those especially interested in sacred music, past and present Greek culture, monastic life, religious tourism, and the fields of ethnomusicology and anthropology."
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Dissertations on Subjects Relating to the Orthodox Or Eastern Catholic Communion

Dissertations on Subjects Relating to the  Orthodox  Or  Eastern Catholic  Communion

... we come to an imitative period ; in which the ceremonial of the Byzantine Court
, with all its hyperbole and hypocrisy ... proper performance of them , men
commonly fell into a perfunctory and merely external performance of the ritual , or
of ...

Author: William Palmer


ISBN: BSB:BSB10775535

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Page: 336

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Dissertations on subjects relating to the Orthodox or Eastern Catholic Communion

Dissertations on subjects relating to the    Orthodox    or    Eastern Catholic    Communion

... we come to an imitative period ; in which the ceremonial of the Byzantine Court
, with all its hyperbole and hypocrisy ... proper performance of them , men
commonly fell into a perfunctory and merely external performance of the ritual , or
of ...

Author: William PALMER (M.A., Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford.)


ISBN: BL:A0018851565



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Images from the Byzantine Periphery

Images from the Byzantine Periphery

Strange as it may seem , Catholics converted to the Orthodox faith in Cyprus
during the decade following the Council of Florence . They were numerous ... The
first was issued in 1521 by Pope Leo I ; it forbade Latin priests from performing
services in Orthodox churches . ... Orthodox ritual , for as a declaration of faith he
4 .

Author: Efthalia C. Constantinides


ISBN: UOM:39015082653984

Category: Art, Byzantine

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Abstracts of Papers Byzantine Studies Conference

Abstracts of Papers   Byzantine Studies Conference

Theatre and Drama in Byzantium : New Approaches , New Contexts Andrew
Walker White University of Maryland , College Park Over a ... attention to what
Byzantines themselves had to say on the subject , it is now possible to
understand the Eastern Empire ' s performing arts ... to follow the lead of Western
scholars and define Orthodox spatial and ritual practices as inherently “ dramatic
" or " theatrical .



ISBN: UOM:39015016693239

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Art and Ritual of the Byzantine Church

Art and Ritual of the Byzantine Church

... artists were more interested in representing them performing some office
appropriate to the episcopal state , notably preaching ... of new saints written
throughout the Byzantine epoch , but new Lives or encomia of those who already
had an established place in the Synaxary . ... At a council orthodoxy triumphed
over error .

Author: Christopher Walter

Publisher: Variorum Publishing

ISBN: UOM:39015016577101

Category: Religion

Page: 279

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Byzantine Studies

Byzantine Studies

This component of the Ritual certainly signals inequality interpretable as
submission , as we see in the sixteenth - century ... 22 If inequality is indeed
signaled at the immediate level of performance by the tsar , then it is purposeful
inequality , designed to ... our most pious autocrats deign to be in it , in order to
show the Orthodox people the image of their humility and submission before
Christ the Lord .

Author: Henrik Birnbaum

Publisher: Aristide d Caratzas Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015029447672

Category: History

Page: 188

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Cultures of the World

Cultures of the World

population belongs to the Hellenic Orthodox ... Since the Byzantine Empire , and
particularly after the schism between eastern and western Christianity in 1054 ...
Important rituals are performed at the grave both forty days and one year after the
death .

Author: Melvin Ember

Publisher: MacMillan Reference Library

ISBN: PSU:000043635030

Category: Social Science

Page: 1249

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Provides information about location, history, economy, political organizations, family relationships, and religious beliefs for hundreds of cultures around the world
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Ritual in the Bronze Age Aegean

Ritual in the Bronze Age Aegean

Although the in - depth study of ritual ' institutions ' is not our aim , such aspects ,
which can indicate their financial and ... rituals at opposite ends of the scale of
establishment : the collection of rituals performed by the eastern Orthodox ... The
language of the liturgy is a mixture of Greek from various phases of the language
predominated by the Koine ( the official language of the late Byzantine state ) .

