Piano Exam Pieces 2017 2018 Grade 2 with CD

Piano Exam Pieces 2017   2018  Grade 2  with CD

"This book contains nine pieces from ABRSM's 2017 & 2018 Grade 2 Piano syllabus.

Author: Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Great Britain)

Publisher: ABRSM Exam Pieces

ISBN: 1848498829

Category: Piano

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"This book contains nine pieces from ABRSM's 2017 & 2018 Grade 2 Piano syllabus. Key features: * three pieces from each of Lists A, B and C * appealing and varied repertoire * carefully edited and clearly presented throughout * helpful information about the pieces and the exam CD."--Publisher's description.
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Piano Exam Pieces 2017 2018 ABRSM Grade 8

Piano Exam Pieces 2017   2018  ABRSM Grade 8

Author: Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (Great Britain)

Publisher: ABRSM Exam Pieces

ISBN: 1848498888

Category: Piano

Page: 64

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Class Control and Classical Music

Class  Control  and Classical Music

The example given in chapter 2 of the current ABRSM syllabus for the grade eight piano exam , which includes no music by female composers , only one non - European composer , and only five pieces written since 1950 ( ABRSM 2017 ) ...

Author: Anna Bull

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190844370

Category: Music

Page: 240

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Why is classical music predominantly the preserve of the white middle classes? Contemporary associations between classical music and social class remain underexplored, with classical music primarily studied as a text rather than as a practice until recent years. In order to answer this question, this book outlines a new approach for a socio-cultural analysis of classical music, asking how musical institutions, practices, and aesthetics are shaped by wider conditions of economic inequality, and how music might enable and entrench such inequalities or work against them. This approach is put into practice through a richly detailed ethnography which locates classical music within one of the cultures that produces it - middle-class English youth - and foregrounds classical music as bodily practice of control and restraint. Drawing on the author's own background as a classical musician, this closely observed account examines youth orchestra and youth choir rehearsals as a space where young people learn the unspoken rules of this culture of weighty tradition and gendered control. It highlights how the middle-classes' habitual roles - boundary drawing around their protected spaces and reproducing their privilege through education - can be traced within the everyday spaces of classical music. These practices are camouflaged, however, by the ideology of 'autonomous art' that classical music carries. Rather than solely examining the social relations around the music, the book demonstrates how this reproductive work is facilitated by its very aesthetic, of 'controlled excitement', 'getting it right', precision, and detail. This book is of particular interest at the present moment, thanks to the worldwide proliferation of El Sistema-inspired programmes which teach classical music to children in disadvantaged areas. While such schemes demonstrate a resurgence in defending the value of classical music, there has been a lack of debate over the ways in which its socio-cultural heritage shapes its conventions today. This book locates these contestations within contemporary debates on class, gender and whiteness, making visible what is at stake in such programmes.
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Piano Scales Arpeggios ABRSM Grade 3

Piano Scales   Arpeggios  ABRSM Grade 3

"This edition contains all the scales and arpeggios required for ABRSM's Grade 3 Piano exam. Includes all the new syllabus requirements from 2021 and provides suggested fingering."--Publisher description.

Author: ABRSM

Publisher: ABRSM Scales & Arpeggios

ISBN: 1848499531


Page: 8

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Making the Grade

Making the Grade

"This collection of 16 pop songs has been specially arranged for younger pianists graded repertoire to supplement the ABRSM exam syllabus.



ISBN: 1783051191

Category: Piano music, Arranged

Page: 32

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Clarinet and Saxophone

Clarinet and Saxophone

Available from your local music retailer or visit : www.abrsm.org/ | JAZZ CLARINETTIST TONY SCOTT exams HAS DIED For ... He 1. piano and solo parts with CD , grades one to seven eventually settled in Rome , and became a fixture of 2.



ISBN: UOM:39015057466537

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