Author: Evangelos Kyriakidis

Publisher: Bristol Classical Press

ISBN: UOM:39015063269214

Category: History

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Minoan archaeology and the so-called "peak sanctuaries" have been the object of much interest and speculation. The author assesses old and new ideas about these sanctuaries, testing and enriching them by connecting them with extant material and underpinning with a solid theoretical basis.
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Performing Ecstasies

Performing Ecstasies

Music, Dance, and Ritual in the Mediterranean Luisa Del Giudice, Nancy
Elizabeth Van Deusen ... St . Constantine , who in Greek Orthodox tradition is
considered to be the founder of the Byzantine Empire and the savior of Christian
religion .

Author: Luisa Del Giudice


ISBN: STANFORD:36105114739365

Category: Ecstatic dance

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The Inner Cohesion Between the Bible and the Fathers in Byzantine Tradition

The Inner Cohesion Between the Bible and the Fathers in Byzantine Tradition

Ceremonial performance of public readings in the Liturgy of the Orthodox Church
The reading from Scripture ( ņi áváy vwoic ) in the Byzantine liturgy is a multi -
layered ritual , which is described in minute detail in the liturgical books $ 339 .

Author: Stefan Mattheus Royé


ISBN: UVA:X030695200

Category: Cataloging of manuscripts

Page: 247

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Approaching the Holy Mountain

Approaching the Holy Mountain

Its centrepiece was an antiphonal performance of two canticles from the
Septuagint Book of Daniel ( 3. ... of Orthodoxy ' , in Byzantine Orthodoxies ,
Papers from the 36 " Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies , ed . by Andrew
Louth and ... 208-14 ) supplies evidence for a conservative approach to their
realization , noting in particular the character of the ritual dance ' in the Byzantine
marriage service .

Author: Sharon E. J. Gerstel

Publisher: Brepols Pub

ISBN: UIUC:30112109356300

Category: Religion

Page: 608

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The first comprehensive study of the monastery of St Catherine at Mt Sinai in its full historical, art historical, and religious dimensions, the nineteen collected essays in Approaching the Holy Mountain provide a unique view of the longest continuously inhabited Christian monastery. As an important pilgrimage site, Sinai enjoyed an international reputation in the Middle Ages. The monastery also benefited from regional connections to Egypt and the Holy Land. The essays in this volume examine the pilgrims, monks, artists, builders, and scholars who came to the mountain and left their marks on the monastery and its holdings, as well as the image of the monastery that was promoted outside of Sinai. Because of its dry, isolated location in the Sinai desert, the monastery possesses the world's greatest collection of Byzantine icons. These icons have been celebrated in highly popular exhibitions in Athens, London, St Petersburg, New York, and Los Angeles, few longer studies of the icons have been attempted. In this volume authors investigate icons from the sixth to the sixteenth centuries and offer new interpretations of their meaning, provenance, and function. Essays also explore celebrated illuminated Byzantine manuscripts in the library of St Catherine's, pilgrim's accounts of the monastery, a recently excavated early church on the summit of Mt Sinai, liturgy at Sinai during the first Christian millennium, the influence of Sinai on later paintings and engravings, and the recent history of Sinai studies. The result is a significant advance in our understanding of one of the most important centres of early Christianity.
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Visualizing Medieval Performance

Visualizing Medieval Performance

10 Given the paucity of contemporary written sources in both Byzantium and
Armenia , these texts are increasingly ... Liturgical inscriptions , such as the texts
found on depictions of prophets ' scrolls , further suggest oral recitation , a
practice still preserved in the modern Orthodox Church ... around designs ,
required movement on the part of the reader , thus presenting the possibility of
ritual performance .

Author: Elina Gertsman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: UOM:39015080818225

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 348

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Taking a fresh look at the interconnections between medieval images, texts, theater, and practices of viewing, reading and listening, this explicitly interdisciplinary volume explores various manifestations of performance and meanings of performativity in the Middle Ages. The contributors - from their various perspectives as scholars of art history, religion, history, literary studies, theater studies, music and dance - combine their resources to reassess the complexity of expressions and definitions of medieval performance in a variety of different media. Among the topics considered are interconnections between ritual and theater; dynamics of performative readings of illuminated manuscripts, buildings and sculptures; linguistic performances of identity; performative models of medieval spirituality; social and political spectacles encoded in ceremonies; junctures between spatial configurations of the medieval stage and mnemonic practices used for meditation; performances of late medieval music that raise questions about the issues of historicity, authenticity, and historical correctness in performance; and tensions inherent in the very notion of a medieval dance performance.
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